Chapter 941 – 3000 Rainbow Arcs, 3000 Paths

When Qin Yu’s five fingers touched the jade embryo egg fragment, a sound reverberated in his mind, one that was like satisfaction and extrication. It was like a ship that had been drifting alone on the endless sea, battered and worn out, finally finding a home to return to.

Then, the embryo egg fragment started to release light. Without hesitation, it began to burn away the rest of its preserved energy.

So in the next moment, the invisible imprisonment around the Heavenly Center broke down and numerous rays of light shot out in all directions.

These rays of light rubbed against the world’s rules and produced an inconceivable reaction. They transformed into 3000 rainbow bridges that stretched across the heavens.

The entire imperial capital fell deathly silent. Everyone’s eyes flew open with utter disbelief.

Then, this shock turned to vivid joy and excitement. When the cultivators who hadn’t reached the God boundary saw these 3000 rainbows, their minds rumbled and shook as countless feelings of enlightenment rose within their hearts.

“This…this is the God Mark Holy Stone’s Great Dao map…the rainbow bridges we see are the same as facing the Great Dao, with no barrier between us!”

“This is a great fortune, a massive fortune! 3000 rainbow bridges, 3000 Great Daos that stretch across the imperial capital’s skies. This is a present that the holy stone has bestowed upon everyone!”

“With just one glance, the bottleneck in my Withered Soul Saber Art has become looser. If I meditate for just a bit longer, I can definitely make a breakthrough…” Before that person could finish speaking, aura fluctuations erupted to the side. Another cultivator stood motionless, the air tumbling around him.

A breakthrough!

The Withered Soul Saber Art cultivator revealed a look of envy. He sat down and immediately began to cultivate.

And this was just an ordinary sight on a single street within the vast imperial capital.

Because at this moment, under the enlightenment of the 3000 rainbow bridges, there were at least a few hundred cultivators who had opened their path to the God boundary.

Even though this was Great Chu’s imperial capital, a place with countless powerhouses, such a stirring scene had never occurred before.

Soon, winds and clouds changed color above the imperial capital. Black clouds gushed out of nothingness, weaving together into a black backdrop that darkened the weather.

Because too many cultivators were opening their paths to the God boundary, it was initiating a world phenomenon. From the looks of things, thunder tribulation was about to descend!

At this time, from deep below the imperial palace, a massive hand phantom shot into the skies. Five fingers grasped out and tore apart the dark clouds. The world phenomenon quickly dissipated.

The Chu Empire’s First Emperor had taken action!

The might of an Origin God was truly incredible. They could even forcefully scatter the will of the world.

Although he had gone into seclusion for many years and no longer interfered with outside affairs, he was still the founding emperor of the Great Chu Dynasty. Every additional God boundary powerhouse meant that the Chu Empire would become that much stronger. He naturally could not allow world phenomenon to interfere with this.

At the center of the imperial palace, in the Great Imperial Hall, the First Emperor furrowed his eyebrows in the darkness. He couldn’t figure out what had happened. But without a doubt, the source of the changes to the God Mark Holy Stone was all related to Qin Yu.

Just what secret was this junior hiding? Not only was he able to ascend the altar, but he could also cause 3000 rainbow bridges to shine upon the imperial capital!

His eyes were deep and gloomy. The First Emperor looked towards the Heavenly Center and closed his eyes.

He was waiting. Waiting for today’s result.

400 feet away from the altar, Xiao Qi opened his eyes. He looked at the rainbow bridges in the skies and his face flushed with excitement.

He didn’t doubt that he would be able to make a breakthrough today. He might even be able to take another step forward and open his eighth path to the God boundary.

Once this was completed, he would have at least a 60% chance of breaking into the Origin God boundary!

All unnecessary thoughts and gloominess were swept from his mind. Xiao Qi sat down and immersed himself in cultivation.

At the same time, Li Hongyi, Silent Kite, and the others all had their own respective harvests.

Besides several peak existences, no one paid attention to Qin Yu again at this time.

3000 rainbow bridges shined in the imperial capital, each one representing the Great Dao!

But no one, not even Great Chu’s First Emperor, could have imagined that the 3000 rainbow bridges representing 3000 Great Daos above the skies of the imperial capital, were all remnants from when the jade embryo egg fragment poured its energy into Qin Yu. At most it only accounted for around 10%.

This 10% was enough to give the millions of cultivators in the imperial capital who had not yet reached the God boundary a shocking stroke of good fortune.

And even cultivators who had reached the God boundary were able to have great harvests from observing these 3000 rainbow bridges.

Then what about 90%?

Unfortunately, not even Qin Yu knew.

Because the energy of the fragment that was pouring into his body was being absorbed by the jade embryo egg inside him. He was serving as the transit medium.

Fortunately, Qin Yu was only playing the role of a medium. Otherwise the sheer force of this power would have been enough to blow him apart to pieces.

Now, Qin Yu felt incomparably pained. He clenched his teeth and stubbornly endured. He didn’t even have the energy to think.

Bang –

Bang –

Within the region of the imperial capital, auras erupted one after another. Each one represented someone breaking open their path to the God boundary. As long as they wanted to, they could knock open the World’s Dragon Gate and complete the promotion of their life level.

Roughly calculating, at least 10,000 cultivators had done this since the 3000 rainbow bridges appeared!

Xiao Qi suddenly opened his eyes, joy flooding them. His aura immediately changed. It wasn’t stronger than before, but instead was even more restrained. His aura had matured, as if he was a fish that had leapt over the dragon gate.

At this moment, he had smoothly opened his seventh path to the God boundary.

And it was universally recognized that those who were qualified to attack the Origin God boundary had to have at least seven rings of glory before reaching the Divine Dao realm!

He drew in a deep breath and suppressed his surging feelings. He looked up at Qin Yu’s back.

Don’t stop! Keep going!

If he could open his eighth path to the God boundary, his future was destined to be dazzlingly bright.

So what if Qin Yu was better today? It was unknown who would be the last one smiling.

Bang –

At this time, three auras erupted behind him almost simultaneously.

Li Hongyi’s eyes were closed and motionless. Sword intent dove in and around her, and small cracks appeared in the surrounding space from time to time. They were like pupils that were opening and closing, a pitch black abyss revealed from within them that shook one’s mind.

Silent Kite was wrapped in light, as if she was going to merge into it. Every strand of her hair shined with light that was so bright and clear it seemed it could dispel all shadows from the world.

Ding Hao was quiet and respectful. His white robes had now turned pure black. Faintly, when one glanced at his black robes, they felt their soul shiver as if they would be drawn out of their body.

As people who were recognized as those that could stand closest to the altar, they were all genuine cultivating geniuses. Their actions once again informed everyone that they were truly powerful.

Making the same choice as Xiao Qi, once these three people made their breakthrough they continued to perceive the rainbow bridges in the skies without delay. They tried to imprint their existence in their minds.

Because what the God Mark Holy Stone did today wasn’t normal. It should continue for 24 hours, exactly one day and one night, but this might not be so this time.

No one wanted to waste even a single breath of time…Lei Xiaoyu was the only exception. Although she could feel the true meaning of thunder within the 3000 rainbow bridges and her bloodline was constantly strengthening, she still wasn’t able to focus all of her concentration on that.

She looked up at the altar where the nearly forgotten Qin Yu was standing. Worry flashed in her eyes.

Today, Big Brother Qin had caused too great of a commotion. It really was far, far too great. There was likely to be trouble in the future. Even if she used the name of Roc City, she feared it would have no effect.

Why would things be like this?

She understood Qin Yu. He was calm, wise, moderate, and did everything with a sense of purpose. He shouldn’t be so impulsive. He knew that if he climbed the altar, he would become a target. Moreover, such a change had occurred to the God Mark Holy Stone.

Big Brother Qin, what are you thinking?

Four hours later, the 3000 rainbow bridges that stretched across the heavens of the imperial capital, illuminating the land, vanished from sight.

Qin Yu trembled and he was sent shaking away by an invisible strength. His face turned pale and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He looked up, a complex look in his eyes. He watched as the ‘God Mark Holy Stone’ flew into the skies, submerging into the vortex and vanishing.

Then, the vortex disappeared and the channel was sealed away.

Qin Yu knew that after today, the God Mark Holy Stone would never again appear in this world. This was because it had exhausted all of its strength, retaining only the tiniest fraction so that it could leave.

Without surprise, once it returned to that other world it would turn into dust…perhaps that had already happened.

Qin Yu’s heart contracted and sorrow filled his mind. He pursed his lips together. He knew that the last traces of this senior almighty being who had walked a similar path to him had now thoroughly vanished.

And even now, he didn’t know that senior’s name or appearance…

This was the brutality and cruelty of the cultivating world. No matter how strong someone was, no matter how transcendent their methods were, once they died and turned to ashes, all else became nothing.

Qin Yu wondered, if someday he couldn’t escape death, then amongst the countless lives in existence, who would remember his name?

Shua –

Xiao Qi opened his eyes and clenched his fists in excitement. He couldn’t hide his joy.

Although he hadn’t been able to smoothly open his eighth path to the God boundary, he had grasped the key point. All he needed was patience and hard work.

If things went well, he would need at most ten years to overcome this step.

Eight Glories of the God Mark…this was the strongest known God boundary realm in this world. His rise to an Origin God was inevitable!

Throughout the years, Xiao Qi had been regarded as a cultivating genius. He had been arrogant and proud of his accomplishments, but in the end this all became a powerful pressure placed upon him.

He had become used to it. As an eagle flying in the skies, he was looked up at with awe and respect. He could not allow himself to be knocked into the earth one day, having to withstand looks of pity and ridicule.

This was because Xiao Qi had witnessed similar things happen more than once before…as children of great families, while they were born with golden spoons and obtained more resources than others, they also bore a greater responsibility.

And after today, Xiao Qi no longer needed to be worried. He could face anyone with his head held high.

Because he was doomed to be powerful!

He looked up at Qin Yu’s distressed appearance. Upon sensing his aura, after a brief moment of surprise, Xiao Qi smiled in happiness.

Holy forsaken, he was a holy forsaken!

A so-called holy forsaken was a change that occurred at times in the past, when someone bathed in the might of the God Mark Holy Stone.

They were not approved by the holy stone and could not borrow its power to perceive the traces of the Great Dao.

In fact, because they were loathed and rejected by the holy stone, they would suffer harm.

At this time, in Xiao Qi’s eyes, Qin Yu who was vomiting blood and whose aura hadn’t changed, was without a doubt a holy forsaken!



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