Chapter 886 – Blood Puppet Mark

Bang –

The earth cracked open and blocks of stone flew out. Qin Yu was imprisoned by an invisible strength and dragged into the air.

The batwing dragon’s eyes were sharp and dense. It opened its jaws and roared, its fangs shining with a cold metallic light beneath the sun.

“Humph! You saved her but were captured here. I’m quite curious, just what is your mood like now?” The Great Dragon Overlord smiled in anger. “But don’t worry, what I have is time. I can slowly spend it with you.”

His voice dripped with slaughter intent!

This human had rescued Silent Kite twice, ruining the Great Dragon Overlord’s plans. Now, he hated Qin Yu to the bone. If Qin Yu really did fall into his hands and die, perhaps that would be the best result.

At this time, although Qin Yu felt cold all over, he forcefully calmed himself down.

He looked up at Sophia who was keeping her head lowered in respect. He suddenly said, “That curse life form, does the City Lord remember?”

Hu –

Sophia looked up, her eyes fixing onto Qin Yu. Then, her eyes shook, “It’s you!”

In order to seal the backlash from the Cursed Eye, she had completely sealed herself up. This was why she didn’t sense a trace of curse aura winding around Qin Yu. Now that she was paying attention she could clearly sense it.

How was this possible!?

The cursed life form was strange and formidable. Even a Divine Dao existence wouldn’t necessarily be able to survive against it.

Sophia always believed that the curse life form had died beneath the hands of that woman from the East Zhou Family. But now, she could clearly see that what Qin Yu’s body was contaminated with was the Cursed Eye’s mark.

“Cough cough…City Lord, perhaps we can make a transaction between the two of us. You preserve my life and I will help you complete your goal.” Qin Yu didn’t dare to delay and immediately tossed out his chip.

Sophia’s eyes flashed, “With just you?”

Qin Yu said, “I can allow the City Lord to leave a spell in my body, but once I have completed the mission you must set me free. Perhaps in your eyes my strength might seem weak, but the dead curse life form might give you some more confidence in me.”

Sophia said, “You know what I want?”

Qin Yu said, “A woman’s life.”

Sophia was silent for a time. She looked up and said, “Your excellency Great Dragon Overlord, I hope that I can obtain the right to use this human.”

Unexpectedly, when the Great Dragon Overlord with his extremely high status faced Sophia’s rude request, he didn’t lose his temper.

The Great Dragon Overlord looked down for a long time and slowly said, “Give me a reason.”

Sophia lightly said, “This world is very large and there are countless splendors and wonderful sights that cannot be seen if one is locked in one place. If the Overlord agrees to my request, then I will owe you a favor. In the future I will give you a chance to leave this place.”

The Great Dragon Overlord’s pupils shrank. “You really are…” He suddenly stopped speaking. Then, he said, “Very well, I agree.”

Qin Yu relaxed.

But in the next instant, the Great Dragon Overlord continued to speak, “I will hand this human boy to you tomorrow. But, I will keep him for the night. Rest assured that I will guarantee he remains whole and it will not affect the transaction between you two.”

Sophia’s eyebrows furrowed together before stretching back out. “Alright.”

The batwing dragon roared in excitement. Its claws wrapped around Qin Yu. Then, with a flap of its wings, it howled into the skies.

The next day, the Great Dragon Overlord returned and passed Qin Yu to Sophia. No one knew what happened in the night, but Qin Yu was expressionless and his entire body exuded a chilling cold.

Sophia said, “I’ve already done my best to bring you here. Otherwise, the things you experienced last night would have been repeated countless times, and would have become increasingly horrifying.”

Qin Yu’s face stiffened. He took a deep breath and bowed. “City Lord, I will definitely fulfill the transaction between us.”

After such a long time, while he still didn’t know the relationship between the City Lord and the Stronghold Master and Doctor Ye, there was one point he was sure of. The City Lord and Stronghold Master wanted to kill each other!

It was because of this that Qin Yu proposed this transaction. As he hoped, Sophia had been moved and she saved him from the Great Dragon Overlord.

As this thought appeared, Qin Yu subconsciously stiffened. Violence flashed in his eyes before he forcefully suppressed it.

“Great!” Sophia looked at him. “As long as you kill that woman, I will not only give you your freedom but I will grant you a lucky chance that you are unable to imagine. You might even become an existence that the Great Dragon Overlord will tremble in fear of.”

Qin Yu’s eyes lit up. He could barely contain his excitement as he said, “Thank you, City Lord!”

Sophia lifted a hoof and a drop of blood appeared. “But before then, I must ensure you are loyal to me…do not resist. Once I have left behind my mark, you may leave.”

Pa –

The hoof fell between Qin Yu’s eyebrows and the drop of blood fused into his body. At this time, Qin Yu thought back to the method he used to bring Wang Yue under his control in the mine tunnels.

Could this be considered karma?

One day later, Qin Yu appeared at the Little Sweet Mountains. He sat down cross-legged, blood energy flowing through his body. Within his soul space, the sun and moon force field rippled with faint fluctuations.

After a long time he opened his eyes and let out a gentle breath.

Sophia’s control technique was similar to the Ancient race’s blood slave method. But, it also focused more on restraining one’s soul.

Once the blood contract was forced in, the controlled person’s thoughts would be seen at a glance. There was no way to conceal them from the controller.

This method was indeed tyrannical and overbearing. But at the same time, this also proved that what Sophia placed within Qin Yu’s body was not just a drop of blood but also her soul mark. Otherwise, it would be impossible to produce such a formidable controlling strength.

Qin Yu smiled. For the first time in a long while, things were finally going his way.

This made Qin Yu, who had been in a passive position all along, breathe a sigh of relief.

After taking a deep breath he suppressed all other thoughts. He stood up and flew into the air, soaring towards Nine Nether Peak.

Two days later, Qin Yu arrived at Nine Nether Peak. From far away he could feel the terrifying suppression coming from the peak.

This feeling was like a great beast was deeply sleeping there. It could open its eyes at any moment and violently destroy this world.

The source of this oppression was…Doctor Ye!

In comparison, the aura of the Stronghold Master beside him was countless times weaker and also revealed a trace of exhaustion.

Qin Yu flew towards Nine Nether Peak without stopping. He had no idea why the entire mountain was almost emptied out of people, but he also didn’t see any signs that it had been attacked.

“Who is it!” With a loud shout, a radiant sword light slashed out.

Qin Yu dodged to the side, “Little Zhao, it’s me.”

Little Zhao’s eyes widened in surprise. She said, “Qin Yu, you’re still alive!”

An accident had occurred at the Little Sweet Mountains. A massive number of obams broke in and even the Great Dragon Overlord, a super powerhouse of the obam race, had arrived. She never imagined that Qin Yu would survive to this day.

“Mm, why are you here…” As Qin Yu’s voice fell, he heard a voice in his ears. It was Doctor Ye’s tired voice. “Qin Yu? Come up!”

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. He said to Little Zhao, “I must see the Stronghold Master and Doctor Ye first. I’ll talk with you later.”

His feet moved and he continued flying towards the summit.

Little Zhao worriedly said, “Qin Yu, be careful…”

Qin Yu didn’t hear what she said after that, but he soon learned what she was trying to warn him about.

Starting from the mountainside, everything he saw had turned gray and white. Whether it was the stones, soil, or vegetation, everything had become this eerie color that was completely severed from vitality. Just looking at it made one feel a great fear in their heart.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows together. But, he didn’t stop. Once he entered into this area, his expression changed again.

After entering the gray-white region, he discovered that the vitality within his body was being drained. And the closer he got, the faster it became.

As if there was an invisible monster in this region that swallowed all life!

Not daring to underestimate it, Qin Yu’s sun and moon force field wrapped around his body. The passing of life from his body immediately stopped.

He looked up at the summit and his speed increased. Several breaths of time later he arrived at the courtyard where the Stronghold Master was living.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu pushed open the door and walked in. Soon he arrived at the main hall to see the Stronghold Master and Doctor Ye.

His pupils shrank. He cupped his hands together and said, “I greet the Stronghold Master and Doctor Ye.”

In a short period of time, the tall and vigorous Stronghold Master had become a thin bag of skin and bones. Her aura was weakened to the extreme, as if she could perish at any moment.

At her side, while Doctor Ye was much better off, he still looked weary and weak. His body emitted the aura of decay. While there was no change in his general appearance, he gave off a feeling as if he had aged countless years.

“Cough cough…I never thought that you would return alive. I really didn’t misread you.” Doctor Ye’s eyes shined. “Killing Blue Torrent and guaranteeing the continued revolution of the Ascendant Bluegold Array, and also forcing many of the obams to return to Great King City, were you the one who did these things?”

Qin Yu nodded. “Since I have accepted the mission I will do my best to help the Stronghold Master.”

Doctor Ye said, “You did well, much better than I expected. But what a pity…Xue Zheng and the woman you brought back are at the base of the mountain. Look for Little Zhao and she will bring you to them. You should go as soon as possible.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “The Stronghold Master…”

Doctor Ye waved his hand. “There are some matters you cannot meddle in. Don’t ask any more and go.”

He closed his eyes, no longer talking.

At this moment, Qin Yu really did have an impulse to turn around to leave. After all, in essence, the Stronghold Master and Doctor Ye were only strangers to him. He didn’t even know their true identities. The cooperation between the two parties had also been caused by pressure they applied.

But after a moment of silence, Qin Yu suppressed these thoughts. Since he had already started to make his move, he needed this chess game to go in the direction he hoped for, otherwise he would achieve nothing in the end.

But looking at the current situation, it appeared that the Stronghold Master and Doctor Ye had reached the end of the line. They seemed prepared to give up.

At this time, the conditions he originally prepared to ask for seemed far too thin. He could definitely ask for more.

His thoughts raced. He took in a deep breath and said, “Stronghold Master, at Great King City, City Lord Sophia captured me. I promised her that I would kill a woman, and that is the only reason she agreed to release me.”

Shua –

Doctor Ye’s eyes flew open, a sharp light flashing in his pupils. He coldly looked at Qin Yu as if seeing through his body.

“This really is the blood puppet mark…what, Qin Yu, are you thinking of testing us and seeing whether or not you can kill us?”

He mockingly said.

Even if over 90% of his strength was being used to suppress the injuries within the miss’s body, just a single percent was enough to annihilate Qin Yu.

The Stronghold Master’s eyelids shook and she opened them with difficulty. Such a simple movement seemed to exhaust a great deal of her strength. Her breathing became loud and disorderly.

“Old Ye…listen…to what he has to say…”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “I and Xue Zheng are both indebted to Nine Nether Peak. You rescued us and that is the reason why we have been able to live until today. I am someone who at least still understands that one has to repay graciousness. I will not attack the Stronghold Master. Instead, I have a method that will allow the Stronghold Master to be the last one smiling.”

Doctor Ye’s expression relaxed and a complex light shined in his eyes. “Maybe you don’t know how terrifying the blood puppet mark is. Your every action and movement is controlled by her…the miss’s position has already been exposed by you.”

There was not much anger in his voice. After all, they had already decided to give up.

Moreover, Qin Yu’s subsequent fate would be much more pitiful than theirs.

Let alone right now when Doctor Ye didn’t even have a tenth of his strength, even if he was in perfect condition there was no method that he knew of to dispel the blood puppet mark.

This boy was hopeless!


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