Chapter 923 – Someone At the Tree

In reality, besides cracking open the secret of the slash marks, Qin Yu had an even better option. That was to break through the blockade of this land and open up an outlet. If he did that, he could naturally avoid all dangers.

But what a pity, he had already tried once. While he had been able to make out some blurry lines, even though his eyes had turned red and started bleeding, he couldn’t find a true way out.

The blood moon was becoming fuller and fuller with every night. This likely meant that the terrifying creatures here would grow increasingly strong.

Qin Yu didn’t dare to take this risk, because he wasn’t completely confident that he could find a way to leave here before the blood moon reached perfection.

At that time, if he was lucky he might be able to survive on his own. But Lei Xiaoyu would certainly be killed. This wasn’t a guess, but something he knew with absolute certainty.

One of Qin Yu’s advantages was that he had always been able to maintain a relatively calm and objective self-awareness of his own abilities. So, when he chose to unravel the cut marks, he had a reason behind it. He could feel that there were great benefits to be found within these cut marks.

Once he figured out the secret, those benefits would be his.

Lei Xiaoyu had already woken up. She didn’t blame Qin Yu for knocking her out, because the scene she saw had reached her limits. If she had continued to watch it would have casted a shadow over her mind that she would never be able to rid herself of.

Qin Yu simply explained to her what happened but didn’t mention the changing cycle of the moon, nor the fact that this world was becoming increasingly dangerous. He only told her that he was very interested in these cut marks and wanted to perceive the strength they contained.

Almost half of the 24 hour period that the bushes would remain illuminated for had passed. Qin Yu quietly observed the cut marks, not yet touching them. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to touch them and feel their power, but because he could clearly perceive the flow of power within them and knew that this hidden power was in an extremely delicate and balanced state.

If an external force intruded then the balance would be broken. The consequences would be that the cut marks would lose all their energy.

Qin Yu couldn’t accept this consequence before he found a new safe foothold. Thus, he could only look and not touch.

But this didn’t mean that he didn’t obtain anything. On the contrary, during these 12 hours of observation, he made a startling discovery.

But he needed to conduct a further examination to see if it was correct or not. Qin Yu let out a breath and stood up. He said to Lei Xiaoyu, “I have to leave. Stay here. Remember, no matter what happens, do not take a single step outside of this tree hole.”

While the blood moon hadn’t yet arrived, that didn’t necessarily mean this world was safe.

Because besides the terrifying creatures that were revived beneath the blood moon, there were also numerous living beings that struggled to survive.

Whether it was human cultivators or monster beasts, once they found a place that was safe and could be used to temporarily avoid the terrors of the blood moon, they wouldn’t hesitate to pay any price to capture it.

Lei Xiaoyu nodded, “Big Brother Qin, don’t worry. I will wait here for you to come back…” She took a deep breath and said, “You must be careful.”

Qin Yu could sense her nervousness. But, what he was about to do was going to be dangerous, and he couldn’t take her with him.

He smiled and comfortingly said, “It’s alright. The blood moon will arrive 12 hours from now. I will hurry back before then.”

He leapt down from the tree hole and flicked his sleeves in midair. Space twisted, covering up the hole.

He landed on the ground. Without pausing, he rushed into the distance.

He had two goals in going out this time. The first was to find other cut marks and verify whether or not his guess was correct.

While he knew that there was a massive number of cut marks in the mountain valley, it was exactly because there were too many that if a problem occurred, it would likely create catastrophic trouble.

If there were other options, he didn’t hope to go to the mountain valley. At the very least, the mountain valley was the place where countless creatures fought and slaughtered when the blood moon came.

He also had no idea if there were people standing guard there. Even if he could smoothly enter the area and conduct his experiment, if damage was done to the cut marks…every gap would swallow up countless lives when the terror of the blood moon descended.

His own strength was limited so it was fine if he couldn’t save them. But, he didn’t want to add more misfortune to their plight and increase the difficulty.

His second goal was based on the premise of his first goal. It was to find another safe point besides the tree hole.

The blood moon was growing increasingly full. The cut marks at the tree hole’s entrance might not last much longer, and Qin Yu wasn’t confident he could crack their secrets before then.

Before considering victory, he had to consider defeat first. He had to find an escape path for him and Lei Xiaoyu.

With 12 hours, including the time it would take to travel back, Qin Yu couldn’t search too large of an area.

First he discarded the paths that led to the bone beast in the abyss and also the bulging rock wall. He had noticed there were no cut marks nearby yesterday.

Four hours later, as Qin Yu frowned and was thinking of stopping, a massive decayed skeleton appeared in his line of sight.

It really was decayed, unlike the abyssal bone beast where even if only bones were left, it was still extremely hard and possessed great power!

With one glance, Qin Yu could determine that this skeleton was completely dead. It wouldn’t revive even if the blood moon arrived.

In this eerie and perilous world, encountering any strange situation was normal. This was only a decayed skeleton, so it shouldn’t have aroused Qin Yu’s interest.

But it was exactly because it was decayed that Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. The blood moon could revive dead beings, so why not this?

His thoughts raced and he changed direction, his figure howling out.

He landed beside the skeleton. Compared to the abyssal bone beast, this body was much smaller. But as it lay on the ground it was still almost 10,000 feet long.

If this monster beast was still alive and its body was filled with flesh and blood, it would be like a moving mountain with incredible momentum.

But now, its aura had thoroughly dispersed. Besides being big, it didn’t give off any feeling of threat.

He carefully looked over the bones. A dark golden light flashed in his eyes. Moments later, he happily smiled.

With a flick of his sleeves, strength gushed out from the void, lifting up the bones into the air. They tumbled and collapsed, decomposing into pale white bone dust that blew into the horizon.

At this time, his complexion changed. He could sense a throbbing in his heart. But when he tried to focus on it, it disappeared.

With his current level, he wouldn’t have such a feeling for no reason. But, there had indeed been nothing special about this giant skeleton.

His thoughts raced. He took a deep breath and suppressed these thoughts. His time was limited and he couldn’t delay here.

He looked down at the shallow cut mark that appeared where the skeleton had originally been lying. The cut mark was three inches deep and nearly a meter in length. It had previously been covered. If it weren’t for his eyes that could see into the essence of things, it would have been impossible for him to detect.

Dark golden light surged in his eyes. He looked at the cut mark and then sighed.

While it was much longer than the cut marks around the tree hole, it seemed to have lost too much strength. Now, only a faint trace was left behind. He feared it would dissipate as soon as he touched it – not enough time for him to complete his experiment.

But he couldn’t give up now. Everything would depend on his luck. He squatted on the ground and probingly touched the cut mark with a finger.

He closed his eyes. His mind was wholly focused on the cut mark with his fingertip as the medium.

After a moment, there was a light ‘pa’ sound. He opened his eyes to see that the cut mark had shattered and disappeared.

Without a trace, as if it had never been there to begin with.

He was just a bit away, just a bit away! And he would have been able to grasp the key point!

At this moment, no matter how calm he was he still couldn’t help but feel anxious. He took several deep breaths before stabilizing himself.

He stood up and drew back his hand. He looked down at his fingertip. There was a cut mark on it. The flesh and blood wriggled as it tried to regenerate, but then it broke apart again in the next moment.

This was the overflowing strength of destruction that emanated when the cut mark shattered. Although it was only an infinitesimally small amount, its might was astonishing…

At this time, Qin Yu wanted to find out the secret behind these cut marks even more!

Time was about to run out. He needed to hurry back.

He turned to leave, soaring towards the dead tree even faster than when he left.

There was still an hour until the blood moon arrived. Qin Yu could already see the branches of the dead tree in the distance.

He relaxed. But then, his heart suddenly tensed.

There was someone beneath the tree!

When Qin Yu saw them, the cultivators below the tree seemed to sense something. They turned to look at him.

His heart shrank and an uncontainable sense of loathing surged forth from the depths of his heart. He frowned.

This feeling…when he was at the City Lord Mansion playing chess with Lei Xiaoyu, he had felt this before.

A spark flashed in Cui Yongji’s eyes before returning to tranquility. He cupped his hands together and said, “My name is Cui Yongji. I greet fellow daoist.”

Qin Yu maintained his composure as he looked towards the tree hole. The seal at the entrance was still intact, so Lei Xiaoyu should be fine.

But to be careful, he still loudly shouted, “Xiaoyu, if you can hear me then reply!”

“Big Brother Qin, I’m here.” Space fluctuated to reveal Lei Xiaoyu’s figure. When she saw Qin Yu beneath the tree, her face brightened with joy.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “Xiaoyu, how long have these two guests been here?”

Lei Xiaoyu said, “Around four hours. This Mister Cui said that this was a hiding place he discovered a long time ago. He didn’t know it had a new master.”

Cui Yongji smiled. “Fellow daoist Qin, right? We mean no ill intent, otherwise we wouldn’t have waited this long. This tree hole is only one of several safe hiding places we have found. Since you two have moved in, I will give it to you.” He lifted a finger and pointed at the skies, “But the time has arrived and we aren’t able to rush to another place in time. I hope that fellow daoist Qin can let us stay for the night.

“Fellow daoist Qin, rest assured that once the blood moon vanishes we will immediately leave. We have no other intent.”

His voice was sincere and his demeanor casual.

Qin Yu’s eyes sharpened. “So that’s how it is. Since we have fallen into this land, we must support each other. Mister Cui and this other fellow daoist may naturally stay.”

Cui Yongji smiled, “Thank you, fellow daoist Qin!”

Qin Yu gestured with a hand, “Please.”

Before his voice fell, he took a step forward. The ground hollowed as countless cracks spread out.

Power surged up his legs and body and he rushed forward like lightning. His momentum was cruel and vicious…unstoppable!

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