Chapter 933B – Seeing Cui Yongji Again

Before people looked away, there was another sound of piercing air. Light dispersed to reveal Silent Kite.

She cupped her hands together and said, “Celestial Retribution’s Silent Kite requests to participate in the inspection!”

Whoosh –

The scene was sent into an uproar. No one expected that on the last day, the two most dazzling young women of the imperial capital would show up one after another.

The sword maniac’s glory was like a dazzling meteor that suddenly arrived, obtaining everything with her sword in hand.

Silent Kite’s radiance was something entrusted to her by her status, talent, and merits.

Disregarding all else, it was said that when the Great Dragon Overlord, a super powerhouse of the obam race died, Silent Kite had been one of the participants.

Even the most prominent juniors of this generation had to acknowledge this feat.

The two cultivators that flew away with Li Hongyi returned. After exchanging greetings, they welcomed her in.

Qin Yu looked away and smiled. So she had such a great reputation in the imperial capital.

Moreover, in his senses, Silent Kite’s aura was much stronger than before. She could be said to have been reborn.

As he thought, while he was progressing, the other geniuses of this world didn’t stop growing. If someone wished to maintain the superiority of strength, they had to keep racing at the front. If they were to be careless and slack off, they would immediately be eliminated by the times.

Lei Xiaoyu blinked her eyes, “Big Brother Qin, you know Silent Kite?”

Qin Yu nodded, “I once used another identity when I met her, so she doesn’t recognize me now. Don’t show any flaws.”

“Oh.” Lei Xiaoyu obediently nodded. She thought that she would never let that woman know that Big Brother Qin was Big Brother Qin!

You used to be cool but now you are even cooler! You have to hide it!

Silent Kite followed the two and flew into the Heavenly Center. Moments later, a new decision was passed out – in order to guarantee successful completion of the inspection, anyone who has participated in more than two inspections and failed was not allowed to continue participating.

After some restlessness, numerous cultivators cried out, their eyes filled with unwillingness.

But in the end, they all fell silent. The Heavenly Center’s decision had to have been permitted by the imperial palace, otherwise it would have been impossible to change.

Of course, the most important reason was that most cultivators here knew that after failing twice, even if they were given another chance the probability of success was almost zero.

The current crowd began to scatter. Perhaps because they didn’t want to depart the stage too early, when they moved to the edges they didn’t leave yet.

An hour later, Qin Yu held Lei Xiaoyu and came down from the carriage. At this time, he felt a cold and dreary gaze look up at him.

Their eyes met and Qin Yu’s complexion changed.

Cui Yongji!

Right now he was wearing spacious star robes and stood at the entrance of the Heavenly Center. He had unexpectedly become a cultivator of Great Chu’s Heavenly Center.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. When he arrived at the exit of the mysterious world, by relying on the World Key, Qin Yu could not only kill people but he could also lock onto their auras.

But he hadn’t been able to find Cui Yongji. It was clear he left ahead of time.

Qin Yu even suspected that the first person to sneak attack and kill someone, completing the blood sacrifice to leave, was this person.

Otherwise with his severely wounded condition it would have been difficult to survive the chaotic melee afterwards.

Lei Xiaoyu followed Qin Yu’s eyes. When she saw Cui Yongji her face paled and her grip on Qin Yu’s hand tightened.

“It’s fine.”

Qin Yu said in a low voice. He stepped forward. Today, the identities of the two parties were different. Even if they met, it was impossible for them to directly attack each other.

Seeing Qin Yu and Lei Xiaoyu come over, Cui Yongji sneered. He spoke some words to those beside him and then walked away.

Watching Cui Yongji leave, Qin Yu was without expression. Initially, the two of them were on the precipice of death. If Lei Xiaoyu didn’t forcefully wake up her ruler of thunder bloodline, he would likely have died.

And when Cui Yongji ran away, he inevitably had to pay an extreme price…both sides had a life or death grudge that was impossible to resolve.

If this person left, it wasn’t because he felt fear. Things probably weren’t as simple as they seemed.

Qin Yu’s eyes shined with cold intent. He felt no fear. Cui Yongji wouldn’t give up, but even if he tried to flee, Qin Yu would not allow him to.

It was just that he temporarily wasn’t able to kill him.

“After going in, make sure you follow beside me.”

Lei Xiaoyu nodded with effort.

When the verifying cultivators obtained their tokens, Qin Yu and Lei Xiaoyu smoothly stepped into the Heavenly Center.

Since they received no special treatment, they could only follow the line of people to the inspection.

In truth, the process was quick and simple. With the Great Chu God Mark Holy Stone as the original, many reproduced and reduced versions of assessment stones were created.

By placing one’s palm atop it, one could stimulate it with their strength. Only those who had opened up at least three rings of glory or above could pass the test.

Of course, this wasn’t an absolute. But in the end it all depended on one’s own strength.

Qin Yu smoothly passed the test. Even if he didn’t enjoy any special privileges, his strength was enough.

Next was Lei Xiaoyu.

At this time, the inspection came to a temporary pause. The Heavenly Center announced that in order to prevent fraud, temporary personnel adjustments would be made.

A moment later, an indifferent Cui Yongji appeared beside the assessment stone. He coldly said, “Continue.”

Lei Xiaoyu paled.

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. As he looked at Cui Yongji, dense fluctuations filled the air.

Cui Yongji looked over. “Qin Yu, since you have passed the inspection, leave!”

Qin Yu said without expression. “I was entrusted by the City Lord to accompany Miss Lei. Since we came here together, we must leave together.”

Bringing out Lei Qianjun’s name was to pressure Cui Yongji to not do anything rash.

Cui Yongji sneered. “Good. Since you want to wait, then wait right there.” He looked at Lei Xiaoyu, “Stop wasting time. Begin!”

Qin Yu nodded. Lei Xiaoyu clenched her teeth and stood in front of the assessment stone, placing her hand above it.

Her spot had already been decided. As long as her token approached the assessment stone, it would be triggered.

Hum –

Hum –

Hum –

Three colored lights appeared one after another, indicating that she had opened three paths to the God boundary. But at this time, Lei Xiaoyu trembled and spat out a mouthful of blood. Her complexion paled and the three lights of the assessment stone rapidly extinguished.

Cui Yongji stepped forward. He shouted, “During the inspection test, you dare to use external objects to cheat? Men, seize her!”

“Stop!” Qin Yu stepped forward, his aura instantly erupting around him. “Miss Lei is the favored daughter of the Roc City Lord. Who dares to be so dissolute!?”

The Heavenly Center cultivators hesitated.

Cui Yongji sneered. “So what if he is the Roc City Lord? No matter how powerful he is, he is an official of my Chu Empire. He must follow the laws and regulations of the empire. The arrival of the God Mark Holy Stone involves the destinies of a trillion cultivators. No one is allowed to corrupt the process. All offenders must be mercilessly punished!”

“This is the imperial mandate personally handed down by my Great Chu’s Majesty, the one who wields supreme authority! What are you all doing? Take Lei Xiaoyu away!”

With loud applause, cultivators from all around started to reveal looks of resentment.

“The Roc City Lord might have great prestige but this is the imperial capital. This is not a place where you can be so reckless!”

“If you cheat at the inspection, there must be a punishment, otherwise I will never give up!”

“Punish her! In the previous years there has always been scum who seize our rightful places!”

“This lord’s behavior is how a true official of my Great Chu should act. Take this woman and have her pay the price for her actions!”

Lei Xiaoyu trembled and her complexion paled.

Qin Yu stepped in front of her, blocking her behind him.

Sparks ignited in Cui Yongji’s eyes. His voice became even colder, “Qin Yu, you dare to obstruct the Heavenly Center in enforcing the laws? This is a high crime!”

This was the result he wanted.

Lei Xiaoyu had a precious status and had already been tacitly approved for a spot. Even if she was taken away today, the matter would be dropped at that point.

What Cui Yongji wanted to do was to thoroughly enrage Qin Yu. As long as he displayed even the smallest resistance, he could borrow the strength of the Heavenly Center to execute him.

Qin Yu’s lips curved up in a smile, his ice cold eyes shining with disdain. He said, “You keep saying that Miss Lei has cheated, but what proof do you have? If this is slander or even a conspiracy to frame her, then how does that work out?”

“The Heavenly Center naturally has its own methods. If Miss Lei is pure, she will be given due justice.” A light voice rang out. With the sound of approaching footsteps, several cultivators hurried over.

The Heavenly Center people bowed. “We greet the Great Stargazer!”

Many agitated cultivators stopped talking, awe and shock on their faces. The scene immediately fell silent.

Cui Yongji’s lips twitched. This damned junior seemed to have sensed something. Events were beginning to walk down an unexpected path.

But even so, he felt no fear. At most he would lose this chance. There would be plenty more in the future.

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “May I ask your name?”

Gao Xian’s simple face was without expression, “Heavenly Center’s Stargazer, Gao Xian.”

Qin Yu said, “You can take responsibility.”

Gao Xian looked over. “Of course.” Stars seemed to spin within his eyes. It gave off a mysterious feeling, as if it could pierce through all secrets in the world.

Unfortunately, the one he faced was Qin Yu. Qin Yu was like a being wrapped in thick fog. No matter how sharp his eyes were, he could only touch the barest surface.

Gao Xian unconsciously furrowed his eyebrows together.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “If so, then I ask Great Stargazer to clear Miss Lei’s name.” He turned and retreated to the side, giving her a nod of assurance.

Gao Xian looked away. He lifted his hands and pressed forward. Radiant starlight erupted from his palms, covering Lei Xiaoyu within.

After several breaths of time, his eyebrows rose up. He slowly said,  “I have sensed no cheating methods.”

Cui Yongji didn’t panic. He respectfully bowed and said, “Great Stargazer, there are countless ingenious methods in the world. The best way to test this is to have Miss Lei undergo the inspection one more time. If she can resonate with the assessment stone and reveal no abnormalities, then I will accept punishment.”

Gao Xian nodded. “Very well.”

Lei Xiaoyu bit her lips. But at this time, Qin Yu’s voice rang out in her ears. “Don’t be afraid. Just go forward.”

Lei Xiaoyu’s heart immediately calmed down. She took a deep breath and said, “I ask Great Stargazer to clear my name.”

She stepped in front of the assessment stone and placed her palm down on it. At almost the same time her palm touched it, there were hums as three lights instantly shined. Then after another breath of time, a fourth light shined.

Cui Yongji’s eyes widened with disbelief. His first thought was that this was impossible. He had already obtained Lei Xiaoyu’s information. She hadn’t even opened a single path to the God boundary, so how could she initiate a resonance?

Could she have another token on her body?

Gao Xian’s shining gaze fell on Lei Xiaoyu’s body. He faintly felt something wrong, but after checking it he found nothing.

Because this was indeed Lei Xiaoyu’s strength. There was no mistaking it.

Lei Xiaoyu withdrew her hand and moved away. “Great Stargazer?”

Gao Xian said, “Cui Yongji, your judgment was mistaken. Apologize to Miss Lei.”

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