Chapter 892 – The Offering Made In Frozen Time and Space

Eyes gathered onto Qin Yu. You must succeed, you must succeed! If you cannot kill the Great Dragon Overlord, then Commander Silent Light’s sacrifice will be rendered meaningless!

Qin Yu sensed the changes occurring within the thunder cage. He let out a breath and continued to stimulate the formation of the altar.

Silent Light was using his life as the price to earn more time for him. No matter how Qin Yu saw it, he couldn’t allow himself to be defeated here.

An hour later, the batwing dragon’s corpse had thoroughly rotted away and dissolved. Blood red goo flooded the entire flower.

Qin Yu pressed down with his hands. The condensed soul bead fused into it.

Hou –

At this time everyone could hear the roars of the batwing dragon’s soul.

But now, there was no more hatred or cruelty in its voice. There was only endless fear and despair.

Before, when it was killed by Qin Yu, it had never put on such a display. It was hard to imagine just what it was going through at this moment.

However, without a doubt, it was something far more terrifying than death!

In the thunder prison, the Great Dragon Overlord that had lost all his reasoning and turned into a monster that only knew death and slaughter, suddenly had a flash of awareness in his eyes.

He sensed something. Within his giant eyes, along with fear and despair, there was also a hint of relief.

The Great Dragon Overlord looked down at Qin Yu. And at this moment, Qin Yu also looked up.

When their eyes met there seemed to be a moment when time came to a stop. Then, Qin Yu flipped his hand and a jade card appeared.

Bang –

On the ground, the flower altar trembled and the earth started to shake with it. A rich blood red light shot into the skies, forming a blood flower projection that slowly rotated between the heavens and earth.

Every flower petal was incomparably clear. Looking closely, one could even see the veins interwoven on its surface.

Then in the next instant, space and time came to a standstill, as if some unknown existence had pushed the pause button of the world.

When this strange feeling vanished, the thunder prison was still there. But, the Great Dragon Overlord inside had vanished from sight.

The flower formed by blood red light had neatly closed up on itself like a flower bud.  

Bang –

Bang –

Deep and low roars emanated from the flower bud. Its surface distorted and bulged. Faintly, one could hear pained and unwilling screams coming from inside.

This voice…was that of the Great Dragon Overlord!

On the chaos ship, all the Light Guards had shocked expressions. From beginning to end, none of them had seen how this eerie flower had swallowed up the Great Dragon Overlord.

Through the entire process, it was like the flower had appeared, spun, and then closed up…with that, everything had come to an end!

But soon, they no longer thought about it. The world was vast and there were bound to be mysteries that they had never touched.

The Great Dragon Overlord had died…this was the key point, nothing else mattered.

The closed up blood red flower quickly faded away as if it were a shadow. Then, the thick goo on the ground that formed the flower marking dried up.

A breeze blew past and dust rose up. The marking thoroughly vanished, as if it never existed in the world.

What disappeared with it was the obam race’s super powerhouse, the Great Dragon Overlord. Although no one had witnessed his final fate, none of them doubted that he would never return.

The jade card in Qin Yu’s hand glowed with warmth. Then, a strength flowed out and merged into his body. As if this was a reward the jade card gave him for the offering.

But there was no hint of joy on Qin Yu’s face. His eyebrows furrowed together and his mind raced. Suddenly, he did something unexpected.

His figure flickered and he arrived near the thunder cage. He pressed a hand down and poured all of the strength that came from the jade slip into it.

A sense of shock came from within. Qin Yu said, “I was the one who killed the Great Dragon Overlord, so that doesn’t match our previous agreement…take this as my compensation.”

As his voice fell he turned and flew away, shooting towards the place where Snowside was fighting the black mud monster.

For some unknown reason, whether it was because the Great Dragon Overlord died or not, the blood red beam of light that shot out from Great King City had vanished.

The chaos ship had its freedom restored. A great number of Light Guards flew out, arriving near the thunder cage.

Silent Kite stood in front of everyone. She wiped the tears off from her face, her eyes shivering with excitement.

The endless power of thunder condensed to reveal Silent Light’s figure. His face was deathly pale and his aura was incomparably weak. But compared with death, this was the best possible outcome.

“Father!” Silent Kite stepped forward.

Silent Light sighed. He looked at the direction Qin Yu left in. This time, he owed that person a life-saving favor.

He gathered his thoughts and took a deep breath before saying, “We’re leaving immediately!”

The Great Dragon Overlord died and the obam race was bound to go crazy. They wouldn’t be able to stay in the Little Sweet Mountains for much longer.

As for the mysterious master who arranged the Ascendant Bluegold Array…

He inexplicably thought back to Qin Yu. Although Silent Light had no idea who he was, this matter was absolutely related to him.

So, he believed there was no need to worry about them.

Hum –

The chaos ship trembled and melted into space!

When Qin Yu rushed over, Snowside and the black mud monster’s battle was still at a stalemate.

“The Great Dragon Overlord has died?” The black mud monster looked at Qin Yu, his expression unexpectedly calm. Then, he glanced at Snowside, “Snowside, you do have a reason to hate me, but allow me to give you some advice. You should figure out the truth of what happened in the past and determine who your true enemy is.”

He took a step back and his giant monstrous body blew apart. Then, his aura vanished.

Qin Yu could sense which direction this person had fled in. But right now, Snowside was gasping for breath and her expression was uncertain, without any indication of wanting to chase after him.

“It’s him…could it really be him…” Snowside muttered beneath her breath.

Qin Yu waited for a brief moment before coughing and saying, “We need to leave as soon as possible.”

Snowside looked up. When she did, her gaze was surprisingly calm. “Alright.”

But Qin Yu could feel that beneath her calm veneer, there was a volcano hidden below. When the time came, it would thoroughly erupt!

Everyone had their own secrets. Since Snowside didn’t want to speak about it, Qin Yu didn’t ask.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The two of them flew into the skies!

From start to finish, the incident in the Little Sweet Mountains didn’t last long. But for this reason, the obam race had paid an incomparably deep price.

The Great Dragon Overlord, the spiritual leader of the obam race, had perished there.

Great King City’s City Lord, Sophia, who possessed a noble bloodline, had been assassinated.

The vital fallen human Blue Torrent had been slain. 30,000 black-armored obam controlled by the Aurora Family had been buried along with him…each piece of news stabbed into the hearts and minds of the obam race.

War was inevitable!

On the spine of Overwatch Mountain, the area that divided the regions of the two races from each other, the obam legions began to undergo numerous small scale skirmishes against the humans.

Those who understood the situation knew that the prologue to war was slowly being written.

But none of this was related to Qin Yu. As one of the main fuses who started this war, after he snuck back into the mine tunnels beneath Valiant Tomb Castle, he completely disappeared.

All humans and obams who came into contact with him had either died or believed he was dead.

He was like an illusion, disappearing from everyone’s awareness.

Today, there was light rain and no wind. A small temple stood between green willows. The stone slabs that paved the ground had been stepped on by many people and the corners were polished to an almost mirror-like texture.

A gentleman with an old-fashioned appearance and antiquated temperament sat cross-legged on a round cushion woven from gold-colored silk and straw. His eyes solemnly swept over the crowd and his words were steady and calm.

“Everyone knows that within the great path of the Dao, when you step into the God realm, you are freed from the mortal world and become truly accomplished. But what is the God boundary? And how many people can truly understand it?”

The man could see the looks of earnestness in everyone’s eyes. He paused for a moment before continuing, “In truth, regarding the Divine Dao’s definition, it has constantly been changing and transforming throughout the endless years. What I say today is only my own understanding. You may listen to me, but do not keep my words firmly locked in your heart. Perhaps this might be right for me, but that doesn’t mean it is the truth for you.”

The gentleman straightened himself. He respectfully said, “All lives in this world, besides a small number that possess extraordinary talents, start walking towards death the moment they are born. There are endless explanations for what cultivating is, but in the final analysis, it is all for the pursuit of immortality.

“The path to immortality is both bitter and difficult. It is like thousands and tens of thousands of people trying to cross the thinnest tightrope together – the smallest mistake or carelessness and one would fall over, with all their life’s efforts coming to nothing. Only by reaching the God boundary can one condense the world’s rules and transform that into their own God mark, borrowing the help of the world’s strength to preserve their eternal existence.

“So, to cultivators like me, the God boundary is a milestone for climbing up the road of the Great Dao. Only by reaching this boundary can a person complete their original intention for cultivating – to not be limited by their own lifespan. To cross the endless river of time and coexist with the sun and the moon and all the stars in the skies.”

The gentleman’s voice slowed down. “Perhaps you aren’t interested in this, and would like to know more about how to actually break into the God realm. In truth, there is no fixed path. Throughout the countless years, there have been millions of methods to reach the Divine Dao.

“Some people silently cultivate, walking forward one step at a time. They gather deep accumulations, then finally initiate a qualitative change that condenses into their God mark. Some people perceive the heavens and earth. This has always been an obscure and mysterious road. Just by taking a few steps forward the rules of the world would fall upon their bodies, allowing them to achieve the God boundary. There are also those people with powerful bloodlines hidden within their bodies. By constantly stimulating the potential of their bloodline, they can resonate with the world and obtain their God mark this way.

“In my eyes, there are only two levels of cultivation in this world. One that is below gods and one that is of gods. Without becoming a god, everything done is in vain and not worth mentioning. Supernatural arts, magic arts, magic tools, in the end these are paths of the mortal world. Those who want to become gods need to keep one thing in mind – to pursue the ultimate heights of the world. Once you reach a certain limit, all you need is one more step to reach the God boundary!”

Three days later, the lecture came to an end. Qin Yu lowered his head, deep in thought. Then, he stood up and left with everyone else.

The man’s words echoed in his mind. To chase after the ultimate heights of the world?

These words seemed common and overly general, but they revealed a certain truth. There were countless methods to reach the God boundary, and as long as one had perseverance and diligence, there was a chance to succeed.

Then, what was his own path to the God boundary?

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