Chapter 948B – Barrier of World Fragments

The Severed Heaven Abyss was formed from a trillion world fragments. They combined together into a shockingly large barrier. Only by opening this barrier could one truly enter the Severed Heaven Abyss. The fabled Origin God corpse was in that place.

The good news was that the method to break through the world fragment barrier had already been spread by the cultivators who had broken in. After Qin Yu inadvertently obtained it, he mulled over it and determined that this was true.

But what confused him was why this obviously secret news would be passed out so widely, as if whoever did so was afraid others wouldn’t find out?

It was like a giant invisible hand was quietly pushing things along from behind the scenes.

Qin Yu had no idea what the reason was, but he became increasingly discreet.

Afterwards, he spent another two days finding a troop of people and smoothly becoming a part of them.

“Opening the channel using a formation of four groups with nine people each places too high of a request on each individual cultivator’s cultivation. We cannot achieve this, so we can only make up for it in numbers. But the more people there are, the higher the chances of an accident occurring. I hope you will all try your best so that nothing wrong happens.” The troop’s temporary leader was a woman. Her appearance was ordinary and there were wrinkles by her eyes. This was an extremely rare sight amongst female cultivators who treasured their appearance.

After all, it wasn’t difficult for a cultivator to make themselves appear more pleasing to the eye, especially when their cultivation had reached the God boundary.

Her eyes swept over everyone. She paused on Qin Yu for a moment before saying, “If everyone is prepared, then let’s begin.”

Four groups of nine was the most perfect method to break past the barrier. Today, they planned to use six groups of nine. This required 54 people to occupy the corners of a hexagon and open up the channel. The success rate wasn’t too high.

As expected, the first attempt failed.

The second attempt also failed.

Half a day later, after trying a third time, they barely managed to condense a channel in the hexagon.

The method of opening the barrier had already spread out. Who knew how many people had gone ahead of them and truly entered the Severed Heaven Abyss?

Now that the channel had opened, who was willing to wait?

Moreover, from how unstable this channel was, perhaps only the first several people who entered could smoothly make it through.

As for the others? Sorry, but please find another way.

“Wait a moment and we’ll join together and rush ahead.” A woman’s calm voice echoed in Qin Yu’s ears.

He didn’t look up. But, his slight nod expressed his agreement.

He stepped forward and shot towards the opening. Just as he moved, a cold sneer resounded at his side.

“You want to go in? You’re staying behind!”

Qin Yu flicked his sleeves. The hand that grasped at him cracked and distorted at an eerie angle.

The cultivator cried out loud, his eyes widened. He never imagined he would be injured. Then, he screamed in pain.

Whoosh –

Qin Yu was astonishingly fast. He reached the channel’s entrance in the blink of an eye.

There was the sound of breaking air beside him. The troop leader appeared behind him. He looked at her and the two of them shot forward without hesitation.

“Damn it, block them!”

Bang –

Bang –

Over a dozen formidable auras hurtled over!

“Join together and block them, otherwise none of us can go in.” The leader’s voice was still cold, but sharper than before.

Qin Yu didn’t speak. He lifted a hand and punched backwards. Five colored divine lights erupted. The colors of white, black, blue, red, and yellow spun around, transforming into a grinding pan.

Five Element Samsara!

The leader’s eyes erupted with light. Close behind Qin Yu, she lifted a hand and pointed out.

Kacha –

Kacha –

A layer of solid ice appeared on the five element grinding pan. It darkened it a little but didn’t affect the circulation of the five elements.

On the contrary, it seemed to supplement the Five Element Samsara’s defensive capabilities, boosting them drastically.

Bang –

Bang –

Numerous auras, many of which were strong, blasted into it. Even if it was the Five Element Samsara superimposed with the power of ice, cracks soon spread within it.

Without accident, it would collapse soon. But the goal had been accomplished.

Qin Yu and the leader turned around and broke into the channel without hesitation. In the next moment, the Five Element Samsara collapsed.

Before the strengths trailing from behind could crash into it, the unstable channel directly collapsed.

“Ahh! How hateful!”

“Don’t let me run into you again!”

Qin Yu could faintly hear the angered roars of others in his ears. But, he couldn’t care about this at all.

Perhaps because the avalanche at the entrance had affected the overall stability of the channel, a terrifying tearing strength spread through his body. Even with the intensity of his mortal body he found it difficult to resist.

He could hear muffled coughs in his ears. He looked up. The leader was standing in front of him, and large cracks were appearing on the surface of her body.

Then, pieces of her body fell off to reveal an entirely new appearance.

It wasn’t strange or terrifying. Rather, it was beautiful beyond expectation. In this dim and twisted spatial channel, it gave off a dazzling feeling.

From this, it could be imagined how beautiful the woman who shed her disguise to reveal her true appearance was.

But this was it.

After a few glances Qin Yu lowered his head and closed his eyes, using all his strength to resist the tearing power of space. He wasn’t some young man who had just come into the world, nor was he someone who would be blinded by looks. Who knew what sort of disaster he would encounter next? If he had time to gaze upon a beauty, it was better to think about how to live instead.

A fragrant wind rushed against him. Qin Yu opened his eyes in surprise. He watched as the woman took several steps back and slipped into his arms.

“I’m going to borrow you for a moment. I’ll pay you back once we make it out.”

The sound was cold and without emotion. This feeling of being treated as an object wasn’t too fresh.

He looked down at the woman’s reddened ears. After a brief hesitation, he closed his eyes and chose to ignore it.

It wasn’t that he lusted after beauty…okay, Qin Yu did admit that it felt great to be held like this by such a woman.

But the true reason was that Qin Yu could feel something familiar from this woman in his arms.

That’s right, it was something familiar.

Faintly, he felt as if he owed her something important. He had to ensure her safety.

As if making her feel safe and at ease was his responsibility!

The scent of a woman flooded his senses. There were no waves in his mind, but that feeling of familiarity grew increasingly strong.

Just what was going on?

Soon, Qin Yu couldn’t care about the woman in his arms. Because as time passed, the environment within the spatial channel grew increasingly worse.

Besides that tearing strength there was also a yin chill. It wasn’t strong, but it felt like countless sharp needles ruthlessly stabbing into his flesh and blood.

The blood energy that flowed through his body stagnated, as if wanting to freeze. A white frost covered the tips of his eyebrows.

The chill in the air was thick and dense, like he had been placed in a cave of eternal ice. It almost froze the body, causing his defensive capabilities to fall along with it.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu shouted out loud. Two hearts vigorously beat in his chest. His stagnated blood energy seemed to be callously kicked. With a loud roaring rumble, blood flowed through him like boiling water.

His skin turned red like heated stones. All of the yin chill that intruded into his body was melted into nothingness.

The woman in his arms widened her eyes with shock. Then, she pasted herself tighter against Qin Yu, borrowing his warmth to scatter the cold within her.

Suddenly, the woman shouted out, “Be careful!”

She discovered that at almost the same time she spoke, Qin Yu had moved. He punched at a side of the distorted spatial channel.

At this time, a face just happened to appear in the spatial channel. It was similar to that of a human, but it had three eyes. It was a strange and macabre sight.

When Qin Yu’s fist landed, the left eye flashed with surprise and the right eye shined with mockery. Then, silver light shot out from the middle eye.

The falling fist paused before crashing down even faster, smashing into the three-eyed face. It twisted fiercely before collapsing.

Even at the point right before it collapsed, the face’s three eyes were wide open, as if it couldn’t believe it would be destroyed so easily.

Shua –

The tearing space and the omnipresent yin chill disappeared. Qin Yu landed on the ground.

They came out!

There was a push against his chest and the woman fluttered out. She glanced around, joy on her face for a moment before she calmed down.

She turned and said, “Qin Yu, since you helped me, I will abide by my promise and repay you.”

She lifted her hand and a scale appeared.

“Using this, you can sense the attraction of an aura. It will bring you to a great lake. There is a monster beast hidden below. After killing it, you will receive great harvests.”

Another light flashed in her palm and a talisman appeared. “This is the life talisman that a formidable cultivator created before his death. It can open a cave dwelling. This cave dwelling is inside the Severed Heaven Abyss.”

The woman paused, “Of course, these are your options. You can only choose one.”

Seeing Qin Yu’s calm and unmoved expression, she furrowed her eyebrows together, “You aren’t satisfied with this?”

Qin Yu lightly said, “You put out the scale and life talisman because you want to expose your strength to me. So if you have some ulterior motive in mind, just tell me.”

The woman glanced at him. “I like talking with smart people.” She put away the scale and life talisman. “These things can bring you significant harvests, but if you come with me, I can bring you to where the Origin God corpse is.”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “How can I trust you? These two things are far from enough.”

The woman said, “Of course they aren’t sufficient. But what if I add this?” She took out a jade box. To be more exact, it was a piece of jade that had been hewn into the shape of a box. It was clear and flawless, and one could see a drop of blood sealed inside.

Seeing this drop of blood, a loud roar resonated from within Qin Yu’s soul. His ears buzzed and his eyes glossed over.

Shua –

The woman put the jade away. With a slightly pale face, she seriously asked, “How about it?”

Qin Yu’s eyes shook, “This is…”

“Blood of an Origin God.”


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