Chapter 912B – Help You Take It

Kang Qi forced a smile and bowed, “I thank Elder Wu for showing mercy.”

He returned to the crowd.

Wu Daoyuan smiled. “This is a family rule so I cannot break it.”

He put the jade pendant away.

Kang Qi’s defeat was within everyone’s expectations. If Wu Daoyuan couldn’t even defeat a junior who hadn’t yet entered the God boundary, how could the Empty Handed Art have its current reputation?

What truly shocked everyone was that Wu Daoyuan had been far too fast. It had taken him only several breaths of time, and Kang Qi hadn’t even realized it!

Although Kang Qi was at a disadvantage because he went first, everyone recognized his strength.

Kang Qi had suffered such a loss. If anyone else went on stage instead, would their performance be any better?

“I’ll come.” A youth stepped into the circle. He cupped his hands together and said, “I am Roc City’s Miao Qiyu. I greet Elder Wu.”

As he spoke, many people were startled. They looked on intently. It was clear this Miao Qiyu was somewhat famous.

But what a pity, facing Wu Daoyuan’s Empty Handed Art he was only able to last two more breaths of time than Kang Qi.

“This junior feels nothing but the deepest admiration for Elder Wu’s skills.” Miao Qiyu cupped his hands together and bowed, walking back into the crowd. Although he had lost, there was a visible difference between him and Kang Qi.

Following that, three more Roc City cultivators tried. Without exception, they all failed as one of their belongings was snatched by the Empty Handed Art.

“Miss Lei, my name is Meng Pingyue and I come from Balance City’s Meng Family. Although I have no confidence of winning today, I am willing to try for you. If I can win by luck, I hope you will accept this lotus flower.”

He faintly smiled after he spoke. Then, without giving Lei Xiaoyu a chance to respond, he walked forward. “Elder Wu, please.”

Meng Pingyue placed a finger between his eyebrows. Then, a mountain phantom appeared around him. While it was faint, one could feel how heavy it was.

“Mountain intent manifestation!”

“Illusion substantialization!”

With quiet shouts from all over, everyone’s complexions changed.

Wu Daoyuan slightly bowed. “Little friend’s strength is not minor. Please be careful.”

As he spoke he lifted a hand and grasped forward. His lower arm vanished from sight.

Time passed, one breath at a time. Everyone could clearly see the mountain phantom around Meng Pingyue ripple like wind across a lake.

The incense stick burned by half…over half…almost to the end…

Meng Pingyue’s eyes revealed a look of happiness. But at this time, Wu Daoyuan smiled.

Pa –

With a light sound, the mountain phantom collapsed and vanished. A yellow stone lay quietly between Wu Daoyuan’s fingers.

“Elder Wu’s skills are admirable.” Meng Pingyue bowed. He turned and forced a smile. “Miss Lei, I have disappointed you. My apologies. But as you see today, I am willing to do anything for you. Even if I cannot achieve it, I am still willing to try.”

This boy, his ability to sweet talk was much stronger than his cultivation.

Wu Daoyuan faintly smiled. He planned to stop here today. But then, his eyebrows furrowed together.

Lei Jinyun felt uncomfortable. Although Gu Wan had spoken with confidence, today’s success lay in this key step.

Moments later, Gu Wan let out a breath and softly said, “He agreed.”

Lei Jinyun relaxed. He revealed a happy smile.

As long as Wu Daoyuan helped then there was no reason he would fail. At that time, he could activate the following series of moves he had arranged.

Today, he wanted to borrow this opportunity to let everyone know who the true successor of the Lei Family was!

Wu Daoyuan said, “Young man, Miss Lei is like the moon in the skies. There will inevitably be people pursuing her. Don’t you plan on doing anything?”

Shua –

Everyone’s gazes gathered on Qin Yu.

Qin Yu raised an eyebrow, as if never thinking that something like this would happen today.

He thought for a moment and said, “Xiaoyu, that lotus flower?”

Lei Xiaoyu bit her lips, “It has an effect of maintaining appearances…but for some reason, after it fused into me, I feel very comfortable.”


Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He smiled and said, “Okay. Then I’ll help you take it.”

The banquet hall suddenly fell deathly silent.

The two people hadn’t even concealed their exchange, so everyone could hear them speak…then I’ll help you take it…

Hiss – !

This Qin Yu, what bravado he has!

Who does he think he is? Does he even know who he is facing?

And most importantly, with him speaking with such a casual attitude, didn’t that mean everyone who tried before him was trash?

How could anyone endure this?

Meng Pingyue’s eyebrows rose up. Then, he clapped his hands, his face full of admiration, “As expected of someone favored by Miss Lei. Fellow daoist Qin is so brave and valorous. I will keep my eyes open and wait for fellow daoist Qin’s victory.”

Kang Qi bit his cheeks and said, “Brother Meng, you sound as if you aren’t confident in fellow daoist Qin. I don’t doubt Miss Lei’s judgment. How could someone she favors be defeated so easily?”

“Haha, if that’s the case then all we need to do is peacefully wait for fellow daoist to take the lotus flower and gift it to Miss Lei.”

The higher the rise, the heavier the fall.

These young elites were truly smart. While they lifted up Qin Yu they didn’t forget to tie Lei Xiaoyu with him. If he was made a joke of in the end, she would likely become so ashamed she would cut ties with him.

Lei Xiaoyu revealed an annoyed expression, somewhat regretting what she said before. But in this situation, there was nothing else she could say.

Qin Yu smiled. He looked at the cold-eyed young elites and said, “Then, keep your eyes wide open and watch carefully.”

Whoosh –

Wasn’t this just slapping them publicly?

Even someone like Meng Pingyue who was known for his skill at concealing his emotions couldn’t help but change complexions. No matter how handsome or talented they were, they were still youths. With their talent and current achievements, they were destined to be incomparably arrogant individuals. Since when had they been ridiculed like this?

But no one continued to speak up. In the face of facts, all words were pale and weak.

If this Qin Yu really did win the lotus flower then they would have nothing to say because they were inferior to him. But if he was just bragging without cause…hehe, did he think the phrase ‘loose lips sink ships’ was just used to scare people?

As for whether or not Qin Yu could win?

The one he faced right now was an Elder of the Blackpool Wu Family who had broken through to the God boundary and condensed five rings of glory. He was an absolute powerhouse. If he used the Empty Handed Art, perhaps not even a genuine God boundary cultivator could block him!

Everyone here had already heard that at the night market, Qin Yu had forced the treasure watchers to lower their heads and won the doll. But even so, they didn’t believe he could create another miracle today.

After all, while treasure watchers might be mysterious figures in the eyes of the average person, they weren’t anything at all in the eyes of these young elites. How could they be compared with an Elder of the Blackpool Wu Family?

Wu Daoyuan looked at Qin Yu with appreciation. Forgetting all this, just this confidence and calmness was rare amongst juniors.

This boy’s character suited his taste. If someone worked hard to suppress their cultivation, saving their foundation to condense five rings of glory before breaking through to the God boundary, how could they really be as polite and gentle as they seemed on the surface?

Wu Daoyuan had his own pride. He just didn’t bother revealing it to this gaggle of juniors.

But what a pity. He hoped that today’s events wouldn’t be too great of a blow to this young man.

He secretly shook his head, and a trace of sympathy flashed in his eyes before returning to normal. “Little friend Qin Yu, I’m going to begin.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “Elder Wu, please.”

Once a new incense stick was lit, he reached a hand forward. Although there were no fluctuations in the air, Wu Daoyuan’s lower arm vanished from sight.

The hall was silent. As time slowly passed, the ridicule and sneers on everyone’s faces began to turn into surprise.

This boy was actually able to last this long. Qin Yu’s strength surpassed their expectations. The incense stick burnt to half…over half…and was about to die down…

Meng Pingyue sneered inwardly. He had also arrived at this step. But, the further he went, the more he could feel the disparity. As long as Wu Daoyun became a little serious, he could easily break through.

Wu Daoyuan revealed a look of acclaim. “Little friend Qin Yu’s defensive abilities are mysterious and profound beyond comparison. You can actually block all inside and outside auras, leaving no place for me to start from. If we were at the same boundary, I fear that I would need to expend some strength. But since I have entered the God boundary, this can be considered as the big bullying the small.”

He said this so that everyone could hear it. Even if Qin Yu lost, he would only lose some dignity. This was because Wu Daoyuan acknowledged that he used his superior cultivation to bully someone below him.

Lei Xiaoyu relaxed. With these words as a base, even if Qin Yu lost then he would still be the best of those that tried. Even if some people weren’t happy and jumped out to cause trouble, they wouldn’t be able to justify their actions. That situation would be much easier to deal with.

That’s right, even Lei Xiaoyu was thinking the same as everyone else at the banquet. She also didn’t believe that Qin Yu could win…the disparity between the two was simply far too great.

One was a new Wu Family Elder who had condensed five rings of glory and the other was an unknown young man who hadn’t even stepped into the God boundary. There was no comparing the two sides.

But in truth, Qin Yu defended with ease. With extreme ease.

He slightly spread out the sun and moon force field so that it covered his entire body. Although it seemed like a light layer of defense that wasn’t too formidable, anyone who ran into it would understand how unbelievably hard it was.

In truth, Qin Yu himself didn’t know how hard it was, but he knew it would be extremely easy to make Wu Daoyuan smash into this barrier so much that his head started bleeding.

However, the words that Wu Daoyuan said just now…Qin Yu thought about it and decided to go easy on him. Besides, he was just a little cultivator who hadn’t even broken into the God boundary yet. If he knocked Wu Daoyuan to the ground here he would inevitably attract attention. While he wasn’t afraid of trouble, it was better to avoid unnecessary conflict.

In the eyes of others, the Empty Handed Art was incomparably mysterious and couldn’t be sensed or traced. But in Qin Yu’s senses, it was clearly visible. He could sense it growing several times stronger.

With a thought, a little gap appeared in the sun and moon force field, just enough for the Empty Handed Art to pass through…

Across from him, Wu Daoyuan smiled and was about to take back his hand. But then his complexion changed. His carefree eyes became dignified as he looked at Qin Yu.

He had been defeated.

No, this wasn’t a simple defeat. Rather, the moment he broke past Qin Yu’s defense, he had lost all senses.

Let alone encountering such a situation, the entire Wu Family had never even heard of it.

Just what method was this?

As Wu Daoyuan was startled, Qin Yu was also shocked. When he severed the Empty Handed Art, he discovered that Wu Daoyuan’s divine sense was contained within it.

Now that he had ‘swallowed it’, the taste wasn’t much better than being cut by a saber. Yet, there was no reaction from him. What was the meaning of this?


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