Chapter 902A – Divine Tools are Ominous

Lei Xiaoyu woke up. As if she had rid herself of a nightmare that had hounded her all her life, she felt an unprecedented state of relaxation.

She felt as light as a feather, like she could fly into the skies at any moment. Her body was no longer sore and painful. The feeling of her life being swallowed up at any moment had vanished.

She closed her eyes, opened her eyes, closed them, and opened them again.

This wasn’t a dream!

Teardrops fell from the corners of Lei Xiaoyu’s eyes. She stood up and fell to her knees. “Thank you senior for saving me. I will always remember this graciousness for the rest of my life and never dare to forget it.”

Before she woke up, Qin Yu had been hesitating about whether he should tell her the truth. But as he saw the smile that came from her heart, he sighed inwardly and came to a decision.

“You have just recovered from your injuries so you must rest more. Keep your mood happy and pleasant, and do not get upset or angry.” An old voice came from beneath the black robes.

Lei Xiaoyu was stunned. It wasn’t because of these words, but because she sensed a warmth from this person’s eyes.

The cold and indifferent senior who faced her father was this person?

Lei Xiaoyu couldn’t figure out the reason but this didn’t prevent her from feeling more respect. She bowed towards him, “Thank you for the reminder. I have been suffering since I was a child, but now I can finally live like a normal person. I will certainly live well and I won’t disappoint the graciousness of the new life you gave me.”

She looked at the black-robed man in front of her and blinked her eyes. After some hesitation she asked, “Senior, have we met before?”

Qin Yu was silent for several breaths of time. He shook his head and said, “No.” With a flick of his sleeves, space ripples. “Come. I’ll send you back.”

When Lei Qianjun saw Lei Xiaoyu, his smile stagnated for a moment before brightening. After hugging her, he bowed respectfully and said, “Thank you, senior!”

Lei Xiaoyu’s body had recovered. In her excitement, a trace of fatigue swept over her and she soon fell asleep.

Lei Qianyun glanced down at her before passing her to the steward. He cupped his hands together and said, “Regarding her future care, does senior have any instructions?”

Qin Yu stepped forward. Space folded around them, isolating them inside.

“You realized it?”

Lei Qianjun had a heavy expression. “Senior, may I ask how much time she has left?”

Qin Yu said, “Without any influence from outside factors, she will be fine for three years.”

As for after that, he didn’t say anything. Lei Qianjun naturally understood what that meant. He squeezed out a smile and said, “This child Xiaoyu, from when she was in her swaddling clothes, she’s been subjected to suffering from witchcraft arts. Although she shows a happy appearance, I know that she is intentionally putting on an act. While she cannot be cured, at least starting from today she will have three years of life during which she can live in true happiness. I still thank senior for helping me and giving her this time.”

With this, he bowed deeply.

Qin Yu said, “I haven’t been able to save her. So, please take back a part of the reward.”

“No! I believe that senior has made sufficient contributions. And to trade these things for three years of Xiaoyu’s happiness, I think that is worth it.” Lei Qianjun bowed again, “But if senior think it isn’t appropriate, I have another request today.”

Qin Yu nodded, “Feel free to speak.”

“I have already investigated who was responsible for the witchcraft bug in the past. But, I never had a chance to uproot and eradicate them.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows together. “You want me to take action?”

Lei Qianjun shook his head, “I am not that stupid. I only ask that senior allow Xiaoyu to stay here and help me leave Immaterial Mountain in secret.”

Qin Yu glanced at him, “Where do you wish to go?”

Lei Qianjun was puzzled, “Wuling City.”

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment, “Don’t resist.” Space shivered. Like a flood, it started to gather in from all directions.

Lei Qianjun could sense the boundless strength contained within the shaking space. But, it didn’t pose any threat to him so he allowed himself to be submerged within it.

In the next moment his surroundings darkened. The tearing feeling vanished and when he opened his eyes he was left shaken by what he saw.

Wuling City…he had unexpectedly arrived at Wuling City! Immaterial City was almost 100,000 miles from here. Yet, he had been transferred here with just a thought.

Could that person’s divine sense directly lock onto an area 100,000 miles away? That was simply terrifying!

With Lei Qianjun’s level, it wasn’t that he hadn’t been able to come into contact with the Origin God boundary. But, he had never heard of such incredible abilities before.

Could it be that the person at Immaterial Mountain was a peak existence who even stood at the top of the Origin God boundary?

Drawing in a deep breath, Lei Qianjun suppressed his vibrating heart. Now was not the time to have such thoughts. His ice cold eyes fell upon Wuling City.

At this moment, with his sudden appearance, his aura had been detected by the city. Several figures shot into the skies above it. They were Wu Family powerhouses who had followed Wu Zucheng to Roc City together. They cupped their hands together and bowed, “I had no idea that the City Lord would arrive so suddenly. Our Wu Family has been disrespectful. We ask the City Lord for forgiveness!”

As they spoke, their thoughts raced and beads of sweat appeared on their foreheads.

The family had already confirmed that Lei Qianjun had gone into Immaterial Mountain and hadn’t once come out. Yet, he had suddenly appeared here. It was obvious things weren’t so simple.

Could it be that he discovered something?

But even if Lei Qianjun was aware of the news that their Patriarch had gone into seclusion, with just himself here, would he dare to attack Wuling City?

What kind of a joke was that? If Lei Qianjun really had such strength then the 13 cities would have no way to survive. Everyone would have fallen to their knees and sang songs of praise as they were conquered.

Don’t panic. Stand firm. The Patriarch would soon emerge from seclusion and once the Skyshard Sword was fully refined, everything would be decided.

Lei Qianjun glanced at the several people and stepped forward. As he did, dreadful killing intent erupted from his body as if a great beast that awakened from slumber had reared back its head and roared at the heavens.

Rumble rumble –

The skies above turned black and infinite black clouds gushed out, blocking the skies…in an instant, it was like yin and yang in the world had been reversed.

Puff –

Puff –

The several Wu Family powerhouses all spat out mouthfuls of blood and fell back. Their wide eyes were full of shock and disbelief.

Lei Qianjun had attacked them, he actually attacked them! He had shed all pretense of peace and was going to attack Wuling City by himself!

Insane! He was definitely insane!

Whoosh –

There was the sound of howling air. The Wu Family experts were left panic-stricken.


Bang –

The several people exploded in midair, flesh and blood splashing out in all directions. Lei Qianjun’s killing intent rose once again. He looked down at Wuling City and his roar seemed to come from the deepest abyss. “After today, in this world…there will be no more Wu Family!”

Hum –

A sphere of light appeared, instantly covering the entirety of Wuling City. The Wu Family had an inheritance that stretched back for hundreds of thousands of years. Numerous powerhouses had appeared amongst their bloodline and they had a deep background. Since this city was the place of their foundation, it was natural for them to have protections built up.

But as soon as this sphere of light appeared, it suddenly shook. Out of the 21 key hubs that maintained its existence, four had been completely paralyzed.

Although this wouldn’t result in the defensive barrier directly collapsing, it would cause its defensive strength to drop to less than half of its original state.

Lei Qianjun lifted a fist and punched out. The protective barrier distorted. With a second punch, it completely collapsed.

There were roars of shock and anger from the Wu Family’s residence. They never imagined that the defensive barrier which they had spent so much time and effort arranging, one that they believed would absolutely protect the city, had already been infiltrated by Roc City. It had been nibbled away at over the years and was no longer able to produce its intended effect.

But luckily, they managed to block him for some time. The Wu Family dwelling’s protective array formation had been activated. While its strength couldn’t compare to the city’s great defensive array, it could resist Lei Qianjun for the time being.

And in that time, the Wu Family’s army would arrive. No matter how strong Lei Qianjun was, he would be forced to retreat. If he chose not to then only death would await him!

“Humph! The only hub of our family’s great array formation is in Reflection Hall. I want to see just what methods this Lei Qianjun has!” A Wu Family master loudly roared, anger and shame flooding his voice.

The solemn Wu Family had been forced into such a state by a single person. It was simply shameful.

Once the Patriarch emerged from seclusion and smoothly refined the Skyshard Sword, he would definitely kill his way into Roc City and execute Lei Qianjun on the spot!

“I believe that Lei Qianjun does have a way.” A calm voice sounded out from a corner.

Everyone’s complexions changed. Their eyes veered over. “Shu Hang, what do you mean?”

An outsider was actually more trusted and favored than they were. This had caused numerous Wu Family cultivators to be dissatisfied. Now, several people were eager to test him. If he dared to say anything more, they would take this chance to teach him a lesson.

They wanted to let this lackey dog know that the Wu Family belonged to members of the Wu Family. It was not up to an outsider to act as he pleased!

Shu Hang had always given off a quiet and taciturn appearance and he rarely spoke unless spoken too. But there was something obviously wrong today. He looked around at the people in Reflection Hall and his lips curved up in a smile. “Don’t you want to know why I know Lei Qianjun has another method?”

“This is bad, seize him!” A Wu Family expert shouted. He rushed over.

Shu Hang lightly said. “You’ve discovered it too late.”

He closed his eyes. Without any resistance, he allowed the hand to grab him.

In the next moment…

Bang –

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