Chapter 900 – Butcher

After having an unexpected harvest, Wu Zucheng returned to the Wu Family and immediately called in the family powerhouses for a meeting. Once he had done several tests and determined that the Skyshard Sword hadn’t been tampered with, he immediately began to meditate on it.

The entire Wu Family celebrated. All of their hearts were filled with glorious expectations for the future.

As for the treasure that could be used to save Lei Xiaoyu…although the Wu Family really did have an ancestor that returned from the Severed Heaven Abyss and died soon after due to the grievous injuries he suffered, he didn’t leave any treasures behind.

Wu Zucheng only said that to pave the way to make a request for the Skyshard Sword.

After all, although the Skyshard Sword was precious, if it was in exchange for a treasure that was obtained through the life of a Wu Family ancestor, then that couldn’t be considered as being too greedy, thus it wouldn’t be too embarrassing for Roc City.

Wu Zucheng never imagined that Lei Qianjun would agree without hesitation. But he didn’t panic because of this.

The Wu Family might not have a life-saving treasure, but it was possible to allow Lei Xiaoyu to live longer.

The next day, a Wu Family expert arrived at Roc City. He entered the room alone to apply treatment. Two hours after he left, Lei Xiaoyu woke up.

“Father…” A single word nearly exhausted all her strength. Lei Xiaoyu could only barely smile.

Lei Qianjun bent down and wiped away her tears. He smiled and said, “It’s good that you woke up. Leave everything to your father. All you need to do is rest well and recover.”

Lei Xiaoyu nodded. Due to her exhaustion, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Lei Qianjun calmly looked at her before turning and saying, “Has Mister Gu arrived?”

The steward said, “Someone has been sent to invite him.”

A young man who resembled Lei Qianjun stood to the side. He hesitated and said, “I heard that Mister Gu’s injuries are heavy and he hasn’t rested for many days. I fear…”

Lei Qianjun glanced at the youth and said, “He will come.”

The youth's heart shivered. He quickly lowered his head, not saying anything else.

Gu Yanyuan did come in the end. He nearly gnashed his teeth to nubs, but his situation was good enough that he could at least force out a smile.

“Congratulations City Lord, the miss’s injuries have stabilized. I cannot make any guarantees, but she should be fine for a year or even longer…”

After sending Gu Yanyuan away, Lei Qianjun looked at his eldest son. He slowly said, “Soon, I will be leaving for some time. You will be in charge of Roc City while I am gone. If anything happens that you cannot make a decision on, you may discuss it with your uncles.”

Lei Jinyun’s eyes widened. Although he knew that he shouldn’t reveal any joy at this moment, he found it hard to contain the excitement in his heart. His face flushed red and he bowed, “Father, rest assured that I will be cautious. I shall not disappoint you!”

Watching him leave with a brisk pace, Lei Qianjun revealed a look of disappointment. He glanced at the steward and said, “This son of mine has great ambitions but little talent. While he might be sufficient to guard the accomplishments of his ancestors, with just ‘guarding’, how can he preserve the great foundation of Roc City?”

While the steward could listen to this, he wouldn’t say anything about it.

Lei Qianjun clearly didn’t need the steward to discuss this matter with him. His eyes flashed and he said, “In two days when Xiaoyu’s situation is better, you will come with me and bring her to Immaterial Mountain. Since someone is impatiently wishing for me to go, I won’t let them down.”

The steward bowed, “Yes.”

Two days later it was said that Lei Qianjun went into seclusion. Secretly, he left Roc City and went to Immaterial Mountain.

But less than an hour after he left, this news was transmitted to the outside world through secret channels.

Great waves rippled in the darkness.

News that Lei Xiaoyu had been attacked by an assassin and almost died on the scene had spread to the 13 cities. Anyone who had the qualifications to know this information could guess what Lei Qianjun’s goal was.

If he hadn’t traded the Skyshard Sword for the Wu Family’s help, other people might have guessed that there was some fraud involved.

But now, with the perfect story of before, they could only sigh inwardly. Lei Qianjun really loved his daughter to the extreme.

All attention shifted to Immaterial Mountain. Everyone wanted to know what was going to happen.

Would that mysterious existence at Immaterial Mountain truly save her? After all, even Gu Yanyuan was unable to heal her. Even if this mysterious character possessed heaven-defying methods, the losses would be equally terrifying. If he refused, how would Lei Qianjun respond?

Wu Family.

After receiving the news that Lei Qianjun had left Roc City, Wu Zucheng immediately realized this was an excellent opportunity. But, he didn’t immediately go into seclusion. Rather, he used a variety of methods to determine Lei Qianjun’s whereabouts.

At the same time, spies placed throughout Roc City were all activated. Perhaps after today many of them would be exposed and killed. But, they couldn’t be bothered by this.

Sitting in the hall of deliberation, pieces of information came back one after another.

All of Roc City’s businesses both small and large were now being handled by Lei Jinyun.

The 17 main offices controlled by the City Lord Mansion were stable. There were no signs of strength being transferred anywhere.

Outside the city in the large battalion camps and army bases, the soldiers continued with their usual routine.

Half a day later, the newest information came from Immaterial Mountain. Strong winds rose in the world and several figures were faintly visible before they stepped onto the mountain and vanished.

Along with the arrival of this news, there was also a jade slip that carried an image. As winds and dirt blocked out the skies, several figures could be seen.

Wu Zucheng looked carefully for several moments before passing the jade slip to an old man with closed eyes. “Great uncle, I’ll have to trouble you with this.”

The old man opened his eyes and said without expression, “If the Skyshard Sword can be completed, the Wu Family will be prosperous from here on out. I am not doing this for you.”

He looked outside the window and placed the jade slip between his eyebrows.

With a light crack, the jade slip disintegrated into powder. The old man trembled and blood began to flow out from his eyes.

“It really is Lei Qianjun.”

As his words fell, the old man stood up and walked out. He closed his eyes but blood continued to flow; he was blind.

Wu Zucheng stood up and bowed, “Help send out great uncle!”

As the sound of footsteps faded away, Wu Zucheng stamped his foot. The ground split, revealing a stone staircase that continued downward.

“I am going into seclusion. I only need three days to refine the Skyshard Sword…during this time, no matter what happens, I cannot be disturbed!”

Qin Yu never imagined that Lei Qianjun would return. With his status and boundary, this didn’t make sense at all.

But he couldn’t waste time questioning if this was common sense or not. All he knew was that if he didn’t handle this matter correctly, things would become troublesome.

Lei Qianjun’s voice constantly reverberated through the air, supported by his potent strength. “I have taken the liberty to visit. I hope that your excellency may come out and see me!”

Snowside paled. Her lips moved but she didn’t speak. Yet, Qin Yu completely understood what she meant – we need to hurry and escape!

Qin Yu knew that he couldn’t use her to fool anyone else today. Otherwise, before she spoke a single word their act would be utterly exposed. In ordinary times this woman spoke so much and so harshly, yet she actually possessed so little courage. Just one glance and she was already this afraid.

Qin Yu was unwilling to run away just like this. He had gone through so much trouble to develop this great drama. Was he supposed to give up just as the time of harvest was about to arrive?

He clenched his teeth and stood up. “Follow close behind me. I don’t need you to say anything today. Just make sure your legs don’t soften and you fall to the ground!”

Snowside hemmed and hawed. “Or, maybe I can stay here and wait for you?”

Qin Yu almost laughed in anger. Your identity right now is supposed to be that of a maid. If you don’t pour the tea, am I supposed to do it myself?

He wasn’t in the mood to argue with her. Qin Yu suppressed his anger and said, “You can stay here if you want, but make sure you stay far away from me when we’re running for our lives! If I’m too busy to think about you, then we’ll have to bet on our own luck!”

Snowside immediately stopped talking.

With a thought, a black robe appeared around him, covering his body. He pushed down all other thoughts. Then, he looked at the Origin God mark on his palm and nodded. With that, he had some confidence.

He flicked his sleeves and the array formation fluctuated. The two vanished from sight.

Lei Qianjun glanced around. His expression was calm and unchanging, but great waves were billowing in his heart.

Everything around him looked ordinary at first, but when he looked closer it was different. It was constantly changing like ripples on the surface of a lake. Each and every instance was independent and different.

Standing outside, this Immaterial Mountain was incomparably mysterious. It stood separate from yin and yang and could not be intruded on by the sun or moon…however, only by stepping inside could one realize how truly mysterious it was.

Suddenly, Lei Qianjun’s complexion changed. He turned and looked behind himself. A black-robed man was peacefully standing there. A woman stood behind him – it was the God boundary maid he had seen before.

When did these two people appear? He hadn’t even been able to detect them…he drew in a deep breath, his heart becoming heavier.

He stepped forward, but before he could speak, an old voice rang out from beneath the black robes. “Roc City Lord, I have no intention of coming into conflict with you, so why do you come to Immaterial Mountain and disturb my quiet?”

Qin Yu knew that during this first meeting, not only could he not show weakness, he also needed to show a certain degree of toughness.

Because this conformed to the role he was playing right now.

Lei Qianjun cupped his hands together. “I came here due to unavoidable reasons. I ask for your forgiveness.” His eyes fell on the black-robed figure and he couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows together. For some reason he couldn’t put into words, he felt that something was wrong.

His eyes flashed and he found the crux of the problem. It was a feeling of incompatibility…these two people in front of him didn’t seem to be in harmony with where they were now.

At first glance, even though Qin Yu only saw his back, he already understood why Snowside feared Lei Qianjun so much.

It was killing intent!

The amount was indescribable. It was thick and viscous, nearly congealed into essence. It twined around his body. Just looking at him, one could hear countless sad and pained screams in one’s ears. They were howls filled with the hate and despair one met at the end of their life.

Qin Yu possessed the ability to see through the surface and reach the essence. Due to this, he could confirm that all of this killing intent had been slowly accumulated bit by bit through death and slaughter…at such a scale, the number of lives that had perished beneath Lei Qianjun’s hands was likely in the hundreds of millions.

This was a genuine butcher!

Killing intent was invisible and intangible, yet it soaked into Lei Qianjun’s flesh and blood and soul, causing every action and movement he made to stir up fear in one’s heart.

At this time, although he was only furrowing his eyebrows together, in Qin Yu’s eyes his killing intent was like a raging sea. Turbulent waves could erupt at any moment.

This was bad!

Despite him having no idea where the problem came from, it was obvious that Lei Qianjun sensed something was wrong. Before he could think further, Qin Yu stepped forward. The Origin God mark on his palm flashed and a dignity broke free from his body.

In the next moment, his mind quickly stabilized. The riotous killing intent around Lei Qianjun seemed to become relaxed and commonplace.

Because at this time, through the Origin God mark, what Qin Yu borrowed was not just the strength of an Origin God but also the eyesight of an Origin God!

“City Lord Lei, just what are you doing?”

The final five words directly resonated and galvanized the world. Loud rumbles roared like thunder as endless waves surged between the heavens and earth!

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