Chapter 906 – Smash the Rice Bowl

Lei Xiaoyu’s eyes widened even more. This was the first time her hand was held in such a manner by someone of the opposite sex, and it was also the strange and unusual Qin Yu. After a brief pause her face flushed red.

She felt faint as if she had a lack of oxygen. She continued to follow behind Qin Yu and it was only when he loosened his hand that she regained her composure. She pursed her lips together and tried to cover up the awkward expression on her face. “Big Brother Qin, what are we doing?”

Qin Yu said, “We’re going to smash the rice bowl. In a moment, don’t say anything. Just follow by my side.” As he spoke he moved towards a crowd of people. When Lei Xiaoyu caught up, she discovered that they had arrived at a stall with another Treasure Watch game.

Qin Yu silently continued forward. Even though he didn’t do anything, an invisible strength spread out from him and the crowd parted like water.

Many eyes landed on Qin Yu and their eyes shrank. They couldn’t say why, but they all had a similar thought – this person wasn’t good to mess with.

Since he wasn’t someone good to provoke, he shouldn’t be too excessive. They glanced at Lei Xiaoyu who was blindly following behind him and everyone understood what was happening. He was clearly trying to make a good impression in front of this woman.

When a man in this state – especially when it was one that wasn’t easy to provoke – it was best not to say anything to him.

They continued unimpeded. Qin Yu brought Lei Xiaoyu to the front of the stall.

The vendor had already noticed them. He glanced at them a few times. Once the guests in front of him smiled bitterly and backed away, he rubbed his hands together and said, “Dear guests, do you have any interest in playing the Treasure Watch game?”

Qin Yu stepped forward. “I’m interested. Choose something.”

It seemed this boy was someone who knew the rules. The vendor looked around and smiled. “Everything you have is good. You can take out any one item you’d like.”

Everyone knew that treasure watchers had the most sinister and ruthless eyesight. Several unhappy cultivators secretly rejoiced.

This was indeed not an average person!

Qin Yu looked at him and took out a palm-sized stone from his robes. Although it appeared ordinary it continually released a faint fragrance. “How’s this?”

“Heavenly scentstone!” Someone from the crowd shouted out loud.

Initially the crowd didn’t recognize what this was but now their complexions all started to change. Although this was called a heavenly scentstone, the truth was that it was the egg of an ancient monster that had already gone extinct.

Due to certain reasons, the embryo in the egg died before it could hatch. The egg was buried deep below the earth and evolved into its situation over a long period of time. It was extremely rare and incredibly precious.

The vendor’s expression changed. “This item is too precious. I have no reward that can match it.”

Qin Yu lightly said, “If you think it’s too precious, then if I win I will take a few more things.”

The vendor’s eyes flashed with uncertainty. He thought this was a fat sheep, but now the taste seemed a bit off. He looked at Qin Yu for a few moments. While his aura was somewhat vague, he definitely hadn’t entered the God boundary. Even if he had some background, what could he do?

Hum hum. Treasure watchers were usually loners and wanderers but for their inheritance to be passed down without interruption, how could they not have their own methods? The heavens had given him a chance to obtain such wealth; how could he not take it?

The vendor smiled and stretched out three fingers. “I don’t want to take advantage of you. If you win, you may choose three rewards.”


Pa –

With a flick of his fingers the heavenly scentstone fell into the hole in the round table. Nine wooden bowls immediately flipped over.

The vendor licked his lips. “The time has begun. Please…”

Before he could finish speaking, Qin Yu pointed a finger. “That one.”

The wooden bowl opened to reveal the heavenly scentstone lying peacefully within.  Everyone, including the vendor, was stunned silly.

Was this a coincidence?

Besides this, they couldn’t think of another possibility. As for whether or not Qin Yu could see through it with a single glance…what a joke, if treasure watchers who relied on this game for their livelihood were of this standard, they would have gone bankrupt ages ago.

The vendor’s lips twitched and he squeezed out a smile. “Your methods are incredible. According to the rules, you may choose your rewards.”

Qin Yu casually reached out and three reward items flew into his hand. He turned and gave them to Lei Xiaoyu.

“Take them.”

Lei Xiaoyu cried out in surprise and hurriedly received them. When the crowd saw this, they became increasingly certain of their previous guess.

As they thought, this boy was putting on airs in front of this girl.

The vendor relaxed even as his heart hurt. There were differences in quality amongst the reward prizes. The ones Qin Yu casually chose couldn’t be considered too precious, so his losses were reduced somewhat.

As the vendor secretly felt that he was destined to pay out a lot today, he heard Qin Yu say, “I want to go again.”

The vendor’s eyes brightened and he smiled. “Of course, as long as you are willing, treasure watchers will welcome you whenever. Dear guest, please!”

Pa –

The heavenly scentstone fell into the hole and the wooden bowls came out. Just as the vendor was about to speak, his heart skipped a beat.

In his eyes, Qin Yu raised his hand once again. His speed seemed even faster than before.

This couldn’t be, right? Did this boy really think he would be lucky every time?

Many people sneered inwardly.

But as the cold sneers came out, they all froze. A deathly silence filled the air, and the wooden bowl opened to reveal the heavenly scentstone. Beads of sweat rapidly formed on the vendor’s face.

He was frightened!

The first time might be luck, but could the second time? Don’t joke around. The probability of one out of nine was multiplied twice, so could it be such a coincidence?

Okay, there was a possibility. But look at this boy and his performance from beginning to end. Did it seem as if he was testing his luck at all?

This was a ruthless person, and the most ruthless amongst ruthless people.

The vendor wiped away his sweat as his life replayed within his mind. He even glanced at Lei Xiaoyu. He had no impression of her at all. What did he do to offend them and why would this big brother do this to him!

Ignoring the vendor’s complexion, Qin Yu took back the heavenly scentstone and picked three more reward prizes, turning around and passing them to Lei Xiaoyu. He lightly said, “Let’s continue.”

Hearing these words, the vendor’s heart nearly came to a stop. He bowed deeply and put forth his most humble smile. “Dear guest, may I ask if I have offended you somewhere?”

Qin Yu didn’t answer. Instead he asked, “I cannot play?”

The vendor’s heart sank and he knew he was in great trouble. This person was really doing all of this intentionally. There was absolutely no reason for this type of ruthless person to waste their time here.

His thoughts turned. The vendor looked around the crowd and saw that the people he had arranged there had already left. His heart calmed as he tried to delay for more time.

But when facing Qin Yu’s gaze, the vendor spoke a few times but didn’t dare to say anything too reckless. In his eyes, this seemingly handsome young man was like a monster. If he really provoked him, his fate was bound to be miserable.

So by the time the person who rushed over to deliver a report came back, the game had continued for five more rounds. The vendor’s face was pale white and drained of all blood.

At this time, the crowd parted ways. Three people walked onto the field. A large man with a beard was in the middle. He had a calm demeanor and eyes that were filled with vigor.

The vendor humorlessly laughed. His voice was nearly gone as he uttered, “Third Brother…”

The bearded man called Third Brother glanced at the rack where the prizes were located. He frowned and cupped his hands together, saying, “This guest, the little game that we treasure watchers play is for the entertainment of everyone. For you to play again and again, that is a slight against your status.”

Qin Yu gave Lei Xiaoyu a comforting look and passed her the prizes in his hand. He turned and said, “I am just an average person without any status. According to the rules of the treasure watchers, as long as I don’t leave on my own initiative then I have the qualifications to continue playing.”

Third Brother lightly said, “But why? If news of this spreads out, your face will suffer a loss.”

Qin Yu no longer cared about him. He looked at the vendor and said, “Let’s continue.”

The vendor’s legs softened and he slumped to the ground. This person really had a wonderful mind. He decided to never do business with Qin Yu again, otherwise the other half of his life savings would be lost today.

Moreover, his current display was to add more pressure to Qin Yu’s mind. With so many people watching and the vendor being forced to such a state, wouldn’t Qin Yu be too embarrassed to continue?


This move might be effective against most people, but unfortunately for the vendor, this didn’t include Qin Yu. He shook Lei Xiaoyu’s hand and said, “Is this the standard of Roc City’s treasure watchers? If you can’t afford to play, don’t come here and set up a stall.”

Third Brother coldly snorted and said, “Your words are too exaggerated. What you see is only the most useless and good-for-nothing treasure watcher in Roc City. If guest wants to play, then I will take over the game. Do you want to continue at my stall? Of course, the items I have are extremely precious. Even if you use the heavenly scentstone as a gambling stake, you can only take away one item.”

Among the treasure watchers, the more precious their prizes the stronger they were. He said this to place more pressure on Qin Yu in hopes that he would quit while he was ahead.

After all, just from glancing at this young man and woman, it could be seen they weren’t easy to provoke. It was best if they could avoid needless conflict.

Peace brings wealth.

Taking a step back, even if he won, once news of this spread out then the reputation of the treasure watchers would take a drop for the worst- hey, you come here to trick and lie to steal the belongings of us ordinary cultivators, do you think we are stupid!?

But what a pity. The deep and profound meaning behind Third Brother’s words were wasted on Qin Yu. He readily agreed to play with him.

Third Brother bit his cheeks and took in a deep breath. Since their escape path was ruined, even if he was subjected to a punishment later he would claw back everything now.

Brat, you are the one who doesn’t know right or wrong so don’t blame me!

“It’s been a long time since I’ve set up a stall. I have a personal rule that as long as a guest enters the arena, they have to play at least ten rounds with me.” A cold light flashed in Third Brother’s eyes.

Qin Yu looked at him. “That’s not a problem. But, I also have a rule. If you accept my bet, unless I take the initiative to leave then the game must continue.”

Third Brother bared his teeth. “Of course. As long as you want, I will accompany you to the end!”

Quickly driving away the vendor who was feigning unconsciousness on the ground, Third Brother flicked his sleeves and his utensils of livelihood landed on the ground. The table was large and deep red in color. Its wrapping was thick and sturdy; one could see that this was a treasure that had been passed down over many years.

A well-informed spectator sucked in a deep breath. “That’s a red-level treasure table. Things are going to be fun this time!”

Some knew, but even more didn’t. After a brief explanation, everyone looked at Qin Yu with pity.

This young boy was too naïve. He had no idea when to quit when he was ahead, and even kicked away the steps that were laid at his feet. He was in trouble this time!

According to the rules of the treasure watchers, according to their strength, their tables were divided into yellow, blue, and red – three different levels. Yellow was the lowest and red was the highest. The richer and deeper the color, the stronger they were amongst those at the same level.

At the same time, these different colored tables also served as a vague warning to the guests. They should play according to their level and not give away their belongings for free.

Looking at things from this angle, those in the treasure watcher profession still had a bottom line.

But this time, no one was in the mood to pay attention to such things. They were all waiting in excitement to watch the game!

This deep red color was proof of Third Brother’s strength. And ten continuous games…tsk tsk, it looked like he would take away a great wealth this time.

Third Brother held his head up high, arrogance in his eyes. With a stamp of his foot, square bricks rose from the ground, turning into a stone shelf.

Lights flashed in his hand one after another. Ten prizes soon filled the shelf.

Hiss –

Seeing these items, everyone sucked in another breath of cold air. Disregarding all else, as soon as these prizes appeared, this Third Brother’s weight in everyone’s heart increased.

This performance, this wealth, this was absolutely a peak character amongst all treasure watchers!

Third Brother calmly stood on the other side of the table. His aura was sharp and somewhat heroic. He gestured with his hand. “Guest, if you have no objection to the prizes then let’s begin.”

Qin Yu hadn’t imagined this Third Brother would be of such a high level. But this was perfect. He didn’t want to waste any more time here.


With a wave of his hand, the heavenly scentstone landed in the table’s hole.

Nine bulges appeared on the deep red tabletop, stretching into nine large bowls.

The bowls were a red color even deeper than the color of the table, as if red lacquer had been brushed onto them several more times.

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