Chapter 924 – Ruler of Thunder

Qin Yu’s sudden attack caused the situation to take a turn for the worse. Lei Xiaoyu’s eyes flew open; even she hadn’t expected this.

But after spending several months together she had come to know Qin Yu’s personality. Although he wasn’t a pure and kind-hearted gentleman, he still had a bottom line he wouldn’t cross.

If Cui Yongji and his disciple could be trusted, then he wouldn’t mind generously receiving them for the evening and helping them avoid the terrors of the blood moon.

Since he attacked, there had to be a problem with these two. Although she had no idea how Qin Yu had discovered this, she didn’t doubt it at all.

Thinking of this, her complexion paled and her heart started to race.

Lei Xiaoyu was smart to begin with. Now that she regained her senses and thought for a moment, she had guessed the truth.

The reason Cui Yongji and his disciple had put on such a kind façade and didn’t attack her was because they feared the spell Qin Yu placed on the entrance to the tree hole.

If the blood moon arrived and Qin Yu still hadn’t returned, they would have torn off their hypocritical faces. Just thinking about the consequences left Lei Xiaoyu shivering with fear!

In fact, her guess was extremely close to the truth. When Cui Yongji was caught off guard by Qin Yu’s fist, his eyes darkened. He couldn’t figure it out at all. His act had been so perfect, so how had this boy discovered it?

Whatever. The blood moon was about to arrive. He had no time to waste contemplating such things.

Originally he wanted to save his strength dealing with these two people, but now he had to expend some effort.

That’s right, even though Cui Yongji had been discovered by Qin Yu and had also been caught off guard, he still possessed absolute self-confidence.

This was just a junior that hadn’t stepped into the God boundary. Even if he had some strength, how could he be his opponent?

“Go. Break open the imprisonment over the entrance and catch that woman!” Cui Yongji sneered. He raised a hand and blazing flames condensed from nothingness, forcing Qin Yu back.

Behind him, his disciple grinned diabolically and shot up into the skies. With a punch, the temperature in the world drastically fell and large snowflakes started to fall.

“Xiaoyu, hide in the tree hole!” Qin Yu shouted. He avoided a scarlet fire saber. The black robes he wore were torn open to reveal charred red skin.

At this time, his eyebrows flew up. A feeling of fear descended, thoroughly submerging his mind.

This feeling…the blood moon was about to arrive!

Across from him, Cui Yongji frowned before gravely smiling. “Junior, consider yourself lucky. I don’t have time to play with you.”

He stepped forward and vanished from sight. “Let’s end this!”

As these ice-cold words still tumbled in the air, his figure flickered in front of Qin Yu. He thrust out a finger.

With a roar, Qin Yu seemed unable to dodge. He lifted his arms and grabbed at Cui Yongji.  

Puff –

A fingertip submerged into Qin Yu’s flesh and blood. Cui Yongji had a ruthless and cruel expression. His eyes shined with mocking disdain. “You want to fight me with your life? Junior, you are ruthless enough, but your life is already gone, so what are you going to use to fight with me?”

The fingertip that sank into Qin Yu suddenly split up. Countless blood red thorns emerged, crazily digging deeper into Qin Yu’s body.

Then, these tiny thorns all sprayed out poison. Even a single drop was enough to kill a million lives.

It was because of this that Cui Yongji was so confident. His most powerful ability had never been his cultivation, but his life’s vital poison that he had accumulated and refined over countless years.

When this finger pierced Qin Yu’s chest and sank into his flesh and blood, he was already a dead man standing in Cui Yongji’s eyes!

“Is that right?” Qin Yu’s lips curved up in a smile. Blood red spots caused by the poison had already appeared on his face, but his eyes were still filled with glacial coldness. His raised arms suddenly turned into a hug, dragging Cui Yongji into his chest.

His arms were like iron, stubbornly imprisoning him.

Cui Yongji’s complexion changed. The moment he felt the powerful strength contained within Qin Yu’s arms, he knew a problem had occurred.

He understood best how potent his life’s poison was. Let alone a mere junior that hadn’t reached the God boundary, even a powerhouse at a similar level would turn into a fish on the chopping block as soon as the poison entered their body.

And it was clear that his life’s poison wasn’t having the effect it should have…

Moreover, what caused Cui Yongji’s heart to shake the most was that he vaguely felt he had fallen into some kind of fatal trap.

Like lightning cutting through a thick fog, a thought appeared in Cui Yongji’s mind – this junior had deliberately drawn him in!

But why? How could this junior know his most formidable ability, and how was he able to resist the attack of the poison?

Qin Yu didn’t give Cui Yongji any more time to think. The index finger of his right hand suddenly turned transparent as a terrifying swallowing strength erupted. And what it was swallowing was the poison that Cui Yongji had injected into Qin Yu!

“Ahhh!” To Cui Yongji, his life’s poison being swallowed up was a heart-wrenching pain. His eyes flashed red and he screeched, “Impossible, how did you do this!?”

At the same time, he crazily erupted with all his strength. He wanted to break free from Qin Yu’s imprisonment and pull out his finger.

Kacha –

Kacha –

In an instant, countless cracking and tearing sounds of flesh and blood echoed out from inside Qin Yu’s body.

Even in the God boundary, Cui Yongji was an absolute powerhouse. As he wildly struggled, even the Ancient race’s Undying Body sustained heavy damages.

But the Ancient race’s Undying Body’s strongest ability was its nearly indestructible and endless regenerative capabilities. Qin Yu’s two hearts wildly beat in his chest, stimulating his blood energy to seethe with excitement and accelerate his body’s restoration.

At this time, all of Qin Yu’s exposed body turned red, as if a raging inferno was burning him up!

But this sort of eruption technique caused terrifying losses. Even with the intensity of Qin Yu’s mortal body he couldn’t maintain this for a long time. He needed to find a source to supplement it.

Qin Yu’s ten fingers that grabbed onto Cui Yongji’s back suddenly tightened like sharp claws. They tore through skin, digging into flesh and blood as they utilized the Ancient race’s overbearing plundering technique.

Bang –

Billowing blood energy was madly sucked away, rushing over like a river as it roared its way into Qin Yu’s body, where it was suppressed by the Ancient race’s Undying Body and refined. It was like oil being poured onto a raging fire, causing Qin Yu’s speed of regeneration to rise, nearly instantly restoring his body as soon as it was damaged.

Cui Yongji felt as if he was going insane. A boy that hadn’t even reached the God boundary had pushed him into such dire straits. Not only was this boy able to swallow his life’s poison, he could even plunder his blood energy to accelerate his healing ability!

Out of the two of them, who was looting who?

Cui Yongji could clearly feel that each time he erupted with strength and struggled, he caused fatal damage to Qin Yu. Qin Yu’s mouth and nose were flooded with blood but he was like glue that couldn’t be torn off, clinging onto him at all costs.

Time slowly passed. Cui Yongji began to feel fear. He could gradually feel the shadow of death arriving.

It was rich like ink, as deep as the abyss!

“Badun, come back and kill this boy! Kill him!”

Cui Yongji screamed out loud.

Badun was in the midst of attacking the spell that covered the tree hole. He suddenly turned around and leapt behind Qin Yu. He lifted a hand and an ice sword condensed in his palm. Then, he brought it down on Qin Yu’s head.

Pa –

The ice sword shattered. A fierce wound appeared on Qin Yu’s face. Flesh and blood split open to reveal the pale bone beneath. One could even see the sword cut on the surface of the bone.

But in the next moment, the bone and flesh grew back at an astonishing speed, restored to how it was in the beginning.

Qin Yu turned his head to stare at him. With just one look, Badun, whose hand ached from the shaking force, froze in place.

Badun felt as if he had been targeted by the cruelest beast that stood at the top of the food chain. Any rash actions would lead to him being torn to pieces.

Cui Yongji angrily shouted, “You stupid idiot, what are you doing!? This person has an ultra-powerful ability to regenerate his body! Hurry and use your eternal cold power to seal up his blood energy! Now!”

“Ah…yes, teacher!” Badun seemed to wake up from a trance. He raised a hand and tore at the point between his eyebrows. Then, as if a seal had been opened, his aura soared.

Dark black lines appeared over his body. They wove together, forming an incomparably complex pattern that covered him from head to toe.

The temperature in the air rapidly fell and countless black snowflakes fell from up above. Badun raised his hands forward. The black snowflakes gathered together, condensing into a black ice crystal spear.

Badun grabbed the spear without hesitation. After leaping up high, he stabbed it into Qin Yu’s back.

Puff –

The tightened flesh and blood tore apart as the black ice crystal spear pierced through Qin Yu’s chest. Badun’s eyes lit up with excitement. Without hesitation, he pulled the spear out and ruthlessly stabbed again.

Puff –

Qin Yu’s chest was pierced through once again. He spat out a mouthful of blood, mixed with pieces of ice. The eternal cold energy within the black ice crystal spear had invaded Qin Yu and was crazily destroying his body.

And the most terrifying part was that this cold strength could freeze blood vitality. It visibly reduced the speed at which Qin Yu’s body was restoring itself.

Cui Yongji cackled out loud, “Yes, that’s it!” He stared at Qin Yu, his resentful eyes full of burning heat. “Junior, although I sensed your aura was uncommon, I never imagined you would possess such terrifying methods.

“But you are destined to die here today. I will slowly swallow you up and obtain everything you have!”

The barrage of attacks that assaulted the tree hole entrance had come to a stop. Lei Xiaoyu hesitated and cautiously peered out. What she saw almost caused her heart to stop beating: Qin Yu was flanked from front and behind by Cui Yongji and his disciple. He couldn’t even turn his head anymore and could only allow the person behind him to pierce him through with an ice spear.

Puff –

Puff –

As she was stunned for a moment, two more holes appeared in Qin Yu’s chest.

Ice covered their surface and the speed at which they regenerated was much slower. Looking through the holes, one could see the scarred hearts within – they had been pierced through numerous times, and although they were regenerating, the speed was slowing down more and more. If things continued like this, they would eventually stop!

“Ahh!” Lei Xiaoyu screamed out loud. Without any hesitation she rushed out from the tree hole. Her long hair surged against the wind, instantly turning purple.

Rumble rumble –

Black clouds instantly wove together in the heavens above. Endless lightning leapt within. Hundreds of thousands of thunderbolts raged and twined together as they crashed down – their goal was unexpectedly Lei Xiaoyu!

Badun was startled by the thunderclaps from above. He immediately looked up.

Then, he saw Lei Xiaoyu in midair. She was wrapped in endless crackling lightning, like a descending goddess of thunder.

Everyone knew that Roc City’s Lei Qianjun had slaughtered his way to where he was now, cutting off hundreds of millions of heads with a single word. With this, he led the Lei Family to become an overlord of their own region. But what people didn’t know was the reason why the Lei Family’s surname was Lei. Lei meant thunder. It was because among their ancestors, there was once a mighty being who became enlightened upon the path of thunder and condensed thunder runes into his bloodline, becoming known as the Ruler of Thunder.

Because of a great change that occurred later, the Lei Family’s bloodline was nearly cut off. All that remained of them was in Roc City. Even through dozens of generations of inheritance, none of them had been able to awaken their bloodline.

But now, tens of thousands of years later, the Lei Family’s thunder ruling bloodline appeared in the world once again!


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