Chapter 942 - Fireworks of a Trillion Great Daos

At this moment, those that sensed Qin Yu’s ‘condition’ were more than just Xiao Qi.

Li Hongyi’s eyebrows furrowed for a moment before she composed herself. There was disappointment in her eyes.

That’s right, it was disappointment.

After today, there would be no more impediment between her and the God boundary’s Great Dao. She could achieve her ideal realm.

Clear sword intent circulated, reflecting the perfection of the heavens and earth. With a single sword she could pierce through every cloud, shocking all sides!

On this day, facing the Great Dao within the 3000 rainbow bridges, her harvests had been greater than Xiao Qi’s.

At this moment her aura was restrained. The sword intent in her body seemed empty, but with a casual thought she could release boundless might.

If Li Hongyi wanted to, she could break through the God boundary at any moment. Before, she once had a thought of openly and honestly challenging Qin Yu to a duel.

But that was no longer necessary.

As a holy forsaken who had missed out on the opportunity of enlightenment beneath 3000 Great Daos, this represented not only the loss of a good fortune, but was also a sort of fall.

At this time, Qin Yu might be someone who ordinary cultivators looked up to, but in Li Hongyi’s eyes, he had been cast far behind her.

The disparity of today could never be made up.

Silent Kite had a complex look in her eyes. She wanted to speak but had no idea what grounds she had to say anything.

Holy forsaken…

How could he be a holy forsaken? Was it because his performance today had been too dazzling?

At this moment, more and more people followed Xiao Qi, Li Hongyi, and Silent Kite’s line of sight to stare at Qin Yu.

After a brief period of shock, a similar thought appeared in their hearts. They silently mourned for Qin Yu.

What was this?

Was he sacrificing himself to help everyone?

The changes with the God Mark Holy Stone were inevitably related to Qin Yu ascending the altar and touching it. But, he hadn’t been able to obtain any benefits at all…this was the greatest tragedy of all.

Lei Xiaoyu drew in a deep breath. She stood up and walked forward. As she did, the altar withdrew into the depths of the earth.

Qin Yu looked at her and smiled.

He was mentally exhausted, so when this smile fell in Lei Xiaoyu’s eyes, it seemed especially forced.

Her heart hurt, but she squeezed out a smile. “Big Brother Qin, let’s go.”

Qin Yu allowed Lei Xiaoyu to help him up. After thinking for a moment, he guessed what she was thinking.

Warmth rippled in his heart, scattering the last traces of sorrow. He nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go.”

The two walked out of the Heavenly Center. Behind him, Xiao Qi carelessly laughed, his voice loud and boisterous.

As he laughed, the aura of his body changed. The complexions of all present changed with it.

“Sir Xiao Qi has advanced once again. Your achievements are sure to be limitless in the future. Allow me to congratulate you here!”

“Soon Sir Xiao Qi’s name will spread throughout the entirety of my Great Chu!”

“Congratulations Sir Xiao Qi!”

Xiao Qi laughed even more brightly than before. “Wonderful! Today, I will hold a banquet at the Hall Beyond the Hall. All fellow daoists are invited to celebrate with me!”

He suddenly restrained his laughter. “Of course, there is someone who didn’t hesitate to harm themselves to help us perceive the Great Dao. Fellow daoist Qin Yu’s righteousness and generosity is as vast as the heavens. I invite you to come and drink a glass of wine so that I may express my thanks!”

Lei Xiaoyu’s face flushed red with anger, “You…!”

Qin Yu held her back. He looked at Xiao Qi and lightly said, “I must decline Sir Xiao Qi’s good intentions. My injuries have not yet recovered, so I will not disturb you today.”

He left after he spoke.

Whoosh –

With the cry of a sword, Li Hongyi vanished from sight. The several boundless divine senses in the skies revealed looks of acclaim.

So it turned out that the one with the greatest harvest today was this girl.

The Li Family had no lack of incredible successors. To have their foundation secured for another generation, that was truly enviable.

Silent Kite and Ding Hao also fell into their eyes. While these two people didn’t have a startling performance like Xiao Qi and Li Hongyi, after being cleansed in a baptism of 3000 Great Daos, their future would also be bright.

In as short as a hundred years or as long as a thousand years, the Great Chu Empire would welcome the birth of a new batch of peak powerhouses. This was the good fortune of the empire.

As for Qin Yu…

No matter how shocking his performance had been, none of that mattered anymore.

As those that stood at the true pinnacle of this ancient empire, they had the qualifications to know the deeper secrets.

Holy forsaken…it wasn’t just being rejected and forsaken by the God Mark Holy Stone so that one couldn’t obtain any harvests.

The injury he withstood contained the horrifying power of the holy stone. He would likely never recover for the rest of his life.

In other words, no matter how outstanding Qin Yu had been, or how much potential he had, all of that had been wasted.

There was no need for them to pay attention to such a junior any longer.

In the depths of the imperial palace’s central hall, the First Emperor’s eyes flashed with disappointment. Then, certain thoughts disappeared with it.

When Qin Yu stepped into the carriage and slowly drove away from the Heavenly Center, he had no idea that he had managed to avoid a dangerous catastrophe with no chances of survival.

He glanced around at the streets where countless cultivators were celebrating with joy and festivity. He closed his eyes, calmly meditating.

It was obvious that no one sensed anything was wrong. This was the best result for Qin Yu.

Otherwise, he didn’t doubt that once the jade embryo egg fragment left, the only fate left for him would have been to be cruelly killed.

After all, just 10% of the jade embryo egg’s dissipated strength was enough to condense 3000 rainbow bridges and help the cultivators of the imperial capital directly face the Great Dao.

But he took the remaining 90%...who could imagine such a harvest?

He smoothly returned to the Lei Mansion. News of what happened at the Heavenly Center had already spread out.

Dan Hong remained respectful. But, there was a complex look in his eyes.

He never thought that things would be like this…

Just yesterday, he had thought of Qin Yu as inconceivably powerful. But now he was reduced to such a state.

Qin Yu waved his hand, stopping Lei Xiaoyu from following him. He said, “I want some peace and quiet. You obtained great enlightenment today, so go into seclusion and cultivate.”

Lei Xiaoyu bit her lips, “Big Brother Qin…”

Qin Yu smiled, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Go.”

She didn’t want to leave, but when she saw him force out a smile, Lei Xiaoyu nodded.

After she left, Qin Yu walked into his room and sat down in a chair. He let out a breath and said, “Come out.”

Snowside stepped out from the shadows. When she agreed to help Doctor Ye help Qin Yu, she should have obtained some advantages. Recently, her aura had become even more mysterious and obscure.

If Qin Yu’s eyes weren’t able to see through all lies and illusions, he wouldn’t have noticed her existence.

Snowside had a serious expression. She carefully looked over Qin Yu and then curled her lips, “I knew that even if everyone had bad luck, you wouldn’t have bad luck. Today’s matters weren’t as simple as they seemed, right?”

Qin Yu didn’t conceal anything. He nodded, “I had some harvests. But I really was injured. Since you know the answer, hurry up and leave. I need to rest.”

Snowside sneered, “You’ve thought it out well. You can use this chance to rid yourself of the attention from those in the imperial capital that want to do something to you.”

She turned and walked away. As she did, the cold sneer vanished from her face and her lips lifted up in a mocking smile.

She really wanted to see the faces of those people who believed Qin Yu had been destroyed, and what sort of interesting expressions they would have when they saw what harvests he had truly obtained.

As for the ‘some harvests’ that Qin Yu spoke of? Snowside didn’t believe a single word of it at all!

Without some heaven-shaking benefit, would Qin Yu have caused such a tumultuous commotion with his personality?

Hey, this old lady is a smart one. You want to fool me?

No chance!

Seeing Snowside vanish into the shadows, Qin Yu shook his head and smiled. He also guessed that she wouldn’t believe his words.

But he wouldn’t tell anyone the truth of what happened.

With a thought, the sun and moon force field spread out, isolating the room from the outside.

He lifted a hand and tapped the point between his eyebrows. He softly said, “Now, it’s about time for you to show me what the fragment has brought.”

Hum –

A trembling erupted from the depths of his soul. It was like a trillion sparks simultaneously igniting, releasing a grand show of fireworks in Qin Yu’s mind.

Each firework represented a Great Dao. There were so many that they crowded in together. If just a single one spread out, it would form a rainbow bridge that spanned across the skies.

And what was most shocking was that all these fireworks bloomed for Qin Yu alone.

Qin Yu sat down cross-legged and drew back his finger. He sighed in satisfaction. Before his voice fell, his aura changed. At this time, he thoroughly perceived the Great Dao Prospers Forever and his fourth path to the God boundary had been opened up.

But there wasn’t much happiness on his face. Because after seeing the vastness of the heavens, how could the lights of the mortal world still shake his mind?

The boundless world was actually so mysterious and wonderful. Trillions of Great Daos revolved together like stars in the skies. Even if one exhausted the entirety of their life, how much could they perceive?

But fortunately, Qin Yu had leapt beyond the mundane world. While his strength was humble, he had the qualifications to peep into the vast and mighty Great Daos of the world.

After a long time, Qin Yu stood up and cupped his hands together, deeply bowing. “Senior, I have no idea what your name is or who your enemies are. But since I have inherited the phantom of your Great Dao, I will do my best to make them shine in glory again and not dishonor your efforts.”

Moments later, Dan Hong reported that Qin Yu had announced he was going into seclusion. No one was to disturb him.

Lei Xiaoyu had an anxious expression. After thinking a bit she nodded, “I understand.”

She looked at Dan Hong, “Big Brother Qin saved my life. No matter what happens, he is the most important person in my life. Do you understand me?”

Dan Hong quickly said, “Miss, rest assured that no one in the mansion would dare show Mister Qin any disrespect.”


Dan Hong stood up and excused himself. His forehead was covered in beads of sweat.

When Lei Xiaoyu spoke up just now, he had felt a suffocating oppression beyond description.

And he had once felt something similar from the City Lord many years ago.

It seemed that the young miss also had a great harvest from the changes of the God Mark Holy Stone!

He thought about Lei Xiaoyu’s warning and cautioned himself that no matter what, he couldn’t reveal any hint of neglect towards Qin Yu.

Rising like a comet but also falling like a comet, Qin Yu’s dazzling brilliance had once illuminated the entire imperial capital, making countless people afraid to look straight at him.

But after the incident at the Heavenly Center, he had vanished from the eyes of all people. Like a splashing wave in an endlessly rolling river, after a brief show it would vanish forever and be forgotten.

Xiao Qi, Li Hongyi, Silent Kite, and Ding Hao were recognized as the greatest powerhouses of the Chu Empire’s younger generation. They received attention from all sides.

And at this time, the news concerning the Origin God corpse that Qin Yu had been waiting for quietly spread throughout the capital city.

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