Chapter 902B – Divine Tools are Ominous

All the Wu Family cultivators outside that were waiting for battle were scared by the loud explosion behind them. Then turned around, stunned, only to see that the location where Reflection Hall had been now looked as if it had experienced a typhoon. The entire area had been razed to the ground by a terrifying strength!

The Wu Family experts gathered there were all slumped on the ground. Besides a few old and exceptionally formidable masters, everyone else was grievously wounded.

One of the family Elders had been blown in half. He lay on the ground in a bloody mess, about to take his last breath.

This…how did this happen?

Before they had time to mull over the situation, a thunderous rumble came from above. Lei Qianjun arrived, dreadful killing intent following in his wake.

He lifted a hand and pressed down. Hundreds of millions of threads of killing intent instantly erupted. They condensed from intangibility into substance, transforming into a jail of death. It was pale and dead-quiet as it covered the entire Wu Family.

“Today, no one with the Wu Family bloodline will escape alive!” Lei Qianjun took a step forward and walked into the jail of death. He lifted his hand and pressed down. A massive number of Wu Family cultivators didn’t even have time to scream out loud before their bodies collapsed inwards and burst apart!

“Ahh! Run away!”

“Lei Qianjun, you dare to slaughter my Wu Family!? The other factions will inevitably fight back!”

“City Lord, no matter what has happened, please give my Wu Family a chance! And also to keep an escape route open for yourself!”

Lei Qianjun ignored them all. He walked forward a step at a time. Wherever he visited, endless corpses stacked up and rivers of blood flowed. He truly did not let anyone off, whether they were men or women, no matter how old or young they were!

“Hurry and break open this killing intent jail!”

“It’s too late! None of us can escape!”

“Then let’s fight!”

The Wu Family experts that had no way to escape all cried out in despair. Then, they initiated a suicidal barrage of attacks. With their lives, they wanted to gain a chance of survival for their family. In their suffering, they all hoped that Wu Zucheng would leave seclusion. At that time this hopeless situation would be resolved.

But what left the Wu Family drowning in despair was that their only hope, Wu Zucheng, never appeared.

Bang –

Within the heaven-shaking explosions, the final Wu Family Elder cried out loud before he struck the ground. His eyes were full of unwillingness and hatred.

How could their Wu Family fall this far…

Lei Qianjun indifferently crossed over the corpses beneath him. Wherever he passed in the killing intent jail, he killed whoever he saw. Finally, he came to a stop. Besides the rich and substantial smell of blood in the air, all that remained was a deathly silence.

Lei Qianjun stood amongst the ruins of Reflection Hall. He slowly said, “Wu Zucheng, when you sent someone to place a witchcraft bug in my child, did you ever wonder if today’s events would happen?”

He stomped his foot. The ground collapsed. The cracks quickly extended into the ground, tearing open the dome of an underground temple and revealing the cross-legged Wu Zucheng sitting within.

At this time, a sword hung in front of him. Although the blade was complete, it was covered in cracks. If one looked carefully, one would discover that it was actually formed from 37 small swords perfectly combining together.

Skyshard Sword. The day the sword was formed, a calamity came from the heavens, sundering the blade into 37 parts. But the sword spirit wasn’t destroyed. The fragments each formed their own sword and were scattered throughout the world.

Thus the name Skyshard.

Countless years later, the Skyshard Sword was complete once more. But Wu Zucheng, who personally revived it, only had despair in his eyes.

An incomparably powerful swallowing force erupted from the Skyshard Sword. It grasped onto him so tightly he wasn’t able to shake it off.

Pa –

Lei Qianjun landed on the ground, his eyes indifferent. “The Skyshard Sword was born unlucky and destroyed by the condemnation of the heavens. Any being that reforms the sword will perish from the backlash.

“The Wu Family has pursued the Skyshard Sword for generations but they never learned its mysteries. Because of this, their bloodline was cut off. What a pathetic and pitiful story.”

Puff –

Wu Zucheng spat out a mouthful of blood and died on the scene. The Skyshard Sword hummed as it flew into the air and floated there.

A burning heat flashed in Lei Qianjun’s eyes, but he quickly suppressed it. He knew that he didn’t have the qualifications to wield this sword.

The Wu Family had been exterminated. If it wasn’t for greed, how would Xiaoyu have been implicated in this mess, to the point where she suffered her entire life and wouldn’t even be able to die a natural death?

Divine tools were ominous!

Lei Qianjun, who dominated Roc City and the surrounding territory, once again demonstrated his great strength to the world. The Wu Family with its hundreds of thousands of years of inheritance and countless powerhouses had its bloodline cut off in a single day. While there were a few fish that slipped through the net, they were destined to hide in the darkness, wallowing in their shame and dishonor. They wouldn’t be able to stir up any waves.

This massacre showed Lei Qianjun’s strength and violence. It made everyone be in awe and fear of him, but his next actions, tempered by rationality and reasoning, showed that he had the qualifications of a leader.

On the day the Wu Family was destroyed, Roc City sent out a message to all factions. The City Lord obtained a secret report that the Wu Family had traitorous thoughts. Well, as everyone knew this had to be a case of planted evidence. But with the Wu Family gone, no one was left to speak for them.

With this he could occupy the side of righteousness.

What truly left everyone sighing in admiration was Lei Qianjun’s second step. Roc City had withdrawn from carving up the Wu Family’s territory…in other words, while he destroyed the Wu Family, he didn’t want anything at all. He took all the benefits and used them to appease his allies.

In the third step, Roc City signed a series of agreements with the 12 cities. There was cooperation from all sides, and it showed further sincerity for appeasement.

With just three steps, the waves that should have appeared after the annihilation of the Wu Family were all quickly extinguished.

Because the imperial family wanted to make a fuss about this matter, they tried to probe Roc City several times but failed. In the end they could only settle down and remain quiet.

After this incident, Roc City’s status became as steady as a mountain. While it didn’t seem that they had obtained anything, their dominance over their territory rose by more than one level.

All parties watched as the storm passed by. They saw Lei Qianjun ruthlessly slaughter on one side, and perfectly handle all fallout on another side. Regardless of what they thought, they could only praise his fierce actions.

As for Lei Qianjun, while he was incomparably powerful and awe-striking in the eyes of the people, he was actually filled with helplessness right now.

Once he handled his business affairs and returned to Immaterial Mountain to pick up Lei Xiaoyu, before he could make another move he discovered that the mountain was now empty.

The steward and the others had been at the mountain the entire time, but they had no idea when or how the other party had left.

But that was also reasonable. With that person’s boundary, if he wanted to quietly leave, how could they possibly know?

With a sigh, Lei Qianjun restrained his thoughts. He smiled, “Xiaoyu, come home with father.”

Qin Yu went into seclusion.

After leaving Immaterial Mountain he quietly returned to Riverwater City. He exchanged a few brief words with An Ke and An Xin before returning to his room.

Snowside found this hard to accept. They had just delivered the perfect play, taking countless treasures from Lei Qianjun. So, couldn’t he celebrate a little?

Cultivation, cultivation, his entire brain was full of cultivation. He didn’t even know how to enjoy life’s pleasures. Qin Yu’s life must be bitter and boring beyond imagination.

At the very least, as Snowside followed him these past days she had never seen him relax…it was like he was an old man on the verge of death, waiting to break through his current boundary so he could extend his life.

That’s right. This was the feeling she got. But Snowside could clearly sense that Qin Yu’s soul was full of vitality and was a long way from deteriorating. There was no threat to his life.

Furthermore, with his current strength it was assured that he would break into the God boundary. Why did he have to struggle so hard every day and night?

She couldn’t figure it out, she really couldn’t figure it out. She curled her lips. She could only file this as one of Qin Yu’s strange peculiarities.

Perhaps he was that kind of person who wasn’t comfortable when they weren’t cultivating? Well, no matter what it was, she would have a good period of relaxation herself.

While she didn’t expend much effort during this trip to Immaterial Mountain, she really did feel tired…fortunately, she had been rewarded for her work.

She patted her pocket, a happy smile on her face. No matter what she thought of Qin Yu, this boy was indeed generous.

15 days later, Qin Yu opened his eyes, a smile on his face.

Just now, he had felt a resonance in his soul.

Shua –

His figure flickered and he left Riverwater City. Standing in the skies, he pointed a finger forward.

Rumble rumble –

Between the heavens and earth, endless spiritual strength seethed and crashed. It was like stars had fallen from the highest heavens!

An invisible pressure arrived. Qin Yu lightly coughed, immediately scattering the Blue Finger.

God boundary barrier…the World’s Dragon Gate…

Qin Yu laughed out loud. He finally felt it. And, he was sure that as long as he was willing, he could use the Blue Finger to successfully knock on the door.

Now, he had two paths to the Divine Dao.

He took a deep breath and stabilized his excited thoughts. He turned and walked away, vanishing with a single step.

He didn’t have much time to be happy about this. This was because he had only opened up two paths to the God boundary.

And his goal was more than this!

Two hours after Qin Yu left, a golden carriage wrapped in flames arrived from afar. With an ‘eh?’, the carriage came to a stop.

Two figures flew out. The leader was a one-armed old man carrying a sword. He said with a look of acclaim, “What amazing supernatural arts!”

He looked at his disciple to the side and asked, “Can you make anything out?”

The disciple was a young girl with a silver belt and sash tying up her hair. She wore white clothes and carried a white sword. She thought for a moment and said, “Not long ago, someone was using supernatural arts to shake the God boundary barrier here. But while they had the strength, they didn’t knock on the Dragon Gate.”

The one-armed old man said, “How does this supernatural art compare to yours?”

The young girl said, “I can break it with a single sword.”

The one-armed old man shook his head. There was a profound look on his face, “Not necessarily.”

The young girl said, “This person hasn’t broken through to the God boundary so he clearly has great ambitions. Not long from now, the imperial city’s Divine Mark holy stone will arrive. He should be going there.”

The one-armed old man raised an eyebrow. “And so what?”

The young girl turned and walked away. “I will break it with a single sword and show you.”

The one-armed old man guffawed. There was praise in his eyes. Although he hadn’t been too willing when he received this disciple in the past, he was now fully satisfied with her. His sword dao focused on one standing above the world, believing that their sword could cut through all myriad things.

With this confidence, how could her sword intent not condense? He looked back towards the imperial city and said, “This is your last trial. Once you are finished we will rush back to the imperial city and see if your sword really can suppress all!”



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