Chapter 909A – Meeting

Lei Xiaoyu cautiously looked down at the two velvet-wrapped dolls in her hands. She put them away and happily said, “Big Brother Qin Yu, thank you so much for everything today!”

Qin Yu looked at her and smiled. “There’s no need to thank me. Just consider this compensation for how much time and effort you spent looking for me before.”

Lei Xiaoyu’s face flushed red. She didn’t think that Qin Yu was going to bring this up; it was embarrassing for her. As she was playing with her fingers, Qin Yu suddenly called out her name.

“Ah? What is it, Big Brother Qin?”

Qin Yu said, “Xiaoyu, I hope that for the rest of your life you will spend every day as happy as you are now.” Before Lei Xiaoyu could respond he turned and looked into the darkness behind her. “I’m leaving. You can bring her home.”

After a brief silence, two figures crept out from the dark. They were wrapped in black robes and seemed to melt into the night.

At this time, as these two black-robed figures looked at Qin Yu, there was a faint shock in their eyes. This boy had actually discovered them!

Lei Xiaoyu’s eyes widened. “Big Brother Qin!”

Qin Yu waved his hand and walked away. When Cao Yaozong ‘invited’ him out to join them and he agreed, he already had a thought forming in his heart. Now, he had come to a decision.

He didn’t save Lei Xiaoyu because the price was too steep, so steep that he couldn’t withstand it. Although there was some hesitation, he had no trouble facing his choice.

But if he were to borrow Lei Xiaoyu’s favorable impression of him and continue using her, that would actually touch his bottom line. He thought he could do it at first, but now it seemed he had overestimated himself.

Since he couldn’t do it then he would simply leave and look for another solution. Because to him, every day, every moment, was precious.

“Big Brother Qin, hold on!” With the sound of quick footsteps, Lei Xiaoyu chased after him. She said with a flushed face, “Are you leaving Roc City?”

Qin Yu said, “There is no endless party in the world. Moreover, I am just an ordinary traveler in Roc City to begin with.”

Lei Xiaoyu bit her lips. She suddenly panicked, as if once Qin Yu left she would never see him again. “Big Brother Qin, am I your friend?”

Qin Yu was startled. He nodded, “Of course.”

“Then shouldn’t friends help each other out?” Lei Xiaoyu continued to ask.

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment, “What are you trying to say?”

Lei Xiaoyu said, “I know that you must have a reason for approaching me on your own initiative.” She paused before saying, “Big Brother Qin, if there is anything you need my help with, please tell me.”

With just these words, Qin Yu knew this was a smart young girl.

Welcoming her gaze, Qin Yu thought for a moment. If he continued to insist there was no reason then he would be lying to himself and insulting her intelligence.

“There were some problems originally, but now I’ve thought of an even better solution.”

Lei Xiaoyu shook her head, “Big Brother Qin, you’re not telling me the truth.” She seemed to think back to something. After a brief silence she said, “Big Brother Qin, you are a genuinely good person. I know that you don’t want to use me, but if you are willing to remain, I would be very, very happy.

“And for me, the happiness you bring is the greatest reward I can ask for…of course, if Big Brother Qin Yu doesn’t think this reason is sufficient, then I’ll add another one. During the time you stay for, maybe I can find a way to make you like me.”

Lei Qianjun closed his eyes. He softly said, “Is that really what Xiaoyu said?”

The steward nodded, “Yes.”

“I understand.” Lei Qianjun tapped his fingers against the armrest and said, “Bring him to my study tomorrow. I want to see with my own eyes just how much weight this boy who is able to move my daughter’s heart has.”

The steward said, “In addition, I have investigated the matter you had me check into. The one who arranged all of this was Zhu Tiande’s second son, Zhu Youwen.”

Lei Qianjun sneered. “Humph. In my Roc City, not only are there many tigers and wolves outside, but there are far too many people at home who overestimate their smarts. Go and inform Zhu Tiande. Have him think about what he should do. I want a result in three days.

“As for the other little children who participated in this, have them all go into seclusion and reflect on their mistakes. From now on they aren’t permitted to come to the City Lord Mansion anymore.”

The steward hesitated, “Master, because of her body, the miss doesn’t have many friends. If you do this she might be sad.”

Lei Qianjun said, “Xiaoyu’s so-called friends have not considered her feelings.”

The steward said, “The young miss is very intelligent. Even though she was in a trap she still knew what she should do. It would be better to allow her to choose.”

The normally discreet steward who was a man of few words had said more than enough today.

Lei Qianjun glanced at him, his eyes faint. “You realized it?”

The steward’s waist bent lower. “Yes.”

A silence followed.

Lei Qianjun waved his hand. The steward backed up several steps before turning and leaving respectfully.

After leaving the study, the steward habitually looked up at the skies and let loose a long breath.

Qin Yu spent his first night in the City Lord Mansion peacefully cultivating. After deliberating on the subject numerous times, he finally agreed with Lei Xiaoyu.

Although she clearly stated the reasons why she wanted Qin Yu to stay, giving him enough room to maintain his honor, the more she was like this the heavier his heart was.

Each time he faced Lei Xiaoyu he couldn’t help but remember that this young girl had less than three years to live.

There was a knock on the door. Qin Yu restrained his emotions and opened it to see a maid bowing to him. “Sir Qin, the City Lord has requested your presence.”

The steward was waiting outside the study. He waved his hand, dismissing the maid. After glancing at him he said, “Qin Yu, the City Lord is in the middle of business right now. You may wait in the side hall.”

Qin Yu nodded. He entered the side hall and chose a seat to sit down in.

The massive Roc City presided over a region that was hundreds of thousands of miles wide. Countless matters both small and large needed to be processed so there were many people waiting here.

When Qin Yu arrived, lots of eyes gathered on him. Some were curious and some were judgmental. But no matter who it was, there was a faint coldness in their eyes.

This was the boy who stayed in the City Lord Mansion last night just because the young miss favored him?

There were few secrets in the mansion.

Last night, Lei Xiaoyu brought Qin Yu back to her home. One night was enough for news to spread, and those with the qualifications to know quickly found out.

And those that could arrive at this side hall and wait for a meeting with the City Lord naturally had those qualifications.

Qin Yu had a calm expression. His eyes hung low, blocking off everyone’s gazes. His heart was serene and indifferent.

This performance left everyone surprised. Some people felt appreciation but even more people sneered inwardly.

But no matter what they thought, no one would express their opinions publicly. They simply stood on the sidelines.

People passed in and out of the side hall. As they observed Qin Yu, he also observed them.

Time slowly passed. Soon, noon arrived. During these four hours of waiting, Qin Yu truly saw the status that the Roc City Lord had.

In this side hall, there were confident people that looked around with disdain. There were unruly people with sharp and tumbling auras. There were even some quietly taciturn people that possessed shocking killing intent.

But no matter who they were, once they obtained the sign that the City Lord was ready to meet with them, they all stood up and straightened their clothes. At the same time they restrained their aura to the limit, putting on their most submissive and respectful attitude.

This was power and influence, unsurpassed power and influence…the ability to summon wind and raise with the turn of a palm!

“Qin Yu, the City Lord is ready to see you.”

Qin Yu put down his teacup and followed behind the steward. After passing through an exquisite garden, they arrived at the study.

The steward pushed open the door. With a signal from his eyes, Qin Yu walked in.

As Qin Yu stepped inside he looked around. He saw Lei Qianjun sitting behind a desk, his eyes slightly closed.

To be exact, this was the second time they had met. But the last time at Immaterial Mountain, Lei Qianjun had been shaken by Qin Yu so he drew back his sharp fangs and claws.

Today their statuses were reversed and Qin Yu was in the other party’s study instead. In Qin Yu’s eyes, his light and casual aura was like a tower between the heavens and earth, suppressing everything around it.

Qin Yu took a deep breath and bowed, “Greetings, City Lord Lei.”

“You are Qin Yu?”


“Xiaoyu has already informed me of the situation. You want to borrow the Soul Casting Array Formation? What incredible gall you have. Do you know how much it costs to activate the array formation once?”

Qin Yu said, “I am willing to pay.”

Lei Qianjun said, “If it weren’t for Xiaoyu asking on your behalf, you would not have the qualifications to stand here, much less barter with me.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He cupped his hands together, “I ask the City Lord for clarity.”

Lei Qianjun opened his eyes. “You are quite intelligent. You know that if I was going to refuse, you would not even have a chance to come here.” He raised a finger. “There’s one thing I need from you. Marry Xiaoyu and become the son-in-law of my Roc City. Then, you may freely use the Soul Casting Array Formation!"

Qin Yu shook his head without hesitation. “City Lord, I am already married with my dao companion and we are very much in love. Forgive me for not being able to obey your orders.”

Lei Qianjun coldly sneered, “We are cultivators so why do we have to care about mortal customs? As long as two people like each other, who cares if a man has three wives or four concubines? Are you saying that you cannot take a liking to my daughter?”

Qin Yu said, “Xiaoyu is a good girl. I am honored to have obtained her favor. But if I were to agree to that in order to use the Soul Casting Array Formation, that would be the greatest insult to her.”

Lei Qianjun leaned forward. A boundless pressure rushed out. “Qin Yu, are you sure you want to refuse the only request that I have of you?”

The air nearly froze solid!

At this time, the quietly sitting Lei Qianjun was like a cruel and vicious beast, about to cause a scene of slaughter and carnage.

Qin Yu was like a little rock in a stormy sea. Endless pressure crashed into him from all directions.

Sweat gushed out, soaking his back wet. But his back remained straight as he maintained his silence.


With a shout, the study door was pushed open from outside. The terrifying aura that flooded the air suddenly vanished, without a trace left behind.

As if everything had been an illusion.

Lei Xiaoyu blushed red. She loudly said, “How can you treat Big Brother Qin like that…this isn’t what we agreed to!”

Lei Qianjun had a helpless expression. “You are my treasured daughter and I don’t want you to suffer a loss. That’s why I needed to test this boy’s character. He just barely qualifies.”

Lei Xiaoyu stamped her feet in anger. She bitterly said, “And your testing is done?”

Lei Qianjun nodded and laughed.

Lei Xiaoyu grabbed onto Qin Yu. “Big Brother Qin, let’s go!”

Qin Yu took two steps before he stopped, signaling for Lei Xiaoyu to wait a moment. He turned and cupped his hands together, “City Lord Lei, do not worry. I will keep in my heart the graciousness of you allowing me to use the Soul Casting Array Formation. If possible, I will repay this favor in the future.”

Lei Qianjun waved his hand, not saying much.

The door opened and closed. The steward walked in, stood to the side, and lowered his head.

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