Chapter 928 – A Boundless Sword From the East

As Lei Xiaoyu lay against Qin Yu’s back, she quietly asked, “Big Brother Qin, you trust this person?”

Qin Yu didn’t turn his head. “I just don’t want to waste any time.”

Lei Xiaoyu nodded. “I understand Big Brother Qin’s meaning. My father once used similar methods to frighten others before. The effect is quite good.”

She smiled, but her expression soon became downcast.

Qin Yu said, “Did you forget already? As long as you believe in yourself, you can return to Roc City. I’m sure City Lord Lei will be very happy to see you.”


Six hours later, Ban Bu arrived at the location of the cut mark. It was embedded in a rock on the top of a mountain. An unknown period of years had passed. The surrounding stone was eroded away, making the cut mark much shallower than before.

“Senior, here it is.” Ban Bu fell to the side.

Qin Yu nodded, “Do you remember where the dead tree is?”

Ban Bu immediately understood. “I do. I will hurry back before the blood moon arrives.”

He bowed and drew several steps back. With the cry of a sword, he howled far away.

When Qin Yu first sensed something wrong, he still chose to rescue Ban Bu. This was all in order to save time.

By himself, finding cut marks would take too long. With Ban Bu’s help his efficiency would be much higher.

As a Divine Dao sword cultivator, if Ban Bu erupted with all his strength he would be far faster than Qin Yu.

Lei Xiaoyu leapt down. She had recovered and could basically move freely. “Big Brother Qin, I’ll wait for you on the side.”

Qin Yu nodded. He stood in front of the large stone and placed a finger on the cut mark, closing his eyes as he did.

Four hours later, there was the sound of splitting air. Several cultivators howled over. They had clearly discovered the two people at the summit of the mountain.

“Stop!” shouted the cultivator in the front with a dark expression. “There is too much of the blood moon’s aura on you, so you cannot be a new cultivator. Do you not know that the cut marks involve our life and death? Even if it is just one, we cannot allow them to be destroyed!”

The people behind him all had ugly expressions. Among them, a female cultivator looked at Lei Xiaoyu and envy flashed in her eyes. “Brother, stop wasting your breath on them. The cut mark he touched can no longer be preserved. We must teach them a good lesson so they remember not to do this!”

Lei Xiaoyu arrived at Qin Yu’s side. “What are you planning to do?”

The female cultivator coldly sneered, “You sly little girl, you have the appearance of a fox. What do you think is going to happen to you?”

Qin Yu opened his eyes. Without taking away his hand, he simply stood where he was and glanced at the several distant people.

The female cultivator’s cold sneer and envy-filled eyes instantly froze. She felt like she had fallen into an icy cave, her entire mind flooded with fear.

As if she stood on the edge of death, about to fall beyond redemption at any moment.

The cultivators beside her had equally ugly expressions. Their eyes widened and their faces paled.

“Screw off.”

A terrifying intent flooded the air. The several cultivators gasped for breath. Then, they fled like their lives depended on it, vanishing from sight in an instant.

Lei Xiaoyu wrinkled her nose. Hum hum, a group of trash wants to play pretend in front of my Big Brother Qin? I was ready to beat them up!

“Big Brother Qin, did those people affect you?”

Qin Yu smiled and shook his head. “No. If it were yesterday, it might have been troublesome. But I’m fine now. Xiaoyu, I’m going to continue.”


To be exact, this was the difference of a few dozen hours. If others were to say this then Lei Xiaoyu wouldn’t believe them no matter how pure-hearted she was. To make so much progress in a single day, that had to be a lie.

But if Qin Yu said it, she believed him. She felt even greater. As she thought, the Big Brother Qin she liked was much fiercer than others!       

Mm, Lei Xiaoyu, you can do it, don’t give up!

She looked at Qin Yu before closing her eyes and cultivating. With every ounce of hard work she put in, there was that much higher of a chance she would survive.

Four hours later, Qin Yu opened his eyes. There was some enlightenment, but he couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows.

He had grasped the key point of the cut marks. But there was still a separation, as if he were looking at a flower through fog.

It was like a final thin piece of paper. Even though he could break through it, it was difficult to find a path.

Don’t rush. There are still three days left.

Qin Yu drew in a deep breath and withdrew his hand. The cut mark shattered and dissipated.

But this time, there were no shockwaves from the collapsed cut mark left on his fingertip.

This was Qin Yu’s progress. However, it was far from enough. Only when Qin Yu could touch the cut marks and leave them safe and unchanged could he be considered as being enlightened.

“Xiaoyu, let’s go!”

Whoosh –

Qin Yu picked her up and shot into the skies. Seven hours later, they arrived at the dead tree.

Moments after, with the cry of a sword, a clearly distressed Ban Bu hurried back.

Qin Yu frowned. With Ban Bu’s cultivation, he could restrain his sword intent. There was no need to make so much noise and show.

The louder the movement, the worse his condition must have become. It seemed that the process of finding another cut mark hadn’t gone smoothly.

Pa –

Ban Bu fell into the tree hole, staggering as he landed. He cupped his hands together and said, “Senior, there was an accident but I made a discovery.”

He had a happy expression.

Following Qin Yu’s instruction, four hours after Ban Bu left, he hid away in a cave in order to avoid a group of monster beasts.

He did so unintentionally, but in the cave he made a great discovery.

There was a giant cut mark hidden deep within the cave. It was a thousand feet long and extended deep into the earth.

But according to what Ban Bu said, this was a sealed cave from top to bottom. He had no idea why a cut mark would be there.

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment. He slowly said, “How far away is it?”

Ban Bu replied, “A little further. Senior must hurry to return within 24 hours.”

Qin Yu frowned.

Lei Xiaoyu said, “Big Brother Qin, I’ll be fine waiting for you here.”

Qin Yu said, “Ban Bu, you left behind a marking on the cave entrance?”

Seeing him nod, he said, “Give me a way to sense it. Tomorrow you will stay here and guard Xiaoyu.”

Lei Xiaoyu opened her mouth, but before she could say anything Qin Yu waved his hand, “It’s decided.”

When the blood moon arrived, the dead tree didn’t rush over to the mountain valley once again. But, its tentacles reached only ten feet away from the entrance.

There were still two days until the full moon!

When the bushes illuminated the world, Qin Yu leapt out from the tree hole and howled into the distance.

He held a thin wooden sword given to him by Ban Bu. There was a trace of sword intent left within it that he could use to sense the mark on the cave.

It was indeed far.

Almost ten hours later, Qin Yu reached the cave entrance. Just by standing there he could feel a strange fluctuation.

It was the aura of the cut mark…sure enough, Ban Bu hadn’t been mistaken. There was a giant surprise here!

But there wasn’t much time left. Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu drilled into the cave opening, He shuttled through the darkness, following the sword intent within the thin wooden sword.

Moments later, there was a light cracking sound as the wooden sword in his hand turned to dust. He looked up. A thousand foot long cut mark appeared in his field of vision.

With just one glance, a buzzing sound passed through Qin Yu’s mind. It was like a long sword cutting through mountains and seas!

A great deal of the fog from Qin Yu’s meditation vanished. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

With this cut mark as this object of meditation, he was fully confident he could unravel its secrets.

He couldn’t wait. It was time to begin.

Qin Yu sat down and his divine sense broke free from his body, fusing into the cut mark. Then, he felt as if were placed in a sea of limitless swords.

It was vast and endless, without beginning or end. The chaos and turbulence here was enough to submerge and destroy all!

At this time, Qin Yu became aware that all the cut marks preserved in this mysterious world were left behind from the shattered fragments of sword intent after a super powerhouse that had reached an inconceivable boundary slashed out.

As this thought appeared, a terrifying scene appeared in Qin Yu’s mind: boundless sword intent came from the east, piercing through the infinite clouds, tearing apart the heavens and earth, cleaving everything asunder, causing everything to break down and disintegrate.

With a cough, Qin Yu revealed a look of pain. Blood gushed out from his mouth and nose.

It was just a scene and yet sword intent passed through it. Even if it was extremely weak, it still caused Qin Yu to suffer heavy losses.

Pa –

Pa –

Wounds appeared all over his body. It was like an invisible sword cut all around him, causing a massive amount of blood to gush out.

But the moment these drops of blood fell, they were instantly cut in half and shaken into a bloody fog.

As time passed, there was more and more blood fog. It covered Qin Yu’s body so one couldn’t see his figure anymore.

The cut marks had a great secret. By unraveling them, one could obtain a great fortune.

But at the same time, one had to withstand a corresponding test…Qin Yu was currently experiencing all of this.

If he passed this hurdle, he would become the first person and the only person to perceive these cut marks throughout the countless years.

Otherwise, this cave was where Qin Yu would be buried!

Kacha –

Kacha –

Faint crackling sounds began to come from the blood fog that surrounded Qin Yu. The air started to freeze as the temperature dropped at a terrifying speed.

Because at this moment, against the pitch black skies, the blood moon had arrived!

The slumbering specters were released from the shackles of death, reviving from their sleep.

Horror descended once more. The even fuller blood moon gave them even more strength.

Living beings howled in despair and sorrow. They fought with their lives on the line to survive.

Everything was the same as usual. But, if someone stood high in the skies and looked down over the mountain where Qin Yu was, they would find that with this mountain at the center, the surrounding 10,000 miles was bathed in much brighter blood red moonlight.

As if the blood moon had opened a terrifying eye, and its vision condensed into essence, focused on this mountain.

An invisible will arrived from all around. Every terrifying revived creature no longer pursued the slaughter, but started to gather at the mountain.

Ten…a hundred…a thousand…ten thousand…

There were so many that it was difficult to count. They crashed into the ground, raising up dust and dirt like a torrent of destruction!

Among them, there were black-armored warriors, dried skeletons, and all sorts of strange specters. But, the most eye-catching one was an incomparably huge withered black vine.

Its roots were drawn out and woven together, forming a 10,000 foot tall giant. Each step it took shook the earth.

It rushed to the mountain where the blood moon was the brightest. Rumbling sounds came from all directions. As if having received instructions, all of the resurrected creatures rushed over with overwhelming momentum!

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