Chapter 947 – Rebirth Lotus

At this moment, the image of a flying dragon was reflected in his eyes. Its body was like a lizard and a pair of wings grew on its back. When it spread out its wings they covered the skies and cast a large shadow on the ground.

What a formidable aura!

Even with Qin Yu’s current cultivation, he still felt some dread.

Qin Yu determined that this world fragment was indeed the safest place to hide Lei Xiaoyu. But, that was under the premise that he found a sufficiently secure location.

A day later, as loud roars shook the earth, several distant mountains collapsed and broke apart beneath the sound.

Qin Yu spat out a mouthful of blood and his speed increased. He left behind a series of afterimages as he disappeared into the forest.

An incomparably giant head drilled out from the ground. Its cold eyes looked in the direction Qin Yu left in. After some hesitation, it decided to give up the chase.

It only exposed a head but it was enough to block out the sun. A horrifying aura covered its body, keeping the space around it distorted.

Hiding in an ancient tree, Qin Yu spread out the sun and moon force field, isolating himself. After making sure that the dragon beast wasn’t chasing after him any longer, he let out a breath and forced a smile.

He had no ill intent. He just wanted to hide Lei Xiaoyu in the dragon beast’s cave. Who would have expected that its senses were so sharp?

If he hadn’t quickly run away, then a single strike might have given him a life-threatening injury.

Before, when he faced the Great Dragon Overlord’s mount, the batwing dragon king, Qin Yu had found it shockingly powerful. But if it were compared to this dragon beast today…the batwing dragon might just be a sweet snack it enjoyed between meals!

The disparity of strength was beyond description. Qin Yu even suspected that this dragon beast’s strength surpassed the limits of the God boundary to a certain degree.

But for some unknown reason, its intelligence wasn’t too high, as if it had been placed under some kind of limit.

Hu –

Qin Yu let out a deep breath and sat down, healing the injuries he sustained from the roar just now.

No matter what, Lei Xiaoyu was now safe. Even if someone found this world fragment, they could forget intruding into the dragon beast’s cave.

As for killing it?

What a joke. Qin Yu was sure that even if all the cultivators who entered the Severed Heaven Abyss were pulled to this place, they could only meekly stand in front of the dragon beast and wait for death.

With the formidable regenerative attributes of the Ancient race’s Undying Body, Qin Yu soon opened his eyes. A sharp light flashed through them – his injuries had been fully healed.

Without further delay, he hid his aura and shot into the skies. He needed to find the location of the Origin God corpse as soon as possible.

He had at most one month. This was the maximum time he estimated Lei Xiaoyu had left.

As for how he could obtain the Origin God corpse…in truth, he had no idea. He could only take things one step at a time and hope an opportunity opened up for him.

Shua –

Qin Yu stepped into a spatial channel and vanished from sight.

The Severed Heaven Abyss had resounding fame throughout the world. This was not only because of its strange and horrific dangers, but because of the endless treasures buried within.

In a million ancient texts, there were countless examples where a person emerged from the Severed Heaven Abyss having harvested some extremely precious item.

This was a fact that could be researched anywhere.

Thus, whenever the Severed Heaven Abyss opened, even if people knew this was a man-eating cave, they still rushed in one after another.

“Hahaha! It’s a Rebirth Lotus, it’s actually a Rebirth Lotus!” A sturdy cultivator clenched a lotus flower tightly in his hand, his face wild with joy.

The air was thick with the scent of blood. Two cultivators were slumped on the ground, and even further away there was the corpse of a black-scaled monster beast.

It was clear that in order to seize this Rebirth Lotus, a life or death slaughter had occurred here. While the surviving cultivators felt sad about the death of their companions, they were still overjoyed when they saw the Rebirth Lotus.

On the path of cultivation, cultivators had to experience and overcome all sorts of disasters in order to grow stronger and eventually become powerhouses that were respected by all. But during this process there were countless uncontrollable risks. The slightest mistake would lead to one being buried and their life’s cultivation becoming nothing.

And the Rebirth Lotus was an extremely rare treasure. It could be said to give a person one more chance in life.

It ensured that after a cultivator died, their true spirit wouldn’t disperse. It would directly enter the cycle of samsara and allow them to awaken at their birth with their memories intact.

A person who had memories of their previous lifetime was bound to be a terrifying existence. As long as their luck wasn’t poor, they would surely accomplish great things.

And the Rebirth Lotus was right in front of them.

The good thing was that they had the treasure.

The bad thing…was that there was only one!

The sturdy cultivator’s eyes flashed. He said in a low voice, “Everyone, according to our agreement, whoever obtains the treasure in the end gets to keep it

“Of course, me having been able to obtain this Rebirth Lotus is all thanks to your help. I am willing to take out my own wealth to repay you.”

“Hold on!” Another cultivator coldly sneered, “We did have that previous agreement, but the Rebirth Lotus is too valuable. We all understand this, and fellow daoists Zhou and Huang also died because of this. If fellow daoist Gu were to swallow it up all alone, then that is going too far!”

“That’s right, I also believe that the previous agreement we made was improper. We need to make an additional arrangement for the ownership of the Rebirth Lotus.”

“Fellow daoist Gu, the Rebirth Lotus is too precious. If you insist on keeping it, I fear that our relationship will deteriorate. I ask you to rethink your decision!”

This was certainly just a nice way of putting it. To put it bluntly, they wanted him to hand over the Rebirth Lotus so they could split it up, otherwise if they joined forces and attacked, it wouldn’t be a good ending for him.

Cultivator Gu’s complexion paled. He glanced at everyone. After thinking about it earnestly, he realized he didn’t have the strength to fight one against five. He clenched his teeth and nodded, “Since everyone believes it is improper, then let’s discuss it further. I have no opinion about this.”

He lifted his hand forward. The Rebirth Lotus flew out from between his fingers and floated between the group of five.

Shua –

Everyone’s eyes gathered and filled with burning heat.

At this moment, a change occurred!

Cultivator Gu’s eyes flew open. Blood vessels covered his eyes as they turned red. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he was thrown backwards.

“Qian Zhongshan, you dare to harm me!?”

He tried his best to reach forward and take back the Rebirth Lotus.

Everyone was shocked. Qian Zhongshan was actually so bold that he directly attacked someone. However, they didn’t care that Gu Taishan was injured.

But now Gu Taishan wanted to take away the Rebirth Lotus. If so, they wouldn’t be polite anymore.

Bang –

The void shook once again. At least three strengths erupted at once. Gu Taishan spat out another mouthful of blood as he plummeted far away.

“Ah!” Suddenly, a cultivator screamed out loud. He tried to fly up but a black energy had wrapped around his feet.

“You want to sneak attack me? You are courting death!”

With a roar, he punched the person by his side.

This cultivator’s eyes flew open. “It’s not me…!” But his following words were interrupted.

The situation had spiraled out of control!

People attacked each other one after another. The Rebirth Lotus was right in front of them. This was a treasure that could tempt the heart of anyone. Since everyone wanted it, then they would depend on their own strength to obtain it.

A fierce battle broke out. It was far more tragic than the previous battle where everyone had killed the monster beast that guarded the Rebirth Lotus.

Cries filled the air. Someone was split up, their soul imprisoned and burned into nothingness.

Since they wanted to kill, they would do it cleanly and neatly so that no news of their actions escaped. Otherwise, there were bound to be endless troubles in the future.

None of these were fresh young newcomers to the scene of the cultivation world. Since they tore apart all pretense of face and were risking their lives, they wouldn’t show any mercy.

An hour later, the smell of blood in the air was even thicker. The three people still standing were all wounded and had deathly pale faces.

Among them was Qian Zhongshan. His gloomy eyes swept over the other two. “If we continue to fight, none of us will survive. I propose that we stop.”

He pointed to the corpses. “The belongings of these people, together with the Rebirth Lotus, should be enough for us to split between ourselves!”

The other two hesitated for a moment before nodding. One of them said, “We must make a solemn oath that none of us will tell anyone of what happened here today.”

“Of course!”

After making their vow, the three people glanced at each other. They chose a random area and started to clean up the battlefield.

The Severed Heaven Abyss attracted countless cultivators. While they had varying levels of cultivation, those who were qualified to enter, unless they had heaven-defying luck, often had considerable skills and vast amounts of wealth.

As everyone was beaming with joy, a pitiful scream filled the air. A cultivator who was digging through belongings suddenly rose into the air. Before he fell, he was split into pieces, his soul collapsing along with it.

Qian Zhongshan and the other cultivator’s complexion changed. They looked at Gu Taishan sitting up, their faces filled with shock.

Their first thought was that during the chaotic battle, no one had attacked and eliminated this severely wounded fellow?

But soon, as they felt the tyrannical and potent aura coming from Gu Taishan, their complexions grew increasingly ugly.

“I must admire daoist Gu’s methods!” Qian Zhongshan said in a dismal tone.

Gu Taishan smiled. “I was forced. If it weren’t for you all intimidating me, things wouldn’t have become like this.”

Qian Zhongshan sneered, “Since my technique is inferior, I sincerely admit defeat. The Rebirth Lotus belongs to fellow daoist Gu. Then, I will take my leave now!”

He turned around to leave. But then, his expression changed. With a roar, he shook away the strength that crashed towards him.

He turned around and shouted out, “Fellow daoist Gu, are you intending to try and keep me here?”

Gu Taishan faintly said, “The trouble caused here today is too severe. If news of this were to spread out, my future days would be hard to endure…even though I obtained the Rebirth Lotus, I don’t want to use it.”

A cold look flashed in his eyes. “So, I ask fellow daoists to help me, because I believe that in this world, only the dead can be trusted.”

“Help me kill him!” Qian Zhongshan roared.

But what a pity, he and the other man were injured. As for Gu Taishan, he had been hiding his strength all along.

So moments later, Qian Zhongshan and the other cultivator fell to the ground. Besides Gu Taishan panting for breath and being a little pale, he didn’t experience much loss at all.

His lips curved up in a self-satisfied smile. While cultivation was the most important thing in this world, having an intelligent mind was also useful. With a minor trick, he became the last one standing.

The Rebirth Lotus was his!


Gu Taishan’s complexion changed. He looked into the skies. Space distorted and a figure appeared from within it.

A hidden spatial channel…

How hateful, someone just happened to arrive here!

An ominous light surged in Gu Taishan’s eyes. But after thinking about it, he decided not to attack.

He would wait a moment. If this newcomer’s strength was greater than his, then there was nothing to say.

Otherwise, he would have to reconsider things. Fighting upon first meeting was something only idiots would do.

Shua –


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