Chapter 938 – Fragment

Great Chu’s imperial palace gathered the power of the heavens and earth, condensing the rules into a great sun that shined all year round, bathing the imperial palace in divine light.

But where there was light, there was bound to be darkness. It was just hidden in places that ordinary people could not touch.

Imperial Zenith Hall. It was located deep within an underground palace. Even the Chu Emperor with his status still couldn’t freely enter and leave. The ones who inhabited this place were the ancestors of the royal family who had founded the Great Chu Empire and still continued to shelter it to this day.

The palace gates and windows were tightly shut. The vast palace was dark and the air was flooded with a yin chill.

“I said that inside the imperial capital, the lot of you are not allowed to cause trouble.”

An old voice resounded from the hall. It was calm and light but filled with an undeniable dignity. As if all things in the world would be decided with a word.

Another voice responded from somewhere in the darkness. “This was only an accident.”

“I do not care whether it was an accident. But such a matter had best not appear again.” The old voice continued to say.

From the silence, the voice in the darkness chuckled. “Of course, everything shall be as you say.”

Li Hongyi finally waited for her teacher to come back. Her eyes were faint and her expression was firm. “You must give me a reason.”

Tang Yi revealed a helpless expression. He knew the disposition of his disciple and knew that if he didn’t give her an explanation she would figure out another way to challenge Qin Yu.

He let out a breath and said, “I can only tell you one thing. Your previous assumption about Qin Yu was wrong. He didn’t rely on an outside force to kill Cui Yongji. Rather, it was truly his own strength.”

Li Hongyi’s eyes brightened as if a sword light was passing through them. “That’s impossible!”

That sword intent was vast and boundless, as if it could cut through the sun, moon, and stars. Even a God boundary cultivator had no chance of perceiving it.

Moreover, Qin Yu hadn’t even stepped into the God boundary yet. How could he control such a terrifying sword intent?

Tang Yi shook his head. “In this great world, there are bound to be innumerable mysteries. How can you and I know all of them?” He glanced at her, “For instance, look at yourself. Aren’t you a miracle-like existence in the eyes of the common people? Before stepping into the God boundary you have already overwhelmed the imperial capital with your sword…Qin Yu…he is just stronger than you.”

Li Hongyi was expressionless.

Tang Yi sharply said, “Hongyi, remember what I told you today and don’t try to challenge him, otherwise you will die.”

Li Hongyi turned around and walked away. “Once I break into the God boundary, I will try one more time.”

Seeing her vanish into the distance, Tang Yi’s lips twitched before he bitterly smiled.

This disciple of his was incomparably arrogant. However, she also had the strength to be arrogant.

But in this world, there did exist some people who were existences that far surpassed the imagination. They weren’t something that people could hope to reach.

For instance, that junior granduncle who existed in the past and who only Elders and above were allowed to speak of.

Or for instance, that seemingly ordinary but in truth extremely well hidden Qin Yu, whose depths could not be fathomed.

Tang Yi didn’t doubt that once Li Hongyi stepped into the God boundary with her sword in hand, she would immediately leap to the summit and become a peak existence beneath the Origin God boundary.

But at that time, how strong would Qin Yu become? He couldn’t imagine it, nor did he want to.

After all, if the rumors that Qin Yu had truly perceived that sword intent were true, then he had stepped onto a transcendent great path that the average person could not hope to touch.

The silver moon sword intent wasn’t a name that Qin Yu came up with. Rather, it was something that had become marked in his mind when he perceived it.

Perhaps it did represent a path that went straight to the heavens, a height where one could see the majestic scenery of the world when they reached the peak.

But Qin Yu knew that this was a difficult road to take. He could even say that it was filled with terror and peril.

He had already confirmed this twice at the Heavenly Center. Once he used the silver moon sword intent, he could confirm that some terrifying existence had locked onto him from afar.

Perhaps every time he used the silver moon sword intent this targeting would become increasingly clear, finally condensing into a coordinate that would allow some existence to cross space and reach him.

Qin Yu had no idea what he would face at that time. But his intuition told him that he definitely wouldn’t want to face it.

Before this unknown power fully locked onto him, Qin Yu decided not to use the silver moon sword intent any longer. He wrapped it in layers of the sun and moon force field, isolating it from the outside world.

A knock on the door awakened Qin Yu from his meditation. He opened his eyes, a sharp light flashing through them.

After opening the door and walking out he saw Dan Hong respectfully bowing. Dan Hong said, “Mister Qin, today is when the God Mark Holy Stone will arrive. You should prepare to leave with the young miss.”

Qin Yu looked up into the skies. Because of the imperial capital’s momentum, the skies had been washed clean of clouds for 10,000 miles. But now, a dark gray vortex appeared there.

It was in his line of sight, but when he sensed it there was nothing at all.

As if it was only an illusion.

“It’s here!”

In a way this vortex was indeed an illusion, because no one could enter. It was like a shadow.

Soon, the God Mark Holy Stone would use this vortex as a channel and arrive in the world!

The carriage convoy drove out of the Lei Mansion. They slowly headed towards the Heavenly Center, following the wide and clean streets.

Today, the streets were filled with people. They all looked into the skies with wide eyes.

None of them had the qualifications to approach the God Mark Holy Stone and obtain its blessing. But, they weren’t willing to leave like this.

Perhaps they could gain a harvest even just looking at it from afar?

Over the countless years, this matter had occurred. It could be called a slim ray of hope given to the cultivators who couldn’t approach it.

There was still some distance to the Heavenly Center, but military guards were already stationed all around, forming a tightly sealed blockade. Only those allowed could continue to go forward.

Qin Yu brought Lei Xiaoyu down from the carriage. As he glanced at the seas of people around him, he led her to the long and empty street in front.

Along the way, Qin Yu came across seven stop points. He could feel dozens of tyrannical divine senses weaving together into a barrier.

Without permission, no one could approach the Heavenly Center, even if they tried to pass through the skies above or the earth below.

The main entrance of the Heavenly Center that had been packed with cultivators just days ago was now cleaned up. Numerous cultivators gathered here.

Qin Yu and Lei Xiaoyu arrived and numerous eyes were drawn to them. There was awe, indignation, and even some eagerness to fight.

The powerhouses of the younger generation were mostly confident in themselves. They thought that even if Qin Yu was stronger right now, they would become even stronger in the future.

Overtaking him was only a matter of time. So, there was no need to dread him when facing them.

Of course, thinking was just thinking. The strength Qin Yu had exposed was enough to obtain their approval – he had killed the Heavenly Center’s Cui Yongji, and after being challenged by the Li Family’s Sword Maniac, had forced a Myriad Sword Mountain powerhouse to admit defeat on her behalf.

While Qin Yu didn’t have many previous successes, just these two were enough.

So when Qin Yu pulled Lei Xiaoyu ahead, while some people frowned, none of them said anything.

Powerhouses should obtain things that match their level of strength. This was a truth that had never changed since ancient times.

Halfway through, Qin Yu saw Li Hongyi ahead. She stood at the front of the crowd, her eyes slightly closed.

When Qin Yu looked at her, she opened her eyes. She looked back without expression. After a few breaths of time, she moved to the side.

This proved that she approved of Qin Yu’s strength. He had the qualifications to stand on even ground with her, even going ahead of her.

But Qin Yu had no intention of going any further forward. He pulled Lei Xiaoyu to his side and stood firm, “Let’s stand here.”

Lei Xiaoyu bit her lips. “Big Brother Qin, I’m fine. If you go up ahead then you’ll be able to sense things more clearly.”

Qin Yu shook his head, “It doesn’t matter.”

He didn’t explain any further. This was because he was confident that after refining the jade embryo egg, he could simply stand here and clearly sense everything.

But he never imagined that soon after he would have to change his mind.

More and more people gathered at the Heavenly Center. Around an hour later, three figures appeared in the skies. They wore long star-patterned robes and their expressions were solemn and respectful.

Among them was someone Qin Yu saw before – the Great Stargazer Gao Xian. If so, it wasn’t hard to extrapolate the statuses of these other two people.

“The holy stone will soon arrive. It is a good fortune on your path of cultivation, so you must seize today’s chance and perceive as much as you can.”

The central Great Stargazer slowly said. His dignified voice was filled with majesty as it blasted into everyone’s hearts. Everyone felt refreshed as if they had been baptized in a cold spring, and their thoughts started to turn a little faster than before.

“We thank Great Stargazer Peng Yan!”

Peng Yan reached out a hand, “Begin.”

Behind him, Gao Xian and the other Great Stargazer lifted their hands up into the skies. Radiant starlight gushed out from their bodies, forming a vortex of starlight.

Within it, countless motes of light twinkled. It was like a genuine nebula, with millions of stars embellishing it.

Looking carefully, one would discover that this starlight vortex was shaped exactly the same as the gray shadowy vortex up above.

But after the starlight vortex appeared, the first change did not occur up above, but on the earth below the three Great Stargazers.

Rumble rumble –

With a deep thundering rumble, the earth began to fluctuate like waves in the sea. A pitch black altar without any sign of impurity rose up from the depths of the earth.

There was not a single gap in its body, as if it had been carved and polished from an extremely large block of black jade.

Because of its purity, its reflection was also clear. So, another starlight vortex appeared on the surface of the altar that faced the skies.

And this reflection seemed incomparably real. It looked even more real than the starlight vortex that the three Great Stargazers were condensing with their own power of the stars.

It was strange, but it indeed felt like this.

As if within this altar, there really was a vortex that was circulating in tandem with the starlight vortex in the skies.

Then, as if the strength of these starlight vortexes satisfied a condition, the shadow vortex in the heavens started to respond.

It was like a dull and heavy grindstone. It slowly turned, and during this process, faint wisps of aura were released.

It was lively and cheerful. Faintly, one could feel a mysterious flavor completely different from that of this world.

A look of extraordinary light flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes. Because of all the things he had experienced, he knew that this aura came from another world. This gray vortex in the skies was unexpectedly a channel to a different world!

No, that wasn’t everything…this aura inside…

Sorrow and grief rose up from Qin Yu’s heart without warning. As he stared at the spinning vortex, his body began to shiver. This indescribable sadness was a deep instinct that came from the depths of his soul. Even Qin Yu wasn’t able to control it in the least.

According to the legends, the God Mark Holy Stone, which was said to contain infinite power and could help cultivators who had not yet reached the God boundary perceive the paths to the Divine Dao, had finally arrived.

At first glance, Qin Yu understood what it truly was. The so-called God Mark Holy Stone was essentially the same as the jade embryo egg he had refined into his body.

Or to be more precise, it was a fragment of a jade embryo egg that had been left behind after being broken apart!

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