Chapter 914 – Know Everything

Qin Yu wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to what the people around him thought. He nodded and said, “Exactly. As long as Elder Wu agrees to give me a chance, then regardless of whether I succeed or fail, I will gift this heavenly moon fruit to Elder Wu with both hands. Please let me offer it as an apology.”

Wu Daoyuan let out a breath. “Little friend has a great hand. This heavenly moon fruit is precious enough that I have no reason to refuse. If you win, I will give you what you want, and I say that with my word on the line.”

No one knew what just happened, but it was clear that a great gamble was about to occur.

The heavenly moon fruit itself was precious. It was a great treasure of the soul. In particular, in Qin Yu’s hand, this heavenly moon fruit had achieved a lunar corona and was able to condense the moon to a certain degree. It could be called a top treasure.

Even a God boundary cultivator could expand their soul if they refined it. Their future path of cultivation would be even more unimpeded and smooth.

To use this as a gambling stake…no, this could be called exchanging the heavenly moon fruit for a single chance. If so, then this was surely a great gamble!

“Big Brother Qin, you…” Lei Xiaoyu blushed red but her eyes filled with excitement. While Qin Yu didn’t say anything, her intuition told her that he was doing all of this for her sake.

This was a top grade heavenly moon fruit. Some time ago she saw her father take one as part of the price to request the Origin God boundary powerhouse at Immaterial Mountain to help save her life. But in terms of quality, the one her father took out couldn’t compare with the one in Qin Yu’s hand.

Qin Yu smiled. “Don’t speak too much. Just wait here for me.” He turned and walked back into the circle. He cupped his hands together and said, “I ask Elder Wu for advice.”

Wu Daoyuan said, “Little friend Qin Yu, your methods are wrapped in profound mystery. This time, I will use all my strength. You must be careful so that you aren’t injured.”

As his voice fell his aura changed. It was like a great beast opening its eyes, releasing its true aura.

A boundless pressure swept out in wild waves. Everyone cried out in shock and alarm as they were sent stepping back again and again. Awe filled their eyes.

This person was indeed a powerhouse who had condensed five rings of glory. Although he had just stepped into the God boundary, his aura was already this powerful.

Slowly lifting a hand, Wu Daoyun tapped the air. Spatial ripples spread out, swallowing up his entire arm.

It clearly wasn’t easy for Wu Daoyuan to do this. A dignified expression came over his face as he paled at a visible speed.

Although it wasn’t too obvious, this was enough proof that using the Empty Handed Art this time had come at an astonishing price. But at the same time, its effects would be equally incredible!

Bang –

The space around Qin Yu fiercely shook. The feeling this gave off was like a rampaging bull smashing headfirst into a mountain.

With a deep thump, faint ripples spread in all directions. Although they were incomparably weak, everyone could still feel a violent shaking in their souls and dark spots flash in their field of vision. Those that had a weaker cultivation unexpectedly crashed to the floor and passed out.

Wu Daoyuan coughed and fiercely shook. Faint traces of blood flowed out from his nose and mouth. His eyes were wide open as he looked at Qin Yu with utter shock! He originally thought that he took Qin Yu seriously enough, but now he discovered he still underestimated him.

The Empty Handed Art was a secret technique that an ancestor of the Wu Family obtained in a great tomb, barely surviving the perils there and escaping with his life. It was originally incomplete and in tatters. That ancestor had spent his entire life studying it, and only after barely patching it up did he develop this secret technique, thus founding the Blackpool Wu Family.

Because the original technique had been patched up and repaired, mixed in with the ancestor’s own self-realizations, this Empty Handed Art had different effects depending on the abilities and talent of the Wu Family cultivators who practiced it.

What Wu Daoyuan obtained was a sensation ability far surpassing the normal. He could use the Empty Handed Art to determine the true intensity of a seal.

In that brief collision, he felt like an ant trying to shake the earth below it. The disparity was vast beyond imagination!

If it weren’t for that defensive strength pulling back in the end a little, reducing the counterforce by more than half, Wu Daoyuan didn’t doubt that he would be lying on the ground, twitching in a puddle of his own blood.

At this time, no one believed more than Wu Daoyuan that Qin Yu had an astonishing background. He was a character of immense origins.

The Lei Family’s eldest son actually wanted to use such an existence as the breach point to attack Lei Xiaoyu’s strength…how laughable!

Lei Jinyun didn’t even verify the identity of his opponent before rashly acting. If Lei Qianjun discovered Qin Yu’s true identity, the events here today would make him lose a great number of points.

Wu Daoyuan drew in a deep breath and suppressed his thoughts. He cupped his hands together and said, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, I am convinced of my loss.”

He lifted a hand and took out a pure purple jade box. It had countless small runes carved on its surface. At first glance the runes didn’t seem to do anything, but upon closer inspection it was actually a reduced version of a powerful sealing array formation. It used the energy of the jade box itself to block any release of aura.

With a wave of his hand it opened and a white lotus root section appeared in front of everyone. It was pure white in color and without any impurities.

Now that it appeared, it released a fragrance that caused all those who smelled it to feel an unconstrained desire.

It was like someone who was about to starve, finally finding food. That sort of instinctive desire was enough to overwhelm the mind.


There was a sudden explosion of aura as a cultivator in the crowd howled over. He crazily screamed, “Give it to me! Give it to me!”

Wu Daoyuan furrowed his eyebrows together. With a cold snort the cultivator pitifully cried out as he hit the ground, as if struck down by some invisible hand.

Then, something even more unexpected occurred. The cultivator who was suppressed by Wu Daoyuan started to rapidly shrink, turning into a white obam!

“An obam spy!”

“It’s someone from the Xu Family! He actually got swapped without noticing!”

“The Xu Family is in trouble now!”

Everyone in the hall seemed to awaken one after another. They drew backwards, awe in their eyes.

If an imposter could lie in ambush until now and smoothly mix their way into the City Lord Mansion, it could be imagined how strong they were.

But in front of Wu Daoyuan, this strong obam was as weak and small as a baby, without any strength to resist.

And yet this Wu Daoyuan hadn’t been able to break through Qin Yu’s defenses even though he used all his strength. Instead, he was sent shaken away, forced to lower his head and admit defeat on his own initiative…just how strong was Qin Yu?

So of the awe in their eyes, Wu Daoyuan was responsible for 30% and Qin Yu was responsible for the rest…or perhaps, they were in awe of the unknown card in Qin Yu’s hand.

If it was the former, everyone would lower their head and admit defeat, allowing themselves to be freely slapped both left and right so he could sate his anger.

But if it was the latter…hehe, they hoped Qin Yu’s background was strong enough, otherwise a card that could crush the Blackpool Wu Family’s Empty Handed Art would be enough to stir up wind and rain.

Humans cultivated the Flesh and Blood Distortion Art to sneak into obam territory. It was only natural that the other side would send their own spies as a courtesy.

Wu Daoyuan still had plenty of strength remaining. The struggling obam screamed and fainted.

It was casually tossed to the side. This was just an obam spy; it couldn’t be considered anything. Roc City would handle it on their own.

“I ask Elder to accept this heavenly moon fruit.”

“Here is the lotus root. If nothing is wrong, then it’s yours.”

Wu Daoyuan was an incomparably prideful person. So even though he determined Qin Yu’s extraordinary ‘true status’ he still couldn’t freely change his attitude. Thus, his expression seemed somewhat stiff.

And when this brief stiffness was seen by Lei Jinyun’s eyes, it took on a brand new explanation – Wu Daoyuan was moved to true anger!

According to common sense, if a new Elder of the Wu Family who had condensed five rings of glory had lost to Qin Yu today, he indeed had a motive to be angered.

But because he feared Qin Yu’s status, he could only forcefully restrain his anger.

As the City Lord Mansion’s eldest son, Lei Jinyun had enough authority that he could sift through the information that had been gathered on Qin Yu. He knew everything about him.

He had a maid that seemed to possess a degree of cultivation. Besides that, he had two servants that were as weak as ants. Qin Yu had no background at all. Him rushing through the various schools to listen to lectures was the best evidence of this!

So Lei Jinyun recognized that this was a rare opportunity. As long as he pushed enough that Wu Daoyuan was willing to do something, Qin Yu’s fate would be miserable.

At the very least, even if Wu Daoyuan didn’t do anything, there were still many people who would be interested in Qin Yu’s secrets.

In short, Qin Yu was done for. No one could save him. At that time, his beloved little sister would also be implicated.

This was a perfect counterattack!

Constraining his excitement, Lei Jinyun stepped forward and shouted, “Xiaoyu, this has gone too far!”

He believed that his little sister would understand his meaning.

This little girl was originally extremely intelligent. She just liked to pretend to be innocent, and this had caused him to suffer a great deal over the years.

And sure enough, panic flashed in Lei Xiaoyu’s eyes.


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