Chapter 936 – Sword Maniac Li’s Crazy Challenge

Li Hongyi’s eyes brightened. A rare excitement appeared on her cold face, making her flush red.


This was the aura of a sword!

Although it had only appeared for a brief instant before vanishing, she was an innate swordsman and her sword heart was bright and illuminated. She was still able to capture its true meaning.

Vast, mighty, endless and without limits…when Li Hongyi sensed this aura, she felt as if the world had been flooded with sword intent.

As if a mere shaking of it would be able to break down the heavens and earth and destroy all living things…just like how Cui Yongji’s vitality had been cut off with a single strike!

But it was clearly impossible for Qin Yu to perceive and control such sword intent with his cultivation level. If so, he had to have some supreme swordsmanship treasure on his body.

According to Li Hongyi’s speculations, it was likely a sword pill left by a super swordsman powerhouse, condensed from his lifetime of sword intent after they died.

Such a treasure was incomparably scarce. Many years ago when she followed her teacher to worship the ancestors and complete the last step of her apprenticeship, she had the good fortune to see a sword pill.

It had been the size of a thumb, rough and round with a bumpy surface. It looked like a meatball that would release fragrance when put in boiling water.

But at that time, the skies were split apart underneath the attack of the sword pill, as if a new world had been opened up.

The crazed madmen who rushed to the top of Myriad Sword Mountain had fled while crying blood, never reappearing in this world.

This would explain why Qin Yu would try to borrow the strength of others when he clearly had the means to kill…

That was because a sword pill was the remnant power of a supreme swordsman. Every time it was used, its strength would be lost until it finally disappeared.

The Great Stargazer Gao Xian left and the inspection continued. But right now, no one continued watching the assessment stone. Rather, they kept their eyes on the young man and woman.

Qin Yu’s aura remained ordinary like before, but at this moment in the eyes of others his back was incomparably large, so tall that he seemed like he would pierce through the skies.

Dan Hong followed behind, rejoicing in the fact that while he had disrespectful thoughts, he never transformed them into action. Otherwise he would have found himself in a difficult position.

The City Lord really was a wise man. If Dan Hong didn’t see what just happened with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed that Qin Yu had such strength.

To instantly kill Cui Yongji…his cultivation was no weaker than the legendary proud elites of heaven!

Walking out of the Heavenly Center, it appeared that those outside had already realized what happened. Countless gazes gathered with awe shining in their eyes.

Qin Yu pulled Lei Xiaoyu towards Roc City’s carriage convoy. Those in his way retreated to the side.

But at this time there was a sword cry. Someone landed in front of him, blocking his path.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He said, “Please make way.”

Li Hongyi had a faint expression, “Qin Yu, fight with me.”

Whoosh –

Innumerable eyes flew open. After a brief moment of shock, excitement started to fill the air.

The Li Family Sword Maniac who had overwhelmed the imperial capital with her sword actually wanted to challenge Qin Yu, who had slain a God boundary powerhouse with a single move at the Heavenly Center. Everyone watching began to bubble over with anticipation.

Qin Yu’s eyebrows tightened further. “Why?”

The Li Family Sword Maniac was startled. It seemed she had never encountered this situation before. Her eyes flashed with surprise, “You will refuse?”

The God Mark Holy Stone was about to arrive. Those who passed the inspection had the qualifications to bathe in and perceive the blessings bestowed by the holy stone.

But depending on one’s position, the level of perception one received would differ. The closer one was, the stronger and clearer the degree of perception.

How were positions arranged?

They were cultivators, right? Then it all depended on strength. The more formidable one was, the better their position.

Thus, in all the previous years that the God Mark Holy Stone appeared, if a cultivator that passed the inspection was confident they deserved a better position, they would challenge someone else to establish their own status.

As for the one being challenged, they normally wouldn’t refuse unless the disparity in strength was too great. Otherwise their reputation would fall.

Li Hongyi never expected that Qin Yu, who had done everything in his plan to kill Cui Yongji and ruin the reputation of the Heavenly Center and even stand his ground in front of a Great Stargazer, would actually refuse her challenge.

But this was the truth.

Qin Yu nodded. “I refuse.”

He pulled Lei Xiaoyu’s hand and was about to move around her.

Shua –

Li Hongyi blocked the way once more. She said, “Qin Yu, I need a reason.”

Facing her eyes, Qin Yu could feel the firm will shining within them. He raised a hand and rubbed his eyebrows. “Because it is meaningless. In my opinion, every breath of time is extremely precious. Once it passes it can never be recovered, so wasting time is a terrifying matter to me.”

Li Hongyi’s face turned even colder. “So, you are saying that fighting me would be a waste of time?”

Qin Yu glanced at her, “That’s right.”

The crowd was thrown into an uproar once again!

Countless cultivators widened their eyes. They couldn’t imagine that Qin Yu would be so ruthless and completely disregard her feelings. It had to be known that the one standing in front of him was Li Hongyi, who had swept through the imperial capital with her sword and still hadn’t been defeated yet.

She was an outstanding figure amongst all the elites of the younger generation, like a bright moon in the skies.

Even if Qin Yu had killed Cui Yongji, proving his strength and giving him qualifications to be proud…this was still going too far!

But unexpectedly, besides appearing a little colder than before, Li Hongyi wasn’t irritated or angry. After a bit of thought she slowly said, “Qin Yu, if you fight me today and win, then I guarantee you will not be disturbed while you are in the imperial capital.”

She paused and continued to say, “This is a promise I make with the name of Great Chu’s Li Family. Everyone here can bear witness to it.”

Qin thought for a moment, “And if I lose?”

Li Hongyi said, “I will take one item from you.” As she spoke she kept her eyes fixed on Qin Yu’s face. He seemed a little surprised, but after a moment mockery flashed in his eyes.

Li Hongyi flushed red. It had been a long time since she had felt this emotion of embarrassment. She calmed her mood and said, “If you don’t agree then when the God Mark Holy Stone arrives, you will be driven to the furthest edge. This is a custom of all cultivators who have refused a challenge in the past.”

Qin Yu lifted an eyebrow. He turned his head to speak with Dan Hong, as if confirming something. After receiving a nod, he replied, “Fine, I accept your challenge then. But I also have a rule. Anyone who wishes to fight me must defeat my carriage driver first.”

He didn’t turn his head as he said, “Ban Bu, come out.”

After being referred to as a carriage driver, Ban Bu didn’t feel any dissatisfaction at all. Rather, he felt content. Because he knew that with Senior Qin’s ‘true status’, not everyone had the qualifications to approach him.

Seeing Ban Bu who looked like a dirty old man, there was a third uproar outside of the Heavenly Center. Many young men who adored the Sword Maniac were suddenly fuming with indignant rage.

In their opinion, Qin Yu’s actions were nothing but a naked insult.

But soon they discovered that things weren’t as simple as they seemed.

When Li Hongyi saw Ban Bu who had bowed to Qin Yu and was now standing in front of him, her eyes became especially dignified.

What she saw wasn’t the dirty old man that others saw. In her eyes, Ban Bu was a treasure sword that had just left its sheath.

Silent and speechless, but exuding an awe-inspiring aura at every moment.

Li Hongyi took a step back and cupped her hands together, “Please enlighten me.”

Those familiar with Li Hongyi knew that the Sword Maniac was incomparably arrogant. She would only treat those she regarded as her match with good manners.

The crowd drew back. They still had looks of surprise. No matter how they saw it, this dirty old man didn’t seem like a powerhouse.

Ban Bu only took one step forward to change everyone’s viewpoint. As his foot fell, his aura erupted around him.

Sharp sword intent swelled out like an immense tide.

He lifted a hand. Perhaps because of the life and death experiences he had survived, his sword intent was even sharper and more tyrannical than it was before. He lifted his fingers and slashed down. This simple movement made everyone feel as if a terrifying sword was cutting down on their heads, and their flesh and bone was about to split apart.

Countless people cried out loud and subconsciously retreated to avoid this horrifying feeling. Their eyes flew open with amazement.

Li Hongyi’s eyes suddenly shined. A sword cry resounded in the air. It seemed to pierce through the clouds, shooting down from the highest heavens to pierce through all.

Ban Bu revealed a look of acclaim. As he thought, this Miss Li was worthy of being the most dazzling powerhouse of the Chu Empire’s younger generation. Even if she hadn’t yet stepped into the God boundary, her strength still shocked the heart.

There was no need for her to have another breakthrough in her sword dao. As long as she reached the God boundary, she could defeat him with a turn of the hand.

But right now, relying on his superior cultivation, he still might be able to fight her.

Ban Bu drew in a deep breath. His hair surged around him and his robes flapped in the wind. His aura burst out from within him.

But then, his eyes filled with shock.

With a hissing sound, his robes broke apart like a punctured balloon. Ban Bu’s face paled and his aura weakened.

He stumbled back like a drunk, each step causing the ground to break apart. But, no cracks spread out. Rather, an invisible sword intent tore into the ground, creating neat and straight cuts.


As Ban Bu was driven back, he clenched his teeth and roared out loud. The air exploded like the roars of thunderclaps.

Li Hongyi fluttered backwards. She slightly furrowed her eyebrows as a lock of her hair floated down in front of her.

Pa –

Qin Yu lifted a hand and caught Ban Bu. The sword intent raging within his body seemed to be exposed to an overwhelming force. It paused before dispersing.

“My lord, I was useless. I have shamed you.”

Qin Yu shook his head, “You’ve already done your best.” He stepped forward. “Miss Li, according to our agreement, I accept your challenge.”

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