Chapter 950 – Great Sun Sword Intent

Holding onto an unconscious Zero, Qin Yu raced above the earth. His speed reached the peak as he left a series of afterimages in his wake and the air booming behind him.

This woman had slept for an entire day and night without waking up. If her aura wasn’t strengthening with every moment, Qin Yu would have paused and forcefully awakened her.

Suddenly, his complexion changed and his heart palpitated. He looked down below.

A dark blood red color appeared without warning. It was like someone had splashed a bucket of blood on the ground, drenching it red.

But soon, Qin Yu realized his description wasn’t too accurate. It wasn’t just a bucketful of blood. Rather, an invisible rain of blood fell down onto the ground!

Everything he saw turned scarlet and a stench flooded his senses.

He took a step and shot into the skies. Floating in midair, Qin Yu frowned.

He looked down at his feet. At some unknown time the red color had contaminated him, and it was crawling up him as if it was a living creature.

He drew in a breath and shook it with his strength. But, he wasn’t able to force away the red color. Instead, it looked as if it had received nourishment. The red color became richer and spread up quicker.

His frown tightened. With a thought, the sun and moon force field dispersed, wrapping him within and isolating him from the outside world. The red color on his body screamed out loud as if its roots had been severed. It tumbled off his body and fell to the ground.

Qin Yu’s heart relaxed. He lifted a hand and grasped the scarlet color. Dark golden light flashed in his eyes and his complexion grew increasingly dignified.

It really was blood!

No, it was a bit different. A curse strength that deviated towards death had been poured into it, transforming it into some terrifying medium.

Qin Yu had no idea what would happen if this blood invaded his body, but the mark of the Cursed Eye inside him would definitely be triggered.

This was something he absolutely did not want to see happen.

Thump –

Thump –

A beating sound appeared in his mind. Qin Yu’s complexion changed. He looked up into the distance.

At this time, he sensed the arrival of an incomparably formidable strength. It hid itself deep within the earth, almost melding together with this entire world.

It was vast, boundless, limitless!

It was like standing on the coast, staring at the endless sea before him. It was like looking up from a mountain summit, staring at the infinite stars in the skies.

A humble and base feeling surged in his mind. He felt like an ant staring at the sun – as if countless levels existed between them!

If it weren’t for the sun and moon force field and the jade embryo egg…Qin Yu was sure he wouldn’t have the qualifications to sense the existence of this strength.

Could this be the legendary Origin God corpse?

It was unexpectedly terrifying!

No, this wasn’t right. If it was a corpse, then what was he hearing now?

A corpse was a dead object. No matter how powerful it was, it shouldn’t be making a noise.

A thought popped up in his mind…could it be that the Origin God in the Severed Heaven Abyss hadn’t died yet?

A chill raced up his back. At this time, Qin Yu felt the blood in his body almost freeze.

“He’s already dead.” A calm voice came from within his arms.

Zero looked up at Qin Yu, her expression faint.

Qin Yu took a deep breath. “How do you know?”

Only upon speaking did he discover how hoarse his voice was. It was like he had been wandering through a desert for a hundred years.

Zero looked over. “I cannot tell you. Is it the truth or a lie…you will find out when you arrive.”

Qin Yu licked his lips, “I think it’s better not to go there.”

Zero said, “That is your right. I won’t force you.”

She turned around and left without hesitation.

Qin Yu glanced at her back, a strange light flashing in his eyes. Only after using up all his strength was he able to suppress the wild waves in his heart.

Zero was still Zero, but she was no longer the one from before.

Was her body seized?

An incarnation?

Multiple personalities?

Qin Yu wasn’t sure, but the current Zero was like a black hole, giving off a dangerous feeling.

He thought about using the essence-seeing eyes to peer beneath her surface and see what she was hiding.

But as soon as this thought appeared, he felt panicked. It was like a fire had been lit beneath him, constantly roasting him.

Then, he simply put down this idea.

Zero suddenly said, “You are smart. But smart people should understand that in this world, all harvests must be paid for with a proportional price.

“If you want to obtain something, you must take the risks. If a giant cake falls from the skies, then it is either poisonous or has become rotten.”

Qin Yu felt awed, as if he had been completely seen through. This woman was far too strange.

A light flashed in his eyes. After a long time, he sighed inwardly. He trotted towards her. “Perhaps you are right. I am also unwilling to leave right now.”

Zero didn’t say anything else. She casually strode forward. But wherever she stepped, space rippled. The ripples were incomparably weak and vanished after three feet.

But as Qin Yu followed behind her and saw these spatial ripples, a dignified expression crossed his face.

These ripples seemed ordinary. Even a cultivator who hadn’t broken through to the God boundary could achieve this using their cultivation. But, this wasn’t all there was to it.

These waves completely isolated her aura. Qin Yu could see her, but if he closed his eyes…

Yes, there was nothing but emptiness.

He thought back to the words Zero said. He couldn’t help but wonder. Was she related to the dead Origin God in the Severed Heaven Abyss?

If this was true, then Qin Yu must have been affected by an external force if he felt so close to her…he warned himself to be more careful.

Although Zero’s actions had been harmless, who could guarantee that she wouldn’t turn around in the next moment to reveal a jaw lined with bloody teeth?

Who could be sure of anything right now?

In short, it wasn’t wrong to be cautious!

As they travelled, Zero moved faster and faster. It was clear she knew where the final destination was.

Qin Yu began to look at the earth around him.

Because at this moment, changes started to occur in the bloodstained earth. Many deep blue, almost black, bulges began to appear. They were like thick and sturdy blood vessels.

No, it wasn’t similar to blood vessels, but was definitely blood vessels!

As Qin Yu was looking around, he could even see them contract and expand. There was also the sound of flowing blood.

What was this? Blood vessels of the earth?

He thought back to the beating sound he heard, and then the blood spreading across the ground.

He rubbed his eyebrows. He thought that this situation had thoroughly spiraled out of his control.

Right now, he was trapped inside. Like a piece of gravel wrapped in the surging waves, he could only follow the flow.

As for what would happen in the end, even the heavens didn’t know.

Suddenly, Zero came to a grinding stop. She looked down at the earth below, and a cold and sharp light flashed in her eyes.

“Step back.”

Qin Yu’s heart shrank. Without hesitation, he stormed backwards.

In the next moment the scarlet earth around him collapsed and broke apart. Countless blue and black blood vessels howled out, entangling Zero.

In an instant, she was submerged by the blood vessels. It was like a giant terrifying dumpling had been wrapped around her in layers.

All the blood vessels shrank and contracted. They were like big snakes exerting all their strength.

As Qin Yu was considering whether or not he needed to flee with his tail between his legs, a dazzling light pierced through the cage of countless blood vessels.

Then a second, third, fourth…each beam of light was like an unsheathed sword, able to cut through all. Beneath this light, the tightening blood vessels were cut into countless tiny sections.

Then, thick blood plasma gushed out. It was thick and retch-inducing, as if it had congealed for far too long.

Zero’s figure appeared. The layer of ‘skin’ on her had been severely corroded. It hung from her body like a set of torn clothes.

She lifted a hand and tore it off. At this moment, Zero was like a goddess arriving upon the earth. It was not just because of her beauty, but because of the boundless aura she released.

Like roaring rivers and seas, surging with endless momentum!

She raised a hand and grasped forward. A million lights gathered in her hand, condensing into a sword that she slashed down with.

Qin Yu’s eyes flew open, shocked by this sword’s great strength. And what was even more unimaginable was that he felt some strange attraction to the aura of this sword.

The source of this attraction was the silver moon sword intent he had comprehended in the blood moon world, later using it to cut through the blood moon!

If what he controlled before was the silver moon sword, then what he saw right now was a great sun that shined down upon all sides.

This was – the great sun sword intent!

Endless thick blood was split apart and charred black. But in the next moment, it condensed back.

All of the blood plasma collapsed inwards, rapidly condensing as it reduced in volume. Then, it condensed into a figure formed of blood.

The figure looked at Zero and howled without warning. But for some unknown reason, Qin Yu could feel a sense of hate in this roar.

The blood phantom lifted a hand and grasped forward. With a shocking explosion, the phantom of a river of blood appeared in the skies. It rapidly reduced in size, becoming a blood sword that fell into the figure’s hand.

The blood sword cut down. It was like the entire river of blood was raging. Then, Qin Yu’s field of vision was flooded with scarlet light.

The entire world was filled with blood!

Zero was without expression. Without hesitation, she cut down with the sword of light.

A dazzling light erupted as if a true sun had arrived. It crashed into the river of blood, directly severing it.

Half of the blood river was scorched to nothingness by the hot sun. The other half was blasted away, collapsing as it disappeared.

With just one sword, she had shattered the raging river of blood. The might behind this attack was difficult to fathom!


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