Chapter 896 – Immaterial Mountain

“T-teacher…” Several disciples trembled as they spoke. Their eyes were flushed with excitement as well as endless longing and awe.

Yun Congyue drew in a deep breath. “No one can speak about what happened here today!”

Under his sleeves, his palms shivered. Even though he tried his best to maintain a calm expression, his emotions were surging like a stormy sea.

That mysterious expert was absolutely the greatest unsurpassed powerhouse he had ever seen in his life. If he could…excitement flashed in Yun Congyue’s eyes as he came to a decision.

In truth, it was unnecessary for Yun Congyue to issue a gag order to his disciples because they weren’t the only ones on the street to witness what happened.

The commotion caused by Ban Bu’s restored freedom was far too great. In a short period of time, news of this spread over the entirety of Riverwater City and continued diffusing outwards at an incredible speed.

That horrible old bum on the street was actually a super powerhouse of the sword path. Although he hadn’t attacked or anything, he was able to shake away the heavy rains with a single thought and form a divine sword out of nothing. This supernatural art shook the minds of those who witnessed it.

Many cultivators who once ridiculed or even maliciously teased Ban Bu were now left deathly pale. They couldn’t help but think – was it too late to flee?

But now, no one thought to pay attention to them. After the initial shock and disbelief passed, everyone realized a key issue – there was a peerless powerhouse staying outside Riverwater City, and he didn’t seem as if he would leave for the time being.

Was this a chance?

Soon, 800 miles outside the city, a common-looking mountain was found. The aura from inside was isolated out, forming a minor separate region of its own. No matter whether the sun rose or the moon fell, that mountain wasn’t affected at all.

Everyone who saw this mountain felt an instinctual terror and awe rise from the depths of their hearts…with this, no one doubted it anymore!

Countless thoughts spun in everyone’s minds, like mighty waves gradually rising on a calm water surface. After a turning point came, it would truly erupt.

At Immaterial Mountain outside the city, Qin Yu had a calm expression. “I’ve done everything I needed to do. Now it’s time to patiently wait.”

Qin Yu had used three seconds to come up with the name for this mountain. After all, he needed the mountain to have an extremely deep and mysterious name to conform to his current identity.

Across from him, Snowside glanced at him with a sharp look. “Qin Yu, I never imagined that your acting skills would be so impressive. I really must praise you.”

Qin Yu glanced at her, “Tell me what you want.”

Snowside chuckled. She leaned over and said, “I’m curious. The opening has been perfect, but how are you going to develop this play? With just one careless accident you can overturn the entire stage. If that time comes, I fear you will suffer a miserable end.”

Qin Yu calmly, “That is my business. All you need to do is play your role well.”

Snowside slapped her chest. “You have no need to worry. I have already mixed myself into the obam world for so many years. If my acting skills weren’t up to par, I would have been killed off a long time ago.”

Qin Yu shot her a look, because at this time her movements were causing her chest to rise up and down. He coughed and stood up, “I’m going to make preparations.”

He walked away.

Looking at his back, Snowside narrowed her eyes. “This brat, his plan is becoming increasingly unclear. I want to see exactly what he’s going to do.”

She had no idea that Qin Yu had used similar methods in the past before. Now, doing all of this seemed like a familiar task that was handled with ease.

Of course, in this world only Qin Yu could use this method. If it were anyone else they would truly die in a miserable way.

That’s right. Beneath the heavy rainfall in Riverwater City, the black-robed man who saved Ban Bu was Qin Yu.

Now, the opening was far more sublime than he thought. As long as he was a bit careful, that would be the time when he could receive the beautiful harvest.

Of course, taking a step back, even if an accident happened, Qin Yu also had a method prepared for him to retreat.

10,000 miles away in Roc City, the City Lord who possessed supreme authority had received news of what happened in Riverwater City at the quickest speed possible. At first he didn’t care much, but after looking through it his eyes started to reveal an earnest look.

He furrowed his eyebrows and thought for a moment. Then, he knocked on his tabletop. A moment later, the door to his study was pushed open from the outside.

The steward stepped in. He respectfully bowed, “What is your order?”

Lei Qianjun put down the jade slip. “Take a look first.”

The steward was a genuine confidante. He stepped forward without hesitation and picked up the jade slip. After exploring it with his divine sense, he put it down and revealed a dignified expression.

If the news within the jade slip was true, then the mysterious cultivator at Immaterial Mountain could not be underestimated.

After thinking for a moment he said, “I’ll take a trip.”

The City Lord nodded.

The steward walked out of the study. After closing the door he looked up at the skies, his expression even graver than before.

Why would this kind of powerhouse appear outside Roc City without warning?

Why did he come, and what was his goal?

If it really was just to rescue that sword maniac in Riverwater City, then he had already achieved it. Why did he stay?

Was it really all for the sake of receiving the ‘stated cost’ of help from that sword maniac?

The steward frowned. Anyone that believed that was a true idiot!

Without stopping, the steward passed down a few orders and left for Rainwater City.

After leaving the city, he flew into the skies. A dazzling light flashed and a golden eagle that seemed carved out of gold howled into the distance, vanishing into the horizon.

Everyone had their own secrets. Unless they saw it with their own eyes, who could imagine that the quiet and low-key steward who always followed by the City Lord’s side would be a terrifyingly strong monster with golden feathers?

In fact, it wasn’t just the steward who wanted to explore Immaterial Mountain and learn about the mysterious cultivator there. In the surrounding hundreds of thousands of miles of the region, beside the Roc City Lord, there were several people who weren’t weak and only appeared to submit.

This was normal. If Lei Qianjun really turned the entire region of Roc City into a monolithic block that he controlled, would the imperial family have been able to sit still and allow him to freely act as he pleased for so many years?

There were some things that were known to everyone. Only by defining everything with the limits of the rules could they live comfortably.

The golden-feathered eagle transformed back into his human form. When the steward landed outside Immaterial Mountain, several eyes gathered onto him, hesitating for a bit before coming forward to greet him.

“Brother Gold.”

“What is the City Lord’s intent?”

“What is the origin of this stranger?”

The steward smiled and bowed in return. “The City Lord is busy so he has sent me here in his place to investigate.” He gave a perfunctory answer to everyone’s questions.

The crowd cursed inwardly that the steward was a wily old fox. After seeing that they couldn’t find out anything from him, they spoke a bit more before scattering.

The steward stood near the mountain for a day and night, experiencing the process of the sun rising and the moon setting. As he looked at Immaterial Mountain, his eyes became increasingly dignified.

Yin and yang did not intrude…it really was a place where yin and yang did not intrude…

The steward let out a light breath. He greeted a few people he spoke to before and then left.

He had seen what he needed to see. There was no need to remain.

After returning to the City Lord Mansion, his first words were, “If they aren’t an enemy it is best not to provoke that cultivator at Immaterial Mountain.”

Lei Qianjun’s expression didn’t change. “What did you find out?”

The steward said, “I saw many things, but there were even more things I couldn’t see. So what I saw might not necessarily be the truth. As a result, there’s not much I can say.”

The City Lord laid down the book in his hand and breathed out a sigh of emotion. “For you to be so cautious and not dare to say anything extra, it seems that person really is extraordinary.”

The steward replied, “I am just afraid that if I say anything wrong, it will cause you to have a misjudgment of the situation.”

Lei Qianjun asked, “What did the others say?”

“They want to try.”

Lei Qianjuan raised an eyebrow. “They have a goal?”

The steward nodded.

“Then keep watching. After all, in this world there are many things that cannot be trusted with the eyes alone. Only true facts can be believed.”

“I understand. I will quietly add a chip so they firm their resolve as soon as possible.”

The steward’s chip quickly arrived.

The indecisive Yun Congyue who continued staying in Riverwater City just happened to meet an old enemy of his. And what was even more coincidental was that this person had also condensed his God mark, and his strength was a level higher.

A battle between two God boundary individuals did not draw in Riverwater City. When Yun Congyue stubbornly made his way back to his dwelling, he spat out several mouthfuls of blood, his face pale white.

He waved his hand, preventing his panicked disciples from approaching. He sat down and adjusted his breathing for a long time before finally managing to stabilize his internal injuries.

“Teacher, how are you?” A favored disciple nervously asked.

Yun Congyue sighed. He muttered, “I know I have become a target but I didn’t think they would be so impatient. It appears that person at Immaterial Mountain has made them feel a bit of dread.”

He stood up and walked outside. “I cannot wait any longer, otherwise who knows what will happen next. The rest of you stay here. If I don’t return in three days, go back to your homes. This matter shouldn’t involve you.”

Without giving his disciples a chance to reply, Yun Congyue left his dwelling, silently headed outside the city.

When he left, news had already spread out. Eyes gathered onto him from all quarters. They all wanted to see how things would develop from here on out.

While he was injured, the God boundary was still the God boundary. Yun Congyue didn’t take much time before he arrived outside Immaterial Mountain.

He looked up at the stone tablet set up just outside: Immaterial Mountain – do not enter without permission.

These characters appeared ordinary, but carefully looking at them one could sense a feeling of oppression that was hard to describe.

As if an eye was looking down at you from the highest heavens.

Yun Congyue could clearly feel this oppression. If he had a choice, he wouldn’t be so presumptuous…but it was clear he had no choice.

He clenched his teeth and stepped onto Immaterial Mountain.

Openly and secretly, countless cultivators widened their eyes. But what happened next left them greatly disappointed.

Like passing through an illusion, there was a faint rippling in the air. Yun Congyue’s figure vanished after one step.

He had gone in and everything returned to tranquility, as if nothing had happened…what was the meaning of this?

Some people burned with anxiety, and some people waited patiently. But no matter who they were, after a brief period of restlessness they all chose to remain silent.

The path-exploring stone had been tossed out. Although they couldn’t see it, they should give things some time before expecting a follow-up response.

If Yun Congyue came out alive, that was for the best. If he didn’t return…they would figure out another solution.

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