Chapter 901 – Cannot Be Saved

Although Qin Yu had used his greatest trump card, the Origin God mark, he didn’t have much confidence that he could hide the truth from Lei Qianjun.

After all, while he hadn’t seen him fight before, just from his aura alone Qin Yu could sense that this man’s level was almost that of the Great Dragon Overlord’s…while he wasn’t an Origin God, the disparity between him and an Origin God was bound to be close.

If he couldn’t suppress him…Qin Yu secretly sighed. No matter how unwilling he was, he could only choose to escape.

As for recklessly risking his life in a battle?

No way. There was no need for that. Moreover, the strength of the Origin God mark wasn’t endless. And with Xue Zheng in such a state, it was best if he was more careful.

If he was careless and extracted too much strength, causing something bad to happen to Xue Zheng, he wouldn’t even have time to cry.

In truth, Qin Yu’s guess was correct. While an ordinary Origin God mark was a strong deterrent, with Lei Qianjun’s strength it wasn’t difficult to resist it.

At that time he would be able to judge and determine Qin Yu’s actual situation, poking through his act and exposing his little tricks.

But what was wonderful was that a true Origin God was deeply sleeping within Qin Yu’s Origin God mark. So, what Lei Qianjun sensed was a genuine Origin God, a true giant that held up the heavens.

Although there seemed to be a minor problem with Qin Yu’s aura, a giant was a giant. Just by casually rolling over he could squash him to death.

On the path of the God boundary, as one travelled closer to its peak, one was gradually able to feel more and more of the boundless terror that came from a higher level. The difference was like a pond and a vast sea – there was no comparison between them.

Origin God…it was actually an Origin God…even with Lei Qianjun’s strong willpower, he still couldn’t help but feel bewildered.

He originally believed that this mysterious character at Immaterial Mountain was a peak Divine Dao character, but he was gravely wrong. The difference in his judgment was as vast as the heavens and earth!

This sort of existence stood at the peak of the world and could change the colors of the sun and moon with a wave of his hand. Why would he appear at Roc City?

Lei Qianjun asked himself in reflection. He immediately forced a smile. If nothing else, he was sure all his previous guesses were just a joke.

At the Origin God level, one could freely travel the world uninhibited. Even the imperial family had to treat an Origin God with respect. An Origin God would not place a small Roc City in their eyes.

He quickly recalled the entire meeting process. Once he was sure there had been no show of disrespect or offense, Lei Qianjun finally calmed down and rejoiced. Fortunately, he hadn’t acted rashly, otherwise he would have offended an Origin God. The consequences would have been unimaginable.

He took a deep breath and bowed, “I did not know of senior’s status. If there was any place where I disrespected or offended you, I ask for your forgiveness.”

At this moment, not to mention the several other City Lord Mansion experts, even the normally calm and emotionless steward couldn’t help but feel his eyes go wide with shock and surprise.

Even when facing the envoys of the imperial city, the City Lord treated them equally. How could he be so sincere and awed now? Yes…this was sincerity and awe. They could even feel the City Lord’s unease.


For the City Lord to say something like that, there was only one possibility.

Origin God…

As this thought appeared, the steward and the others all felt their breath catch in their throats. They subconsciously bowed deeply. Right now, a suffocating oppression flooded the air.

Snowside was dumbfounded. She looked at the docile Lei Qianjun who was doing his best to restrain his aura like a little cat. It was completely different from his previous image.

In truth, although Snowside felt incomparable dread towards Lei Qianjun, he just happened to be the type of person she admired.

Powerful, dignified, cruel…possessing infinite authority and influence. He looked down at the world with disdain!

But this person, a man like a king of lions, was dealt with without saying anything?

Snowside groaned inwardly. She looked up at Qin Yu. Just who was this boy and why did he have such a fierce skillset?

Qin Yu was also confused. But he had hidden beneath his black robes so no one noticed. Although he was still perplexed, it was clear that this overwhelming Lei Qianjun was thoroughly shaken.

Good, good, this was good. Have him hurry up and leave so that no one interferes with each other and this part of the story is finished.

But before Qin Yu could say something, Lei Qianjun took the lead. “Senior, my daughter suffered a great catastrophe when she was a child but was lucky enough to survive. Even so, her foundation was injured. Recently she was also attacked by a strange poison. It infiltrated her body, and now she is on the verge of death. I heard that senior is collecting soul enhancing treasures. As long as you can save her, I am willing to offer all of this.”

A light flashed and a massive number of jade boxes appeared on the ground. Each one opened up one after another, revealing the contents sealed within. Immediately, splendor and sparkling lights filled the air. Numerous intoxicating auras wove together. Just taking in a breath, one felt an earnest desire swell forth from their soul.

Qin Yu couldn’t say the words that were on his lips. During this period of time as he was training and learning, he obtained a good understanding of soul treasures. Disregarding the things he couldn’t identify, everything else in the jade boxes was peak treasures.

He silently calculated it. As long as he could make today’s deal, he would no longer have to take risks by putting on a play. He could tidy up his things and leave Immaterial Mountain, returning to Riverwater City where he could go into seclusion and refine everything!

Seeing the black-robed figure remain silent, Lei Qianjun would never have thought that Qin Yu had been knocked dizzy by this giant bag of presents that fell from the skies. He could only sigh with emotion. An Origin God was truly an Origin God. While he believed this to be a satisfactory offering, this senior didn’t even take a liking to it.

After a moment he tentatively said, “Of course, if senior is not satisfied, I still have more gathered in Roc City’s secret storehouse. I will personally offer them with both hands.”

No, no, if Lei Qianjun continued to speak like this, Qin Yu feared his nose would bleed. He lightly coughed and looked around indifferently. The group from Roc City immediately straightened up.

“I can give it a try, but that little girl’s problem is severe. Whether she can survive or not depends on her luck.”

Lei Qianjun was overjoyed. “Thank you senior!”

He really did love his only daughter. If he could save her life, he wouldn’t hesitate to spend even more.

The steward and two other Lei Family experts respectfully placed a small cot on the ground. The light that wrapped around it scattered, revealing a pale-faced Lei Xiaoyu inside.

She had clearly woken up some time ago and had seen everything that happened just now. At this moment, besides awe, there was hope and anticipation in her eyes.

No one wanted to die if they were able to continue living. This was especially true for a little girl who had yet to experience the world. Her life should have just begun.

Qin Yu was stunned. It was her! At first he was overcome by dread towards Lei Qianjun and then was smashed in the head by the halo of treasures. He hadn’t realized who she was for a moment.

She was Lei Qianjun’s daughter?

“Xiaoyu, why don’t you bow to senior? If you survive, you must keep this life-saving graciousness in mind!” Lei Qianjun loudly shouted.

Lei Xiaoyu struggled to bow. “I thank senior for saving me.”

Qin Yu looked at her and said, “You will stay here. Without permission, do not casually move around.”

As he spoke he glanced at Snowside. It was unknown what this woman was thinking of right now, but she was unexpectedly distracted.

Cough cough!

Snowside only regained her composure after hearing his reminder. Once she stabilized herself, she stepped forward and received the jade boxes lined up on the ground.

Every time she picked one up, her heart would tremble and she would quietly start to calculate. For better or worse, she was still a participant in this drama. Although she hadn’t done much, she had still been frightened miserably by Lei Qianjun. She should get some rewards for her efforts.

I don’t need a fifty-fifty split, sixty-forty split, and I’m not even asking for a seventy-thirty split. But, taking one or two items wouldn’t be excessive, right?

Fluctuations rippled through the air, wrapping around Qin Yu, Snowside, and Lei Xiaoyu. They vanished from sight.

The steward looked around. He quietly asked, “Master, this person…?”

Lei Qianjun slowly nodded.

Origin God, this was an incomparably formidable Origin God. He had touched the peak of the Divine Dao and only seemed to be a short distance away from it.

But this short disparity was the difference between the heavens and earth. Lei Qianjun had been arrogant for his entire life and never conceded. But, he had no confidence that he could ever break into the Origin God boundary.

Perhaps this was a chance. If he could win over this person at Immaterial Mountain, his position in the Heavenly Chu Empire would be as stable as a mountain!

Lei Qianjun was a worthy father and he loved his daughter deeply. But at the same time he was also the Lord of Roc City and ruled over a territory of hundreds of thousands of miles.

After ‘confirming’ Qin Yu’s strength, his thoughts began to inevitably change.


Lei Xiaoyu fell into a deep sleep. Looking at her pale face that was even smaller than when he first saw her, Qin Yu subconsciously thought back to the hope and desire in her eyes just before she closed her eyes.

What a pitiful girl…that’s right, she was pitiful, even if she had a powerful father or was of noble birth.

If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he never would have imagined that she could overcome the heart-ripping pain that tore at her and survive until today.

In Qin Yu’s eyes, besides the surface, her body was already torn and tattered. It was already a miracle that she could survive until today.

He took a deep breath and decided that whether it was due to Lei Qianjun’s sincere offering or his pity towards this girl, he would try to help her recover her health.

At the very least there was some fate between the two of them. Although the process wasn’t pleasant, it could be considered a kind of fate.

But soon, Qin Yu discovered that things weren’t as simple as they seemed. He knew that Lei Xiaoyu’s injuries were difficult to heal, but he never imagined the price would be so great.

In a collapsed space, the great sun phantom’s thought fluctuations spread out. “Since her childhood she has been under the effects of a witchcraft art. She only survived because it had been sealed up until now. But, the witchcraft bug was activated some time ago. This girl should have died then, but someone used a heaven-defying technique, damaging a massive amount of their vitality to forcefully give her ten days of life. If this was the only problem, I could have found a solution. But afterwards, someone destroyed the last vitality in her body, stimulating all that the witchcraft bug absorbed. While it appears she will last another half-year or so, her path to survival was completely cut off.”

Qin Yu frowned. “Is there really no way to help?”

The little blue lamp paused for a moment before slowly saying, “Yes, there is. The first way is to find the corpse of an Origin God boundary existence. Then, build up its blood essence and allow the witchcraft bug within her body to swallow it and complete its evolution. Not only can she escape this dead-end, she can turn misfortune into blessing and become far stronger.”

Qin Yu shook his head. What kind of joke was this? Let alone the matter of whether there was the corpse of an Origin God boundary existence on this world, if he tried to obtain it with his minor abilities he would be torn to shreds.

Being able to suppress Lei Qianjun was already a great stroke of luck. Qin Yu never believed that using tricks and acting worked in the long run!

“There is also another method. I can summon precelestial strength to remold her body and soul, stripping the witchcraft bug from her. But this will cause a deep loss and the little world I am creating might collapse due to too much precelestial strength being drawn out. That would lead to me falling into a deep slumber.”

Qin Yu fell silent. He looked at Lei Xiaoyu’s pale face. Although he struggled a bit, he quietly apologized.

He had numerous cards in his hands, including the little blue lamp and the sun and moon force field.

But Qin Yu never doubted that the little blue lamp was his greatest advantage. It helped him cross the endless river of cultivation so that he could finally reach the opposite shore.

The price was too high, so high that Qin Yu couldn’t accept it. He could save Lei Xiaoyu…but he actually couldn’t!

The little blue lamp seemed to sense something. It sent out another thought fluctuation. “Do not feel guilty. Even if you chose to save her I would have refused.”

Qin Yu forced a smile. “It’s not guilt. We’ve only encountered each other several times and cannot even be considered friends. I won’t be hot-headed and desperately risk everything just because I felt a little pity…whatever, since it’s been decided that she cannot be saved, can she at least be freed from pain so she can complete the last journey of her life in peace?”

The little blue lamp said, “Yes.”


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