Chapter 894 – Problem of the Soul

TN: To clarify, the God boundary is also the Divine Dao boundary. Different names but the same thing.

After two months of study, Qin Yu repeatedly reflected on himself. Gradually, he found some choices for condensing his own Glory of the God Mark.

Letting out a breath, Qin Yu mumbled, “After a few more lectures I might be able to make my first attempt.”

The carriage entered the city. This was a normal human city. There was a good number of cultivators present, but in Qin Yu’s judgment there was only half of an expert here.

His dwelling was a simple courtyard. Before the carriage approached, the courtyard door opened from inside and An Ke jogged over to take the horse.

Qin Yu nodded at him as he got off the carriage. Without a word, he passed through the doors. He had some inspirations in his mind that he was anxious to verify.

An Ke looked at Qin Yu’s back with a face full of admiration. “For my lord to have such strength today is not just an accident. His self-control and hard work ethic is unmatched by anyone else!”

Snowside knocked An Ke on the forehead and curled her lips, saying, “He’s already gone, so who do you think will listen to your flattery? Hum hum, this boy Qin Yu spends every day in a hurry as if there’s a dog chasing him from behind. It’s not interesting at all.”

An Ke smiled and didn’t say a word. Although he had never seen Snowside fight, from the way Qin Yu treated her he knew that she was incredibly strong.

“Big Sister Snowside, I will go and wash down the horse first. The wine he likes to drink is gone, so I have to go out and buy some more. Otherwise if I can’t make it by mealtime, he will be upset again.”

Snowside waved her hand, “Go, just go.”

She turned around and went to her room.

An Ke patted the horse’s somewhat withered hair and said, “Let’s go mister horse. You must have had a hard time pulling two people so I’ll take care of you now.”

The old horse neighed. After its harness was taken off, it walked towards the stable with its head held up high.

An Ke smiled helplessly. He had no idea why the lord had taken a liking to this old horse. It was clearly too old to ride and it was difficult to take care of. Whenever it ate, it had to have wine and meat.

It wasn’t picky about the meat, but it wasn’t fooled by just any type of wine. An Ke spent a great deal of energy before finding out what its tastes were like.

Sometimes, An Ke couldn’t help but wonder. Could there be some great backstory behind this old horse?

But after thinking about it and not coming up with anything, he tossed this thought to the side.

10,000 miles away was Roc City. It was an astonishingly large cultivator city where over a million cultivators had gathered. It was the most dazzling pearl for hundreds of thousands of miles around.

The City Lord Mansion possessed absolute authority. While the City Lord maintained loyalty towards the imperial family in name, he was a true local despot.

Today, the City Lord had just finished dealing with his daily affairs. He took a steaming towel and placed it on his face. With his eyes closed, he asked, “What has Xiaoyu been doing these past few days?”

To his side was the steward. The steward had a clean appearance and a restrained expression. He smiled and said, “The young miss has been earnestly cultivating lately. But, she seems a bit off recently. She has changed schools several times. It appears she hasn’t made a decision yet.”

The City Lord was silent for a moment. He pulled down the towel and said, “Have you investigated it?”

The steward nodded, “Yes.”

Without saying anything, he took out a jade slip and offered it with both hands.

Lei Qianyun received the jade slip. After searching it with his divine sense, he was deep in thought for several moments of time before nodding, “I understand.”

The steward knew that this was the time to leave. After respectfully bowing, he took several steps back and left.

After walking out, the steward straightened himself. Only now could it be seen how tall he actually was. His eyes lowered as he stared at two cultivators that were entirely wrapped in black clothes. “Closely monitor this person. If you find that he has any dark intentions, execute him immediately.”

“Yes.” The two black-clothed cultivators bowed. They turned and quietly departed.

The steward clasped his hands together. He narrowed his eyes and looked up at the skies. Since the City Lord said he understood, this didn’t mean he was going to let things go like this. Rather, he wanted him to continue monitoring the situation so that everything was within his control.

The princess falling in love with the stable boy…haha, perhaps this story truly did exist, but the City Lord would never allow it.

His straight waist curved once more. The swift and fierce aura that appeared briefly vanished again. The steward turned around and stood outside the door, his eyes closed.

In her room, Snowside opened her eyes. She turned her head and looked somewhere, a chill appearing deep in her eyes.

The two people monitoring them had returned…if it weren’t for Qin Yu not wanting to create any unnecessary troubles, she would have already taken their heads.

Who could it be?

Ever since entering the human region, they had kept a low profile and didn’t do anything that would arouse suspicion. After thinking about it, Snowside thought back to that Lei Xiaoyu who kept chasing after Qin Yu all day long, and a strange look crossed her face.

Was it because of her? Yes, that little girl seemed to have a considerable background. What was this storyline? Was this a story where it was difficult to accept the grace of a beauty, or was this a story about stealing someone’s innocence?

Tsk tsk, those creatures called men really couldn’t be too handsome. Otherwise, attracting bees and butterflies was very troublesome.

As she thought about how she had a new way to tease Qin Yu, Snowside closed her eyes in satisfaction. She decided to temporarily forget these two annoying spies.

Now, her greatest curiosity was when would Qin Yu begin to break through the World’s Dragon Gate and reach the Divine Dao realm?

Snowside had no doubts that Qin Yu would be able to successfully knock on the door. What she wanted to know was how many rings of glory would Qin Yu condense?

Snowside believed he would condense at least five rings. After all, he was someone who had managed to kill that incomparably freakish monster known as the Great Dragon Overlord before reaching the God boundary.

After listening to three more lectures on the Dao, Qin Yu met Lei Xiaoyu each time without accident. Every time they argued Lei Xiaoyu would be sent into a furious rage. Even so, she continued to take the initiative to chase after him.

Qin Yu thought for a moment and decided not to go out and listen to any more lectures. It wasn’t because he was afraid of this girl, but because he had discovered that lectures weren’t helpful to him anymore.

Saying this might seem a bit disdainful towards the cultivators who diligently studied at the academies year after year, but in front of Qin Yu who possessed the jade pendant embryo egg, all of them could be considered trash.

Qin Yu decided to begin setting out on the path of his second way to reach the Divine Dao. The first was his Ancient race’s Undying Body.

For this path, he chose the Blue Finger.

After collating the explanations from numerous professors, Qin Yu had summarized the various ways to break into the God boundary.

The Blue Finger could be considered to be within the violence category.

With a super strong attack, he could forcibly shake the rules of the world and obtain its approval and feedback, then condensing the mark of the godhead. Of course, all Qin Yu wanted was to use the Blue Finger to shake the world; he had no intention of condensing the brand mark.

Qin Yu went into seclusion. With the help of the jade pendant embryo egg’s unbelievable abilities, he began to explore and comprehend the power of the Blue Finger, so that he could have it reach the point of helping him achieve the God boundary.

Afterwards, Lei Xiaoyu really went crazy. She found that the hateful Qin Yu had disappeared without warning. Only cultivators who felt the World’s Dragon Gate would give up everything, randomly wandering through the various schools to seek out opportunities to make a breakthrough.

Without accident, they would stay here until they gained enough confidence in themselves. Then, they would quietly leave and begin seclusion.

But Qin Yu clearly hadn’t appeared for a long time so why would he vanish? Was he avoiding her? Lei Xiaoyu found this impossible to accept.


You want to hide? I won’t let you do what you want!

Lei Xiaoyu started to mobilize her forces. She cast out a net that reached every surrounding school both small and large. As long as Qin Yu appeared there was no way he could escape.

But time passed, day after day, and no news came back. At first Lei Xiaoyu clenched her teeth, but she was slowly worn down.

In the beginning she had no other meaning. She just wanted to thank Qin Yu for saving her. But afterwards, Qin Yu’s attitude had stirred up Lei Xiaoyu’s rebellious attitude. The more he ignored her, the more she wanted to get in his way.

Just you wait! When you find out how amazing I am…hum hum, at that time I will walk away without hesitation and teach you what true sadness is!

But Qin Yu didn’t give her this opportunity. Rather, Lei Xiaoyu was the one feeling a hollowness in her heart. She rubbed her eyes, holding back the impulse to cry.

“Qin Yu, you smelly bastard, you had better not be found by me, otherwise I will teach you a lesson!”

In the blink of an eye three months passed. Qin Yu opened his eyes to reveal a happy look.

His comprehension of the Blue Finger was completed. While he hadn’t yet tested it, he was confident in its power.

Standing up, Qin Yu flickered and vanished from his room. When he appeared once again, he was outside the city.

His divine sense swept out. When he sensed nothing wrong, he lifted a finger.

Rumble rumble –

Heaven and earth spiritual strength instantly seethed, rolling up like a vast and powerful sea!

But at this time, Qin Yu frowned. He could feel an invisible suppression coming from the world. Although it was intense, he could sense that it was still a little bit away.

It was this little missing bit which caused Qin Yu to realize that if he wanted to use the Blue Finger to open up a second path to the God boundary, it would be impossible for now.

He flicked his sleeves, scattering the strength of the Blue Finger before it crashed down. Qin Yu’s face darkened.

It shouldn’t be like this. He had already perceived the power of the Blue Finger to the peak. Its power should be more than enough to break through to the God boundary.

Just where was the problem?

“It’s the soul.” Snowside’s voice sounded out from behind. She looked at Qin Yu, a strange look on her face. “I originally believed that you would only encounter this situation after opening up at least three paths to the Divine Dao…it seems that you have a great secret on you!”

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