Chapter 909B - Resonance

“What do you think of that boy?”

The steward said, “He is extremely calm and stable, with some momentum to him.”

Lei Qianjun nodded. “You aren’t telling the truth. That boy is arrogant to his bones, but more than arrogant, he is confident.” He smiled, “It’s been many years since I’ve encountered such an interesting boy. Even under the suppression of my aura he managed to remain calm…did you know what I sensed from him just now?

“He was composed! Although he appeared distressed on the outside and his face was pale and he seemed to be struggling, deep in his heart he felt no fear. It seemed that even if I were to attack him, he really did believe he could escape unscathed. Humph, this kid is…interesting!”

To use the word ‘interesting’ twice, the steward knew that the City Lord must appreciate Qin Yu a great deal. He hesitated for a moment and said, “And about the matter you raised?”

Lei Qianjun shook his head, “This boy has a spine. Since I wasn’t able to force him to lower his head today, I cannot mention this again in the future otherwise he will definitely leave. I don’t want Xiaoyu to be sad, so let him do as he wishes.”

The steward said, “The young master also applied to use the Soul Casting Array Formation. You rejected him because you stated that it wasn’t the right time. I fear that as things are, he might have some unnecessary thoughts.”

Lei Qianjun said, “He is my son. He can have any thought he wants, but before I die it is best if he patiently waits.”

The steward nodded. “I understand.”

He sighed inwardly. The young master’s talent and disposition were far above average, but it was a pity that he was born in the family of the Roc City Lord. The standards required here were astonishingly high.

This was also a test.

After obtaining Lei Qianjun’s approval, Qin Yu was able to borrow the Soul Casting Array Formation. And, what was even more coincidental was that this incomparably precious array formation that was amazingly expensive to construct had actually been built in Lei Xiaoyu’s residence.

To be more precise, no matter how one saw it, this array formation was prepared for Lei Xiaoyu alone.

With this thought in mind, Qin Yu followed behind Lei Xiaoyu. She easily opened her way through various spells and barriers with familiar ease. When they reached the Soul Casting Array Formation and opened it, Qin Yu was able to determine something.

Lei Qianjun loved this daughter of his to the extreme!

“Big Brother Qin, while the Soul Casting Array Formation is in use, no outside disturbance is allowed. This jade slip has the control method and there is also a brand mark placed within that allows you to pass in and out. Memorize the method and then put the jade slip away. Remember, don’t lose it.” After giving him some more words of advice, Lei Xiaoyu smiled and left.

Looking at her back, Qin Yu sighed lightly. She was indeed an extremely bright girl. Taking a deep breath, he suppressed his thoughts and then probed the jade slip with his divine sense. Moments later he put the jade slip away and stepped into the Soul Casting Array Formation.

Diamond-shaped lights lit up on the ground one after another. It didn’t appear too unusual, and only after stepping inside did one realize its mysteries.

Once within, the air rapidly flowed like an endless underground river, filled with currents that recklessly shook. Each step had to be carefully placed in the correct position otherwise they would be thrust out. Even a God boundary cultivator would end up severely wounded.

According to the information in the jade slip, after Qin Yu walked forward for some time, he reached the core of the array formation. All of the shaking strength around him faded away.

He sat down cross-legged. Immediately, he could feel faint traces of a weak strength begin to be drawn in from nothingness by the Soul Casting Array Formation and fusing into his body.

“Mm? This strength is…” Qin Yu was surprised. Before he could think of anything more, the sun and moon force field in his soul space caused it to splash and ripple. It wasn’t violent at all, like a handful of sand being scattered onto a lake.

But the changes began here. These seemingly ordinary waves were like holes that had been opened up, connecting to an unknown place.

And these holes released a formidable power of attraction. The shaking of the Soul Casting Array Formation intensified and countless cracks appeared along the edges of space. They proceeded to fall off and tumble around before vanishing, leaving nothing in their place but dark nothingness.

From this nothingness, a massive amount of strange strength rushed out. Compared to before, the quantity was at least ten times more!

There was no need for Qin Yu to absorb it. As the sun and moon force field revolved, the strange strength was pulled into him, fusing into his body.

At this moment, not only was it Qin Yu’s soul, but every inch of his flesh, blood, and bone, was cheering in happiness.

Everything was being constantly strengthened!

Although it was on a small scope, this continuous feeling of improvement was an unimaginable miracle.

Qin Yu had no idea why the Soul Casting Array Formation could resonate with the sun and moon force field, but it was clear that this was good for him.

After examining himself and confirming that this resonance wouldn’t affect the Soul Casting Array Formation itself, he closed his eyes and started absorbing with all his strength.

When it was said that the Soul Casting Array Formation’s losses were astonishing, this wasn’t just empty talk. Even with the City Lord Mansion’s background, it still took them five years to construct it.

Afterwards, in order to guarantee that the Soul Casting Array Formation operated as smoothly as possible, Lei Qianjun passed down an order to establish a special array formation maintenance team.

This team was composed of three array formation grandmasters and 27 supporting cultivators. Altogether, 30 people were tasked with maintaining the Soul Casting Array Formation.

When Qin Yu obtained Lei Qianjun’s permission to use the Soul Casting Array Formation, the team of 30 people had started preparations ahead of time, inputting the materials needed for a single use.

Today, according to the report, Lei Xiaoyu brought Qin Yu to where the array formation was. Moments later the array formation activated and the consumption began.

Everything started out normally, but after a short time, the four supportive cultivators responsible for observing and recording data from the array formation all widened their eyes in collective shock.

“Continue reporting. I will go and report this to the grandmasters!” Someone said before turning and dashing away.

Soon, three grandmasters who had been cultivating all looked up at a screen of data projected onto a curtain of light. As they looked at the energy reserves within the array formation rapidly decreasing, they all had dignified expressions.

“Immediately refill the materials and maintain normal operations of the array formation!”

“Turn on the self-checking mechanism and see if there has been an accident with the array formation.”

“Activate the emergency energy reserves. We need to prevent any possible damage that might occur to the array formation due to insufficient supply!”

The team of 30 was fully mobilized.

An hour later, when the three grandmasters looked at the compiled list of reports, their eyebrows furrowed tightly together. They glanced at each other in blank dismay.

Everything was normal.

That’s right, this was the conclusion they obtained. Worried that their subordinates hadn’t been careful enough, the three grandmasters personally rechecked the data twice, but came to the same result every time.

“Hah…fellow daoists, let’s go and see the City Lord together.” A grandmaster sighed as he spoke. After the Soul Casting Array Formation was completed, the City Lord Mansion had treated them well these past years. Fortunately, the revolution of the array formation had always gone smoothly so the three grandmasters felt at ease.

But today, the array formation was experiencing problems for the first time and they weren’t able to find a solution. Although the test reports indicated that there was no problem with the array formation itself…this was only something good to hear; it wasn’t a fix in itself. If word of this spread out, others would laugh at them and say they were three old fogies that couldn’t do their jobs.

It was impossible to conceal the truth. When the Soul Casting Array Formation was activated, the losses were amazing to begin with, much less it was consuming three times the resources now. For every two hours that passed, an unimaginable amount of wealth was being used up!

Lei Xiaoyu was among the first to learn that there was a problem with the Soul Casting Array Formation, even if she didn’t know what the exact problem was. Before the three grandmasters arrived, she had found Lei Qianjun and begged him to handle this.

Seeing the tense expression on his beloved daughter’s face, Lei Qianjun readily agreed. He wanted her to feel relaxed.

When the three grandmasters arrived and explained the situation, Lei Xiaoyu let out a long breath of relief. She quickly asked, “Grandmasters, you’re saying that the consumption of resources has increased, but there is no problem with the array formation itself, right?”

A grandmaster said, “Yes, young miss. According to our examinations, the array formation is revolving per normal.”

“Good, good…” Lei Xiaoyu was overjoyed.

Lei Qianjun helplessly smiled. While he had a great enterprise and plenty of wealth, he had no reason to give it away to outsiders, especially when the losses were three times higher than normal.

This girl…

Another grandmaster hesitated before saying, “City Lord, according to our calculations this should be because an unknown chance has appeared in the environment of the outside world, thus causing the array formation’s revolution to quicken and its energy consumption to rise. This should be an accidental situation. If we temporarily stop the revolution of the array formation and wait some time before opening it again, we should be able to prevent unnecessary losses.”

Lei Xiaoyu was too embarrassed to be too obvious in front of outsiders. She quickly looked at her father with wide eyes.

Lei Qianjun lightly coughed. “No need. I agreed to this to begin with, so how could I go back on my word? This is simply a minor loss. Go back. I will pass down an order and give you all sufficient authority to ensure you can replenish any losses.”

“Yes, City Lord.” The three grandmasters excused themselves.

Lei Xiaoyu ran over behind her father and started kneading his shoulders. “Father, you’re so wonderful, I love you the most!”

Lei Qianjun coldly coughed. “I still can’t tell what’s so good about that smelly boy that you treat him so well.”

“Father –” Lei Xiaoyu wrinkled her nose. “Just do this for me. Okay, I’m not going to argue. I’m going back to cultivate.”

She turned and happily jogged away.

The steward said in a soft voice, “After Qin Yu entered the Soul Casting Array Formation, the young miss was waiting for him outside.”

Lei Qianjun closed his eyes. “I understand.”

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