Chapter 937 – The Sword at the Mountain

“Hold on!” There was a sudden shout as an old man emerged from the crowd.

Li Hongyi restrained her sword intent. “Teacher.”

The crowd’s eyes changed.

In the past, the Li Family had requested the royal family to take action and force Myriad Sword Mountain to receive Li Hongyi as a disciple. This matter had caused a great commotion and was well known by everyone present.

This old man was from Myriad Sword Mountain? If a person could satisfy the Li Family and become Li Hongyi’s teacher, how could they be an average person?

Tang Yi cupped his hands together. “Your sword dao cultivation is consummate. My young apprentice is not your match. I will admit defeat on her behalf. The agreement will end here.”

Li Hongyi looked up, “I want to try!”

Tang Yi shook his head, “There is no need to speak about this.” He took two steps forward and looked over Qin Yu. He slowly said, “May I ask what origin you have with my Myriad Sword Mountain lineage?”

Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred. He shook his head and said, “My teacher has never mentioned it, nor do I know.”

Tang Yi revealed an eager look. “May I ask your teacher’s name…?”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows together.

Tang Yi forced out a smile. “My apologies, I overstepped. I will come and visit again in the future. In the meantime, my disciple and I will bid our farewells.”

As he spoke he pulled Li Hongyi up and left through the crowd.

Outside the Heavenly Center, the atmosphere changed once again. Everyone had a shaken expression.

Without making a single move, Qin Yu was able to force a powerhouse from Myriad Sword Mountain to admit defeat…this Qin Yu’s strength was unexpectedly terrifying!

Watching Tang Yi and Li Hongyi depart, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He turned around and grabbed Lei Xiaoyu. “Let’s go.”

Stepping into the carriage, they drove away as countless awe-filled eyes watched on.

At this moment, news of the Li Family Sword Maniac’s challenge and her teacher admitting defeat in her place had spread throughout the imperial capital.

Silent Kite sat in her carriage, deep in thought. As she watched the Lei Family carriage leave, the shock in her eyes grew increasingly thick.

That person’s voice…it was impossible. He had fallen into the hands of the Great Dragon Overlord so it was impossible for him to have survived. Why would he appear here?

But they really were similar. It wasn’t just his voice, but also the small details and gestures.

“Miss?” The carriage driver carefully asked.

Silent Kite let out a breath. “Go.”

At the same time, in the highest star observatory at the Heavenly Center, Xiao Yunhai was wearing a long black coat, his eyebrows tightly knit together.

As the head of the Heavenly Punishment Division, he was supposed to personally go out on patrol when the God Mark Holy Stone arrived in order to ensure that no accidents occurred.

Today he had come to the Heavenly Center for routine business. But, he had made an unexpected discovery.

“Qin Yu…” He muttered to himself. A sharp and fierce light shined in his eyes.

Since he could sense a trace of causality, while he hadn’t yet verified this person’s status, he was inevitably related to Xiao Lin. And in Celestial Retribution, Xiao Lin had a code name…Wistful Deer.

“Send out orders. Speed up the investigation. Verify this person’s identity as soon as possible.”

Behind him, several Heavenly Punishment Division cultivators respectfully nodded.

Once the carriage was far away from the Heavenly Center, Qin Yu let out a deep breath of relief. He turned and looked back.

The oppressive feeling that had left him gasping for breath before had now disappeared.

Who could it be?

While that other party hadn’t revealed themselves, the killing intent and murderous feelings he sensed were real. This left Qin Yu nervous and uneasy. An enemy itself wasn’t fearful. What was fearful was that he had no idea where this hostility came from. This sort of uncontrollable variable was the greatest terror.

Lei Xiaoyu opened her eyes, “Big Brother Qin, what is it?”

Qin Yu shook his head. “I’m fine. There were just too many people watching so I was a bit nervous.”

Lei Xiaoyu covered her mouth and laughed. Her Big Brother Qin really liked to spout nonsense!

She thought for a moment and carefully asked, “Big Brother Qin, when I passed the inspection just now…”

Qin Yu patted her head, “When I was treating your injuries, I left something behind in your body to help you.”

Lei Xiaoyu relaxed. “That’s good. I was worried you did something that you would have to pay a great price over.”

Qin Yu smiled and shook his head. “That’s enough. Stop thinking about such things. Keep resting.”

Lei Xiaoyu closed her eyes. “Thank you Big Brother Qin.”

The carriage drove into the Lei Mansion at the imperial capital. After placing Lei Xiaoyu in her chambers, Qin Yu thought for a moment and said, “If Li Hongyi’s teacher comes, allow him to come in.”

Dan Hong nodded.

An hour later, a message came from outside. Myriad Sword Mountain Elder Tang Yi had come to pay a visit.

Dan Hong sighed with emotion. He thought that a great person was truly a great person. He could even anticipate something like this.

While he hurriedly invited the guest in, he also personally went to inform Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was surprised. He never thought that Tang Yi would be so impatient.

But since he had come, there was no reason to not see him. He stood up, “Lead me to him.”

Tang Yi was waiting in the large guest hall. Even if Lei Qianjun were here, he would still have the qualifications to greet him equally.

After all, Myriad Sword Mountain was one of the strongest sects in the Great Chu Empire. They were known to have over 100,000 sword cultivators and countless powerhouses.

The title of Elder was an incomparably honored status!

Qin Yu stepped through the door and cupped his hands together, “It is an honor for Elder Tang to personally visit. I apologize for the late welcome.”

Tang Yi stood up and bowed in return. “Mister Qin, there is no need to speak so seriously.”

Both sides sat down in their seats as guest and host. Tang Yi seemed to want to speak privately, so Qin Yu dismissed the serving maid.

Tang Yi took a deep breath and cupped his hands together. “Mister Qin, I think you have already guessed the reason for me coming here, so I won’t speak in circles.”

He revealed an anxious look, “May I ask if your teacher’s surname is Xu?”

Qin Yu maintained a calm demeanor. “Elder Tang, if possible, can you explain to me why you care so much about the surname of my teacher?”

Tang Yi hesitated for a moment. But when he saw Qin Yu’s faint expression he clenched his teeth and said,

“This matter involves the secrets of my Myriad Sword Mountain. I ask Mister Qin to not speak of it to outsiders!”

Qin Yu nodded. “Of course.”

Tang Yi said, “My Myriad Sword Mountain has an inheritance that has lasted for tens of thousands of years. Around two generations ago, there was a junior granduncle surnamed Xu. He was a colorful character who was highly regarded by the Mountain Master and was in line to inherit the sect and rule over Myriad Sword Mountain’s lineage. But for some unknown reason, junior granduncle’s personality changed overnight. After killing three Elders, he fought with the old Mountain Master and then vanished without a trace.”

Tearing open a secret that Myriad Sword Mountain had spent so much effort hiding, especially in front of an outsider, caused Tang Yi’s complexion to turn ugly. But if he wanted to gain Qin Yu’s trust, he couldn’t conceal this. He took a deep breath and said, “For such a grave crime, he should have been expelled from the sect and hunted down at all costs. But, the old Mountain Master only said that it was Myriad Sword Mountain who wronged junior granduncle first. Besides removing his name from the mountain, the matter was dropped.

“For the next hundred years, the old Mountain Master languished in depression and then eventually died. On his deathbed, he left behind his last words. He wanted the cultivators of my Myriad Sword Mountain to go searching for the whereabouts of junior granduncle. If possible, to tell him that all grudges had come to an end, and he could return to Myriad Sword Mountain whenever he wished.”

Qin Yu frowned. His thoughts raced and he said, “Elder Tang is saying that you can sense that junior granduncle’s aura on my body?”

Tang Yi nodded. “Exactly! My Myriad Sword Mountain lineage wholeheartedly pursues the path of the sword, and our fellow sect members can resonate their sword intent. When Mister Qin attacked at the Heavenly Center, I felt a resonance within my sword heart, and that is why I took the liberty to ask this question.”

Tang Yi took a deep breath and stood up. “Mister Qin, this matter concerns the last wish of the old Mountain Master. I hope that you can tell me the truth!”

Qin Yu was left speechless. From appearance, it looked like he was hesitating.

First, there was one point he was sure of. What Tang Yi sensed must have been the sword intent he perceived in the blood moon world.

But this was exactly what Qin Yu couldn’t figure out.

Although he had only cut out once, and also borrowed the strength of the countless cut marks, Qin Yu didn’t doubt their strength at all.

If the cut marks in the blood moon world were really related to this junior granduncle, then with the strength of a single sword strike he should have been able to raze the entire Myriad Sword Mountain to the ground. How could their inheritance have continued until this day?

Qin Yu had a guess. The most likely possibility was that this junior granduncle from Myriad Sword Mountain was just like him – he had also perceived the silver sword intent, thus leading to this misunderstanding.

Qin Yu let out a breath and came to a decision. He shook his head, “Elder Tang, I am sorry. I do not know teacher’s surname, nor has he ever mentioned anything about Myriad Sword Mountain to me.”

Tang Yi was anxious. “Mister Qin, can I request an audience…?”

Qin Yu refused without hesitation. What nonsense. He didn’t even know who or where this teacher was, so how could he see him?

Tang Yi bitterly smiled. “Then can I ask Mister Qin to pass on a message for me?”

Qin Yu nodded. “I can try, but I cannot make any guarantees.”

Tang Yi relaxed. At least he hadn’t achieved nothing. He quickly said, “Mister Qin, please convey this message for me. The old Mountain Master has already decided to give back the sword that junior granduncle left at the mountain. He can come to take it back whenever he likes.”

After sending Tang Yi away, Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows together.


Could that junior granduncle from Myriad Sword Mountain have managed to perceive the silver moon sword intent because of that sword?

If so, he really should consider taking a trip to Myriad Sword Mountain. It might help Qin Yu control this faint sword intent as soon as possible.

He took a deep breath and suppressed this thought. Even if he wanted to go, he had to wait until this event at the imperial capital came to an end.

Now that he had passed the inspection, all he needed to do was wait for the God Mark Holy Stone to arrive.

But even now, while Qin Yu had ordered the Roc City cultivators to eavesdrop all around, there was still no harvest of information related to the Origin God corpse.

Just where was the turning point to save Lei Xiaoyu?

Or perhaps there had been problems with Lei Qianjun’s information.

No. With Lei Qianjun’s personality and how much he loved Lei Xiaoyu, he would not have let her come here unless he was absolutely confident in himself.

Whatever. He just needed to patiently wait. Since Lei Qianjun didn’t say anything else, that meant he should learn of the news once it appeared.

That’s right. Qin Yu decided he was going to save Lei Xiayou!

When she leapt down from the tree hole and awakened her ruler of thunder bloodline to save him, Qin Yu had made this decision.

He couldn’t force the little blue lamp to damage its source, but he could decide to take a risk himself.

But before then, he needed to do everything he could to increase his own strength.

The Great Dao Prospers Forever wasn’t a strength that was truly his to begin with. There was still a disparity from opening the fourth path to the God boundary.

The upcoming arrival of the God Mark Holy Stone was Qin Yu’s chance. If it really did possess its rumored mysterious powers, Qin Yu was confident he could smoothly open up a fourth path, perhaps obtaining an even greater harvest.

Qin Yu suppressed these thoughts and went back to his room to cultivate. What he said to Li Hongyi before was not a lie. Every moment of time that passed was one moment he could not recover. How could he disappoint himself?

Snowside emerged from the shadows. She had an unhappy expression. “Many eyes are outside and most of them have ill intent. You still want to cultivate?”

Qin Yu waved his hand. “Don’t worry. Someone told me they would guarantee I am not disturbed in the imperial capital. She will stay true to her word.”

An hour later, the imperial city’s garrison was temporarily mobilized. 3000 army guards blocked the streets to the Lei Mansion, not allowing anyone in or out without permission.

Out of all the present factions, the only one who could accomplish this was the one that was firmly rooted in the army, the one that was in charge of almost half of the Chu Empire’s military – the Li Family.

The Li Family’s Sword Maniac had kept her word!

3000 army guards weren’t many and their strength wasn’t too high. Any peak Divine Dao master could slaughter their way through. But this was the Great Chu’s imperial capital. To attack the imperial capital garrison army here was the same as provoking the dignity of the royal family. This was a consequence no one could withstand!

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