Chapter 889 – Now is the Time

Hou –

The batwing dragon roared out loud. A terrifying dragon’s breath blew out. Blazing flames gushed out, even burning the air.

Silent Light was expressionless. He raised a hand and punched out. The world shook and the dragon’s breath broke into countless fragments that fell down. In the blink of an eye the entirety of Nine Nether Peak was ignited and flames raged into the skies. But, the flames weren’t able to approach the summit at all. The boundless majestic strength that flooded the world made the flames unable to approach it.

He lifted his hand and a thunderous crack came from the heavens. In the blink of an eye dark clouds swept out and lightning shined, spreading out more and more. Then, a beam of purple thunder descended. It fell into Silent Light’s hand, solidifying into a thunder spear.

He raised a hand and fiercely shot out the spear.

The Great Dragon Overlord stood up, his tiny body atop the batwing dragon’s back. If one looked at this image alone, they would think it was funny.

But the aura that was released from his body was incomparably terrifying. It was like a towering mountain, suppressing all sides. Everything within his sight, between the heavens and earth, shivered beneath this aura!

The Great Dragon Overlord lifted a hoof and pressed down. The thick black clouds up above were instantly torn apart. A terrifying hoof dropped down from the clouds and collided with the thunder spear.

With a heaven-shaking bang, wild strength tumbled like tsunamis. The rumbling raced out and nearly extinguished the burning dragon flames.

Where Silent Light stood, the earth fiercely shook and sank, instantly forming a giant hoof print.

Although this strike crashed into the thunder spear, all of the strength it contained remained intact to be withstood by Silent Light alone!

At this time, the ground below Silent Light seemed to come to life. It was like thick black syrup, touching his body and climbing up like a living creature. Soon it covered him entirely.

The Great Dragon Overlord fiercely looked down.

A pitch black figure seemingly composed from liquid rose up from the ground and met his gaze. It slowly said, “I am here on the orders of the Emperor to help you kill the Commander of the Light Guards, Silent Light.”

“Screw off!” The Great Dragon Overlord roared. The batwing dragon below him mercilessly flapped its wings.

Air twisted, forming black cracks that gathered from all directions and cut down at the pitch black figure.

Puff –

In an instant, this person was pierced through by the spatial cracks and his body shattered. But, he didn’t seem to feel any pain. A calm voice came from the remaining half of his head. “Great Dragon Overlord, you must not allow yourself to be swayed by your personal feelings. This is a once in a millennium chance. Silent Light must die here.”

Bang –

The black liquid shattered to reveal Silent Light’s figure. His complexion was pale, as if he had suffered invisible losses from that ambush just now.

The Great Dragon Overlord roared out loud, “I told you to screw off!”

Ruthless killing intent locked onto the black figure. If he didn’t receive a satisfactory reply, he would immediately attack.

The reformed black figure furrowed his eyebrows. Just as he was about to say something his complexion suddenly changed. In the next moment, a fair and clear palm print appeared on his vest. A terrifying strength surged out, instantly tearing his body apart.

“It’s you!”

The black mucus that splattered out rapidly gathered back together to reform his body. He stared at Snowside, a shaken look in his eyes.

At this time, Snowside’s eyes were blood red and her aura surged recklessly around her. It formed a vortex that rumbled as it spun about.

She glared tightly at the man formed of black goo. Her voice was infinitely cold as she said, “Are you surprised that I am still alive? The damned heavens are finally being kind to me to let me run into you here. Xiang Donglei, let us settle our enmities here once and for all!”

The darkness on the figure’s face retreated to reveal a middle-aged man. He looked at Snowside, a complex look appearing in his eyes before he calmed down.

“Indeed, I never thought you would survive until today…then, allow me to thoroughly correct this failure.”

Snowside sneered, “It's unknown who will live and who will die!”

Bang –

The vortex of strength around her exploded. It was like the circular mouth of a great monster, chomping down on him.

The man’s face turned pitch black once more. His eyes were covered and his emotions were erased, turning him into a monster that only knew slaughter.

Bang –

The man blew apart, turning into countless black dots that crashed into the earth and left massive holes in their wake.

Then the earth started to shake. With a loud rumbling sound, a horrifying monster made of stone drilled out from the ground.

Its body was black and it crawled on the ground with four limbs. The spine on its back and its limbs were covered in sharp spikes made of stone.

The monster roared out loud and raced towards Snowside. The stone spikes on its body vibrated, causing the air to thicken and nearly freeze over.

The vortex of strength was immediately imprisoned in midair. They collided, causing earth-shuddering sounds.

Qin Yu simply never imagined that such a situation would occur. But looking at Snowside and this black stone monster, there was a grudge between them as deep as the sea.

Whatever. She could do what she wanted. At the very least, even if she couldn’t win she also wouldn’t be defeated any time soon.

“How interesting!” The Great Dragon Overlord glanced over before looking at Silent Light. “Is this a preparation you made in secret? This woman’s strength is indeed good. If you joined forces with her, it might have made things troublesome for me. But, it’s clear to me that your luck today isn’t good. It seems that the heavens are on my side!”

Silent Light shook his head. “I have made preparations, but it isn’t her.” As his voice fell he raised his hands and pressed forward. The black clouds in the skies that had been torn apart began to wildly tumble around once more. With a deafening blast, endless bolts of lightning rained down.

They didn’t directly initiate an attack. Rather, they fused in midair, becoming something similar to a thunder blade that cut down at the batwing dragon.

Hou –

With a dragon’s roar, the giant batwing dragon vanished into thin air. The Great Dragon Overlord easily dodged to the side, avoiding this powerful strike.

“Qin Yu, now is the time!”

There was no need for Silent Light to say anything. Qin Yu knew it was his time to enter the stage.

So, before the voice fell, Qin Yu had appeared at the place where the batwing dragon disappeared.

He lifted a hand and mercilessly punched out!

In the next moment, the batwing dragon that just reappeared from the void was caught unaware. The punch struck its body and its scales blew apart. With a pained roar, the massive batwing dragon was smashed away.

The Great Dragon Overlord’s pupils shrank. “It’s you? That stupid woman!”

Even though his appearance had changed, the aura of the imprisonment he left in Silent Kite still contaminated his body. He could immediately see through to his true identity.

The Great Dragon Overlord knew that Sophia’s death was related to Qin Yu.

Although he had no idea what Sophia’s true identity was, she was undoubtedly formidable.

Otherwise, the Great Dragon Overlord would never have agreed to her trade and released Qin Yu.

So while he could sense that Qin Yu’s strength wasn’t formidable, he still felt a threat.

Sophia had already died. He wasn’t willing to follow in her wake because of Qin Yu.

“Batwing dragon, kill him!”

As a creature that stood at the top of the food chain, the batwing dragon king possessed a powerful regenerative ability. It had even been able to restore the wing that had been destroyed by the chaos ship. The injuries that Qin Yu had inflicted just now had basically been restored.

But the batwing dragon had a profound memory of the pain caused by that punch. Upon hearing the order, it roared out loud and fixed its eyes on Qin Yu. When it opened its mouth, it didn’t spit out a dragon’s breath at Qin Yu. Instead, strange and loud syllables came from its mouth and the surrounding rules of the world started to change.

Dragon Voice Secret Arts!

This was a formidable bloodline inheritance technique of the batwing dragon race. Only great dragons at the king level or above could awaken his strength. Once used, one could directly interfere with the world’s rules, strengthening themselves and weakening their opponents. They could even borrow the power of the rules to directly kill their enemy.

Through the connection it had with its master, the batwing dragon sensed the dread that the Great Dragon Overlord felt towards Qin Yu. So, it decided to bring out its greatest strength and kill Qin Yu as soon as possible.

Qin Yu stepped down, violent strength sweeping out from him and forcing away the power of rules that squeezed at him. Then, his figure exploded forward, leaving behind countless afterimages as he arrived in front of the batwing dragon.

“Five Element Samsara!”

Five-colored divine light erupted, forming a massive vortex. As it spun it roared and released a swallowing strength. The batwing dragon’s eyes were ice cold. Its sharp claws slashed down and the five-colored vortex fiercely shook before breaking apart in a single blow.

With its strength it shouldn’t have been able to accomplish this. This was the result of the batwing dragon obtaining a greater strength by using its Dragon Voice Secret Arts to change the world’s rules.

In a way, this could be regarded as an invisible domain of the dragon race! Unless one’s strength was tyrannical enough to directly destroy this domain they could only passively withstand it.

The Great Dragon Overlord coldly sneered. “It seems this junior will die soon. Silent Light, it really is interesting to me that you chose to join forces with him.

“Whether he lives or dies, that is his destiny. All I need to do is kill you.” Silent Light stretched out his arms. Endless lightning erupted from within his body, rapidly condensing over him to form a formidable set of thunder armor.

He lifted a hand and a giant thunder spear appeared. With a thunderous roar, Silent Light vanished from where he stood. He appeared in front of the Great Dragon Overlord, his spear thrusting out.

“Do you think I will be at a disadvantage after losing the batwing dragon’s help?” The Great Dragon Overlord cackled. As he did, the aura he released rapidly rose. “I have patiently and bitterly waited for this day to come for hundreds and hundreds of years. For hundreds of thousands of days and nights, I have constantly dreamed about breaking open your skull, extracting your brain, and tasting it with my tongue.

“Today, you will die!”

Bang –

The Light Guard Commander Silent Light who had become the incarnation of thunder began a brutal melee with the Great Dragon Overlord. The two of them crashed into each other and the world shook as a result.

This was their strength!

Far away, Qin Yu was shaken as he sensed this. Even if these two people weren’t the strongest existences of this world, they definitely stood near the peak. Luckily, he had chosen the safest route of joining together with Celestial Retribution, otherwise the consequences would have been unimaginable. 

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