Chapter 948A – Barrier of World Fragments

The world around him became visible as the smell of blood filled his nostrils. Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He looked down at Gu Taishan and in the next moment his attention was drawn to the Rebirth Lotus floating in front of him.

While he was preparing his ‘play’ at Immaterial Mountain, Qin Yu learned as much as he could to supplement his missing knowledge. Thus, he was able to recognize this treasure.

If this trip to the Severed Heaven Abyss didn’t go well then Lei Xiaoyu wouldn’t be able to escape death. From another angle, the Rebirth Lotus might be able to save her life.

“Rebirth Lotus…the name isn’t wrong, but if you want to use it to save others, give up now.” The little blue lamp’s thought fluctuation resounded in his mind.

Qin Yu asked, “Why?”

The little blue lamp said, “The witchcraft bug in Lei Xiaoyu’s body is not ordinary. When I say not ordinary, you should understand my meaning.

“Even if the Rebirth Lotus really is useful, it cannot prevent her true spirit from dispersing. Moreover, the quality of this thing isn’t high so the possibility of it triggering is also low.”

Qin Yu immediately lost interest. He trusted the little blue lamp’s judgment.

He glanced at Gu Taishan in the valley and then turned to leave. As for the scene of slaughter…he had seen countless similar situations before. It wasn’t able to affect his mind at all.

The treasures of the world were rare and everyone wanted them. If so, then battle and death was unavoidable. If one was weaker or their methods were inferior, then losing their life was the natural progression of things.

When Qin Yu arrived, his gaze paused on the Rebirth Lotus, indicating that he recognized this treasure. Gu Taishan’s heart sank and he prepared to fight. But beyond his expectations, Qin Yu turned and left.

What was this?

This was the Rebirth Lotus! No one could not be tempted by it. But, this person saw it and left? And, what was the reason for glancing at me before leaving?

Do you want to remember my appearance and then report me as someone who killed others and stole their treasures after leaving the Severed Heaven Abyss? Shit, you can’t leave!

Gu Taishan diabolically grinned. “Boy, since you’ve come here, then remain with everyone else and keep them company!”

At this time he was full of confidence. Because Qin Yu’s actions of recognizing the Rebirth Lotus and then immediately turning to leave explained everything.

This person’s strength was common!

And Gu Taishan believed that his own strength wasn’t common at all. Wouldn’t killing Qin Yu be easy?

So sometimes, smart people don't necessarily live longer. They would overthink things until they eventually made a full circle and tripped over themselves.

He lifted a hand and then brought it down!

The earth thundered for a time before eventually quieting down.

The battle had ended.

Qin Yu looked up at the Rebirth Lotus in the air and opened his hand.

He casually glanced at it and then received it.

He looked at the people on the ground. They had died in order to obtain the Rebirth Lotus, but in Qin Yu’s eyes, it was a dispensable item.

This might be called the greatest joke in the world. A person could risk their life to achieve something, but that something might be nothing at all in the eyes of others!

Qin Yu turned around to leave. But, another fluctuation came from the spatial channel up above.

Shua –

Shua –

Several figures emerged. As they saw Qin Yu standing amongst pools of blood, their complexions changed.

“Big brother!”

With a sharp scream, a female cultivator stared at the bloody and ruined Gu Taishan who had been struck deep into a pit. If it wasn’t for the fact Qin Yu didn’t believe she was faking her actions right now, he really would have suspected her. Hey, miss, just how did you recognize him?

“I want you to die with my big brother!” The female cultivator lifted a hand and a radiant light erupted.

“Hold on!” Zhuo Han blocked her. He looked to the side, “Miss Li, do you know this fellow daoist?”

Li Hongyi stepped forward, her eyes faint. “I said that the Severed Heaven Abyss isn’t a place you should come to.”

Qin Yu wryly smiled. Who thought that he would run into her, even here?

“I thank Miss Li for the warning, but I have my own reasons for coming here.”

Zhuo Han whispered to the cultivator beside him. After several moments, his eyes flashed. “So it’s fellow daoist Qin Yu. Your name has rung like thunder in my ears. May I ask where Lei Xiaoyu – Miss Lei, is at the moment?”

Qin Yu looked at him, “It doesn’t concern you.”

Sure enough, love for beauty was the root of all troubles.

He didn’t want to talk nonsense with a man who was hostile and clearly blinded by appearances.

He cupped his hands together and said, “Miss Li, if there is nothing else, then I will bid my farewells first.”

Li Hongyi furrowed her eyebrows together. “Hold on. I also want to know where Lei Xiaoyu is.”

Qin Yu calmly replied, “She is where she needs to be.”

Zhuo Han shook his head, “It is rumored that Lei Xiaoyu trusted fellow daoist Qin Yu. But now, it seems that her judgment was too poor.”

Li Hongyi paused for several breaths of time. When she saw that no explanation was forthcoming, her eyes turned cold. “Qin Yu…I am very disappointed in you.”

The female cultivator who was being held back took this chance to scream, “Miss Li, my big brother and his companions were all slain for a Rebirth Lotus!”

Whoosh –

Everyone’s complexions changed.

They all understood how precious a Rebirth Lotus was. It was no wonder that this surname Qin didn’t hesitate to go on a killing spree.

Li Hongyi slowly said, “Considering my teacher’s honor, if you hand over the Rebirth Lotus then you can leave…after that, never appear in front of me again.”

Qin Yu’s palms flashed with light. He took out the Rebirth Lotus and placed it down. Then, he turned and left.

Neat and simple, his actions surpassed everyone’s expectations. After a brief daze, he disappeared from their line of sight.

Zhuo Han shook his head, “This Qin Yu is quite decisive.”

Another person said, “I think he fears Miss Li. He knows he isn’t her match so he lowered his head. Tsk tsk, this sort of person was able to win the trust of the Lei Family’s daughter. I’m beginning to question whether Lei Qianjun is as amazing as the rumors say.”

“Lei Xiaoyu has died in vain.”

Li Hongyi glanced at the Rebirth Lotus. “Let’s go.”

Even if Qin Yu was an idiot, he could guess what Li Hongyi and those people with her were thinking right now, and how much they despised him.

But so what?

Could he tell them that he had securely placed Lei Xiaoyu somewhere and she was safe?

Consider it finished.

They didn’t know each other so they could go on thinking what they wanted. Would them thinking something make him feel uncomfortable? Or would he be unable to eat if he felt uncomfortable?

Qin Yu didn’t have the time to waste on these people. He only had one goal in mind – that was to find the Origin God corpse and extract and refine its blood essence.

As for something disposable like the Rebirth Lotus, he would consider it as repaying the favor Li Hongyi did for him at the imperial capital.

15 days passed since entering the Severed Heaven Abyss. That was half of the time that Qin Yu estimated Lei Xiaoyu could last for.

He stood at the edge of a world fragment looking at the endless nothingness before him, and the countless dots of light that embellished it. A dignified expression crossed his face.

He began to wonder if he had fallen into a strange place similar to legend, where one grain of sand was similar to one world, and he was in a great desert.

In fact, maybe the world fragments he travelled through were only a small part of the entire Severed Heaven Abyss.

He drew in a deep breath, suppressing these thoughts. He looked around again, new resolve in his eyes.

He believed that out of all the cultivators who had entered the Severed Heaven Abyss, he was at the deepest front.

Since there was someone who had found the Origin God corpse before, then as long as he was cautious then he could also achieve this.

As for the endless world fragments in front of him…

There had to be a way to surmount them!

“These world fragments truly do exist, and they compose a natural blockade within the Severed Heaven Abyss. Unless one manages to break through, they can only stay at the edges forever, unable to touch the root of the Severed Heaven Abyss.” Zhuo Han smiled as he spoke, his expression confident and calm. “You may all remain suspicious of me, but that is normal. You can test for yourselves whether or not I’m speaking the truth.”

He glanced around at everyone. “To make everyone feel at ease, I will also participate in the testing. I wonder which fellow daoist will join me?”

A person laughed, “Brother Zhou has been my best friend for many years, so of course I trust you. Count me in.”

“I am also willing to join.”

Zhou Han clapped his hands “Great! If the four of us work together, while we can’t open the barrier, we can at least test the truth of my claims.”

“The three of you, please come to my side. I will tell you the method.”

Moments later, after the three learned the method, Zhuo Han said in a low voice, “The method to open the barrier requires an extremely high degree of coordination. No mistakes are allowed to happen, so you must all be prepared.”

“Fellow daoist Zhuo, don’t worry!”

Shua –

The four people stood at separate points, each forming a corner of a square. They raised their hands and pressed them forward. At the same time, their auras began to move at the same frequency, slowly resonating with each other.

This resonance was weak at the beginning, but as time passed it seemed to melt into the surrounding world, creating ripples in space.

Fluctuations spread out like waves in water, proliferating in all directions.

“This is…” A cultivator’s eyes widened with surprise.

From these fluctuations, he could feel a distant aura. While it was incomparably weak, it could still shake the mind.

As if countless treasures were buried there. It made one feel a burning heat and greed in their heart.

Li Hongyi’s eyes shined. She stepped forward, placing her hand on the spatial fluctuations.

This sight shocked many people. They wanted to curse, but they swallowed their words.

It’s not that they didn’t want to, but they didn’t dare to!

The imperial capital Li Family’s Sword Maniac stood at the pinnacle of power. Who dared to provoke her?

Fortunately, Li Hongyi’s actions didn’t seem to influence Zhuo Han’s test. She closed her eyes and sensed.

Several breaths of time later, the four people let out a breath and withdrew their hands, walking away. They glanced at each other and saw the joy in their eyes.

Since they had personally conducted the test, they understood clearer than others that the barrier of world fragments was real.

Zhuo Han cupped his hands together, “Miss, what do you think?”

10,000 years ago, the Zhuo Family separated from the Li Family. In time, they rose up from a mere servant family to one of the empire’s most prominent families.

And this naturally was greatly in part due to the support of the Li Family.

So even if they had their current status, the Zhuo Family still followed the Li Family’s lead. When their juniors faced the direct descendants of the Li Family, they were extremely respectful.

Li Hongyi said, “You were correct. Prepare to open up a channel.”

Zhuo Han nodded and bowed. He stood up and looked at everyone. “If there are no objections, let’s begin!”

Four hours later, 36 cultivators worked together, a group of nine people each forming a corner of a square. They lifted their hands and pressed them out.

36 auras fluctuated at almost identical frequencies. It started to resonate with the world, causing mighty waves to ripple through space.

Rumble rumble –

With a roar, a channel slowly opened in the middle of the group. An unusual aura flooded out from it.

Zhuo Han shouted, “This is it! Everyone, enter with me!”

Whoosh –

36 people flew into the channel. The resonance with the world vanished and the channel collapsed.

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