Chapter 907- Examination

Now that he was already in the spotlight there was no more reason to remain low-key. Since he was going to smash these people’s rice bowls – their livelihood – then he would utterly break them apart.

Qin Yu glanced at the calm Third Brother. His eyes were serene and without waves.

He lifted a hand…

Here it was! Here it was! It came again!

More and more people were drawn over because of the previous disturbance. There were more than ten rings of them, all thronging around to see.

At this moment, everyone shouted out in their hearts. At the same time their eyes flew open. Among the treasure watchers, this was the highest-level red table. Could he still see through it?


But now, before the truth was revealed, no one dared to take a stand. Qin Yu’s previous actions had suppressed everyone present.

Seven continual times, he had lifted a finger and won. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes they simply wouldn’t have believed it!

This was how things were…it was difficult not to be shocked.

The finger fell.


Third Brother looked over and clapped his hands. The wooden bowl that Qin Yu selected suddenly melted like liquid, slowly settling into the table.

Hu –

The entire audience sucked in a collective breath of cold air. Everyone’s expressions were frozen in time, as if a paralysis technique had been used on them.

How…how was this possible…?

Everyone groaned inwardly. But, the one who groaned most painfully was undoubtedly Third Brother who was standing on the other side of the table.

What calm and collected demeanor? What brave and arrogant style? All of it had been crushed to pieces. His eyes nearly bulged out of his head and as he looked at the heavenly scentstone it was like he saw a ghost.

Impossible! This was impossible!

But Qin Yu didn’t give him time to be shocked. “I’ve won. According to the rules, you can give me one of the items on the shelf.”

He didn’t make a choice at all. But this wasn’t because he was kind-hearted or generous. When everyone regained their senses, they subconsciously felt a cold chill rise up from their backs and shoot into the skies.

The meaning of this was that he was going to be ruthless and chase him down to the end, never to give up!

That’s right, this was chasing him to the end. Even if what Qin Yu faced was the strongest red table of the treasure watchers.

No one doubted this.

Third Brother’s confidence had been washed away, none of it remaining. He stared at Qin Yu, his lips shivering.

He already knew what had happened before. This young man…no, what was hidden beneath this seemingly young bag of skin was likely an extremely old and powerful monster!

But that wasn’t right. While appearances could be concealed, one couldn’t fake their soul aura. This person wasn’t that old. Before this he had played seven games, all of his actions the same, none of them wrong.

If things were like this…

A cold sweat dripped down Third Brother’s face. He drew in a deep breath. He warned himself not to panic. He had to stand firm. He had to control himself.

What great storms hadn’t he seen before? Could he allow everything to capsize today?

Third Brother looked over Qin Yu. The higher his cultivation was, the sharper his senses would be. This young man and woman clearly hadn’t stepped into the God boundary.

Taking a deep breath, Third Brother thought that he had grasped some key point. These two weren’t at the God boundary and hadn’t even detached themselves from the mortal coil. No matter how strong of a soul they were born with, there was still a limit; it couldn’t be that exaggerated.

Even if he had to take another step back and considered the possibility that this boy had practiced some incomparably formidable soul art and his senses were also outstanding, he still shouldn’t surpass the level of the God boundary. And the red-level table he took out today would even render a peak God boundary powerhouse powerless.

That left only one possibility…some kind of tool!

The world was vast and there were bound to be things that existed beyond expectation. In the inherited records of the treasure watchers, there had appeared cultivators who used special types of treasures to recklessly win.

Of course, since there were such records, the people who cheated naturally had pitiful fates.

After all, to a treasure watcher, cheating was no different from theft! And Third Brother suspected that this young man and woman possessed such a treasure.

But it was obvious that these two people had an extraordinary status. If he exposed them without managing things well, there was bound to be a disturbance!

After a brief hesitation, Third Brother clenched his teeth. He didn’t care anymore!

There was no way to withdraw in today’s situation. Was he supposed to watch on helplessly as these two people swept up all his treasures?

The potential consequences of that left Third Brother shivering in a cold sweat.

Taking a deep breath, Third Brother pressed down his hands. “Guest, please wait. Our gambling game hasn’t changed, but I need to suspend it right now. Please assist me in conducting a simple examination.”

As he spoke, the atmosphere on the field changed. Several treasure watchers who had caught up after hearing the rumors suddenly had grim expressions.

The crowd began to shout.

A treasure watcher’s examination…it seemed that such things really did happen. When a treasure watcher suspected a guest of cheating, they would pause the game and carry out an examination.

However, though they heard that such examinations often occurred at high-level treasure watcher games, no one here had seen it with their own eyes yet.

The looks of the people started to change.

Originally, these were just two youths with average auras. No one imagined they would display such terrifying abilities. If they really had used some method to cheat in a treasure watcher game…then they were in for some trouble!

Before the examination began, many people felt as if they could already see the result occurring before their own eyes. They became even more excited.

There were even people shouting out to call their friends and their friends’ friends over. No one could miss out on such a lively event today!

Night markets were rarely allowed to be opened in the past. After all, when many people mixed together it was easy for trouble to occur. But for some reason, the City Lord suddenly relaxed the restrictions, allowing applications for the previously suppressed night markets to mysteriously pass.

As the opening notice for the night market was served by the city guards, there was also an additional request for enhanced preparedness measures. Increased staff were requested to ensure that no trouble occurred within the night market and secret screenings began to remove any unstable factors from the night market in advance.

These two simple notices threw the city guards into confusion. Many members who were on leave were urgently recalled.

Everyone wailed in sadness. Even if they cracked their heads open they couldn’t figure out what the City Lord was thinking.

This was a mere night market. How much trouble could occur, especially in Roc City? Did it deserve so much special attention?

As one of the deputy captains of the city guards, Zhu Youwen knew the reason why. This was because he had a capable father, Zhu Tiande, who held an important position beneath the City Lord; he was in charge of nearly a third of the garrisons outside the city.

After obtaining his father’s vague notification, Zhu Youwen knew that the opportunity he had been waiting a long time for had finally arrived.

So he had started to prepare a while ago. He spent a great deal of energy, time, and favors to complete his arrangements, waiting for Lei Xiaoyu to arrive.

In order to avoid her suspicion, he activated his plans several days after the night market began. Everything was going smoothly to begin with and once Lei Xiaoyu lost her puppet, he would appear as a hero and gain her favor.

Then, everything proceeded as he anticipated. As long as Lei Xiaoyu developed a favorable impression towards him, he had the confidence he could obtain her in the end.

But who knew that at the very last step, something would go wrong…a street rat came out of nowhere and ruined his chess game.

It was only then that he learned this boy’s name…Qin Yu!

At this time, Zhu Youwen really did have the impulse to tear him to shreds. Because he wasn’t unfamiliar with this name at all and had been annoyed by it for several months.

Fortunately, Zhu Youwen was a cautious person. He always liked to set up contingencies.

So once a problem occurred, the city guard cavalry that had been secretly keeping watch were sent out to carry away the treasure watcher. As long as he had that puppet he would still have a chance.

But Zhu Youwen was sure that now wasn’t the time to continue his original plan. Rather, he needed to expel Qin Yu from Lei Xiaoyu’s side.

This person was too threatening. He could not be allowed to stay!

Another incident occurred at the night market, blocking the flow of an entire street. The city guards were dispatched to maintain order. Zhu Youwen cursed beneath his breath. He had no choice but to put down his plans for Qin Yu and hurry over to help.

This was because he knew that the order to maintain peace within the night market, and even the source that allowed it to open, came from the City Lord himself. No mistakes could be allowed.

Zhu Youwen arrived. There were many people and they circled around a stall in droves.

He heard some people vaguely speaking. There seemed to be a treasure watcher’s stall in front. When Zhu Youwen heard this, his face darkened.

What rubbish, if he knew that a boy would pop out of nowhere and ruin his plan, he would have come up with another method.

“Go, disperse the crowd!”

The city guards started to take action. The stream of people gradually scattered. Riding on a tall horse, Zhu Youwen was deep in thought even as he patrolled around.

Suddenly, his expression stiffened. He stared at the center of the crowd. At this moment several subordinates who followed close behind Zhu Youwen ran into him and almost stumbled to the ground.

What happened? That even the deputy captain would lose his composure so unexpectedly. Looking ahead, their complexions immediately changed. They lowered their heads and pretended not to know anything.

They knew that the deputy captain desperately wanted to obtain the City Lord Mansion’s miss no matter the cost. Seeing her being so intimate with another man today, it was no wonder he was annoyed.

Zhu Youwen took a deep breath. He clenched his teeth and said, “Go and find out what happened here.”

But soon, a subordinate returned and briefly explained the matter.

“Examination?” Zhu Youwen’s eyes lit up. He slapped his horse and moved forward, “The night market is under my jurisdiction. Since something like this happened, as a deputy captain of the city guard I must come to bear testimony.”

His voice wasn’t low and many eyes veered towards him. The faces of the crowd filled with awe as they drew back. This was a deputy commander of the city guard. To them, this was an extraordinary person!

As Third Brother was making preparations, he also heard of Zhu Youwen’s arrival. His expression brightened, “Hahaha, so if it isn’t deputy commander Zhu. With your status, it is perfect to be a witness.”

Zhu Youwen nodded and didn’t say much to him. This person was just a treasure watcher. Even if he had some status, it wasn’t enough to care about. He glanced over Lei Xiaoyu before looking at Qin Yu.

“In front of the public today, I will inform you in advance that if you really are caught using illegal means in this gambling game, you will receive the most severe punishment! In Roc City, the law has always reigned supreme. Today, as an enforcer of the law, I publically announce that no matter who you are and what status you have, as long as you violate the rules then you will not be shown mercy!”

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