Chapter 949 – Zero


He nearly blurted out loud. He had never directly faced an Origin God powerhouse before, but according to his calculations, even if they were to surpass an entire large boundary, they shouldn’t be formidable to such a degree.

It was only a drop of blood yet it was able to shake his mind. If the true body was here, he feared that powerhouse could take his life with just a glance.

The obam emperor and the First Emperor who founded the Chu Dynasty were both Origin God existences. Qin Yu had inquired into some information about them. Although it was fragmented, he was able to glean some hints.

They were indeed strong, dominating all sides. But, they absolutely could not achieve such a terrifying situation.

There was also that super dragon beast Qin Yu had encountered some time ago when he was hiding Lei Xiaoyu. Its strength likely surpassed the peak of the God boundary.

But its strength was far from being comparable to this drop of blood.

It could even be said that the disparity between the two was as wide as the gap between the heavens and earth!

As if sensing Qin Yu’s shock, the woman brushed away a strand of hair and softly said, “This is real…perhaps what you and I are seeking will be the corpse of a super Origin God. As long as we succeed, any harvest will be enough to help you and me obtain an inconceivable improvement.”

A profound meaning flashed in her eyes. “It can even cure injuries from the God Mark Holy Stone and help you restore your full potential.”

So, this woman already knew about Qin Yu. Even though she recognized him, she hadn’t revealed anything at all.

Her skills of concealment were astonishing.

However, she was speaking honestly in order to win Qin Yu’s trust. This indicated she was trying to cooperate with great sincerity on her part.

Qin Yu was silent for several breaths of time. He suppressed his thoughts and said, “Since you know about me, why are you willing to cooperate with me?”

The woman said, “Rumors are meaningless. I only believe what I see with my own eyes.”

She looked over, light shining in her eyes. “Although you are still somewhat blurry in my eyes, there is one thing I am sure of. You aren’t as simple as you appear to be.”

Qin Yu raised an eyebrow. “Even if you are right, how can you be confident I would agree to work with you…or aren’t you worried that I will kill you afterwards and take everything from your hands?”

The woman said, “I am indeed not confident I can resist you trying to kill me. But, my intuition tells me you won’t do this.” Her face revealed a complex look. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “Perhaps you might think this is laughable, but for some reason I don’t know, I feel relaxed when I talk to you.”

Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat. He had no idea how to respond. Should he say he had a similar feeling?

If he did, then this situation would suddenly turn into a love scene between a man and a woman.

But in truth, they were only strangers without any previous connection. So he remained silent.

Regardless of whether this woman was speaking the truth, Qin Yu wouldn’t reveal his true stance before confirming everything.

Moreover, after she finished speaking, Qin Yu subconsciously became a little wary – perhaps the reason why he felt so close to her was that he had been subconsciously influenced by some sort of power.

Any strange phenomenon was possible in the world of cultivators and there were countless myriad methods that one would never be able to guard against. Although he was confident, he wasn’t blindly arrogant to the point where he believed he could resist any trap.

“I can agree to work with you to find the Origin God’s corpse. But, if you show anything wrong during this time, then I will attack without hesitation.”

The woman nodded. “It’s the same with me.” She turned and walked away. After a pause, she said, “You may call me Zero.”


“Zero, as in everything returns to zero.”

Without saying anything else, the woman looked up as if trying to identify her position. After a moment she said, “Come with me.”

Whoosh –

She shot into the skies.

At the same time, fluctuations of strength broke free from her body and the broken layer of ‘skin’ began to regrow over her.

Four hours later, she landed. She had restored the ordinary appearance she had before she entered the spatial channel.

Qin Yu raised an eyebrow. This was because facing the current Zero, the familiar feeling had completely vanished.

It was clear that this ‘superficial skin’ was not only used to conceal her appearance, but also had a strong aura-isolating ability.

“I need to go into seclusion to determine where the Origin God’s corpse is. You can stand guard for me.”

As she spoke a brown light surged around her. It wrapped around her and pulled her into the ground.

Earth-attribute supernatural arts?

Because he studied the Five Element Samsara, he had a deep understanding of the earth element. But, he hadn’t been able to feel any fluctuations of the earth-attribute from her.

As he thought, he couldn’t underestimate anyone!

He gathered his thoughts and sat down. The sun and moon force field dispersed, wrapping around him.

After completing this, he looked around. Dark golden light occasionally flashed in his eyes.

After passing through the barrier of world fragments and entering the true Severed Heaven Abyss, what lay beneath his feet was an incomparably large world.

At least, in Qin Yu’s perception its surface area was so large that it was almost infinite. Even if he looked around with his eyes that peered into the essence of things, he couldn’t see where it ended.

But for some unknown reason, Qin Yu felt something was wrong with this incomparably large world. It was real, but it was vague and a little unclear. This was the feeling he had when seeing it through his golden eyes. However, no matter what he did, he couldn’t see any flaws.

This world had to be hiding some great secret!

Zero went into seclusion for three days before emerging with a pale complexion. It was unknown what she did, but she appeared to have suffered tremendous losses.

The faint smell of blood emanated from her.

She passed Qin Yu a jade slip. “I’ve marked the road on this. You can simply follow the directions.”

When Qin Yu took the jade slip, she stepped forward and drilled into his arms. “Now hold me and hurry along.”

She embraced Qin Yu and closed her eyes, falling into a slumbering condition.


Qin Yu was stunned for some time before composing himself. He subconsciously rubbed his chin. Could it be that his current appearance really gave others such a great feeling of security? Where did her confidence come from? Wasn’t she afraid of death?

After looking down for several moments and seeing that Zero really was sleeping, Qin Yu knew he hadn’t misread things.

How had this woman survived until today…moreover, when had he been given the title of a good person? And the best, most charitable and tolerant kind too!

He forced a smile and held onto her. Then, he searched the jade slip with his divine sense. After memorizing everything inside, he crushed it to pieces.

With a step, he howled into the distance.

Whatever. Everything could wait until he found the Origin God corpse first.

In a world fragment.

12 cultivators fell to their knees. They cut their palms, allowing fresh blood to flow out.

Then, a strange sight occurred. This flowing blood didn’t fall to the ground, but was lifted into the air by an invisible strength.

The blood tumbled in the air as if it had a mind of its own. It fused together, gradually taking the form of a shape.

Looking down, everything one saw was red, as if endless blood was pooling together into a well.

“We welcome the master’s arrival!”

The 12 cultivators said.

Glug glug –

Glug glug –

The crimson blood above surged and dove. Bubbles burst out, popping and then reappearing.

The smell of blood in the air thickened. As it did, a yin chill accompanied it. It reached into the depths of the soul, causing one to feel an instinctual sense of terror.

A face appeared in the well. Because of the constant tumbling and popping, the face was distorted and couldn’t be clearly seen.

But the moment it appeared, the world started to emit loud cracking sounds, as if this world fragment wasn’t able to withstand such a formidable strength.

“How is it?” A deep voice came from the well.

“Reporting to master, the plan is proceeding smoothly. Nearly a third of the cultivators have opened the world fragment barrier and have entered the great world projection.”

“Very good. Begin the second step.”

“Yes, master.”

The 12 cultivators stood up. They rushed towards the edge of the world fragment and raced into spatial channels.

A moment later, this world fragment shattered, releasing a final dazzling light before disappearing from sight.

“Everyone, if we cooperate with sincerity then we can surely open the world fragment barrier and arrive at the true Severed Heaven Abyss!” A cultivator with golden hair passionately said to the 90 cultivators who had gathered around him.

After determining that there was an even deeper level to the Severed Heaven Abyss, no one wanted to give up the qualifications to enter it.

Because the corpse of an Origin God, as well as all the genuine treasures, were hidden there.

“Let’s begin!”

The 90 cultivators dispersed outwards. With ten people in each group, they stood in the formation of a nine-pointed star. At the same time, they pressed their hands forward.

As more time passed, it was as if the tides of the river were washing away the sand, allowing the real gold to emerge. Most of the powerhouses present in the Severed Heaven Abyss, including some people with exceptional luck, had made it through the world fragment barrier already.

Those that remained had second-rate cultivations. As a result, they needed more people to join forces in order to open up the spatial channel.

But it was clear that the more people there were, the more difficult it was to perfectly coordinate. After six continuous attempts, they still failed.

Everyone became restless. A dark and cloudy expression appeared on their faces.

“Stop trying, we cannot open the channel. We are just wasting our time here!” A cultivator clenched his teeth and roared out loud. He turned to leave.

“Stop!” The golden-haired cultivator shouted out. “We will succeed, but if you leave then all our efforts will have been for nothing!”

“If you want to continue then go ahead. I won’t be accompanying you!”

The golden-haired cultivator’s complexion paled. “Stop him!”

“Whoever dares to block me is courting death!”

No one knew when the slaughter began. When the cultivator who wanted to leave was torn to shreds, everyone’s eyes were covered in a layer of red.

An hour later, the earth had become thick with the smell of blood. Endless limbs and broken bodies piled together, as if this world fragment had become purgatory.

Out of 90 cultivators, not a single one survived.

And what was most terrifying was that after they died, their corpses became withered. All of their blood was sucked out and fused into the earth.

At the same time, throughout the countless world fragments, similar scenes were occurring in each one.

Even cultivators who hadn’t gathered together were starting to be wildly chased down by the creatures that lived in those world fragments.

As if an invisible strength had covered the world fragments, and was controlling the minds of all the creatures within them.

It was turning them cruel and bloodthirsty, eventually becoming a part of the dead.

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