Chapter 934- Heavenly Center’s Great Stargazer

“Stop!” With a loud shout, a Roc City cultivator rushed forward, bowing with a face full of shame. “Miss, I arrived late and allowed you to be disturbed. When this matter is over I will request punishment from the City Lord!”

He turned and coldly said, “Great Stargazer, just how honored is my young miss? Will today’s humiliation be resolved with an apology alone?”

Four paths to the God boundary…without a sound, Lei Xiaoyu had unexpectedly opened four paths to the God boundary!

And this was all under the premise that the miss still hadn’t recovered from her childhood illness.

Dan Hong, the man in charge of the Roc City cultivators stationed in the imperial capital, finally felt as if he had discovered the reason why the City Lord valued Lei Xiaoyu so much.

The young miss was surprisingly a genuine cultivating talent. If Lei Xiaoyu’s injuries could be healed, her future would be boundless!

Quietly, Lei Xiaoyu’s weight in Dan Hong’s heart grew ten times heavier! He had to use this opportunity to display his loyalty in front of the miss, even if that meant offending the Heavenly Center.

A Great Stargazer had a precious status, but so what?

He was a trusted subordinate of Roc City, someone who was different from these people of the imperial capital to begin with. As long as the City Lord was well and Roc City was stable, he would be as immovable as a mountain. There was no need for him to worry about anything.

Gao Xian furrowed his eyebrows together, “What would you like to do?”

Dan Hong was about to speak, but he suddenly froze for several breaths of time. Then, his complexion became even colder. He stared at Cui Yongji. “I suspect that the miss was framed just now, and he is the one who did it!”

Cui Yongji sneered, “What utter nonsense. With everyone watching, when have I done anything? The Great Stargazer is here. Even if you are a subordinate of Roc City, do not be so dissolute!”

Gao Xian was without expression, “If there is no evidence, then slandering the Heavenly Center is a crime. Even if Lei Qianjun personally appeared he still wouldn’t be able to save you.”

Dan Hong coldly sneered. He turned and retreated to the side. “Mister Qin, please step forward.”

Shua –

Many eyes gathered on him.

Cui Yongji’s heart shrank. While he was absolutely confident in his abilities, he still felt fear when facing Qin Yu.

Qin Yu said, “Great Stargazer, what happens if there is evidence?”

Gao Xian said, “Then he will be severely punished!”

“Good. Then, I ask the Great Stargazer to confirm whether or not my Roc City is falsely accusing Mister Cui.”

Qin Yu lifted a hand and slapped Lei Xiaoyu’s back. Several wisps of black energy were shaken out from her body. They seemed to possess an intelligence of their own as they screamed and ran towards Cui Yongji.

With this, there wasn’t a need to say anything further.

Whoosh –

The entire scene fell silent, and the eyes of the crowd widened with disbelief. If even the Heavenly Center that presided over the inspection was so dark and tainted, was there any credibility at all to this test?

In the silence, Gao Xian’s complexion was pale. His eyes were flooded with a chilling intent, as if he wished he could freeze Cui Yongji to ice.

“Take him!”

Cui Yongji sighed inwardly. He put on a terrified expression and said, “I acknowledge my guilt, I am willing to accept punishment!”

Qin Yu glanced at him. He lifted a hand and said, “Great Stargazer, I was entrusted by City Lord Lei to bring Xiaoyu to the imperial capital. Now that she has been harmed by someone, please give me the chance to demand justice on her behalf.”

Hu –

The atmosphere changed once again. Many people widened their eyes, thinking that these Roc City people were surprisingly aggressive.

Completely overturning a cultivator of the Heavenly Center was one thing, but they actually wanted to take revenge themselves. While there was justification for doing so, it didn’t place the Heavenly Center in their eyes.

Moreover, Great Stargazer Gao Xian had always been a tough and firm person. He had even brought down the face of the imperial capital’s four great families before.

As expected, Gao Xian revealed a look of displeasure. He coldly said, “The affairs of the Heavenly Center will be dealt with by the Heavenly Center. I will give Miss Lei an apology. As for the rest, there’s no need to talk about it.”

Qin Yu lightly said, “Great Stargazer, I believe you understand that after today’s disturbance, it will inevitably initiate an attack against the Heavenly Center’s reputation. If my Roc City isn’t forgiving and continues to make noise about this matter, I think this attack will only multiply.”

He welcomed Gao Xian’s cold look. Without changing his tone, he continued to say, “Today, I am not asking to take Mister Cui away. As long as he can receive a strike from me, then regardless of the result, I will guarantee that Roc City will no longer investigate this matter. We can even coordinate with the Heavenly Center to bring this matter to rest. I wonder what the Great Stargazer thinks of this suggestion?”

Gao Xian stared at Qin Yu. Stars seemed to revolve in his eyes. He didn’t believe that Qin Yu proposed all of this in consideration of the Heavenly Center.

This person had to be planning something else. But, Qin Yu’s cultivation hadn’t even reached the God boundary. Even if he had some hidden cards, could they kill people?

Cui Yongji shouted out, “Great Stargazer, because of a personal grudge I had against Roc City, I was muddled and tried to attack Miss Lei, resulting in the Heavenly Center’s reputation being damaged. I feel nothing but regret and horror for my actions. I ask the Great Stargazer to give me this chance to rectify my mistakes!”

At the blood moon world, he had once fought Qin Yu in a vicious melee. This boy was indeed a monster. Although he hadn’t entered the God boundary, his strength was so great that it was a complete mess.

If it was a full-on battle then he wouldn’t dare to do that. But if it was only a strike, he felt no fear.

Gao Xian let out a breath. “Very well, I agree.”

He flicked his sleeves and starlight splashed down, freezing space.

Li Hongyi was without expression. She looked towards the distance. What was occurring there caused the two Heavenly Center cultivators to have an awkward expression.

“Who is that person?”

Hearing her ask this question and break the silence, the two Heavenly Center cultivators relaxed. One of them hurriedly said, “Miss Li, please wait.”

After a moment, one of them said, “That person is called Qin Yu. He comes from Roc City.”

Li Hongyi’s thoughts stirred. She suddenly thought back to several months ago at Roc City, when she felt the residual shockwaves from a cultivator shaking the World’s Dragon Gate.

At that time, she told her teacher that if this person appeared in the imperial capital, she would break past them with a single sword.

Today, this was also a Roc City cultivator…even though he hadn’t entered the God boundary, he dared to put forth such a request. How much arrogance was needed for that?

For some unknown reason, waves began to appear in Lei Hongyi’s sword heart. She was suddenly curious about what was going to happen.

Even though she was a bit surprised by this, she soon calmed down.

Since she was curious then she would go and take a look. Once she knew the result, she would no longer be curious.

This was the Li Family’s Sword Maniac, Li Hongyi. Only her heart could move her…nothing else could!

At almost the same time that the Sword Maniac was asking this question, not too far away, Silent Kite was also asking the same thing.

“Roc City, Qin Yu…” She thought to herself. A look of surprise flashed in her eyes.

She didn’t know why, but after seeing this person she felt a bit of familiarity.

But after sifting through her memories she couldn’t come up with any clues at all. This situation left Silent Kite frowning.

At her side, the Heavenly Center cultivator smiled and said, “Miss Silent, there is no need to worry. With this person’s cultivation, he cannot cause a storm here.”

If one didn’t enter the God boundary then all else was mundane. The imprisonment of one’s level created a disparity as far apart as the heavens and earth. Only those as strong as Silent Kite or the Li Family’s Sword Maniac could jump boundaries to fight.

But such existences, even in the vast Chu Empire, were as dazzling as stars in the skies. They were peerless geniuses that the world had never seen before.

How could Qin Yu compare with them!

After hearing this, Silent Kite’s frown deepened. She unexpectedly felt unhappy…this inexplicable change in mood left her stunned.

She took a breath and slowly said, “Let’s go take a look.”

At this time, all of the attention in the Heavenly Center had gathered here.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “Mister Cui, I will begin.”

Cui Yongji sneered, “Fine!”

Qin Yu took a step forward and the ground thundered as if a mountain crashed to the earth. The void seemed to shiver and freeze.

Lifting a hand, Qin Yu pointed a finger.

Gao Xian’s eyes brightened. No wonder this person had dared to put forth such a request. This person’s strength was indeed astonishing. He hadn’t entered the God boundary yet, but the power behind this strike wasn’t considered weak even within the God boundary level.

With just this strike alone, Cui Yongji’s blood energy might tumble and at most he would suffer a shaking injury…was this the result Qin Yu wanted?

Gao Xian furrowed his eyebrows together. While everything was in his eyes, his intuition told him things wouldn’t be so simple.

Hum –

A sword cry came from within Li Hongyi’s body. Amazement colored her eyes.

It was him, it was actually him!

This world was so vast, how could this be a coincidence? Although Qin Yu had only pointed his finger and didn’t release his full power, she believed she wasn’t wrong.

Just like her teacher thought, the aura of this supernatural art was mysterious. Even with the cultivation of her sword heart, she couldn’t catch every trace of it.

But even so, it wasn’t difficult to judge the approximate strength of it. While this strike might be able to wound a common God boundary expert, asking for anything more was futile.

What a pity. This supernatural art might be peerlessly exquisite, but it was like placing a pearl before a pig. This person’s strength was limited so they couldn’t bring its true power into effect.

If it was just this, then it was only worthy of her glancing at twice. It wasn’t qualified to meet her sword.

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