Chapter 932 – Old Ancestor

Some people said that because the Heavenly Punishment Division cruelly murdered so many subjects of the empire, they were entangled with spirits of resentment and hostility. As a result, they could not be exposed to the sun. They could only stay in the darkness, never to be freed.

Of course, these rumors were a lie. The only reason these rumors continued to spread throughout the imperial capital for all these years was that the Heavenly Punishment Division was the one disseminating them to begin with.

The reason for this was to make the Heavenly Punishment Division seem even more mysterious and terrifying in the eyes of the average citizen, so that their deterrent force increased.

But a small method was just a small method. The true foundation for the Heavenly Punishment Division’s illustrious reputation still remained their heart-shaking strength.

Looking throughout the entire Great Chu Empire, no one knew how many of the Heavenly Punishment Division’s secret spies there were.

But there was a point recognized by all. As long as the Heavenly Punishment Division wanted to find something out, they would do so sooner or later. It was just a matter of time.

And in the imperial capital, the headquarters of the Heavenly Punishment Division, this investigating strength was even more terrifying.

Thus, when people from Roc City secretly met Lei Xiaoyu, this was already recorded in the files at the Heavenly Punishment Division.

“It has been confirmed that Lei Xiaoyu is still alive. There is an expert following by her side so our people haven’t found a chance to approach her.” A black-robed Heavenly Punishment Division officer coldly said. As he spoke there was no hint of emotion in his words.

When he finished speaking, he bowed to all the lords in the room. He waited for a few breaths of time and when no one asked any questions he turned and left.

Xiao Yunhai closed the report file. “Since we haven’t been able to kill Lei Qianjun, this girl will be even more useful. And I think that for some time, the situation in the Roc City region won’t worsen.”

Someone else said, “The transmission array was destroyed. All of us here understand how dangerous it is to be caught in the violent spatial flow. With Lei Xiaoyu’s cultivation, it should have been impossible for her to survive. Perhaps we should pay attention to the expert that is accompanying her.”

He took out a jade slip. With a tap, it turned into seven halos of light that transformed into seven different files. “This is information I had gathered about that person. Take a look. It’s a bit interesting.”

Xiao Yunhai sifted through it. He furrowed his eyebrows. “We haven’t found out Qin Yu’s origin from the information database?”

The man who took out the files shook his head. “This is what is strange. My Heavenly Punishment Division hunts down others on behalf of the heavens. For every place, both small and large, we have every powerhouse on record. Also, all files are updated every three months and constantly checked for deficiencies. We have looked up and down but haven’t been able to find anything.

“This Qin Yu clearly has a great background and his strength is tyrannical. While he hasn’t entered the God boundary yet, he’s made a reputation for himself. However, the earliest appearance we have been able to find on record of him was in an ordinary academy…as if he was a stone that suddenly popped out from a crack.”

“Indeed. This Qin Yu is strange. If Lei Qianjun trusts him to bring Lei Xiaoyu to the imperial capital, it is clear that he trusts him. It is possible that he is a blind spot we have never encountered. We should follow up on him to prevent any careless mistakes.” Another person slowly said.

Xiao Yunhai nodded. “If so, then inform headquarters to place more focus on Qin Yu’s actions. At the same time, try to find out the origin of this person.”

“There’s also another issue.” A fourth Heavenly Punishment Division senior officer said, “The Ding Family’s direct bloodline descendant Ding Hao has approached Lei Xiaoyu with the intention of pursuing her. Although this is just a minor matter, the Ding Family is different. Should we remind them?”

Xiao Yunhai stood up. “There is no need to discuss this matter. Decide it yourself.”

The Ding Family who obtained a warning from the Heavenly Punishment Division didn’t take it too seriously. Of course, they knew about their young master’s carefree ways.

Even if he was interested in the daughter of Roc City’s Lei Qianjun for a time, once the curiosity phase had passed he would forget about it.

But this matter still alarmed the Heavenly Punishment Division. If the Ding Family didn’t respond then they might seem too proud and haughty, without respect for anyone else.

Although the Ding Family itself didn’t fear the Heavenly Punishment Division at all.

After Ding Sheh was finished with his daily affairs, he thought for a moment and summoned people to bring Ding Hao back. The God Mark Holy Stone was about to arrive and there were all sorts of dragons and tigers mixed up within the imperial capital. It was best to give him a warning, lest he cause trouble.

When father and son met, they exchanged some pleasantries before diving into the main topic. Ding Sheh mentioned the Heavenly Punishment Division’s warning about Lei Xiaoyu’s status.

A moment later, with a loud bang, the teacup was smashed to pieces. Ding Sheh’s face was pale as he angrily shouted, “You little beast, your wings haven’t hardened and you already want to overturn the heavens!?”

Ding Hao forced a smile. “Father, please don’t be angry. Since I have recognized the Lei Family’s daughter, I naturally have my own reasons.”

Ding Sheh flicked his sleeves and stormed away. “If you dare to disobey me, then even if the Old Ancestor protects you, I will report this! Prepare yourself!”

Ding Sheh had a mediocre talent for cultivating. The reason he had his current status was all because of his outstanding son. It was natural for him to value Ding Hao.

Roc City’s Lei Family was a topic that had been constantly discussed throughout the imperial capital recently. Although things seemed safe and quiet, since the Heavenly Punishment Division had made their move, that represented the will of the imperial family. Ding Hao could not make a mistake concerning this.

There were few people that knew how old the Ding Family’s Old Ancestor truly was. He lay on a soft bed all day long, looking as if he would take his final breath at any moment. But many years passed, and while generation after generation of people died, he still remained living.

In the past, a master teacher once looked at the Ding Family’s Old Ancestor from afar. He stated on the scene that even if everyone in the imperial capital died, the Old Ancestor would still be living.

Afterwards, that master teacher disappeared. Some people secretly tried investigating, but they obtained an unknown warning and finally all searching died down.

As the Ding Family’s true Old Ancestor, his bloodline had spread and now there were tens of thousands of descendants. Yet, there were only a few dozen people with the qualifications to meet him.

Ding Hao was among them as one of the top ranked juniors. Many years ago, the Ding Family Old Ancestor expressed his affection for this child.

“I greet the Old Ancestor!” Ding Hao respectfully bowed. He kowtowed three times before standing up.

The Ding Family Old Ancestor lifted his eyelids and smiled with exhaustion, “Tell me. After wandering around so much, why did you settle on the Lei Family’s daughter?”

Facing the Old Ancestor, Ding Hao didn’t dare to give the same blithe response he gave to Ding Sheh. He thought for a moment and said, “Old Ancestor, I feel that this girl has a great destiny upon her. If I can marry her, I will definitely have an unfathomable advantage in the future.”

A light flashed in the eyes of the half-sleeping Old Ancestor. He tapped his fingers against the bed and softly said, “Are you sure you aren’t mistaken?”

Ding Hao said, “I’m sure.”

“Roc City Lei Qianjun’s daughter…when she was a child, the Heavenly Punishment Division took advantage of those fools in Wuling City to place a witchcraft bug within her body. This girl has managed to survive until today because Lei Qianjun has used every method at his disposal to save her. But she cannot defy the heavens forever. Her life has reached its end. Even so, you’ve recognized that she has a great destiny and can help you in the future?”

Ding Hao’s eyes were uncertain for a time. After a long time he took a deep breath and said, “Yes, I recognize that she is the one I’ve chosen.”

The Ding Family Old Ancestor’s eyes flashed with appreciation. No matter what Ding Hao’s eyesight was like, he appreciated this grandchild’s firm will.

In order to have great achievements, one needed a firm and tenacious heart. If one couldn’t follow their consciousness then how could they overcome obstacles and reach success on the other side?

He waved his hand. “I understand your regards. Until the God Mark Holy Stone arrives, do not see her again. If once this matter is finished you haven’t changed your mind, I will allow you to pursue her.”

“Old Ancestor…” Ding Sheh’s complexion changed.

The Ding Family Old Ancestor waved his hand, no longer speaking.

The father and son bowed and excused themselves.

Once everything calmed down, a man walked out from behind the curtains. He wore long Taoist robes and his black hair was tied back with a wooden hairpin. He hadn’t been hiding, but after standing behind the curtain, neither Ding Sheh or Ding Hao noticed his existence.

The Taoist man bowed and said, “Since you have the mind to stop him, why give Ding Hao hope?”

The Ding Family Old Ancestor looked at him and said, “If this Lei Family girl came to the imperial capital, it must be for the Severed Heaven Abyss. Lei Qianjun should have obtained some news and decided to take the corpse of an Origin God to hatch the witchcraft bug. Unfortunately, with the plan His Majesty has laid down, this path will never come to pass. When the Lei Family girl dies, Ding Hao will understand that in this world, one has to have the strength to obtain what they want.”

The Taoist man sighed. “You really do favor Ding Hao.”

The Ding Family Old Ancestor smiled, “You said in the past that I would survive everyone within the imperial capital and you were correct. I am also confident in that. But there are endless variables in the world. I can survive unchanging through the vicissitudes of life, but I cannot ensure that I can always avoid the attack of these variables.

“The family is large and has a great enterprise. But for a contingency, I should find a qualified successor who can allow my Ding Family to continue the bloodline.”

The Taoist shook his head, “You speak too seriously.”

The Ding Family Old Ancestor closed his eyes, “If I survive, then I am just speaking a few more words. But if I die…even a thousand words, a million words cannot describe the catastrophe that the Ding Family will withstand.”

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