Chapter 929 - Cut the Moon

Qin Yu didn’t return.

The blood moon arrived and the dead tree revived. It was driven into a furious rage as it wildly struck its tentacles against the earth.

It seemed to have sensed that Qin Yu had disappeared and was enraged because of this.

Lei Xiaoyu and Ban Bu became the objects on which it vented its anger. The scarlet tentacles were only a tiny sliver away from reaching into the tree hole.

The cut marks shined brighter than ever before, but they had reached their limit. If the tentacles were any stronger then the seal would be broken through.

Lei Xiaoyu stood at the entrance of the tree hole. Looking at the blood red world outside, she subconsciously bit her lips.

Ban Bu looked at her and said, “Miss Lei, there is no need to worry. Senior Qin has unparalleled strength. I’m sure nothing will happen to him.”

Lei Xiaoyu nodded with effort. “Mm!”

Big Brother Qin had to be fine.

The world shivered and an avalanche of stones tumbled down again and again.

The towering mountain was being flattered by the rampage of violent resurrected creatures.

They destroyed everything in front of them, constantly pushing forward.

Suddenly, there was a rumble from deep below. Then, countless cracks appeared in the stone walls.

Dazzling silver light shot out from the cracks, like countless reflected sword lights.

As if the mountain had suddenly been covered with numerous cut marks.

Puff –

Puff –

The sounds of splitting flesh and blood filled the air. Countless revived creatures were instantly cut into pieces by the silver light.

Instinctual fear appeared in their eyes. But soon, this fear turned into endless cruelty.

At this moment, the surrounding hundred miles of light from the blood moon grew even brighter.

The 10,000 foot tall withered vine giant smashed its arm against the stone wall. The silver light tore its arm apart. As the fragments disintegrated, they were rapidly melted away by the silver light. But even though it was seemingly burnt and evaporated, some thick black juice was left behind.

Hou –

The withered vine giant howled in pain. But, not only did it not withdraw, it instead became even more berserk. It continued to smash down with its other arm.

At the same time, even more revived creatures rushed at the silver cut marks in place of their fallen companions.

They no longer retreated in fear. Even if they knew that what awaited them was true death, they marched forward without hesitation.

Because at this time, the one commanding them was the blood moon up above. It was the blood moon’s existence that allowed them to come back to life, and the instinctual obedience they felt suppressed all other thoughts!

The withered vine giant’s body grew increasingly small and the number of revived creatures fell at a visible rate. But, their destruction wasn’t without value.

After the revived creatures were destroyed by silver light, more and more black liquid was left behind. It was like raindrops falling from the skies, gathering into streams, and from streams into rivers, until it eventually began to roar as it flowed forward.

At this time the blood moon shined brightly in the skies, silver light soared out from the mountain below, and a black river galloped between them, forming a strange scene. Just by seeing this, one would inevitably feel fear in their hearts!

Time continued to pass. 12 hours after the blood moon arrived, it suddenly became even more radiant. The previously incomplete sliver was unexpectedly filled in.

Another change had appeared!

Today, the blood moon became complete…this was now the night of the full moon.

Hou –

Hou –

Throughout this entire mysterious world, every revived being roared into the skies. Bloodthirst and excitement were mixed into their cries.

The full moon had arrived. Their strength had reached an unprecedented peak.

Tonight would be the time of their harvest. All living flesh and blood beings would become their delicious food!

The time of slaughter had arrived!

In the mountain valley, within the circle of cut marks, the cultivators and monster beasts who were resisting the desperate rush of black-armored warriors suddenly felt their hearts throb with fear.

They fiercely looked up. In the skies, they saw the perfectly full blood moon hanging up high.

Horror flooded their eyes. Despair filled their complexions.

“It’s the night of the full moon, how can it be the night of the full moon!”

“There have been no changes in millennia, and yet it has happened twice in a short period of time. The heavens wish to ruin us!”

“No one can escape…no one can escape…we’re all going to die here today…all of us…”

Hou –

Hou –

The black-armored warriors howled into the skies. Their bones crackled and popped. As the light of the full moon shined down on them, their bodies grew larger. A light blood red color stained their sabers, and after a moment, they suddenly ignited.

The flame-wrapped sabers were blood red in color. It looked as if they were immersed in blood, cold and without any heat.

Bang –

The black-armored warriors wildly rushed out. Their speed and strength had risen to a whole new level. The cultivators and monster beasts that clung tenaciously to the gaps suddenly experienced tragic casualties.

The dead tree roared. At this time, more and more tentacles drilled out from its body. Beneath the full moon’s light, the tentacles ignited. A terrifying aura was released from the dead tree that grew stronger and stronger with time.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

With the sound of piercing air, the combusting tentacles shot towards the tree hole.

Hum –

The silent cut marks suddenly burst out with a keening cry. The silver light they released grew brighter once more as they resisted the tentacles’ invasion.

But Ban Bu’s face had become incomparably pale. As a formidable sword cultivator, he could sense the collapsing internal aura from the shaking cut marks – using their self-destruction as the price, they were erupting with an even more potent strength.

This method couldn’t last forever. Once the cut marks burnt through their strength, they would lose all power.

Kacha –

A light crackling sound fell into Ban Bu’s ears, as loud as a thunderclap.

He stiffened. He watched as a crack appeared in the cut marks.

It really had come. But, this speed was faster than he expected.

He was going to die…

Ban Bu gulped. He only felt that his mouth was full of bitterness. He clenched his teeth and said, “Miss Lei, stand behind me!”

Lei Xiaoyu shook her head, “You cannot block it.”

Ban Bu froze. Then, he sighed dejectedly. While she was direct, she spoke the truth.

Due to this night of the full moon, the dead tree’s strength had risen by more than double. He also hadn’t yet recovered from his injuries, so he certainly wasn’t a match for it.

Most of his courage to sacrifice his life here was extinguished by this sentence. Ban Bu wailed in his heart, ‘Senior Qin, Senior Qin, where are you? If you don’t come back soon, we’re all going to die.’

In his opinion, even if it was only an avatar, they had a chance of surviving as long as Qin Yu arrived.

Lei Xiaoyu had a calm expression. While she felt some fear, she was much better than imagined.

Perhaps this was because she already knew her life was coming to an end soon.

She would die sooner or later…

In fact, she even rejoiced inwardly that Qin Yu wasn’t here.

With his strength, if she wasn’t there to drag him down, there was a chance he would survive, whether this was the night of the full moon or not.

It was better to die. There was no need to suffer, and no need to try and be strong at all times.

Big Brother Qin, it isn’t that I don’t want to stay true to my words, it is just that the heavens won’t give me a chance!

Then, let it all end like this.

When the blood moon reached perfection, the black river rose. It was like a great mouth swallowing up the entire mountain.

This included all the cracks in the mountain and the silver light projecting out from them. Covered in darkness, they were all extinguished.

The black goo spun around and around. It was like a giant digestive organ, trying to crush the mountain and absorb everything inside.

Slowly, the black goo reduced in volume. This was because the entire mountain was rapidly melting away.

10,000 feet, 1000 feet, 100 feet…

As it shrank, the black goo became even darker and more viscous.

Finally, only around ten feet of it was left. Cracking sounds could be heard from within it.

As if the goo was gnashing its sharp teeth, grinding away the last layer of armor of its prey.

At this time, within the ten foot round circle of black goo, Qin Yu was sitting down cross-legged. His face was incomparably white and his aura was so weak it nearly wasn’t there.

A thick layer of blood-colored ice surrounded him. It was his last line of defense, formed from almost all of his blood energy freezing around him.

Then, the blood ice shattered and fell off. It became increasingly thin as tiny cracks spread through it.

Perhaps in ten breaths of time or maybe five breaths of time, it would break apart.

What awaited Qin Yu was the fate of being dissolved in this black goo.

One breath.

Two breaths.

Three breaths.

At this time, the flow of time within the black goo seemed to have been slowed. One could almost hear the distant sigh of time.

But this was only an illusion in the end. Following the revolution of the Great Dao, time flowed eternally and without end.

Like how rain in the skies would eventually fall to the ground. This was its destiny since the moment it was born.

Thus, when the defenses of the blood ice were finally exhausted and the first gap appeared, the black goo screamed in excitement and plunged towards Qin Yu’s face.

It seemed to want to use his orifices as an entrance, drilling into his body and enjoying its prey.

Shua –

Qin Yu’s eyes flickered open. The black goo was only an inch away from his eyes.

Then, time came to a standstill.

This was true stillness. Besides him, everything seemed to have been sealed up in an invisible block of ice.

Qin Yu looked up. His gaze pierced through the black goo, landing on the perfectly full blood moon in the infinite distance.

“As I thought, I was your goal…but I must apologize, I don’t want to die. And since I don’t want to die, there is no chance for you.”

After this small talk, he no longer spoke. He raised a hand, forming his fingers into a sword, and gently slashed upwards.

The frozen time vanished. The black goo screamed as it tried to cross the final distance. But, it had already lost its chance.

Puff –

With a muffled sound, the silver light split through the black goo. Although it was only a minor wound smaller than a palm in size, it took away all its power.

In an instant, the black goo disintegrated and splattered in all directions. Not a single drop touched Qin Yu’s body.

Then, the remnants dried up, turning into dust that blew away into the wind.

As for the silver sword light that destroyed it, it continued onwards, racing towards the full moon in the skies.

Then, the silver light seemed to think it was too small and wouldn’t have much face when confronting the full moon. So, it unexpectedly released a cry.

Like a summons, all the cut marks throughout the world that were still intact after countless years responded at the same time.

Hum –

Hum –

Hum –

Their sounds gathered together, until it became a dreadful wave of sound that pierced through the ears.

Pa –

Pa –

Millions of cut marks broke apart, turning into silver light that fused with the sword light.

As a result, the sword light began to crazily grow.

In an instant it grew to 100,000 feet in size!

Rumble rumble –

The sword light pierced through the vast skies, shooting towards the blood moon with unprecedented momentum.

It…would cut the moon!

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