Chapter 933A – Seeing Cui Yongji Again

As the Ding Family Old Ancestor was musing over his life and death, a flaming gold carriage came dashing towards the vast imperial capital. It was like a great sun, recklessly releasing heat that illuminated the world and tore apart all evils.

“Li Family, the emperor’s gifted Golden Crow Carriage!” The city guards paled. They quickly fell to their knees, their foreheads hitting the ground.

“We greet the lord!”

Along the streets, everyone withdrew in unison, their heads lowered with shock.

The imperial capital had four major families – the Ding, Xiao, Silent, and Li Families. The first three families has numerous descendants and most of them lived in the imperial capital and the nearby surrounding territories. Only the Li Family sent all of their most outstanding talents to as far back as the spine of Overwatch Mountain. They were stationed at the forefront of humanity’s battleground in order to ensure the integrity of the Chu Empire. Their family was bathed in battle with the obam and every year a massive number of them died.

Because of this, in order to acknowledge the Li Family’s merits as well as their unsurpassed loyalty towards the Li Family, His Majesty had bestowed them a sovereign Golden Crow Carriage and the greatest honor possible within the Chu Dynasty.

So even though only a group of mediocre juniors of the Li Family were left in the imperial capital and their dwelling was mostly empty, they still occupied the role of one of the top four families, and no one dared to provoke them.

Although no one knew who was riding the Golden Crow Carriage into the imperial capital, it had to be an important figure from the Li Family. No one dared to disrespect them!

Quietly, the Golden Crow Carriage opened on its own. An old man carrying a sword stepped down. He glanced around at the imperial capital, a look of pride on his face.

Behind him was a young girl in white clothes. She wore the garb of a swordsman and her hair was tied back with a silver bell. Her expression was cold and indifferent.

After raising a hand and putting away the Golden Crow Carriage, the young girl followed behind the old man, moving towards the main gate of the imperial capital. They didn’t seem to see any of the shocked expressions around them.

Moments later, news of Li Hongyi, the Li Family’s daughter, arriving in the imperial capital by Golden Crow Carriage spread out like a hurricane. Although she was only one person, she represented the entire Li Family. Like a huge rock crashing into a lake, it was enough to cause violent undercurrents to surge throughout the city.

In the following three days, Li Hongyi single-handedly defeated the top ten swordsmen of the imperial capital, many of them who were at the Divine Dao boundary. With ease and vigor, she announced her return!

As the Li Family’s sword maniac was crazily sweeping her way through the imperial capital and causing countless sword masters to both hate her and be in awe of her, Qin Yu and Lei Xiaoyu were enjoying a calm day of peace and serenity.

The Hall Beyond the Hall was indeed well-informed. They quickly learned about Lei Xiaoyu’s status through an unknown channel.

Although no faction in the imperial capital was optimistic about Roc City’s future, they were still a great power that the royal family couldn’t do anything about right now. And, she was Lei Qianjun’s most beloved daughter.

All sorts of treatment was raised to the highest level and the Heavenly Punishment Division didn’t go looking for her anymore. Of course, they didn’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble.

The managing innkeeper ordered the kitchen to prepare all sorts of specialty dishes unique to the Roc City region. But what was puzzling was that the 73rd courtyard never made any requests to the kitchen.

On the contrary, a large amount of supplies, kitchen utensils, and ingredients were sent to the 73rd courtyard one after another.

As long as Lei Xiaoyu stayed within the rules, then let alone this request, the innkeeper would even allow her to set the place on fire. The innkeeper simply waved his hand and authorized the workers to give her whatever she wanted.

So Qin Yu was able to enjoy a time where wonderful food and delicious wines flowed in like running water.

Qin Yu also discovered that Lei Xiaoyu really did love to prepare food.

Besides that, she also enjoyed the sense of accomplishment when Qin Yu ate up all the dishes she carefully cooked.

Qin Yu asked her about this. Lei Xiaoyu flushed red. In a low voice she said in truth, she had a dream since she was a child. That was to look for someone to marry, bear his children, and cook delicious food for him. She didn’t need glory or honor. All she wanted was a safe and pleasant life for her family.

After a brief silence, Qin Yu patted her head and said that he hoped she would be able to live this kind of life in the future.

But what a pity, this peaceful time had to come to an end eventually.

An announcement came from Great Chu’s Heavenly Center stating that the God Mark Holy Stone would arrive in five days. The entire imperial capital turned restless. The countless young cultivators that came from all around revealed eyes full of burning heat.

But what a pity, not everyone had the qualifications to bathe in the glory of the God Mark Holy Stone.

As a result, an incomparably vast inspection began underneath the management of Great Chu’s Heavenly Center. Within the boundaries of the Chu Empire, all cultivators who hadn’t yet reached the God boundary were qualified to participate.

Winners would rise, losers would fall…this world was unfair to begin with. Outstanding candidates gained even more resources to become increasingly powerful, and the weak became even weaker.

And in truth, the unfairness of this world was far more than what could be seen on the surface.

Any activity that was managed by humans for the purposes of screening was bound to have loopholes and shady behind-the-scenes plotting that couldn’t be seen in the light.

This was also true concerning the God Mark Holy Stone. While it hadn’t even begun, many people obtained admission tickets ahead of time.

This was the treatment of the privileged.

Of course, because Qin Yu was with Lei Xiaoyu, he also received such treatment.

So for the next three days as the inspection reached its zenith and everyone became worried, they stayed in the inn, waiting for this scene to end.

On the last day of the inspection when they could no longer delay, Qin Yu finished eating his last dish and said, “We should go.”

Lei Xiaoyu seemed a bit unwilling. She looked around, “Big Brother Qin, let’s wait a little longer. Once we leave we won’t be able to come back.”

Once she participated in the inspection and her status as the Roc City Lord’s most favored daughter was exposed to the public, she would no longer be able to remain at the Hall Beyond the Hall.

As a sign of favor for the powerful herdsmen that were entrusted by the royal family to help safeguard the land, a splendid dwelling had been built for them in the imperial capital...

Roc City also had a giant Lei Mansion in the imperial city.

Qin Yu shook his head, “Let’s go. All the things that need to be taken with me are in my mind, so there is no need to feel reluctant to part with a courtyard.”


Placed in front of the Roc City cultivators was a magnificent carriage. Those in the driver’s seat were Snowside and Ban Bu.

The ones pulling the carriage was the old horse with personality from Riverwater City, as well as another seemingly lame horse.

But at this time, the old horse with personality was constantly leaning over, humming with its mouth and snorting.

As long as it showed a sign, the lame horse would become angry and bite back. The old horse quickly moved to the side.

Then after a while the old horse would snort and hum again, trying to approach. This scene repeated itself again and again.

As Qin Yu boarded the carriage, he glanced at this sight with a bit of helplessness and humor. He slapped the window and said, “Alright, let’s go.”

The two horses immediately calmed down and honestly pulled the carriage towards the Heavenly Center. The observing Roc City cultivators were secretly surprised. They thought that if the City Lord could hold Mister Qin in such high regards and even entrust the miss’ safety to him, he was indeed extraordinary.

Before this, they had tried many times to get the two horses to calm down. But before they could even get close, they were pushed back by two glares…yes, they were sent back by glares. They two horses didn’t seem reliable but their eyes were sharp, so sharp that it left one feeling uncomfortable.

They smoothly arrived at the Heavenly Center an hour later. Seeing the sea of people outside, Qin Yu couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows.

It was the last day but there were still so many people. In truth, those that should have come had already come in the past few days. It was just that among the defeated there were still those that were unwilling and wanted to try one more time.

There were many people with similar thoughts. With this in mind, it wasn’t strange for there to be so many people here on the last day.


Qin Yu lightly furrowed his eyebrows. He looked behind to see a sword light howling in. It gathered in midair to reveal a female cultivator within.

Her clothes were snow white and her hair was tied back with a silver bell. Even if Qin Yu hadn’t stepped outside the courtyard these past three days, he still recognized her with a single glance.

She was the Li Family’s sword maniac, Li Hongyi!

Ever since stepping into the imperial capital, she had been challenging other swordsmen nearly every day. Even now she remained undefeated. In fact, no one had been able to force her to erupt with her strongest strength.

She could be called the junior with the greatest spotlight in the imperial capital.

Moreover, the most essential point was that Li Hongyi hadn’t yet stepped into the Divine Dao boundary. It was rumored that she wanted to borrow the God Mark Holy Stone as the final test to reflect on what she lacked with her swordsmanship. Then, where those flaws were filled in, that would be the day she ascended.

The achievements of such a Li Hongyi could be imagined. It was natural for her to gain attention from all sides!

“The Li Family’s sword maniac!”

“She really came!”

“To witness the elegance of the sword maniac in person, my trip to the imperial capital wasn’t in vain!”

With shouts and cries, numerous eyes full of envy and awe gathered on her.

Two cultivators wearing robes patterned with the stars of heaven flew out from the Heavenly Center. They cupped their hands together and bowed, “Miss Li, please come with us.”

Li Hongyi coldly nodded and flew into the Heavenly Center with the two cultivators. From beginning to end, no one expressed any dissatisfaction with this.

With her status as the sword maniac, this was treatment she deserved.

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