Chapter 890 - Killing the Dragon

Feeling the fierce battle between its master and Silent Light, the batwing dragon’s bloodthirst was aroused. Its sharp claws crushed the Five Element Samsara to pieces and slammed its wings out. Space instantly twisted, crumpling into a ball like a sheet of white paper that confined Qin Yu inside.

It opened its mouth and used the Dragon Voice Secret Art once more. Slender crimson crystals appeared in the distorted space, as if they had been burning in a furnace. They had extremely sharp front ends like they were fangs!

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows together. Two hearts vigorously beat within his chest. He shook his arms, shattering the warped space and punching with his fists.

Pa –

The sharp crystals piercing towards him broke apart. Qin Yu stepped out. Without looking down, he knew that the surface of his fist had been penetrated, even revealing the bones beneath. But he didn’t stop at all. He stepped down for a brief moment before hurtling forward once again, brazenly approaching without fear.

The batwing dragon revealed a mocking expression. He wanted a hand-to-hand fight? A weak human, even if they were a body system cultivator, would never possess a natural body as power as its own!

He was courting death!

Without stopping Qin Yu’s approach, the batwing dragon roared towards the skies. Its body rapidly shrank and in several breaths of time, it became as small as a human. Its eyes tauntingly stared at Qin Yu. Did this human want to take advantage of its giant body to outmaneuver him in a melee? How ridiculously naïve!

Its strong hind legs landed and the batwing dragon instantly accelerated. Like two bolts of lightning, it immediately clashed with Qin Yu. Their speed was so fast that it was almost impossible to see their exchange of moves.

Qin Yu looked down at his chest. Blood red lines peeked out from beneath his torn black robes. But the reason for this was that he was forcibly tensing his wounds together, otherwise blood would have sprayed out.

Across from him, a fist mark appeared on the batwing dragon’s chest. Scales were crushed and faint traces of blood seeped out.

But at this time, the wounds that the batwing dragon withstood were rapidly repaired. When it stabilized itself and turned around, it had already recovered to how it was in the beginning.

“Lowly and weak human, you dare to fight me in close combat? I will slowly tear your body to pieces!”

With a fiendish grin, the batwing dragon violently flapped its wings and instantly arrived next to Qin Yu.

Bang –

Bang –

Both sides locked onto each other. As opposed to the battle between Silent Light and the Great Dragon Overlord, Qin Yu’s fight with the batwing dragon was much more direct and cruel. Each time they met blood was drawn and wounds were left behind.

In a short period of time, it was unknown how many times they clashed. They were both covered in countless scars. If it were any other cultivator their body would have collapsed already.

Bang –

After separating once again, the batwing dragon couldn’t help but frown. On the surface it clearly had the winning advantage. The injuries it sustained were all healed, but it had lost a great deal of strength from its body.

As for Qin Yu, while he was covered in innumerable scars and looked as if he could die at any moment, he managed to dodge every truly dangerous or fatal strike. He retreated when necessary so that it was unable to kill him quickly.

The batwing dragon couldn’t delay things any longer.

A callous light flashed in its eyes. It decided to pay a certain price to slay Qin Yu as soon as possible.

If this human could cause its master to feel dread, there naturally had to be some kind of terrifying aspect to him.

The longer things dragged out, the more chances there were for accidents to occur!

Bang –

Both sides collided once again, but the batwing dragon didn’t retreat. Its wings suddenly opened up and wrapped around Qin Yu. Bone spikes appeared on the edges of its wings, stabbing inside!

Meanwhile, its two sharp claws no longer defended. They thrust into Qin Yu’s stomach.


With the batwing dragon’s formidable body, no matter how serious an injury it received it could recover.

But a human cultivator absolutely did not possess this ability. Even if they were a body refining cultivator, once they received an injury that surpassed their limits they would still die.

It would trade a wound for a life!

This was the batwing dragon’s calculation. Moreover, it had chosen a moment when Qin Yu had no chance to escape; they could only desperately fight against each other.

As it expected, when Qin Yu was unable to escape the two wings wrapping around him, he roared out loud and punched out a fist.

Puff –

Puff –

The bone spikes on the wings were the first to tear through flesh and blood and maliciously penetrate Qin Yu’s body, drilling into his chest. In the next moment the batwing dragon’s sharp claws dived into Qin Yu’s stomach and frantically stirred around without pause.

The fierce dragon revealed a brutal and cruel smile. Both hearts had been pierced through and his organs had been twisted to a pulp. If it were to suffer such injuries, it would enter a near-death state and would need to immediately leave the battlefield. Only after a long period of recuperation would it be able to fully recover.

But Qin Yu wasn’t a batwing dragon and he had no chance to escape. So, he would immediately die. And his body would become food for the batwing dragon. It had been a long time since it encountered such a formidable body refining human cultivator.

By eating him and absorbing his strength, not only would the batwing dragon be able to heal his injuries, he could even become stronger!

With its racing thoughts, the emotionally agitated batwing dragon never noticed that Qin Yu’s fist had turned into a finger.

Body refining system cultivator?

With his Ancient race body, Qin Yu could be considered one. But, this was far from the truth.

Bang –

Blue Finger, one finger to pierce the heavens!

This was the strongest singular attack method that Qin Yu could release.

The batwing dragon’s strong and sturdy scales instantly broke apart beneath this finger. Flesh and blood cracked and bone was pierced through. A beating heart was exposed to the air.

Qin Yu’s arm drilled into its chest. But he didn’t attack the wildly beating heart. Rather, he stabbed his arm into a part nearby, where a dark red mass of meat was!

“Ahh!” The batwing dragon roared into the skies. Its body wildly grew as it tried to shake Qin Yu away.

But with a responding roar, Qin Yu’s body also crazily grew. At the same time, his body tensed together, forcefully locking the batwing dragon’s wings and claws inside his body so that it couldn’t free itself.

And now, the hand that was stabbed into the batwing dragon’s body finally tore through the thick and tough layer of meat, revealing the crimson bloodstone beneath.

Qin Yu fiercely grabbed the bloodstone without hesitation. With a roar, he clenched his fingers and a frenzied strength surged out.

Kacha –

Kacha –

Cracks appeared on the crystal. The batwing dragon revealed infinite fear in its eyes. It couldn’t figure out how Qin Yu had managed to locate its true weakness.

But none of this mattered anymore. What mattered was that if it wasn’t able to escape and its life crystal was destroyed, it would die.

Hou –

The batwing dragon crazily roared. It struggled with all of its strength. With a sad howl, all the scales that covered it completely separated from its body. Blood swelled forth from the wounds, instantly coating its body and then sprinkling down like rain.

But the batwing dragon couldn’t care about such things. It controlled the stripped off scales to cut at Qin Yu.

Puff –

Puff –

Hundreds of thousands of wounds suddenly covered Qin Yu’s body. They tore through flesh and blood, revealing his giant bones beneath. Even Qin Yu’s face was covered in jagged wounds and his eyes were cut. However, his cruel and stone cold face never revealed any emotion.

Pa –

A light crack spread out from inside the batwing dragon’s body. Its cries suddenly stopped and its boundless aura deflated like a popped balloon.

The batwing dragon’s wide eyes were flooded with disbelief. Even until its death, it never imagined that it would be killed off by a small and weak human.

But this was the truth.

Bang –

With a loud explosion, the batwing dragon’s corpse crashed into the earth, smashing open a giant gulf as countless cracks recklessly spread out!

The batwing dragon died.

The Great Dragon Overlord’s pupils shrank and the uneasiness in his heart grew heavier. With a thunderous roar, Silent Light was sent crashing backwards. Like a meteor wrapped in thunder, he broke into the earth, sending thousands of bolts of lightning recklessly shooting out.

The Great Dragon Overlord turned his head and locked onto Qin Yu. The cruel killing intent within his eyes seemed to freeze the surrounding world – this human junior was far too strange. He could not be allowed to survive any longer!

“Humph! Your opponent is right here!” With a cold shout, a thunder spear howled forth. The Great Dragon Overlord furrowed his eyebrows. He opened his mouth and roared out once again.

But what came out from his mouth at this moment was a pure dragon’s voice. The rules of the world began to rapidly change beneath this voice, turning into something like a ball of sharp metal wires.

The thunder spear loudly shattered. In the next moment it reappeared in Silent Light’s hand. He stepped forward and shot into the skies, making his way towards the Great Dragon Overlord again.

Qin Yu looked up and said, “I need time.”

As his voice fell his figure flickered and he appeared directly near the batwing dragon’s corpse.

He sat down cross-legged and lifted a figure, placing it between the batwing dragon’s eyes. Then, there was a dragon’s roar, one filled with sorrow and hatred.

Gray fragments appeared in the surrounding air. They were drawn in by an invisible force and when they fused in midair, they condensed into the soul of the batwing dragon that had yet to be destroyed. It clearly maintained its consciousness as it struggled to attack Qin Yu.

Qin Yu didn’t seem to see this at all. He grasped forward and with a pitiful scream, the batwing dragon’s soul contracted in on itself, turning into a gray bead.

Loosening his hand, the bead floated in front of Qin Yu. He took a deep breath and pressed his hands against the ground. The earth below started to shake and rumble.

Stone and mud tumbled. Ravines appeared. They connected with each other, forming eerie lines filled with a strange aura. They were pitch black as if formed by the darkest night of winter.

The lines spread outwards, constantly transforming and becoming complete. Finally, they formed the outline of a blooming flower. If one stood in the skies at this moment and looked down upon the batwing dragon’s corpse, they would discover that its giant body had become the stamen of the flower.

The blood that flowed out made the stamen appear scarlet. In contrast with the surrounding petals that were as dark as night, they made the air feel much gloomier and more terrifying.

Qin Yu’s goal in joining forces with Celestial Retribution was not to kill this batwing dragon. From the very beginning, his target was only the Great Dragon Overlord...

Qin Yu’s revenge had just begun!

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