Chapter 887A – Summoned Once Again

One hour passed.

Doctor Ye’s eyes widened as he stared at Qin Yu with an expression of complete preposterousness.


Qin Yu softly said, “Since I dare to say that, I naturally have some assurances.”

The gloomy-eyed Stronghold Master whose aura was near complete exhaustion suddenly spoke up, “Qin Yu, if you really can help me…state your conditions.”

She truly was at the end of the line. At this moment, Qin Yu who stood in front of her was the final straw she could grasp. To be honest, even though she had a feeling from the beginning that Qin Yu was extraordinary, she never imagined that this day would come.

This person was even more incredible than she had thought!

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “There are indeed some matters that I hope the Stronghold Master and Doctor Ye can help me with.” Without hesitation he went straight to the point, “I hope the two of you can help me revive Xue Zheng.”

The two of them now shared weal and woe. Their life and deaths were one, so of course this was the most crucial matter.

Qin Yu didn’t hope that while he was happily walking around and full of life, he would suddenly be dragged into the underworld.

Doctor Ye furrowed his eyebrows. “Qin Yu, I won’t lie to you. Perhaps if I was in my peak state then there might be some chance to wake him up. But right now I cannot save him.”

Qin Yu’s heart sank and his complexion turned ugly. He asked, “Is there really no possibility?”

“Xue Zheng has received extremely heavy injuries, causing his soul to atrophy and fall into a deep sleep. He needs someone above the Origin God boundary to help him or he needs to absorb some kind of soul treasure that will forcefully enhance his soul in order to wake him up.” Doctor Ye calmly said. “You should understand what the current situation is like. I have no reason to deceive you.”

The Stronghold Master suddenly said, “Qin Yu, I can help you condense Xue Zheng’s Origin God mark. Once you absorb it you can borrow a part of the might of his Origin God boundary. With your ability and the Origin God mark combined together, if you are a bit more cautious in this world then there won’t be any problem surviving. And I will have Old Ye stabilize Xue Zheng’s injuries so that they won’t worsen for some time. Then, you can slowly find a solution to wake him up. What about it?”

Qin Yu mulled over it. This was a good proposition, but compared to awakening Xue Zheng, it was countless leagues apart.

Doctor Ye said, “There is also another issue. The woman you saved who is stuck as an obam is considerably strong. I can pay an extra price and release her sealed strength. At that time she can become a boost to you and help you heal Xue Zheng together.”

Qin Yu drew in a deep breath, “Besides that, what else can I obtain?”

The Stronghold Master lifted a hand. In her thin, stick-like palm, faint traces of light condensed together, solidifying into a jade card.

Hu –

Hu –

Gasping for breath, the Stronghold Master waved her hand and the jade card flew to Qin Yu.

Pa –

Not sensing anything wrong, Qin Yu reached out a hand and grabbed it. A massive amount of information gushed out into his mind.

A moment later, Qin Yu opened his eyes. Before he could say anything, Doctor Ye ruthlessly said, “Brat, don’t be too greedy! Just the jade card in your hands is enough to cause a group of Origin Gods to break their heads open trying to obtain it!”

He also never thought that the miss would take out this thing. But it was also because of this that he wasn’t sensed by the rules of the game.

It was unknown what method the Stronghold Master used, but her breathing quickly stabilized and her eyes brightened. It was just that her originally withered body now seemed more decrepit.

“This jade card is something my father obtained while adventuring in a mystic realm. Although I haven’t been able to fully understand it, its value is absolutely unparalleled. Today I will give this to you as a thank-you gift. In the future if you can leave this world, you can come and find me. I will grant another request of yours.”

Qin Yu received the jade card, “Deal!”

Doctor Ye sneered, “Brat, it’s your turn now. You had best not try to play any tricks, otherwise I possess 10,000 methods to have you begging to die!”

Qin Yu said, “Old Ye, don’t worry. I won’t follow a path that brings about my own doom.” He stamped his foot against the ground and a brown light gushed out. The earth liquefied, slowly sucking him in.

“I will help the Stronghold Master achieve her wish here. I hope that the two of you can abide by your promise and won’t go back on your word.”

The Stronghold Master’s eyes flashed. She knew that this was where Qin Yu’s final worries were. She said, “I, East Zhou Duly, vow to the heavens that I will forever abide by the agreement made between myself and Qin Yu. If I violate this, I shall be condemned by the heavens and earth!”

Hum –

As her voice fell, ripples spread through space. This was the changing of the rules. An invisible feeling appeared in Qin Yu’s heart.

A rule vow!

Qin Yu closed his eyes as he sank into the earth. “Stronghold Master, please wait a moment. There will soon be results.”

The brown light spread out underground, opening up a space. With a thought, the rules twisted, shielding out all senses.

He sat down cross-legged and lifted a hand between his eyebrows.

Bang –

A black altar phantom appeared in his soul space. Faint traces of black energy ascended, gathering in the air above to form a black skull.

“Jejeje…it hasn’t been long but you summoned me again. How come I don’t smell the scent of an offering?” The black skull looked down at Qin Yu’s soul, its eyes red like a sea of blood. Its voice reverberated in the air, “My contract trading partner, how do you plan on explaining this?”

Shua –

Qin Yu’s soul opened its eyes. They looked at each other. He lightly said, “Oh great Lord of the Black Skull, because of an accident, I need you to provide me with some extra help…according to the contract that we signed together in ancient years, I have this right.”

The Lord of the Black Skull laughed out loud, “Of course. You have the qualifications to summon me and gain some extra help. Then, my contract trading partner, how would you like the great Lord of the Black Skull to help you?”

Qin Yu said, “Due to certain reasons, I am the victim of a powerful controlling technique. I ask the great Lord of the Black Skull to help me clean up this hidden danger within my body. Of course, as a reward, I will offer you the soul of the one who left this controlling method within me.”

“Mm…so it's like that? Jejeje…it’s an interesting story.” The black skull drew in a deep breath. Strong winds whipped up within the soul space. Even Qin Yu’s soul was dragged forward a little. “I found it, jejeje. It’s a delicate and delicious soul. My contract trading partner, you have given me a great gift.

“Not bad. I, the great Lord of the Black Skull, have agreed to abide by our contract and help you relieve the hidden dangers in your body. Now you need to give up all resistance and allow my power to enter your body…you will definitely agree to this, right?”

Qin Yu said without expression, “Of course.”

The Lord of the Black Skull laughed. “Then let’s begin. I am already impatient to take such a wonderful soul.”

Great King City, City Lord Mansion.

Sophia was restless. For some unknown reason, she had lost her connection to the blood puppet mark in Qin Yu’s body.

No, to be more accurate, she could still perceive that the blood puppet mark was intact and within Qin Yu’s body. But, she couldn’t sense it through the world, much less issue it instructions.

It was like the blood puppet mark had been wrapped up in a thick barrier and had lost all contact with the outside.

Sophia had never encountered this sort of situation before. It left her uneasy.

And as time passed, this uneasy feeling grew increasingly intense.

A problem had occurred, a problem had definitely occurred!

Qin Yu’s image appeared in her mind. She clenched her jaws. She had no idea how Qin Yu had done this, but it was clear he was the reason.

Damn it, this hateful bastard, you had better pray to the heavens that you never fall into my hands again, otherwise I will have you understand that the Great Dragon Overlord’s methods were only child’s play!

At this time, the cursing Sophia felt a throbbing in her heart.

There was no warning, but it was like the cold waters of a winter river, mixed with ice, poured down on her head, causing her to shudder.

Sophia’s first thought was that she would soon be unable to control the Cursed Eye’s backlash. But in the next moment her eyes flew open and she screamed.


Her voice came to a sudden stop. Sophia fell to the ground. In her wide-open eyes, a terrifying scene occurred. A black bone claw grabbed onto Sophia who had shrunk by countless times now. A laugh rang out in the air as it sank deep into her eyes and then vanished from sight.

At this moment, the ruler of Great King City, one who had an incomparably mysterious origin and was able to barter with the Great Dragon Overlord, had her aura thoroughly severed.

In a sense, she had died.

At nearly the same time in the distant Little Sweet Mountains, atop Nine Nether Peak.

The exhausted East Zhou Duly, whose aura was nearly completely depressed and yet who continued to struggle, suddenly widened her eyes. The rules of the competition resounded in her ears, its voice dignified, “In this battle, East Zhou Duly is victorious. You must leave this world within one hour at the most.”

Bang –

Bang –

A low and deep ringing sound came from within her body, as if some seal had been torn away. Boundless strength surged out and instantly scattered away the weakness and pain.

Cracks appeared on the Stronghold Master’s withered skin. It was like a dried leather bag splitting open and breaking apart.

“Miss!” Doctor Ye’s eyes widened with surprise.

A blinding light emanated from East Zhou Duly. The surrounding space twisted, as if a great sun had arrived. Fortunately, this aura only appeared for a moment before rapidly contracting inwards, not truly spreading out.

Otherwise the entire world would have clearly sensed it and would have trembled beneath this aura.

The sun-bright light converged upon itself, revealing East Zhou Duly whose ‘leather skin’ had fallen off. A pink dress fell upon her perfect figure. Light condensed into a veil that covered her face, leaving it partially visible. But, those radiant and star-like eyes were enough for one to understand the soul-stirring beauty beneath it.

East Zhou Duly looked down. Her eyes seem to pierce through all, gazing deep underground, “Hm…”

Her eyes flashed and she let out a cry of surprise.

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