Chapter 897 – New Faith

When Yun Congyue took his first step onto Immaterial Mountain, he thought that he was dead for sure. He felt like a little insect wrapped in amber, all of his freedom taken from him.

A suppression beyond imagination wildly gathered from all directions. And as time passed, it slowly grew stronger.

If things continued like this, Yun Congyue had no doubt that he would explode into countless fragments.

He wanted to struggle but couldn’t move. He couldn’t even make a sound. Bitterness tumbled around in his heart, as well as sorrow and sadness.

Thinking about it, to the incomparably formidable existence at Immaterial Mountain, he was nothing but a little insect that wasn’t worthy of attention.

Even if he were to die here, that person might not necessarily know.

The pressure grew stronger and stronger and it became more and more difficult to breathe. Yun Congyue could feel his flesh and blood and organs groan. Although he couldn’t see his own appearance, it wasn’t hard to guess what he looked like. His eyes were most likely blood red and popping out of his skull.

In just a moment, he would burst open from the inside. Bloody goo would splash out everywhere…it was bound to be a pitiful scene!

This sort of helplessness where he could do nothing but wait for death to arrive was truly a strange and unusual horrific torment.

Even if Yun Congyue believed he possessed a formidable will, he still couldn’t help but feel his mind shiver. Fear rose up in tendrils, drilling through his entire body.

Was he going to die like this?

As if he was deep in a trance, Yun Congyue suddenly heard a light cough. Then, the terrifying suppression around him relaxed.

It was like a fish dying on the shore suddenly being tossed into a bucket of water, giving it a temporary reprieve to breathe. Yun Congyue gasped for breath. Without daring to delay, he used all of his strength to shout out, “Senior forgive me! Senior forgive me!”

“Who are you?” An old and wizened voice sounded out in his ears.

Originally, Yun Congyue had no hopes that he would be remembered. After all, to such a formidable existence he was no different from a pebble or stick on the side of the road. “Two days ago in Riverwater City, senior rescued fellow daoist Ban Bu. At that time I was present there.”

“And? Did you not see the stone tablet outside the mountain?” Although the old voice sounded calm and steady, Yun Congyue was still left in a cold sweat. He knew that he didn’t have much time left. If he couldn’t make this senior change his mind, he feared nothing awaited him but death.

His thoughts raced. He clenched his teeth and loudly said, “The reason I came here today is to make a transaction with senior!”

“Depending on you?”

“This junior has received an extremely heavy injury and I fear I do not have much longer to live. If senior can please help then there might be a slim chance of survival! Of course, I was the one who made a mistake first, so if senior kills me then I have no complaints! But if that happens, you won’t obtain anything. You will simply have wasted your time and energy!”

The old voice coldly sneered. “You self-proclaimed intelligent little boy, did you hear my conversation with Ban Bu? Do you really believe I won’t kill you?”

Yun Congyue dripped with sweat. He forced a smile and said, “I have no choice. I can only make a bet on your character.”

“To bet your life on my character, that’s at least a little interesting.” The old voice paused for a moment before continuing, “Whatever. In my life, I have always held a policy of not doing anything for nothing. I will not ruin this custom just because of you. Mm, your situation is indeed not good. When you forcefully broke into the God boundary you left behind a hidden danger within your foundation. You want to request my help with this, right?”

Yun Congyue was overjoyed. He fiercely looked up, “That is exactly right!”

The heavens never sealed off all exits, the heavens really did never seal off all exits! After so many winding peaks and paths, he had found a solution. If it weren’t for his formidable self-control he would have started crying.

From how things were going, it seemed that not only would he not die, but he could also cure himself of the hidden danger in his body.

As for whether or not the master of Immaterial Mountain could accomplish this…in truth, Yun Congyue never doubted it!

What nonsense. In just several moments this person could figure out the problem within his body. Just this method alone was amazing beyond comparison. If this sort of expert wasn’t trustworthy, who in this world was still worth trusting?

“Deal…boy, remember to give up all resistance. Don’t try to cause trouble.”

Yun Congyue hurriedly restrained his strength. Then, his field of vision turned black and his consciousness darkened.

“A solemn God boundary cultivator can still be considered a master, and yet he was so easily knocked unconscious by you.” Snowside had a strange look on her face. “Hey, if he wakes up now, do you think he will go mad with rage and try to kill you, or will he slap himself to death in shame?”

Qin Yu glanced at her. “Stop being so negative. If something goes wrong you won’t be able to escape either.”

Snowside rolled her eyes. Qin Yu didn’t give her a chance to retort. An invisible strength picked Yun Congyue up. Turning around, he entered the grass hut with his patient in tow.

When the doors closed, all outside perception was isolated. Snowside widened her eyes and stared, but when she didn’t feel any fluctuations she clenched her teeth and shouted, “You’re just playing pretend! That fellow’s wounds aren’t so simple. I want to see just what method you have!”

In the grass hut, Qin Yu rubbed his chin. By borrowing the jade pendant embryo egg’s strength, discovering the problem in Yun Congyue’s body was simple. But, treating him was a different matter altogether. Thus the one treating him today wouldn’t be Qin Yu.

He raised a hand and spread out his fingers. Then he closed his eyes and several breaths of time later, space collapsed inwards to reveal a darkness in his palm. A round sun appeared. It was wrapped in darkness, leaving the light imprisoned inside so that none of it was sent out.

The reason Qin Yu’s soul lacked carrying capacity was absolutely related to the little blue lamp, so it was natural for him to call it over to help.

“You said that I only need to be responsible for bringing people over and the rest can be left to you. Now, it’s your turn.”

When Qin Yu finished speaking he stood to the side.

The sun phantom slightly trembled and a thought fluctuation echoed in his mind. “Since I made you a promise, I will fulfill it. But until then, you must use the sun and moon force field to wrap around this space.”

Qin Yu nodded. With a thought, the sun and moon force field spread out surrounding the grass hut.

“While it’s not perfect, this is truly at the level beyond the material realm…” The little blue lamp looked at Qin Yu and was filled with emotions. Sometimes, it even had the impulse to grab this boy and dissect him so it could see why he had such an astonishing destiny and luck.

Within the boundless universe there were a billion trillion lives. There were countless talents and after the endless years passed like waves upon the shore, there were bound to be grains of sand washed clean, finally giving birth to majestic existences that shined in the highest heavens like great suns.

But even amongst these existences, how many of them could actually achieve the realm of going beyond the material realm?

If it were known by them that a little kid who hadn’t even crossed the threshold of the God boundary had achieved these qualifications then they would probably curse at the heavens for being a bastard. Then, they would exhaust all methods to rush over to him and kill him, obtaining everything he had.

That scene was bound to be explosive!

“Qin Yu, although you should already know this, I need to give you another warning. Never tell anyone about the sun and moon force field, otherwise you will not appreciate the consequences.”

Qin Yu nodded. “Don’t worry. I have experience in these matters.”

The little blue lamp paused for a moment before forcing a smile. Others might not encounter such a chance even once in their lives, yet Qin Yu could say he had ‘experience’ in such matters. Perhaps when it inexplicably chose him in the past, this was something already arranged by the dark flow of destiny.

The little blue lamp pushed down these thoughts and didn’t say anything else. Within the darkness formed from collapsed space, the light trembled and faint blue rains of sunlight departed, merging into Yun Congyue’s body.

A moment later, the sun phantom calmed down.

“It’s done.”

Qin Yu frowned. He looked down at the unconscious Yun Congyue. “Just like that?”

The little blue lamp said, “Open up the hidden danger within his body and you will naturally understand.”

Shua –

The sun phantom vanished and space returned to how it was at the beginning.

Qin Yu thought for a moment. The little blue lamp had no reason to harm him. He pressed a finger down.

On the ground, the unconscious Yun Congyue curled up into a ball and his face twisted.

Although this seemed like a simple finger, it struck a key spot, causing the hidden danger that Yun Congyue had been suppressing to thoroughly detonate. Strength fiercely shook like a volcano that had gone wild. If he didn’t interfere, it would turn into a super-powered bomb!

But at this time, blue motes of light started to shine within Yun Congyue’s body. They were like stars in the skies, resonating with each other.

Hum –

Faint traces of strength quickly condensed from nothingness. They interwove together, forming a large white cocoon that wrapped around Yun Congyue.

The riotous and violent aura of strength quickly calmed down, finally stabilizing.

Dark golden light surged within Qin Yu’s eyes. He saw through the large cocoon that wrapped around Yun Congyue. Slowly, he revealed a look of acclaim and praise.

This little blue lamp fellow, it really was mysterious and unpredictable. This was the first time he had learned about its ability to save people.

He pushed open the door and walked out. Meeting Snowside’s eyes, he had an indifferent expression. “Once he wakes up, let him leave. As for what reward he needs to pay, let him think of it himself.”

Snowside’s eyes flew open. “You aren’t joking with me?”

Just how much time had passed? He was cured like that?

What in the world!?

A day later, the excited Yun Congyue left Immaterial Mountain, filled with endless shock and awe.

He turned around and looked at this little mountain where yin and yang could not intrude. His eyes shined, as if he were bearing witness to the greatest supreme faith of his life.

My name is Yun Congyue. I have gone through a great deal of suffering and pain, but I have a dream. After enduring and enduring, I finally made my dream come true.

That’s right, I opened up my own path. And, there just happened to be three. I broke through the limits of life in one fell swoop and became a formidable God boundary existence.

Although I seem calm on the surface, the truth is that this is only an act I deliberately put on. At night when nobody is watching, I have screamed more than once.

Cough cough. Of course, I made preparations ahead of time so that no one discovered this.

I have reached the god boundary and also obtained the qualifications to set up my own school. My life has simply reached perfection.

The only thing that is not beautiful is that when I was cultivating in the past, due to my eagerness to complete something, I ended up leaving behind a hidden danger within my foundation.

But this isn’t a problem. I, Yun Congyue, am confident that I can find a solution to slowly make up for this in the future.

Afterwards, as I was on the way, I made a detour to Riverwater City. An old mister that once gave me advice lived here.

Although he had a shameful appearance, my sharp intuition told me that he was a true master…and the facts proved I was right. This old mister was indeed formidable; he was an extraordinary swordsman powerhouse.

But when I discovered this, I was no longer in the mood to praise myself or be proud of my intuition.

I confirmed that I had been sucked into the vortex. So I honestly stayed at Riverwater City, not daring to take even half a step away.

But reality proved that as long as a person was needed, even if they were sitting at home, disaster would still visit them. One of my past enemies came to find me and battle broke out without warning. I was weak and he was strong. After a brutal battle, my enemy turned and left.

Afterwards, I discovered that I could never avoid this matter. So I clenched my teeth and went to Immaterial Mountain.

In fact, I have to thank those people who forced me here. I have to thank the enemy who injured me. Because this was the most correct decision I have made in my life.

What is a true expert?

That person at Immaterial Mountain is one!

Before, I had many people I respected and worshipped. But from the moment I left Immaterial Mountain, there was only one figure that still remained at the highest summit of my heart.

My name is Yun Congyue. From this day on, I have a new faith!


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