Chapter 943 - The Severed Heaven Abyss Opens

In a magnificent and great temple, straight pillars of red and gold supported the four corners of the structure. They were carved with images of dragons and phoenixes and all sorts of strange beasts. Just looking at them made one feel awe.

If anyone was here, they would recognize that this giant temple resembled the Imperial Zenith Hall located deep below the center of the imperial palace.

Both were exactly the same, like a reflection in water, without the slightest deviation.

But this was not the imperial palace.

A figure sat atop a luxurious and majestic dragon throne. One hand gently tapped against the armrest and another hand was placed against the chin. The figure’s eyes opened and closed occasionally. Countless rays of light passed through his eyes, each one as brilliant as an aurora.

“Holy forsaken…” He muttered beneath his breath. The voice was temperate and even gentle. “I don’t believe things are so simple.”

As this voice spread throughout the temple, perhaps because it was too empty and hollow, even though this place was lit up it still seemed cold.

He stood up and took a step forward. It was like a shadow separated from his body. One walked out of the temple, but another still sat on the dragon throne, stretching his waist. “It is best to bring him back alive. If not, then his corpse is also fine.”


A single chilling word lingered in the air, as if it came from a cave of eternal ice.

Imperial Capital, Lei Mansion.

Deep in seclusion, Qin Yu opened his eyes. He looked in front of him. His gaze was deep and profound, like it was passing through all barriers.

As expected, things wouldn’t conclude so easily. In the end, someone would probe him to see if the result was as they saw.

Qin Yu had already expected this to happen. His eyebrows rose before he calmed back down.

How could all things in the world proceed as he wished? If he couldn’t avoid it, then he would welcome it.

As for what the result would be…

Qin Yu didn’t know what would happen, but there was one thing he was sure of. Even if the situation spun beyond his control and immediately collapsed, he was sure he could escape from the imperial capital!

That’s right…even if there was an Origin God cultivator personally garrisoning the imperial capital.

And not too long ago when Qin Yu was in Roc City, facing the peak God boundary Lei Qianjun, he only had the confidence to retreat.

To escape and retreat were two completely different concepts. But, they shared a common point, which was that he would be alive at the end!

This was what he had obtained during this period of seclusion. Or to be more precise, it was a present given to him by the trillion Great Daos within the jade embryo egg fragment.

But at this time, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with surprise. His tense body suddenly loosened.

In the alleyway outside the back door of the Lei Mansion, Li Hongyi stood with a sword in hand. There was a solemn expression on her face as she stared at the figure approaching her.

He wore simple robes and was of average height. She could see his face with a glance, but when she tried to remember it, she couldn’t recall anything at all.

Li Hongyi’s pupils shrank. She lifted her hand and her sword began to release loud splitting sounds.

The figure paused. He looked up at her. It was just a glance, but it was enough to cause Li Hongyi’s firm and clear sword heart to shake and tremble!

As if mountains and rivers were overturning onto her!

“Cultivating is not easy. Why seek death? Leave.” An icy cold voice resounded in the air.

Li Hongyi clenched the hilt of her sword. The panic in her heart instantly vanished.

She raised a hand and slashed down. Her movement was clean and neat, without any hesitation.

The Sword Maniac had given her answer with action. Once her sword was unsheathed, she would not take it back.

The person across from her revealed a look of appreciation. He pointed a finger.

It didn’t seem fast, but a moment later it collided with the sword.

The straight sword blade distorted, twisting together into circles. Li Hongyi paled but her eyes grew brighter.


The figure released a sound of surprise. He looked down at his chest. His clothing had been torn and the sword energy had touched his flesh and blood.

It hurt a little.

It wasn’t much, but it was there.

For him to feel pain was already an incomparably shocking matter.

The Li Family’s Sword Maniac was indeed extraordinary!

But this was all it was.

A horrifying aura erupted, as if a great beast had awakened.

Whoosh –

There was the cry of a sword and the freezing air was torn apart. Tang Yi appeared in front of Li Hongyi, protecting her behind him.

He bowed with one arm and said, “Senior, Hongyi is a disciple of my Myriad Sword Mountain. I ask that you be merciful.”

“So what if she’s from Myriad Sword Mountain?”

“To senior, we might not be worthy of mentioning. But, since my Myriad Sword Mountain’s lineage has been able to be inherited until now, there has to be a reason for it.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“I wouldn’t dare. But senior must know that if the two of us die here today, Myriad Sword Mountain will never give up on this matter.”

The air filled with an invisible oppression. It was enough to grind a person’s bones to dust.

After a long time, the figure turned and walked away. “Myriad Sword Mountain’s honor can only be used once. If you dare to interfere in the future, then you will die!”

Tang Yi respectfully bowed, “Thank you, senior!”

He stood up and stuffily coughed. His complexion paled and blood flowed out from his nose and mouth.

Li Hongyi’s complexion changed, “Teacher!”

Tang Yi lifted a hand, “I’m fine.”

His expression was calm but his heart was shaking. He had ordered Li Hongyi to come here because he expected someone would secretly try to harm Qin Yu.

He did this in order to complete his pledge and also to form a closer relationship with Qin Yu.

Although Tang Yi heard about what happened at the Heavenly Center, he also believed that things weren’t so simple. But, he never imagined that Qin Yu would draw in such a terrifying existence.

It was just an avatar, but a simple gaze was enough to harm him. This person’s true cultivation must have broken through the limits of the God boundary…

Origin God…

Only such an existence would still have the thought of killing him even when they knew of Myriad Sword Mountain.

Since this person had expressed their stance, the next time they met, he really would kill them.

So helping Qin Yu block this attack once tonight was already the limit.

Wiping away the bloodstains, Tang Yi drew in a deep breath. He glanced at the peaceful Lei Mansion and then pulled Li Hongyi away.

He had done everything he could do. The rest would depend on Qin Yu’s own good fortune.

In the dark skies, clouds tumbled and surged like raging waves. The earth was desolate and barren with countless rocks scattered all around. Wherever one looked, everything was dried up without any sense of vitality.

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion from the skies. Lightning erupted, sweeping across the world.

Then, in that short sparkle of time, the vast lightning gathered together, forming a horrific thunderbolt that crashed into the ground.

It went straight down without end, like a thunder spear crashing down from the heavens. Then, at an inconceivable speed, it sank into the earth.

A loud rumbling spread out from the depths. The ground cracked open, creating a giant slit.

The crack continued to expand. Ten miles, a hundred miles, a thousand miles…all the way to ten thousand miles. It was like a gaping wound in the earth, or the maw of a terrifyingly large beast. It roared at the skies, as if it wanted to swallow the heavens!

A yin chill and deathly silence spread out from the fissure. The temperature rapidly fell, causing snow to fall from the skies. It was like a vast blanket that spread across the ground.

But none of this heavy snow fell into that terrifying fissure. It was like the aura being released caused the snow to feel fear.

Thus the gap into the abyss between the white snow looked even more eye-catching!

At almost the same time, in the Imperial Zenith Hall, the First Emperor opened his eyes. There was a trace of shock and hesitation, but in the end it was all drowned out by excitement and anticipation.

Within the dark earth, a shadow rose up, stretching into a human figure. This person fluctuated like water, and unconstrained excitement came from him.

“First Emperor, do you feel that? It has all been as I said. The Severed Heaven Abyss has opened ahead of time!”

The First Emperor let out a breath, his eyes stern. “You have used your actions to obtain my initial trust. But this is only the beginning. If at any time I sense that you have some other thought, even if I must give up on having a breakthrough, I will make sure you perish!”

The shadow did not care about such thoughts. It laughed and said, “Of course. From the very beginning, my cooperation with you was established on the premise that we both benefit.”

There was a brief pause before the shadow continued to say, “If there is no other objection, we shall officially begin the plan.”

The First Emperor was silent for a long time. “Very well.”

The shadow vanished from sight.

At this time, no one in the imperial capital knew that a dark undercurrent had already begun to spread. It swept through the imperial capital, allowing no one to escape!

Ding Hao was excited. “The Severed Heaven Abyss has opened, it has actually opened ahead of time. The heavens must be helping me!”

A voice came from outside the door. “Young Master Ding Hao, the Old Ancestor has requested your presence.”

Moments later, Ding Hao bowed, “I greet the Old Ancestor.”

The Ding Family Old Ancestor seemed as dispirited and exhausted as he was before. “I am going to teach you the Ding Family’s secret arts. Prepare to enter seclusion with me.”

“Mm? But Old Ancestor…”

The Ding Family Old Ancestor waved his hand. “It’s settled. Prepare yourself.”

Li Hongyi frowned. “Teacher, why is the sect suddenly summoning me back?”

Tang Yi lightly coughed, “It is because they believe that with your current cultivation, you have the qualifications to obtain the true lineage.”

“I understand, but why the rush?”

Tang Yi shook his head. “I don’t know.” He turned and walked away, “Hurry up and prepare. We will leave for the sect soon.”

Silent Light had a solemn expression. He lightly said, “During this time you will perceive the true meaning of light. I will open up a mystic realm and send you inside. You must grasp this time and make sure you aren’t arrogant or complacent with yourself.”

Silent Kite furrowed her eyebrows together, “Father…”

Silent Light raised a hand, “I know you are interested in the Severed Heaven Abyss. But maybe next time.”

Xiao Qi was wild with joy as he stepped into the stone door. With a loud rumble, the cave was isolated from the outside.

He had obtained what he longed for in his dreams. The most core inheritance arts of the Xiao Family!

This was the same as announcing he would be the future ruler of the Xiao Family.

Once this seclusion ended, Xiao Qi would break into the God boundary, becoming a peak powerhouse of the world!

Well, the previous description wasn’t too accurate. Because there would always be some people who could sense the chill in the air and prepare evasion maneuvers ahead of time.

And at this time, the gates of the Lei Mansion opened. Qin Yu and Lei Xiaoyu boarded the carriage and rode towards the city gates.

This news caused a few splashes in the imperial capital before disappearing.

In their eyes, the holy forsaken Qin Yu had already been thrust into the abyss. So how could he have the qualifications to compete with all the young elites at the opening of the Severed Heaven Abyss?

To choose to leave now, perhaps this was the last bit of arrogance in his heart.

Of course, in the eyes of others, this arrogance wasn’t worth mentioning.

Because the loser had always been like this!


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