Chapter 912A – Help You Take It

Lei Jinyun drew in a deep breath and slowly said, “Today’s banquet is to celebrate the newly promoted Elder of the Wu Family, Wu Daoyuan. Since the guest of honor has yet to arrive, it would be a loss of etiquette if you leave now.”

Lei Xiaoyu said, “I’ve been ill since I was a child and father rarely allowed me to participate in banquets like this. Even if I leave early, I believe Elder Wu will forgive me.”

“Xiaoyu!” Lei Jinyun frowned.

But before he could say anything else, a laugh came from outside the hall. “Today I am passing through Roc City, and I must thank the eldest son and his wife for the invitation.”

Before the voice fell, a man dressed in daoist robes appeared. He had the appearance of a 30 year old man and he floated just above the floor as he stepped forward. His eyes and smile were warm, carrying with them a hint of extraordinariness and immortal style.

Lei Jinyun walked forward and cupped his hands together, bowing. “Elder Wu, it has been 13 years since we last met. I congratulate you on breaking through your bottleneck and opening your God boundary Great Dao.

According to popular convention, only those God boundary cultivators with five rings of glory could be called by the term Great Dao. The meaning was that the Great Dao awaited them on their path and their future was limitless.

In this situation, Lei Jinyun absolutely wouldn’t casually say this. Since he said it, that meant that this Wu Daoyuan was a God boundary existence with at least five rings of glory.

Everyone at the banquet felt a profound respect towards him.

In the world of cultivators, only strength lasted forever. It represented a supreme status.

Having five or more rings of glory proved how terrifying Wu Daoyuan was. Such a character must have been patiently waiting for numerous years, accumulating his background until he broke through to the God boundary in a single step.

For some characters, after reaching the God boundary their cultivation would rise rapidly. It was likely that in a hundred years at most, he would become a powerhouse that reigned over his own domain.

And most importantly, this Wu Daoyuan had the qualifications to attack the Origin God boundary!

Origin God. In this world, an Origin God was an existence that represented unsurpassed power and authority. They dominated above the highest heavens, looking down at the countless trillions of lives down below.

“We greet Elder Wu!” Everyone bowed as they spoke, their manner respectful.

Wu Daoyuan waved his hand and laughed, “There’s no need to be so formal. Everyone, please stand up.” He glanced at Lei Xiaoyu and smiled, “As the eldest son says, I once visited the City Lord Mansion 13 years ago. At that time I also saw you. I never thought that in the blink of an eye, you would grow up into such a beautiful girl. The years really aren’t forgiving.”

Lei Xiaoyu bowed, “I greet Elder Wu.”

Wu Daoyuan smiled. He lifted a hand. Light flashed and a lotus flower appeared. “This lotus flower is a bit interesting. I accidentally obtained it some time ago, and I’ll give it to you today as a gift for you having reached adulthood.”

If he said it like that, there was no way to decline. After Lei Xiaoyu expressed her gratitude, she received the lotus flower with both hands.

When the lotus flower touched her hands it vanished from sight. Then, a faintly visible lotus flower mark appeared on the back of her hand.

After sensing it, Lei Xiaoyu had a dignified expression. She bowed once more, “Thank you, Elder Wu.”

Many people revealed looks of envy. If Lei Xiaoyu said something like that, it had to mean that this lotus flower was incredible.

But they only envied for a moment. None of them believed that they had enough face for Wu Daoyuan to gift them a present upon first meeting.

With the guest of honor having arrived, the banquet truly began. Although this was a buffet-style banquet, it was at this point that the final few dishes were sent up.

All sorts of precious and rare delicacies were placed on soft snow-white tablecloths. The air was filled with aromas that tingled the senses.

After receiving such a deep gift, Lei Xiaoyu couldn’t leave anymore. She turned and gave Qin Yu an apologetic look.

Since he came here because of her, he didn’t mind staying longer. In addition, the new dishes that just arrived looked and smelled great. The taste was also sublime.

“Are you hungry?”

Hearing Qin Yu’s question, Lei Xiaoyu was stunned. In this sort of situation, most people were chatting and exchanging information with each other. Very few people were actually eating. But when Qin Yu asked this question, his words seemed correct and confident.

“Try this sea fish over there. This is the most precious thing here. Today is a great banquet for an outside guest so it’s being served, but normally I can’t eat it even if I want to.”

Lei Xiaoyu pulled Qin Yu over to the dining table.

Thus, many people in the hall couldn’t help but sneak a glance at the young man and woman who were eating extravagantly.

If it was only Qin Yu then that was fine; he was just an ordinary boy without any background. If he saw something good then it wasn’t a surprise that he couldn’t stop eating. But what was the deal with Lei Xiaoyu? With her status, what hadn’t she eaten before? Was there a need to be like this?

Unexpectedly, just looking at these two eat, even if one didn’t feel hungry they would still drool.

Lei Jinyun and Gu Wan represented the City Lord Mansion as they spoke with Wu Daoyuan. Their conversation was happy and cordial.

At this time, the group of young elites who had been silent for a long time glanced at each other. Then, one of them walked over and bowed, “I am Roc City’s Kang Qi. I greet Elder Wu.”

Wu Daoyuan smiled and nodded.

Seeing this, Kang Qi was filled with confidence, “I’ve heard for a long time that the Blackpool Wu Family has a supernatural secret technique called the Empty Handed Art, and that it is one of the world’s most wonderful skills. I wonder if senior can demonstrate it for me so that I and my fellow juniors can open our eyes?”

The hall fell silent. The eyes of many people shined with anticipation.

Wu Daoyuan waved his hand. “It’s just a minor technique unworthy of the stage. There’s no need to place it in such high esteem.”

Several other young elites appeared. They bowed and said, “Elder Wu, please give us juniors an opportunity to see.”

Wu Daoyuan hesitated.

Gu Wan smiled, “Uncle Wu, since everyone has asked you with such sincerity, you might as well give a little demonstration.”

She batted her eyes. “I know the rules of the Empty Handed Art. If you lose you have to put forth a minor reward.”

Wu Daoyuan shook his head and laughed, “It's fine. Since everyone is so interested, I will embarrass myself.” He turned his hand and took out another lotus flower, one that was the exact same as the one gifted to Lei Xiaoyu.

“When I accidentally obtained a rare treasure some time ago, two of these lotus flowers came along in addition. They aren’t too bad, so I’ll bring it out to add to the fun.”

As Wu Daoyuan said this he looked at Lei Xiaoyu and said, “There’s something I should remind you of. The two lotus flowers can be fused together. If that is done, the effects will be even better.”

With his eyesight, just by glancing around the hall he could guess the situation. It was clear what he was referring to.

The eyes of many people lit up.

When Wu Daoyuan took out the lotus flower, he had already thought of this. If anyone here could succeed in obtaining it, they would have the same one as Lei Xiaoyu.

If so…

Only a fool would use it for themselves. If they managed to win by luck, they could seize this chance to give it to Lei Xiaoyu and indicate their regards. Maybe they could move her heart.

At the very worst they could leave behind a good impression that they could work further upon in the future.

Wu Daoyuan walked to the center of the hall. The crowd drew back in a circle around him. He smiled and said, “Who is willing to be the first?”

“Since I was the first to propose this, I certainly won’t let anyone down.” Kang Qi cupped his hands together and stepped into the circle.

Wu Daoyuan said, “Young friend, do you know the rules?”

Kang Qi respectfully said, “Who doesn’t know the name of the Empty Handed Art? I once heard an Elder in my family mention it. So Elder Wu, please begin at any time.”

Wu Daoyuan nodded. He flicked his sleeve and took out an incense burner. A thin incense stick was stabbed into it, burning at a visible speed.

“In order to ensure fairness, I will establish a limit. If fellow daoist can last as long as this incense stick then it will be considered your victory.”

As he spoke he lifted a hand and reached forward. What was strange was that no aura emanated from him, but his lower arm vanished, as if passing through an invisible channel.

On the other side, Kang Qi acted as if a great enemy approached. He shouted out loud, causing the air to blast. Fortunately, all of his power was compressed within a circle around him, otherwise this banquet would have been ruined.

“Amazing! I haven’t seen him for some time but Brother Kang’s cultivation has risen again!”

“It looks like fellow daoist Kang’s God boundary will be opened soon enough.”

“Hum hum, I think that Kang Qi has already opened the path of his God boundary but he’s suppressed it instead of making a breakthrough.”

“This boy has really hidden himself deeply. I fear he will leap into the spotlight with this one feat today.”

With a shout, everyone’s eyes focused on Kang Qi.

But soon, before the incense stick was even half-burned, Wu Daoyuan drew back his hand. There was a jade pendant between his fingers. “Little friend Kang, well played.”

Kang Qi’s eyes widened with disbelief. Although he didn’t speak, everyone knew the result.

Hu –

There were loud gasps of air in the hall.

Although everyone had heard of the Wu Family’s Empty Handed Art, it was only now that they realized it was far more mystical than they realized.

They could see that from beginning to end, Kang Qi hadn’t sensed anything at all…if it wasn’t stealing one of his belongings but attacking him instead…

Thinking this, everyone’s hearts chilled.

Qin Yu stopped eating and raised an eyebrow. “This is the Empty Handed Art?”

Lei Xiaoyu lowered her voice and said, “In the Blackpool Wu Family, their ancestors used to be famous thieves. They once escaped from beneath the grasp of an Origin God and became famous because of that. Afterwards, in order to continue the inheritance of their family, the Wu Family ancestors swore an oath that they would never take the initiative to attack any influence in the world. By relying on the Empty Handed Art, the Wu Family disciples were able to search for secrets and treasures in mystic realms and ancient ruins. They can be described as ridiculously rich.

“In the past my father needed to break through an ancient ruin, so that’s why he has some friendship with the Blackpool Wu Family. In short, they have a broad range of friendships and most people aren’t willing to offend them…”

Lei Xiaoyu swallowed the following words, but Qin Yu understood what she was trying to say. Unless a family head had been kicked in the head, there was no reason they would provoke the Wu Family that originated from a band of thieves.

As the saying went, if one wasn’t afraid of being stolen from by a thief then they were afraid of being remembered by a thief. If the Blackpool Wu Family really did remember someone, it would be impossible for that person to sleep peacefully.

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