Chapter 908 – Compromise

The crowd began to loudly cheer and applaud!

Zhu Youwen’s performance was wonderful. As he rode on his horse, with his impassioned speech, heroic figure, and dashing demeanor, many female cultivators swooned as they looked at him, their hands covering their hearts.

Lei Xiaoyu’s complexion changed but she soon came to a decision. She reached out and quietly held Qin Yu’s hand.

She had to tell him to not be afraid. That no matter what happened today, she would guarantee his safety. Although she was the City Lord’s most favored daughter, she didn’t like to suppress others with her status. But even if she did, who would say anything about it?

As Zhu Youwen saw this, his expression didn’t change but killing intent rose in his heart. He looked over Qin Yu, his eyes so cold they could freeze ice.

He came to a decision. Once it was determined that Qin Yu really was cheating, he would immediately kill him.

Even if Lei Xiaoyu loathed him, he wouldn’t change his mind…if she loathed him, there was a chance to resolve it. But if he freely let them go, there would be no chance for him!


Third Brother looked at Qin Yu coldly. His hands fell onto the red table. With a buzzing sound, the bowls on the tabletop began to dissolve, gathering towards the center like waves of water. Then, a crimson bead around half the size of an adult’s fist slowly floated up.

“I ask the ancestors for guidance!” With a shout, Third Brother pointed at Qin Yu. The crimson bead flew over, slowly revolving around him.

One circle, two circles, three circles…

Lei Xiaoyu anxiously clenched her fists, her palms slightly wet. Qin Yu turned and glanced at her, revealing a faint smile.

He was calm. He was genuinely calm, without any anxiousness at all.

Through the long span of years, after trillions of proud elites of heaven fell from the skies, their undying wills condensed on their own, forming the jade embryo egg.

It was itself something that seized the good fortune of the world. In some sense, it was an existence that surpassed the material world.

Even the little blue lamp believed it was incomparably important. It had done everything in its power to help Qin Yu fuse with it.

Could a treasure watcher’s examination technique discover it? Sorry, it wasn’t that he was looking down on others, but there really was zero chance of it happening.

No chance at all!

The crimson bead that revolved around Qin Yu didn’t react. The doubt in their minds gradually turned to confusion and awe.

Third Brother started to sweat profusely. Although his cultivation was bad, it shouldn’t be a problem to activate this examination bead.

Why wasn’t it responding? Was this boy’s concealment technique that amazing…or, was it another possibility? Third Brother didn’t even want to think about it. Just by stopping the game and holding an examination, that was a provocation already.

Reconcilement? Peh!

You already wanted to take a life, so how could something so wonderful happen? If there really was no problem with this person…Third Brother shuddered at the thought.

No. No way. He was so young and hadn’t reached the God boundary. There was no way he could possess such a terrifying sensory ability.

He had to just be good at hiding himself. He had to be!

Zhu Youwen’s complexion didn’t change but his heart grew increasingly heavy. He didn’t want Qin Yu to stay by Lei Xiaoyu’s side, not even for another second!

“Is there a problem?”

These treasure watchers, all of them were trash!

Third Brother sweated more and more. He said, “I will immediately begin, I haven’t fully activated the power of the examination treasure yet.”

This was of course a lie. He had already used all his strength. No, he was even overdrawing himself.

Ancestors, ancestors, please open your eyes, I’m begging you to open your eyes!

Another moment passed. Third Brother’s face paled and then turned red. Then, all the blood drained from his face to reveal a hollow and gloomy blue color.

He was like a conjurer, his rapid changes impressing the crowd. But then Third Brother spat out a mouthful of blood and fell on his back.

The crowd fell silent.

Now, even if no one said anything, everyone knew the result. This black-robed little brother hadn’t used any tricks at all.

From start to finish he had relied on his true ability. Even a treasure watcher as fierce as Third Brother had gone crazy because of this and had fallen into his own trap.

These people all forgot that just some time ago, they were all thinking along the lines of Third Brother.

This was why it was said that the public really could be forgetful sometimes. Sometimes their memories could be three days, five days, or three seconds, five seconds.

What mattered wasn’t time, it was the change in situations and whether they conflicted with their positions…hehe, I am part of the public, I am such a hypocrite!

Before the breathless Zhu Youwen could erupt with anger, the crowd separated once more. This time, many people came, at least dozens of them.

The one in the center was a man with a full beard. But, he was much taller than Third Brother in more ways than one. Not only because he had a very nice braid in his beard, but also because of the momentum he released.

He was motionless like a mountain, like a great expert of his profession. Just standing there he gave off a feeling that he could suppress any scene.

The atmosphere fell silent once more.

Third Brother had an ashamed expression. He struggled to stand up and bowed, “Teacher, this disciple has brought you shame…”

This bearded man was called Jin Shui. Amongst treasure watchers, he was a true pinnacle figure. His methods and bearing could not even be compared with Third Brother. He glanced over lightly and said, “Since you know you have been shamed, don’t say anything else.”

Third Brother let out a sigh of relief. He knew his teacher’s temperament well. The ruder he was, the less he cared. If his teacher laughed and comforted him, that was only an act put on for outsiders. He would have to shed several layers of skin later!

Without paying attention to Third Brother anymore, Jin Shui cupped his hands together. “Greetings. My unworthy disciple must have seemed like a joke. I know that you are a little impatient in your heart now, thinking of what might happen next. Perhaps you are thinking that you poked the hornet’s nest, and after the little one is defeated, a bigger one keeps coming in an endless cycle. That does give off a greasy and crooked feeling.”

He was charming and humorous, and with his temperament it was easy to change the mood. Most of the tension in the scene was gone and many people chuckled lightly.

Jin Shui paused and continued to say, “Now, I am going to be responsible and tell you that you have no need to worry. Amongst the treasure watchers in Roc City, I am the oldest, with the highest qualifications and merits. No one else will jump out after me.”

Qin Yu glanced at him, “So you’re saying I need to pass a final test?”

Jin Shui calmly smiled. “You can phrase it that way. Just take it as this old man’s interest having been aroused. Or, perhaps I don’t want this old companion of mine to lose inexplicably.” He said, referring to the old table. He patted the red table and the examination bead flew back, falling into the hole. “Then, dear guest, please play one more game. It doesn’t matter if it is victory or defeat. Just treat this like a game of competition.”

Qin Yu thought for a moment and nodded, “Alright.”

He flicked his finger. With a ‘pa’, the heavenly scentstone fell into the hole. Nine large deep red bowls appeared. Although everything looked the same as when Third Brother was controlling things, it actually gave off an extremely different feeling…as for where that difference was, it was difficult to say.

As expected, a grandmaster was a grandmaster. Everyone immediately understood that the red table was Jun Shui’s, and Third Brother was merely a fake fox, trying to bully others by relying on his connections.

The pitiful Third Brother’s image had now gone from that of an extremely ‘fierce’ person to a ‘fake fox’. This was reality. The victor enjoyed all flowers and glory, and the loser was stomped into the endless abyss.

Jun Shui warmly stroked the table, his manner gentle. “My old companion, are you prepared?” He stood up, the smile gone from his face. The true manner of a grandmaster rushed forth. He gestured with a hand, “Guest, please.”

Qin Yu lifted a hand and pointed a finger.

That’s right, he lifted his hand without hesitation and pointed a finger.

There was no difference from the eight previous times. As if no matter who was standing in front of him, it was all the same.

Jin Shui had a strange expression. He looked at Qin Yu and then at the table. After a brief silence, he smiled and said, “Guest, may we have a private word with each other?”

Qin Yu was waiting for this. There were some people that liked being the center of attention and some people that didn’t.

For today at least, he was the latter.

He nodded, “Alright.”

Then, this storm that had considerable momentum and attracted numerous people quickly faded away, both sides leaving together.

But many people were dissatisfied. Just as the climax came, why did everything stop so abruptly? And the most dissatisfied among them was Zhu Youwen. He wanted to choke Qin Yu to death on the spot so how could he be willing to watch him leave?

But Jin Shui was not Third Brother. While he was also only a treasure watcher, he actually had the greatest power and influence amongst all treasure watchers.

Even Zhu Youwen, after hesitating repeatedly, decided not to provoke him.

In the western part of Roc City, there was an ordinary small courtyard. Only after stepping in did one realize there was an entirely different space inside. This was Jun Shui’s residence and also the place of highest authority for Roc City’s treasure watchers.

Jin Shui looked at the calm Qin Yu. He glanced at the darkness behind the two youths and finally pressed down some other thoughts that were stirring in his heart.

Everyone took a seat. Jin Shui smiled and lifted a teacup. “These tea leaves have no name but they are of the highest quality. Even I’m not willing to drink it too often. Dear guests, please give it a try.”

Qin Yu lightly said, “My apologies but my time is tight, so let’s get down to business.”

Jun Shui didn’t lose his temper. He laid down his teacup and said, “What request do you have? Please tell me.”

In this world, there was no baseless hate or love. Everything had a reason.

Qin Yu went straight to the point. “In today’s night market, a treasure watcher was carried off by the city guards for interrogation. But he disappeared halfway. I need something that he has. As for the specifics, Mister Jin Shui can ask around. I don’t think this will be difficult for you.”

Jin Shui smiled. “No problem.” He clapped his hands. “Go, find the boy that our guest is speaking of and bring him here.”

Outside the hall, there was the sound of footsteps quickly hurrying away.

Jin Shui’s eyes shined. “Guest, do you have any other requests?”

Qin Yu lifted the teacup. “Only that.”

Jin Shui laughed. “Great. Starting from today, dear guest is a friend of us treasure watchers.” He took out a gray and inconspicuous wooden sign. “This thing is a token of us treasure watchers. In the future, you can use this to obtain help or assistance from us. Within reasonable expectations at least.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “Thank you, Mister Jin Shui.”

With this, a compromise was formed from both sides.

A moment later, the vendor who was carried away by the city guards was led to the hall with a pale face.

Some time after, Jin Shui personally escorted Qin Yu and Lei Xiaoyu outside, happily conversing as he did.

Once the two left, a person who constantly stood behind Jin Shui, as silent as a shadow, spoke up. His voice was hoarse, “He chose?”

There was no context for these words, but Jin Shui understood what he meant. He shook his head, “I don’t know, but I cannot make a bet.”

“You were right.”

The person closed his eyes, unilaterally ending the conversation.

Jin Shui narrowed his eyes as he looked in the direction of where the two met. If the City Lord Mansion’s miss wasn’t present, he really did want to capture Qin Yu and figure out what secrets he had.

But subconsciously he also felt a danger lingering above his heart. As if once he tried to do something, there was going to be great trouble.

At this time, Jin Shui suddenly felt a trace of melancholy. He had a clear feeling that if he couldn’t figure out Qin Yu’s secret today, he would never get a second chance in his life!

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