Chapter 931 – Imperial Capital’s Ding Family

On the back of the distant Overwatch Mountain, the great war between the obam and human races was raging like a fire. The two races had been quiet for many years but now full-scale battles had broken out, and the blood of countless human cultivators splashed across the battlefield every day.

But none of this was able to affect the liveliness of the imperial capital. It was built atop a great plain, and the setting sun cast an endless shadow across the earth.

The skies hadn’t yet darkened, but lanterns had already started to shine throughout the city streets. The dazzling festive lights were designed to catch a person’s attention.

On this ordinary evening, a majestic group of carriages drove into the imperial capital through the wide and clean streets.

The first carriage was inlaid with the popular crystal design that nobles of the city loved to use. The golden badge at the top of the carriage window represented the noble status of the carriage owner.

The city gate guards didn’t dare to stop it. Even the inspection was skipped. With a flattering smile, the guards stepped to the side and bowed.

But soon the guards revealed looks of amazement.

Because at the very end of the convoy, following a gray carriage, there was another carriage pulled by a lame horse. A dirty old man drove the carriage. He was covered in wrinkles and dust, accumulated over the long distance he had travelled.

This was the Ding Family’s carriage?

The city gate guards hesitated for a moment. They swept their eyes over the guards around the convoy. Although they didn’t approach the carriage, they didn’t show any intention of chasing after it either.

Whatever. It was better for there to be one less accident than one more accident. It was fine to just let it pass.

Just past the city gates was the most popular street at the imperial capital, Dawnturn Avenue. The convoy stopped at the side. After a burst of noisy footsteps, a large crowd of people came from the front of the convoy and stopped outside the last carriage.

The Ding Family’s famous Red Plume Guards scattered around. While they appeared loose, they sealed off any locations where a sneak attack might appear from.

“Miss Xiaoyu, we have entered the imperial city. I would like to extend my invitation again to temporarily stay at my home. Of course, your brother and your servants can also follow you.”

Ding Hao was a well-known playboy in the imperial city. His love affairs circulated throughout every pleasure hall in the capital.

Not only did he have a good family background but his cultivation talent was high, he was intelligent, and keen at sensing the emotions of others. He also spent money frivolously on beauties. Countless women, from noble ladies to courtesans, adored him.

There were all sorts of rumors about Ding Hao’s love life, but he remained alone in the world. There had never been a woman who was able to capture him.

Yet today, in this prosperous and busy Dawnturn Avenue, why was he standing next to this ordinary carriage with a lovestruck appearance?

Could the Miss Xiaoyu in the carriage be a woman as beautiful as an angel, capable of taming this horse?

Many passing youths revealed looks of joy. They thought that this bastard who had stolen their lovers had finally met his nemesis. There were also some young ladies wandering the streets at night who had saddened expressions, as if their hearts had been sheared in half.

The normally boisterous Dawntrun Avenue suddenly became much quieter.

Several breaths of time later, a woman’s apologetic voice came from inside the carriage. “I thank Sir Ding for the good intentions, but I have already made plans with my older brother. I won’t disturb you any further. In the future I will thank you again for your help.”

The dirty old driver glanced at the handsome and dashing Ding Hao. Then, he flicked his wipe and the lame horse continued moving forward, its hooves clopping against the ground.

Ding Hao watched the departing carriage. When it turned around a corner, finally leaving Dawnturn Avenue, he released a gentle sigh.

A young man beside him rolled his eyes. “Brother Ding, it is that girl’s blessing to be able to enter your eyes. I will order someone to follow up on them. I guarantee you that within three days at most, she will willingly enter your mansion and serve by your side.”

Ding Hao had a calm expression. He glanced at the youth and then looked at everyone else. “None of you are allowed to disturb Miss Xiaoyu. Otherwise, we won’t be friends anymore.”

“Ding Hao, are you for real?”

“A hundred percent.” Ding Hao smiled. “I feel that she is the one I’ve been waiting for all these years. No matter who Miss Xiaoyu is, as long as she wants to, I will marry her immediately.”

The carriage that left Dawnturn Avenue quietly drove through the alleys of the imperial city. The sounds of the lame horse’s hoofbeats echoed against the walls.

Lei Xiaoyu bit her lips and glared at Qin Yu who was trying to hold back his laughter. She said with dissatisfaction, “Big Brother Qin, if you keep being like this then I’m going to get angry!”

Qin Yu laughed, “No, no…I just think that this Ding Hao boy has good eyesight. He was immediately able to make out our Xiaoyu’s natural beauty. Good, good, this boy has a future. Haven’t you thought of considering him?”

Lei Xiaoyu stamped her feet, “Big Brother Qin, I really am angry now!”

“Alright, alright, I won’t talk about it anymore. It’s been hard hurrying all the way here, so we’ll rest for a few days.” Qin Yu knocked on the carriage door, “Find a place to stay.”

“Yes.” Ban Bu respectfully said as he drove the carriage.

Two hours later, Lei Xiaoyu finished washing up. She lay peacefully in bed and slept.

Qin Yu stood in front of the bed, calmly gazing at her. Then, he turned around and walked out.

The transmission array had been destroyed and he had fallen into a strange world. There had been great perils there, but in the end he had obtained a massive harvest.

But for Lei Xiaoyu, this had been an incomparably bad result. The witchcraft bug in her body had been stimulated by the life or death experience and had become increasingly unruly lately.

If nothing was done about it, he feared her vitality would be exhausted in less than half a year.

Qin Yu held no romantic intentions towards Lei Xiaoyu. But the more time they spent together, the more he could feel her affection and kindness towards him.

Such a kind girl shouldn’t die like this.

Qin Yu took a deep breath and glanced at the shadows. He smiled, “You came.”

There were fluctuations in the shadows and Snowside stepped up. She looked him over and said, “I know that there was a reason for the saying that a scourge never dies. I knew you would survive.”

Qin Yu shook his head. If it weren’t for her worrying about him then according to their agreement she shouldn’t have appeared here. Unfortunately, she was fierce at arguing.

This woman…whatever, he wouldn’t lower himself to her level.

Qin Yu changed the topic. “My current status is that of a disciple from Immaterial Mountain. Your appearance should be explainable then. Since you’ve come, you might as well stay.”

Snowside raised an eyebrow, “Am I still a maid?”

Qin Yu shrugged. “There’s nothing I can do about it. Your status has already been decided.”

Snowside clenched her teeth, “Then you can change it!” She turned and walked away, “Outside this inn, there are many pairs of eyes watching from the darkness. I estimate that they have all come here for you. Qin Yu, Qin Yu, I really do admire you. Wherever you go you can always stir up trouble!”

Qin Yu smiled. “This time you’re wrong; they really didn’t come for me. You’ll find out tomorrow.”

The night passed quietly. Ding Hao hadn’t arrived, but Roc City’s subordinates in the imperial capital had already come to visit.

Although Qin Yu and Lei Xiaoyu hadn’t disguised themselves when they moved into the inn yesterday, Roc City had still found them after a brief appearance. This proved how strong they were.

Only two people came, a man and a woman that assumed the guise of a middle-aged couple. It was unknown what method they used, but they moved into a courtyard nearby.

“I greet Mister Qin.”

The two people bowed respectfully.

While they had no idea why the City Lord commanded them to maintain a respectful manner towards this junior who hadn’t yet reached the God boundary, they never questioned their orders.

Qin Yu glanced at them, “Prove your identities.”

The middle-aged man and woman were awed. Even though they seemed ordinary, they had walked in the darkness throughout the years and had cultivated sharp senses.

In an instant they knew that this boy wasn’t common. Even if he hadn’t entered the God boundary, he would only need to turn his hand to kill them.

They quickly introduced themselves by taking out tokens. Before leaving Roc City, Qin Yu had a discussion with Lei Qianjun about these things. He glanced over them and nodded, “Wait a moment. Xiaoyu hasn’t woken up yet.”

The man hesitated before asking, “Mister Qin, the City Lord misses the young miss very much. May I ask how she is now…?”

Qin Yu said, “She’s fine.”

The man nodded and fell to the side.

An hour later, there was a report from the door guard. There was a young man surnamed Ding waiting outside and he hoped to meet her.

After Qin Yu declined, he turned and glanced at the door, “Xiaoyu woke up. You may enter.”

The two people bowed and walked into the room.

During this time, the door guard passed another message. Sir Ding was in the building and had prepared a banquet. He hoped to see Mister Qin.

Qin Yu raised an eyebrow. This boy’s eyesight was quite good.

After thinking for a moment, Qin Yu spoke with Ban Bu before walking out.

The inn they stayed at was named Hall Beyond the Hall. It was a relatively famous place in the imperial capital that had a great backer supporting it.

Thinking about it, this was reasonable. Countless factions had gathered and were mingling together in this huge imperial city. With so many high-powered people in one place, no one ordinary would be able to establish such a large business.

Even so, when Ding Hao arrived, the innkeeper personally came to greet him. Several top chefs were instructed to serve this young master to their best extent.

For the last thousand years, the imperial city’s Ding Family hadn’t been as strong and prosperous as they were in the past. But, they were still considered a great tree within the imperial capital. With the Xiao Family, Silent Family, and Li Family, they were called the Four Great Families.

It had to be known that these were the four major families of the imperial capital. Even in the entire Great Chu Dynasty where there were numerous overlords, they were still considered peak influences.

Ding Hao was the direct descendant of such a family and was also recognized for having a deep level of cultivation. He was favored by the Ding Family’s Old Ancestor and his future achievements were said to be limitless.

Who dared to offend such a character? One just had to look at the bright smile on the innkeeper's face to understand his status.

When Qin Yu arrived, the Ding Family’s Red Plume Guards had noticed him and allowed him to enter the private room. This place looked grand from the outside, but only when entering did one understand its true luxury.

Not mentioning anything else, just the materials used to decorate this room were so expensive that they would leave an ordinary cultivator dumbfounded.

Ding Hao stood up, “Mister Qin, please, sit down.” His smile was warm and genial, without any anger from being refused before.

The innkeeper looked at Qin Yu with surprise. But, this emotion vanished as soon as it came. He smiled and said, “Sir Ding’s friend is a distinguished guest of my Hall Beyond the Hall. All of Mister Qin’s expenses shall be covered by us. Please take this as an expression of my apologies for not knowing who you were before.”

With one sentence he showed his level of speaking skills. He gave Qin Yu enough face while lifting up Ding Hao.

The innkeeper cupped his hands together and smiled as he left, leaving the two people in the private room alone.

Qin Yu’s first words left Ding Hao startled. “I know your feelings, and to be honest I don’t oppose it. In fact, I even look forward to it. But, Xiaoyu has an unusual status. You will find out in the next two days. Then, you can decide whether you still wish to approach her.”

Ding Hao smiled. “Mister Qin, rest assured that I am sincere. No matter what Miss Xiaoyu’s status is, I won’t change my heart.”

Qin Yu looked at him and lightly said, “Since you are so determined then I will give you a reminder. If she isn’t repulsed by you then you can pursue her. But if she explicitly refuses, you will disappear from her world.”

Ding Hao’s smile faded.

At the entrance of the private room, two Red Plume Guards had icy cold expressions.

As if all they needed was a glance to punish Qin Yu for his words.

Ding Hao quietly looked at Qin Yu for some time. Then, he let out a breath. “Okay, I agree with Mister Qin’s request.”

Qin Yu nodded. He turned and left.

A guard clenched his teeth and said, “Young master, this person is so rude. Are we to let him go like this?”

Ding Hao sat in the distance, taking a drink of tea. He shook his head, “You don’t understand.”

He was Ding Hao, the direct bloodline descendant of the Ding Family. How much pride did he have? How could he settle for a woman so easily?

But it seemed that there was a deviation in his judgment. Qin Yu’s confidence was far higher than he imagined. 

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