Chapter 915 – Flee in Fear

When the blue cloud lotus root appeared and released an intoxicating fragrance, Lei Xiaoyu felt relaxed and happy.

Although she had no idea what function this lotus root had, she believed that if she could obtain it, it would be a tremendous harvest for her.

And Qin Yu must have known that Wu Daoyuan had this treasure, thus his reason for challenging him again…it really was all for her.

But if it was just this, the price was far too great. If she couldn’t deal with things then it would place his life in danger.

Lei Xiaoyu could not allow such a situation to occur!

She drew in a deep breath and said, “Big brother is correct. It was I who did not consider things well.” She turned and said, “Big Brother Qin, I am happy for what you did, but the lotus root is too precious. I cannot accept it. Please give it back to Elder Wu.”

Everyone in the hall was stunned. What was going on here? But, there were some smart and insightful people present who began to light up with excitement.

Lei Jinyun had suddenly spoken up, causing Lei Xiaoyu to step back and even ask Qin Yu to return the lotus root. She didn’t even ask for the heavenly moon fruit back…if so, there was only one possibility. Qin Yu could not afford to offend Wu Daoyuan. If he really took the lotus root then there would be a great deal of trouble waiting for him.

Wait, and wait a little. If things were as they were then Lei Jinyun would definitely press the advantage. Since there was such a good chance for him to flip the tables, why would he give up here?

As expected, once Lei Xiaoyu finished speaking, Lei Jinyun cupped his hands together and said, “Elder Wu, my little sister was stubborn and disobedient today. I ask that you don’t take any offense to her actions. The bet cannot count, so please take back your treasure.”

He believed that with Wu Daoyuan’s wisdom he would surely understand the profound meaning behind his words.

Qin Yu was nothing but a paper tiger. Please don’t endure it. If you want to be angry then be angry. If you want to fight then fight. If you are killed on the spot, that would be even better!

Even with Wu Daoyuan’s ability to conceal his thoughts he was still left stunned. He looked at the apologetic Lei Jinyun and wondered to himself, was this the level of the Lei Family’s eldest son? If it wasn’t for how fierce his father was then he really would have wanted to bash open Lei Jinyun’s skull and see if there was actually anything inside.

Because he never expected that Lei Jinyun would do this, Wu Daoyuan was a little dazed. Before he could react, everyone in the banquet hall that was watching suddenly let out a breath of air.

This was a long and deep breath of air. After releasing it, it was like a heavy weight had been released from their shoulders. Their backs straightened and their eyes sharpened. When they looked at Qin Yu, they had a thoughtful look on their faces.


Things had come this far, so why did Qin Yu still seem calm and composed, without any wavering at all? This little brother’s heart was formidable enough. Unfortunately, while paper tigers looked scary, a single finger flick was enough to poke a hole in them.

After offending Wu Daoyuan and revealing his hidden card, once today passed, Qin Yu was sure to become a public target! Even if Lei Xiaoyu helped him at that time, she could not protect him!

Tsk tsk, just for the sake of feeling good in the spotlight for a brief moment, he was going to smash his head into a wall. This young man must have obtained a good fortune somewhere and started to think he could blow up the heavens as a result…he did this all to himself!

Lei Xiaoyu’s complexion paled. She looked at Lei Jinyun with a pleading expression and bowed, “Big brother, this is just a misunderstanding today.”

“Misunderstanding?” Lei Jinyun was without expression, “Little sister, the person you brought has no manners at all. Elder Wu is an honored guest that me and your sister-in-law invited here, so how could he be neglected like this?”

He flicked his sleeves and said in a cold voice, “Qin Yu, what are you hesitating for? Immediately give Elder Wu his treasure back.”

Wu Daoyuan suddenly regained his composure. As he heard this, his face almost turned blue. Hey, Lei Jinyun, you might be an idiot but don’t drag me down with you!

“Hold on!”

With a loud shout, everyone in the hall trembled. They thought, it was here, it was finally here! As they heard this voice, although it seemed calm and restrained, they could still sense the anger boiling below the surface.

Wu Daoyuan had reacted. A solemn Elder of the Blackpool Wu Family, a powerhouse who had condensed five rings of glory, had been frightened by a random nobody. This was simply disgraceful...

This surname Qin boy was finished. Even if he survived today, he wouldn’t live past tomorrow!

By having a card that could defend against the Empty Handed Art, even if all else was disregarded, this alone was enough to cause the Blackpool Wu Family to never forgive him!

Show your anger! Erupt with rage!

Lei Jinyun’s fingers shivered in excitement. In this short period of time, all sorts of thoughts flashed through his mind.

By taking advantage of Wu Daoyuan’s anger and using it as a turning point, he would blast out a set of combo punches. He was confident that he could completely wipe out Lei Xiaoyu’s arrogance so that everyone could see who the future ruler of Roc City was!

Lei Xiaoyu’s face paled even further. It was like she could already see what was going to happen in the future.

In any event, if she had had to pay a great price she had to save Qin Yu…father…yes, she could ask him to help her…everything would be alright…

But first, she had to help Qin Yu overcome today’s disaster. She couldn’t allow Wu Daoyuan to blow up today.

She looked at Wu Daoyuan and slowly said, “Elder Wu, I can understand how you are feeling right now, but Qin Yu is someone I like and he has a chance of becoming the Lei Family’s son-in-law. He committed a mistake today, so I will apologize to you on his behalf. I hope that Elder Wu can spare him. I will remember this favor.”

This was the first time this young girl had publicly exposed the feelings in her heart.

Lei Jinyun angrily shouted, “Xiaoyu, what nonsense are you spouting? Remember who you are!”

Good, this was far too good. Lei Xiaoyu had leapt out on her own initiative. If so, his attack would be even more effective.

“Elder Wu, I apologize for my little sister’s actions. She is overly arrogant because my father indulges in her antics too much. I ask that you don’t mind.”

Some people in the hall began to look at Lei Xiaoyu with disappointment.

She really was a woman, someone whose emotions easily overtook her rational thinking. Even in this situation she still wanted to protect Qin Yu.

With such ineptitude, how could she ascend the throne?

Perhaps in the future, they should try to approach the eldest son’s side…

Today’s events were likely to become the true dividing stage for the future struggle to determine Roc City’s successor.

As for Qin Yu, his eyes sparkled with surprise. Then, warmth flooded his heart.

She had confessed her feelings in front of everyone…

It seemed she really was scared. However, her words and demeanor did have a majestic aura…

Though Qin Yu laughed inside he didn’t say anything. He only looked at Wu Daoyuan and faintly smiled.

After a succession of marvelous turns occurred in the hall, the dumbfounded Wu Daoyuan immediately regained his composure as soon as Qin Yu looked at him. He immediately started cursing inside.


He had to leave!

He could not stay here any longer!

With a deep breath, Wu Daoyuan squeezed out a smile. He said in his friendliest and gentlest tone, “Xiaoyu, I was the one who pulled rank as your uncle. Today, I lost this bet to Qin Yu in a fair match because my skills were inferior. I am thoroughly convinced of my loss, so I don’t feel any anger at all.”

After he finished speaking he turned to Qin Yu and said, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, I have other matters to attend to so I won’t stay any longer. If there is a chance in the future, please come to Blackpool and give me the chance to entertain you.”

When he finished speaking he didn’t even look at Lei Jinyun and his wife. He turned around and walked away, taking several steps out from the hall before flying into the skies.

At this moment, after countless foreshadowing scenes had been laid down, the mighty tide that came rushing over burst apart at the final moment.

Like a bubble in the sunlight.

He left…Wu Daoyuan had left…looking at his back, how come it felt as if he was being chased by a dog or fleeing a plague?

That’s right, Wu Daoyuan really was fleeing and hiding. Lei Jinyun might be a blind idiot who wanted to bring suffering upon himself, but Wu Daoyuan had no interest in joining him. If Qin Yu really decided to have a grudge against him, how was that not an inevitable tragedy?

Even if he had condensed five rings of glory and had the Blackpool Wu Family backing him, whenever he thought about when the Empty Handed Art was smashing into nothingness, he still felt a deep sense of helplessness and despair.

This Qin Yu person definitely had to have a shocking origin. To provoke him would absolutely be bad…very very bad!

The restless and agitated banquet hall fell deathly silent. It was like a deep cold winter wind blew across, causing a chill to seep into everyone’s bones.

The people with straight backs and eyes that flowed with joy felt an icy wind brush up their spines, almost causing their blood to freeze.

Wu Daoyuan ran…he…ran away...

As for why he ran away…although he didn’t clearly state it, no one here was an idiot. From the last words Wu Daoyuan said and his actions, it wasn’t hard to guess the key point.

Everyone looked at Qin Yu. When they saw his calm face, they wished they could dig out their eyes.

Wu Daoyuan, this was Wu Daoyuan! Even he was scared into retreating, not daring to remain for any longer. If someone could scare him into doing that, just what background and strength must that person have?

They recalled their previous actions. Their sneers had been cold and the disdain in their eyes obvious. Qin Yu must have noticed…he wasn’t blind, so he must have noticed…

What to do? What to do?

As everyone felt fear and unease, the cultivators who attended the banquet all felt a bone-deep hatred towards Lei Jinyun. They wanted to tear him to pieces.

This bastard, what was he thinking? Did he hit his head as a child!?

If he wanted to suffer himself then that was fine, but he deliberately misled them here, making them all fall into a trap without noticing it.

No one spoke. They closed their eyes and opened them again in hopes that this was just a dream…unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Qin Yu broke the silence. He calmly said, “Sir Lei, since Elder Wu has left, I believe there is no need for me to return anything.”

He walked to the stunned Lei Xiaoyu’s side and pulled her over. Then, beneath countless eyes filled with awe and panic, they left the hall.

Twists and turns came at the banquet, but in the end no one was left happy.

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