Chapter 930 - World Key

Mountain valley.

All the cut marks instantly vanished, turning into silver light that shot into the skies.

With that, there was no longer a barrier between the living beings struggling to survive within the circle, and the black-armored warriors outside.

There was a moment of silence. Then, the black-armored warriors roared with excitement. They flapped their flesh wings as they hurtled forward.


Several cultivators that were sitting down and recovering from their injuries were dismembered where they were.

Tree hole.

The combusting tentacles howled as they broke in. Ban Bu’s pupils violently shrank before he roared and stepped forward.

Although he was scared, he was still a formidable sword cultivator. Even if he was caught in a hopeless death trap, he didn’t lack the courage to desperately go all-out in a final battle.

He lifted a hand and pressed forward. Heaven-shaking sword intent erupted from his body. Then all of this sword intent condensed between his five fingers, forming a sword phantom from thin air.

Bang –

With a shocked explosion, Ban Bu spat out a mouthful of blood. As the sound of his chest bones being broken filled the air, he was struck flying backwards.

A massive section of blood red tentacles had been severed. But the moment they were, even more made their way in. In midair, Ban Bu was instantly submerged by tentacles.

The sword light flickered before it was extinguished.

Lei Xiaoyu looked through the blood red tentacles at the world outside the tree hole. “Big Brother Qin, I hope you can survive…you must survive!”

Tentacles twined around her body. As she thought, the blood red flames were cold and without any heat.

Instead, they released a near infinite cold. It was like thousands of thin needles piercing into flesh and blood.

In her ears, she could hear the sounds of screams coming from within her body. They were screams of fear, despair, and unwillingness.

Lei Xiaoyu laughed. She knew this sound – it was from the witchcraft bug inside her.

After suffering for all these years, while I haven’t been able to defeat you, I can drag you to your death with me.

Bang –

A deafening noise sounded from the distant skies, like stars colliding into each other.

The bright and dazzlingly silver sword light suddenly disappeared, as if it had never appeared in this world to begin with.

But it had still existed and it had still passed through the expanse of the heavens, leaving behind its final and strongest strike.

The blood red full moon that lived in the skies and illuminated this mysterious world was suddenly split in half.

It didn’t crash into the earth. Rather, it was like a giant blood-colored bubble. The moment it was cut apart it directly dissipated.

The eternal darkness instantly arrived, extinguished all the blood red light of the world!

Thus, fear appeared in the eyes of every terrifying creature that had been revived beneath the blood moon. They froze in their final stance as true death arrived.

It was not just this. The existence of the blood moon had reversed the rules and allowed them to be revived, and this action in itself violated the Great Dao of the heavens and earth.

Because of the blood moon’s existence, they received its protection and were safe from harm.

But now that the blood moon had been broken, the Great Dao’s backlash arrived with it. All that awaited the revived creatures in this world was the fate of being thoroughly eliminated…not a single trace of them would be left behind!

This was the callousness and balance of the Great Dao.

It gave a small number of overwhelmingly powerful individuals the qualifications to interfere with the rules. But once this interference was weakened or gone, an extremely cruel and ruthless punishment would follow!

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The bushes hiding in the earth seemed to have sensed the destruction of the blood moon. They drilled out from the depths, stretching out their leaves and illuminating the earth.

Although there was no breeze, the bushes still waved around, as if cheering in joy.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows, surprise in his eyes. Looking around, he could see endless dim light gathering towards him.

Dark golden light flashed in the depths of his eyes. Then, the dim light came to a stop. An incomparably large bush phantom appeared. It bent like a person as it bowed respectfully.

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment before stretching out a hand. The bush phantom disappeared. Then, the surrounding dim light concentrated into his palm, condensing into a black seed-like crystal.

Holding onto this thing, Qin Yu could feel that there was an additional mysterious connection between him and this world.

It was like a set of coordinates. No matter how far away he was, he could lock onto this world and directly arrive here.

A fluctuation spread through his heart. A thought emerged in his mind – World Key, condensed by the source of the world. Beings that have obtained its approval can draw support from its power and temporarily open a spatial channel to arrive here.

This thought came from the jade embryo egg; Qin Yu had already adapted to such occurrences. He looked at the black crystal in his hand and smiled.

With this, he had another life-maintaining card. If he ever encountered a bitter disaster that he couldn’t defend against, he could open a spatial channel and escape to here.

Qin Yu flipped his hand and put away the World Key. He cupped his hands together, “Thank you.” The invisible will that lingered around him vanished from sight.

Qin Yu stood up. Without any hesitation, he turned and howled into the distance.

His speed was more than ten times faster than before. A sharp and overbearing aura emanated from his body, as if even if a thousand mountains and seas were in his way he could pierce through it all!

At this time, Qin Yu discovered that after obtaining the World Key, his speed could go even higher.

With a thought, the space in front of him rippled and he stepped inside.

Lei Xiaoyu’s eyes were wide open as she watched the flames extinguish from the blood red tentacles around her. Then, the tentacles turned into withered branches once more.

She hesitated for a moment before reaching out and touching one. With a light ‘pa’ sound, the branch turned into endless powder that blew away in the wind.

It was like a chain reaction had been activated. The countless branches started to collapse and dissipate, and even the tree hole started to break down.


Lei Xiaoyu cried out loud. A faint sword light flashed, supporting her up. The powder in the sky separated to reveal a pale-faced Ban Bu. Though he appeared distressed, his face was full of joy. “We survived. It is Senior Qin…”

He was able to sense when that terrifying sword light broke into the heavens and cut the blood moon in half. It had been marked with Qin Yu’s aura.

Lei Xiaoyu was about to say something, but her pupils widened. Then, a smile lit up her face like a blooming flower.

“Big Brother Qin!”

Ban Bu turned around to see Qin Yu stepping out of a spatial fluctuation. He hadn’t even been able to sense his aura just now.

Then, his eyes hurt as tears rolled down. He quickly lowered his head, but a storm had been raised in his heart.

At this moment, in his eyes Qin Yu was like an unsurpassed divine sword that spanned from the heavens to earth. Just the aura he emitted was enough to destroy all.

If he had watched for a single moment longer, he feared his eyes would have been ruined.

As he thought, the one who cut through the blood moon with a sword strike was Senior Qin!

Ban Bu’s respect and veneration towards Qin Yu was like a raging river…no…it should be like a vast and endless sea!

Qin Yu opened his arms and embraced Lei Xiaoyu who had leapt into his hug. He could feel her shivering. He smiled and said, “I’m fine. I’m still alive, so we’ll all be fine.”

Lei Xiaoyu didn’t say anything and only hugged him tighter.

After suffering a life or death experience, one could better understand the joy in surviving and reuniting.

Qin Yu patted her back and looked at Ban Bu, “You did well.”

Looking at Ban Bu’s injuries, it was easy to guess what had happened.

Ban Bu didn’t dare to look up. He bowed and said, “I’m glad senior has returned.”

Qin Yu’s thoughts turned. The sun and moon force field spread out, immediately isolating the terrifying sword intent.

Ban Bu let out a breath, but there was even more respect in his eyes.

As expected of senior!

He had just perceived such an overwhelming sword intent and yet was easily able to restrain it. If Ban Bu didn’t see this with his own eyes he would have found it difficult to believe.

“Mm?” Qin Yu suddenly turned around and looked into the skies. “Someone has already found the way to leave this world.”

Ban Bu’s eyes widened, completely disregarding the redness and soreness he felt. “Senior, we can leave?”

Qin Yu nodded. “The blood moon has disappeared and the world’s seal has vanished. As long as the blood sacrifice condition is satisfied, we can leave.”

He slapped Lei Xiaoyu’s head, who still wasn’t willing to let go. “That’s enough. Although the blood moon has been destroyed it’s not suitable to stay here for too long. Let’s leave as soon as possible.”

After hearing this, the sobbing Lei Xiaoyu finally took a step back. But, her eyes still held onto Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiled and flicked his sleeves. “Let’s leave.”

Bringing Ban Bu and Lei Xiaoyu with him, he shot up into the skies. The endless darkness all around him was like a massive black curtain.

And now, in front of this giant curtain, there was the phantom of a stone gate that flashed with blood red light.

Every living being that survived in this mysterious world was gathering here as fast as possible.

As the first person smoothly left, they had already sensed the existence of the exit.

But while this was an exit, there was still one final test before they could leave.

“Die!” A cultivator roared. His body crazily grew as black scales appeared all over him and his aura rose.

A monster beast across from him screamed in despair. Its chest had been torn open and its eyes quickly dimmed down.

Whoosh –

Its corpse fell to the earth.

Hum –

A fluctuation erupted from the stone gate phantom and wrapped around the black-scaled cultivator. The space around him trembled and he disappeared from sight.

And this was an ordinary scene in the endless field of slaughter that was taking place before the stone gate.

Because the final test to leave this world was to kill an opponent with a similar cultivation.

One lived. One died.

Those that lived could leave this world and obtain a new life. The dead would be buried here forever, their flesh and blood becoming a part of the earth.

When a mysterious cultivator sneak attacked his companion and was transmitted out through the stone gate, a final battle between the survivors was inevitable.

When Qin Yu arrived, the scene around him was like an asura battlefield. It even far surpassed the slaughter and destruction that occurred in the mountain valley.

This was because everyone knew that the way out had opened. It was right in front of them. They just had to kill the appropriate person to leave.

No one could give up!


With a loud roar, a wild aura locked onto them. Three figures howled forward.

These three people had been pacing around the stone gate for a long time. As soon as Qin Yu arrived, the three of them had targeted his group.

“How hateful! They were ahead of us!”

“I saw them but I didn’t immediately attack them!”

“What a pity.”

Many surrounding cultivators revealed looks of regret.

Qin Yu looked up. His eyes were calm. There was no sharp light in them nor was there any fluctuation of emotion.

But, this sight caused the other three people to shiver.

Bang –

Bang –

Bang –

Without warning, the three people with tyrannical auras all widened their eyes. Before they could say anything, their bodies inflated and they blew apart.

Shua –

The battlefield outside the stone gate fell into a deathly silence. Everyone’s eyes widened with horror.

Hum –

Hum –

Hum –

Fluctuations erupted from the stone gate and Qin Yu and the others vanished from sight.

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