Chapter 913 – Did You Watch Carefully

The two people quietly measured each other. Those left panicked were actually the melon-eating audience. As they saw the incense stick about to burn out, they wondered why Wu Daoyuan hadn’t started. If they continued silently staring at each other like this then there wouldn’t be enough time!

As they were about to bite through their fingernails, Wu Daoyuan finally let out a breath. He took back his hand and opened his palm to reveal nothing. “Little friend Qin Yu’s methods are amazing. Since I agreed to this bet, I must accept my loss. The lotus flower is yours.”

As he spoke he flicked his sleeves and sent the lotus flower to Qin Yu.

The entire banquet hall fell into a strange stasis. Everyone had their previous expressions etched on their faces, as if they had been bound in ice.

With a light cracking sound, Lei Jinyun’s wine glass shattered in his hands. His fingers paled as wine dripped down and soaked his sleeves.

Gu Wan could feel the grip on her hand turn painful. But, she didn’t say anything at all. She looked closely at Wu Daoyuan, trying to determine his true thoughts through his expression.

Wu Daoyuan lost? She absolutely couldn’t believe this. Was he dissatisfied? Did he do this unintentionally? No, that wasn’t right. This involved the Blackpool Wu Family’s honor. If he disregarded that and it was discovered that a dignified Wu Family Elder had lost to a boy who wasn’t even at the God boundary, it would become a joke.

Her thoughts raced. She really couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong. But, there was one thing she knew for sure. If Wu Daoyuan admitted defeat, that meant Qin Yu won.

Then all of the preparations they made would become useless. Not just that, but their husband and wife duo would become a laughingstock.

No one was a fool. With the banquet having come this far and Wu Daoyuan speaking out to provoke Qin Yu, it was clear things weren’t so simple.

If their plans failed in the end and Qin Yu gained fame, the one who was helped would be Lei Xiaoyu. With this level of ability and thinking he wanted to inherit the throne? Keep on dreaming!

Thinking of this, Gu Wan looked at Wu Daoyuan with a pleading look. She wanted to know just what happened!

Otherwise, even if Lei Jinyun didn’t say anything, she would lose her current position.

Wu Daoyuan sensed something. He glanced at her and also saw the wonderful and curious expressions of those in the hall. He said in a deep voice, “As a Wu Family Elder, I have always done my best to defend the honor of the Wu Family. Do you all think I am lying? Little friend Qin Yu’s depths are deeply hidden. I have lost convincingly, so there is no need to question this.”

Whoosh –

This was the nail in the coffin!

Meng Pingyue’s eyes flew open. Being calm, being indifferent, all of those things could be used to feed the dogs. All he had in his mind was one thought…how was this possible?

It wasn’t just him who was thinking this, but also everyone else in the hall. Yet because they were all here, things couldn’t be any more real. It was possible that one person could be seeing things, but they couldn’t be experiencing a collecting illusion together, right?

Qin Yu had won. Just standing there and without doing anything, he had won. How ridiculous was this? Even if the people watching believed it, they still found it hard to digest!

Only Qin Yu remained calm from start to finish. Because from the very beginning he knew he was going to win. He turned around and walked over to Lei Xiaoyu, giving her the lotus flower. Then, after a brief pause, he turned and said, “Everyone, have you taken a good look?”

Shua –

With just one sentence, all the handsome young elites flushed red with embarrassment. But no matter how angry or aggrieved they felt, the truth was in front of them.

In the world of cultivators, strength always reigned supreme. Qin Yu was stronger than them; this was a fact they could not refute.

So no matter how angry they were they could only endure it. Otherwise, the slap would only be louder.

Qin Yu smiled and lowered his voice, saying to the dazed Lei Xiaoyu, “I always keep my word. Since I promised to be your shield, I will uphold my duties as best as I can. Are you satisfied with the effect?”

At this time, the little blue lamp’s thought fluctuations resounded in his mind, “Hold on.”

Maintaining his composure, Qin Yu silently asked back, “What is it?”

The little blue lamp didn’t answer for several breaths of time. Then, it said, “It’s not wrong, that is a blue cloud lotus in your hands. What a pity. If it had grown for several more thousand years, there would have been a chance to save her. Unfortunately, its present effects can only extend the girl’s life by several years.”

Qin Yu tightened his hand on the lotus flower, “This lotus flower?”

The little blue lamp said, “No. The true treasure is with Wu Daoyuan. When you swallowed his supernatural arts, his divine sense was contaminated with the aura of the blue lotus flower, so I was then able to sense it.”

“What is the treasure?”

“The blue cloud lotus’ root. It is a plant that grows in the most filthy and dire place in the world. But, it is an object of yang that grows from yin, and emerges untainted. If it is completely mature it can remold the mortal body. It can be considered a decent treasure.”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. His mind returned to the outside world and he said, “Xiaoyu, stop daydreaming. Take the lotus flower.”

He had already realized what had happened. No wonder Lei Xiaoyu said that she felt comfortable when the blue cloud lotus fused into her body. It seemed that the lotus flower had been touched by the lotus root’s aura.

Although it couldn’t fully save her, it was good if she could live for several more years. But if there was another method discovered at that time? Hearing the little blue lamp’s words, Qin Yu came to a decision. He had to obtain the blue cloud lotus’ root.

But how to do that?

An idea quickly took shape. He looked at Wu Daoyuan who was still watching him with curiosity.

Lei Jinyun was the first to break the silence. He said, “Elder Wu, you speak too seriously. I was only surprised; I don’t dare to suspect you.”

He smiled again, “In the end, it is because my little sister has such sharp judgment. No wonder father holds him in such high esteem and even allowed Qin Yu to borrow the Soul Casting Array Formation.”

Now that the situation had been decided, he would lose face no matter what. But the more magnanimous his display was, the more honor he could reclaim. Lei Jinyun stepped forward, his smile even brighter than before, “Qin Yu, I didn’t know who you were before so I ask you to forgive me if you felt neglected. Some day in the future I will hold a small feast. I hope that you don’t decline.”


The Lei Family’s eldest son was indeed fierce.

With his attitude today, whether Qin Yu agreed or refused, a gap was bound to appear between him and Lei Xiaoyu.

Qin Yu lightly said, “If I have free time, I will bring Xiaoyu and attend together.” Then, ignoring Lei Jinyun’s stiff face, he suddenly said, “Elder Wu, I am extremely interested in your Empty Handed Art. May I experience it one more time?”

The complexions of the audience changed. They looked at Qin Yu as if they were staring at a madman. Did he think Wu Daoyuan was a monster that dropped treasures all the time? Did he really think he could win?

That’s right. In everyone’s hearts, the only reason Qin Yu won was because Wu Daoyuan had underestimated him.

Otherwise how could a God boundary powerhouse who had condensed five rings of glory be defeated by Qin Yu? This was the only logical explanation.

Okay. Even if they took a step back and said that Qin Yu had some secret hidden on his body that could shield against the Empty Handed Art…

Not to mention that doing this might thoroughly enrage Wu Daoyuan, but once news of this spread out, the covetous eyes staring at him would be enough to turn anyone into an alcoholic!

The youths were all elated with success for a time. They thought that this Qin Yu didn’t know how vast the heavens and earth were.

Everyone in the quiet hall was shouting out in their hearts – agree with him, agree with him!

And the ones shouting this the loudest in their hearts were naturally Lei Jinyun and Gu Wan.

They originally thought that today’s plans had failed, resulting in them becoming a laughingstock. But who would have imagined that Qin Yu would deliberately smash his head into a wall again. The husband and wife duo couldn’t help but look forward to what was coming.

Wu Daoyuan revealed a look of surprise as he stared back at Qin Yu. Although this Qin Yu had shown great talent and pride, the serenity in his eyes meant that he wasn’t a reckless person.

Could it be possible that he…

Wu Daoyuan’s thoughts raced. He smiled and said, “Little friend Qin Yu, if you honestly answer my question, I might agree…”

Qin Yu said, “Yes.”

Wu Daoyuan was startled. “You know what I was going to ask?”

Qin Yu lifted a hand and pointed to the lotus flower mark on the back of Lei Xiaoyu’s hand.

With this, he was sure.

As he thought, Qin Yu was aiming for the lotus root. Did he know where it came from?

In all honesty, Wu Daoyuan hesitated for a moment. It was only by lucky coincidence that he found the blue cloud lotus in a dangerous land. It wasn’t easy to obtain.

Although he hadn’t been able to determine what the function of this lotus root that had been buried underneath pitch black contaminated dirt was, he knew it was absolutely extraordinary from the aura it released.

Did he really need to take it out for a test?

When Qin Yu severed his Empty Handed Art, Wu Daoyuan still wasn’t able to figure out how it happened. If Qin Yu actually did win, this would be embarrassing…

However, he was curious as to what method Qin Yu used…

“Elder Wu, I understand that my request is overly excessive, so I am willing to use this as the price.” Qin Yu flipped his hand and light surged around his palm. A white fruit shaped like a crescent appeared.

As this fruit appeared, faint traces of moonlight sprinkled down around it, gathering in the air and condensing into the shape of a crescent moon.

“Heavenly moon fruit!”

Wu Daoyuan shouted out loud, his eyes brightening.

Everyone in the hall cried out in alarm.

They all widened their eyes, shaken as they stared at Qin Yu. It felt as if this was the first time they truly saw him.

This was supposed to be a poor, unknown youth with no background!


Throughout the entire Roc City territory, who could find a poor and unknown youth that could casually take out a heavenly moon fruit?

As they recalled Qin Yu’s performance ever since he arrived at the banquet and the heavenly moon fruit that was lying peacefully on his palm, many people seemed to awaken from a fog.

This was playing the pig to eat the tiger, this boy was definitely playing the pig to eat the tiger! Qin Yu had to have a great background and it was just that no one knew about it.

Wait a moment!

If their guess was correct, and it was said that Qin Yu suddenly appeared beside Lei Xiaoyu and obtained Lei Qianjun’s permission to use the Soul Casting Array Formation, could things really be as simple as they seemed?

What nonsense! It was terrifying just thinking about the possibilities!

The corners of Lei Jinyun’s eyes twitched and he paled. Great waves rose and crashed in his heart.

Who was this Qin Yu? And what was his father planning?

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