Chapter 888 – Joining Forces

City Lord Sophia had been assassinated. For a time, the entirety of Great King City was shaken. The obams that wildly charged into the Little Sweet Mountains began to retreat in droves. With the city lord dead, the edict she issued had expired. And with that gone, they weren’t willing to go all out anymore.

But soon the obams discovered that even if they wanted to leave, they were too late.

The Great Dragon Overlord issued an order, instantly drafting all the obams in the Little Sweet Mountains to participate in his war against Celestial Retribution. Any obam who attempted to leave the battlefield would be punished as a rebel – it would be immediate execution!

Silent Light was there. The Great Dragon Overlord would never let him escape. No matter what the price was, he would kill him.

Deep in thought, the Great Dragon Overlord clenched his teeth and vowed to never let Silent Light go. But at this time he had no idea that Qin Yu had already found the location of the chaos ship and had decided to join forces with Celestial Retribution to send him to hell.

The Light Guard’s chaos ship was Celestial Retribution’s precious treasure. It could hide in the void and cross the turbulent flow of space. It could even gather the power of all the array formations cut into its surface and erupt with an extremely formidable combat strength.

In the first battle, one of the batwing dragon’s wings had been directly annihilated into nothingness by the chaos ship’s attack.

Besides incredible combat strength, the chaos ship’s concealment abilities were similarly exquisite. If it weren’t for this, the obams that invaded the Little Sweet Mountains would have already surrounded the Light Guard with their overwhelming numbers and killed them.

The reason the imperial city was silent and allowed the chaos ship to freely wander about was because they knew that if they gathered their strength, the Light Guard would immediately flee.

And even more importantly, they acknowledged the Great Dragon Overlord’s strength. While things were at a stalemate, all he needed was a turning point.

As long as that opportunity arrived, the Great Dragon Overlord would be able to make the Light Guard stay behind!

Qin Yu smoothly found the chaos ship. Through the Ancient race’s body changing technique, he transformed his appearance into that of an ordinary youth.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

With the sound of piercing air, two arrows shot through the earth at the same time, leaving behind two deep black holes.

One was in front of Qin Yu and one was behind.

Qin Yu looked down at the arrow hole in front and his complexion didn’t change. “I would like to propose cooperation. I wonder if Commander Silent Light  has any interest?”

The space in front of him rippled and the chaos ship appeared. A part of its surface had turned transparent.

Silent Light had a calm expression. “I have no interest in a transaction with someone who hides their appearance.”

It was unknown what method he used, but he realized that Qin Yu had changed his appearance.

Qin Yu lightly said, “I want to slay the Great Dragon Overlord.”

Silent Light’s eyes sharpened, “With just you?”

Qin Yu walked forward and stepped down. The earth thundered and the arrows were shaken out of their holes.

He swept out his arm and grasped the two arrows, hurtling them forward.

Rumble rumble –

Like two evil dragons ascending to the heavens, they snarled and roared, stirring the power of the world. They tore through all obstacles and caused the space they passed through to collapse.

In the distance, two great mountains collapsed. Giant avalanches crashed down as countless stones flew out, emitting loud screeching sounds as they did!

The complexions of the two Light Guards beside Silent Light changed. This person’s casual strike had such amazing might, even without using a bow…their strength was terrifying!

In the silence, Silent Light narrowed his eyes. He said, “Still not enough.”

Qin Yu thought for a moment before saying, “I was the one who killed Blue Torrent.”

With this, the cooperation was smoothly achieved.

Silent Light only had a single condition – he must be the one to personally kill the Great Dragon Overlord. Qin Yu nodded without hesitation.

In his opinion, all he wanted was to take revenge. As for how his enemy died, that didn’t matter. Of course, if Qin Yu had enough strength to kill the Great Dragon Overlord on his own right now then perhaps he wouldn’t think that.

Three days later, outside of Great King City, countless obams cried out in alarm. They stared helplessly as the chaos ship which had expanded to 100,000 feet broke through space and arrived here.

Silent Light personally threw out a spear, instantly destroying the city walls for a hundred miles. The spear exploded into the ground and caused dust to rise.

After completing this matter, the chaos ship hid from sight. But, the dust condensed in the skies, forming massive characters – Tomorrow at noon, come to the summit of Nine Nether Peak for a battle to the death!

There was no name, but all the obams knew that this was a war declaration targeted at the Great Dragon Overlord.

“Hahahaha! Great, wonderful!” The Great Dragon Overlord laughed out loud. “Silent Light, no matter what trap you have laid, I will be there tomorrow!”

Beneath him, the batwing dragon roared out loud. A terrifying aura swept out and all the obams in a thousand miles blew into bits, blood raining down.

The surrounding obams fled in a panic. None of them dared to approach anymore, lest they were swallowed into the batwing dragon’s belly.

The Great Dragon Overlord had gone insane. Anyone that tried to change his mind would be courting death!

Qin Yu furrowed his eyes together. “Commander Silent Light, are you sure that the Great Dragon Overlord will come tomorrow?”

Silent Light kept his hands behind his back. Without turning around he calmly said, “I believe he will come.”

There was an ice cold killing intent in the depths of his eyes.

Tomorrow, the grievances that had entangled them for hundreds of years would all come to an end!

My name is Dudo Liga. There are very few people that know this name, so they politely refer to me as the Great Dragon Overlord. But to be honest, I have never liked this seemingly stylish and trendy name.

To be more accurate, I am annoyed by it…because everything I have now is meaningless to me.

If I could choose, I hope I could live out an ordinary life as Dudo Liga instead of becoming a monster with immense power.

That’s right, this is my definition of myself. I am someone who should have died but somehow managed to survive. While maintaining my soul, my body has become completely distorted and alien…a monster!

The entire obam race considers me their spiritual leader. They venerate me, respect me, worship me…but that is because they cannot imagine that one of their fellow obam could actually swallow a batwing dragon, a creature whose mark of fear was still imprinted in their bloodline.

It really is laughable because what they see is merely a one-sided image projected out to the public. I can indeed swallow batwing dragons, but there are far too few of them. So in order to keep on living, I need a formidable source of food…that is, the obams that are the same as me!

That’s right, what I eat are obams. This isn’t just an occasional need, but something I need every day. Moreover, I have to eat a great number each day. Of course, in order to maintain my image, the obams that vanish are said to have entered the belly of the batwing dragon.

It is because of this that the short and mediocre fool in the imperial palace was confident enough to allow me to become the spiritual leader of the obam race, granting me a lofty status nearly on par with his own.

Because long ago, he knew the truth that I was a monster. And, a monster would never be able to pose a threat to his status. With a mere movement of his finger, he could rip open the dazzling coat that I wear.

I hate my wife, my children, parents, and now what wanders this world is only the empty shell of a monster. I have only one goal for continuing to live on, and that is to kill the person who caused all of this – that human cultivator who indirectly turned me into a monster. His name is Silent Light!

Now, my chance has come. He is here, and I, Dudo Liga…no, I am the Great Dragon Overlord. I shall have the name Dudo Liga be buried forever in my memories along with the past.

I, the Great Dragon Overlord, vow that no matter the price, even if I must pay with my own life, I will tear Silent Light to shreds and drag him into hell to accompany me forever!

Many years later, when the choice was placed in front of him, Qin Yu would finally understand why the Great Dragon Overlord would come to Nine Nether Peak even if he knew that there was a trap waiting for him.

It was not just because he was absolutely confident in his strength, but as long as he came here he had a chance to kill Silent Kill.

For this chance, the Great Dragon Overlord was willing to take any risk.

So, Silent Light’s confident guarantee was confirmed the next day.

Hidden in the ground, Qin Yu looked up at Nine Nether Peak…the Great Dragon Overlord came!

Hou –

From the far of distance, the batwing dragon roared out loud, its voice like crackling thunder that reverberated through the air. A boundless aura mixed with a disdainful strength caused everyone who heard this to feel fear.

This was the brutal and cruel biological pressure that came from a creature at the top of the food chain!

Silent Light slowly looked up. His eyes crossed space and met with the Great Dragon Overlord’s. Although neither party spoke, they could each feel the cold and blazing killing intent within each other.

After today, only one of them would leave here alive!

This discovery left both parties satisfied. At the very least, they hadn’t come here in vain…as for who died and who lived, that would depend on their own methods.

The chaos ship floated in the heavens. Although it was a distance away from Nine Nether Peak, it still served as a powerful deterrent, warning the obam race not to play tricks.

The Great Dragon Overlord swept his eyes around. He lifted a hand and pressed down. “This is a battle between us. Those kids shouldn’t interfere.”

Bang –

At Great King City, a terrifying blood red column of light shot into the skies. It was deep red and sturdy, solid like substance.

It rose from the ground and connected the heavens and earth. Even from tens of thousands of miles away, one could still clearly see it.

Then, this blood red beam of light that shot into the skies seemed to pass through a refractory mirror. It turned in the skies, arriving at this part of the world and covering the chaos ship.

Silent Light furrowed his eyebrows before stretching them back out. He stepped forward. With every step he took, his aura grew increasingly strong. While his body didn’t change, within everyone’s senses he was like a giant that supported the skies. His steps thundered across the world, lifting up endless spiritual strength that roared as it rushed around like a raging sea.

The Great Dragon Overlord’s eyes sharpened before brightening. He laughed out, “As I thought, you really have been hiding your strength. But I like it even better like this!”

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