Chapter 891 - Flower Altar

He flicked his finger and his fingertip split open. A few drops of blood flew out and landed on the batwing dragon’s corpse.

Like a terrifyingly strong corrosive acid, the corpse’s flesh and blood started to rot away. After leaving behind some tiny blood holes they fused into its body. It was like a wax block placed beneath the scorching sun, slowly melting away.

Thick juices of mixed flesh and blood flowed along the lines that outlined the flower, brimming over.

The flower imprinted on the ground gently trembled. As if it had a life of its own, it began to emit sounds as if it was breathing.

Everything was ghostly and strange.

The Great Dragon Overlord who was locked in combat with Silent Light suddenly felt a throbbing in his heart. He looked down and saw the dissolving corpse of the batwing dragon as well as the strange flower that spread out. His face darkened.

He had no idea what this flower was but he had an intense intuition that he absolutely could not allow Qin Yu to continue. Otherwise, something incomparably terrifying would occur.

Hou –

The Great Dragon Overlord’s small and thin body wildly grew. Thick and dense scales appeared and batwing dragon wings unfurled from his back. Countless bone spikes thrust out and two dreadful fangs burrowed out from his mouth. He reared back his head and roared.

At this moment, the Great Dragon Overlord had become the incarnation of a monster that was half-obam and half-batwing dragon. His appearance was fierce and horrible to look at. His wings furiously flapped and space twisted. He had also inherited the batwing dragon’s ability to manipulate space.

Piki paka –

The crackling thunder light was sealed up by layers upon layers of distorted space, as if dozens of locks had been added on, confining Silent Light inside.

Hu –

The Great Dragon Overlord turned. Without hesitation, he faced towards Qin Yu and spat out a dragon’s breath.

The dragon’s breath was crimson…a pillar of flame!

Bang –

With a heaven-shaking ring, the layers of distorted space were broken apart. Silent Light stepped out, wrapped in thunder. His roar echoed through the world, “I said that I am your opponent!”

He unfurled his arms and a dazzling light erupted. He was like a tightly compressed mass of thunder that suddenly exploded at this moment.

Endless power of thunder swept across the world like waves at unimaginably fast speeds. Although it erupted afterwards, it caught up to the dragon’s breath and wrapped around it before it fell.

Then, a prison of thunder appeared in the world, caging the Great Dragon Overlord inside.

This thunder prison was formed by Silent Light’s thunder source. Unless he was struck down, it was impossible to escape. At the same time, strong winds roared in the highest heavens. Endless black clouds gushed out from nothingness and weaved into thunder clouds.

Rumble –

Rumble –

A barrage of thunder strikes madly poured down on the thunder prison, reinforcing, strengthening, and enhancing its energy.

“Silent Light, you want to stop me? You are seeking death!”

With a cruel roar the Great Dragon Overlord stamped his foot. His body instantly accelerated. Like a mountain running at high speed, he smashed into the thunder prison.

The power of thunder distorted and reformed as a large area started to collapse and dissipate. Silent Light coughed before steadying himself, “Qin Yu, until you finish, let me handle the rest.”

His indifferent voice was filled with not only a formidable self-confidence, but also a decisive conviction to place himself at the precipice of doom and die with his enemy!

On the ground, Qin Yu didn’t look up. At this moment all of his concentration was focused on the altar around him.

That’s right, with the batwing dragon’s corpse as the core, the strange flower marking on the ground was a genuine altar.

It came from the jade card that East Zhou Duly left to Qin Yu.

According to what East Zhou Duly said, she sank in a massive amount of time but still wasn’t able to completely perceive the secrets contained within the jade card. But the moment Qin Yu took it in hand, this jade card no longer held any secrets to him.

It was an inheritance medium. Or to be more precise, in ancient times, before a powerful existence perished, they poured a strand of their undying true spirit into this jade card, forming this flower altar.

She placed her hopes in someone coming afterwards and offering sufficient strength so that after countless years, she could complete her own rebirth.

This jade card had existed in the world for countless years. The richness of years it emanated surpassed Qin Yu’s imagination.

Even though he had fused with the jade pendant embryo egg, giving him the ability to see through all surface appearances and reach the essential nature of everything, this heaven-defying ability still didn’t allow him to completely see through the rich aura of years that wrapped around it.

He could only faintly feel that within the core of the jade card, there were some weak mental fluctuations that were slowly condensing.

Perhaps the owner who left this jade card behind in ancient times was soon about to fulfill their original wish and be reborn through the sacrificial offering.

If it wasn’t to kill the Great Dragon Overlord, Qin Yu wouldn’t have used this jade card…because the weak mental fluctuations within its core were clearly as small as a tender blade of grass that could easily be pulled out; it still left him feeling shaken.

Like a living being facing death…without any reason, fear and repulsion instinctually rose from their heart!

Now, Qin Yu had outlined the altar and used the batwing dragon’s corpse as material for building it. When its corpse thoroughly dissolved and all of the flower petals were filled in and the beads condensed from the remnant soul entered, the altar would be complete.

At that time, he could truly begin the offering…and the offering was naturally the Great Dragon Overlord that was imprisoned within Silent Light’s thunder prison!

When the altar was complete, that was the moment the Great Dragon Overlord would die!

As if feeling a sense of threat that was so rich it nearly condensed into tangible essence, the Great Dragon Overlord went crazy within the thunder prison. He disregarded all pain and exhaustion as he raged forward like a mad bull. Even if his scales tore off in great tracts or his flesh and blood was charred by lightning, he didn’t stop at all.

“Damn it! Damn it!

“Open! Open! Open for me!”

The Great Dragon Overlord’s voice grew increasingly loud. At the same time, the aura he released grew stronger and stronger. With blood-filled eyes, his emotions were swallowed up until nothing was left but infinite cruelty!

Hou –

He roared into the skies. “You were the one that forced me, you were the one that forced me!” The Great Dragon Overlord’s last trace of clarity was completely drowned out by blood.

His sharp claws fiercely tore down. Space collapsed and an appalling scene appeared – this shattered space was connected to an independent small world. The inside was a pitch black prison filled with countless obams.

At this moment, the Great Dragon Overlord opened his mouth and ruthlessly started to suck in air through the shattered space. The obams cried out in despair as they flew into his mouth.

Crunch –

Crunch –

He chewed in great gulps. The sounds of breaking bones filled the air. Thick rivers of blood dripped down from the corners of his mouth.

The aura that the Great Dragon Overlord released drastically rose once more. Like a red hot iron suddenly dropped into a bucket of cold water, the entire world started to frantically tumble.

Rumble rumble –

Heaven and earth spiritual strength boiled over. The skies turned blood red and the earth pitch black. Cold winds howled, carrying with them the wails of the dead as well as the aura of destruction and death.

At this moment, a purgatory had descended. All living beings within this world fell into annihilation!

Bang –

The thunder prison crazily distorted and a million bolts of lightning disappeared. They weren’t scattered and vanished, but directly swallowed by the Great Dragon Overlord.

He was like a black hole monster, capable of turning anything he touched into a part of himself.

Bang –

Bang –

Crazy collisions erupted time and time again and the size of the thunder prison rapidly shrank. Silent Light’s thunder source was being massively depleted.

At this rate, he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

Within the twisted and shaking thunder prison, Silent Light’s enlarged face appeared. As he stared at the Great Dragon Overlord who had completely run wild, his eyes were surprisingly calm.

“All this time, I regarded Blue Torrent as my greatest enemy. Because if not for his betrayal, what happened in the past would never have occurred.

“I prepared myself for several hundred years, but before I arrived he had already been killed by someone else. I was disappointed…truly disappointed.

“Originally, I thought that I would never be able to personally take revenge and so I would never have the face to see those old friends of mine in the underworld. But afterwards, I learned that before they died, the fear, despair, and pain they felt was all caused by you. Then by killing you they should be able to forgive me for surviving all these years by myself.”

Silent Light turned towards the chaos ship that was imprisoned in the blood red beam of light. A trace of guilt and apology appeared before he immediately returned to tranquility.

Kacha –

A light crack came from inside the thunder prison. Whether it was the Great Dragon Overlord’s roars and impacts or the endless thunder that crashed down, nothing could cover up this sound.

On the chaos ship, Silent Kite had been paying close attention to the intense battle. Her eyes were fixed on the thunder prison. At this moment, a pain throbbed in her chest, one that came from her bloodline connection. Fear and sorrow filled her heart.


She screamed out loud, tears blurring her eyes.

A moment later, crazily erupting lightning flooded her line of sight. It was like a blazing sun had blown apart.

A million bolts of lightning crazily poured down on the thunder prison, nearly turning it into physical essence. Its color deepened and deepened until it turned jet black.

Silent Light’s aura thoroughly vanished. Because he had fused himself into the endless thunder.

Right now, he had ignited everything he had to release a strength that surpassed his limits.

This could be regarded as a terrifying trump card that allowed him to erupt with strength. But, the price that had to be paid was far too tragic. Once the power of thunder was exhausted, Silent Light would forever vanish. His body and soul would disappear and not a single trace of him would be left behind in this world.

“Father…father…” Tears streamed down Silent Kite’s face. She didn’t want to believe what she was seeing.

The Light Guards around her were all left shaken. Sadness filled their expressions. They had followed beside the commander for many years, thus they knew what erupting with so much power at this moment meant…Silent Light had given up on his life. With his own life as a chip, he was trying to completely block off the possibility of the Great Dragon Overlord breaking through.

Once it began, it could not be changed. Silent Light was doomed to die here, but the commander’s death could not be meaningless. The Great Dragon Overlord had to die!

The chaos ship fiercely trembled. Countless runes lit up on its surface. However, it was unknown what methods that obam of Great King City had used. The red light beam of imprisonment was incomparably hard, so hard that they couldn’t break through.

The Light Guards had tried but failed. Then, their only hope was Qin Yu. 

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