Chapter 885 – Captured

Qin Yu walked out and quietly followed behind the group of obams until he arrived at the edge of Great King City where a well-guarded courtyard was.

After mixing his way in, Qin Yu saw Wistful Deer. He had an extremely ugly complexion as he was surrounded by the crowd of obams.

Looking deeply at him, Qin Yu then turned and left.

“Impossible, Silent Kite must be there. The lot of you must have exposed a flaw and been discovered by her ahead of time!” Wistful Deer roared, unable to conceal the shock on his face.

Silent Kite hadn’t died, she actually hadn’t died!

Although he had verbally thrust all the responsibility onto these obams, a thought still reverberated in his mind – did she know that Uncle Ma had been killed?

If so, she should have just left. Why would she answer the hidden message and agree to meet today?

Wistful Deer suddenly froze in place as a cold sweat dripped down his forehead. He thought of a possibility…that Silent Kite was testing him!

She wanted to find out who had betrayed Uncle Ma and had him killed in Great King City.

After all, with Silent Kite’s understanding of Uncle Ma, it wouldn’t be normal at all for him to suffer an accident here. In other words, it was likely that Silent Kite had followed these damned obams to find his current position.

“Quick! Block off the surrounding area, she must be here!” Wistful Deer jumped up, screaming.

Martial law was thoroughly declared in this region soon after. All avenues to escape were blocked, but in the end nothing was found.

This caused the obams to be even more discontent. They looked at Wistful Deer with frosty eyes.

“I’ve been exposed, I must have been exposed. Silent Kite knows I am here so she will definitely try to kill me, she will!”

Wistful Deer was deathly pale as he constantly shivered.

Suddenly, a voice sounded out. “You said that after the little girl finds you, she will try to figure out a way to kill you?”

Wistful Deer fiercely looked up. When he saw that the one who appeared in front of him was Sophia, he fell to his knees. “City Lord, you promised me that you would preserve my life. Now please deliver me from here. Silent Kite will come, she will surely come!”

Sophia narrowed her eyes. “Very good. Then you will be the chess piece that lures her here.”

“No!” Wistful Deer screeched. “I cannot see her! City Lord, you must know about Celestial Retribution’s blood oath! Once I cannot fool my conscience, I will die a miserable death! You promised me that as long as I submit to you then you will guarantee my safety. You promised me!”

Sophia lightly said, “I did indeed agree to that, but that is under the premise that you can infiltrate Celestial Retribution, making it so you have great value. Now, if Silent Kite isn’t killed and she returns then you will be of no value at all.

“In the eyes of the obam race, the only use for ‘trash’ like you is to become food…so, you can choose to die now or to take the risk.”

“You…” Wistful Deer’s eyes widened with shock and anger.

Seeing his attitude loosen, Sophia softened her tone. “As long as Silent Kite is slain then you are a useful chess piece, one that I won’t easily give up on. Rest assured that the obams will create an inescapable net. As long as Silent Kite appears, there is no chance for her to do anything.”

Wistful Deer clenched his teeth. “Good, I agree!”

“It’s him, it’s really him!” Silent Kite shivered. It was a long time before she managed to calm herself. She looked at Qin Yu and said, “Big Brother Qin, I must personally kill him and bring back his head to placate Uncle Ma’s soul in heaven!”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “I will be honest with you. This is not a good idea. If anything happens to you, all that happened before will be meaningless.

“Perhaps you could return to the chaos ship first and inform your father of this. Allow him to deal with Wistful Deer.”

“No!” Silent Kite firmly said. “Wistful Deer has betrayed the Light Guard. He knows a great deal of information. Once he confirms that I have returned to the chaos ship then the obams will move him somewhere else. I will forever lose my chance to kill him!

“And there is another point, a secret within the Light Guard. When we all join, we make a blood oath to never betray the order. If we break it, then unless we completely blind our own self-cognition and hearts, we will immediately suffer a backlash.

“Wistful Deer has blinded his conscience, but if he faces me then there will be no path for him to escape. The blood oath will activate and he will die a horrific death. Big Brother Qin, as long as I appear then I can kill him. It won’t require much time nor will it be too risky. I beg you to help me…as long as Wistful Deer dies I will immediately leave Great King City and won’t trouble you anymore!”

Qin Yu looked at the resolve in Silent Kite’s eyes and rubbed his forehead. He took a deep breath and said, “Fine, but you must follow my instructions. If anything seems off we will immediately leave.”

In the heavily guarded courtyard, Wistful Deer sat down at a stone table. In a situation where he was able to die at any time, he was actually quite calm. He was quietly drinking wine, and besides his pale face, there was no other fluctuation of mood.

Three days passed and Silent Kite didn’t appear. But the constrained feeling in Wistful Deer’s heart grew increasingly heavy. He knew that Silent Kite had locked onto him from the darkness and that it was just a matter of time until she attacked him.

With every breath, Wistful Deer could clearly feel the cool air from the outside being drawn into his body and into his lungs.

Suddenly, the hand that grasped the wine glass tightened. A suffocating feeling rose from deep within his heart.

Terrifying blood runes appeared on Wistful Deer’s face and split open. Blood gushed out as his flesh and blood rapidly rotted away.

This was the blood oath’s backlash!

He fiercely turned around. He saw Silent Kite calmly looking at him from behind a tree. As his lips twitched and great chunks of flesh peeled off his face, he used up the entirety of his remaining strength to call out, “There she is!”

He smashed the wine pot on the table and fished out a pitch black goo from inside. He immediately wiped it over his body.

But soon he froze in place. The black goo smeared across his body not only wasn’t able to block the backlash of the blood oath, but it made his body rot even faster.

“Ahh!” Chunks of flesh and blood fell off, revealing his bones and organs. They had already started to soften and bloody liquid was gushing out.

“Save me! City Lord, save me!”

Qin Yu was hidden beneath Silent Kite’s feet. When he heard this his complexion changed. He reached out a hand and grabbed hold of Silent Kite’s ankles, dragging her down.

In the next moment a brown light erupted and the two howled deep underground.

“What an interesting human body. He could actually enter here without being noticed. It seems you were the one who rescued that girl Silent Kite.”

Upon hearing this voice, all the hairs on Qin Yu’s body rose up. It wasn’t just Sophia who was here…the Great Dragon Overlord…he was also here!

Without hesitation, Qin Yu lifted his hand. A half-burnt yellow symbol paper appeared in his palm. This was what he obtained after he killed Blue Torrent.

Hu –

The yellow symbol paper spontaneously combusted and was instantly reduced to ashes. Fierce spatial fluctuations appeared, wrapping around Silent Kite.

Within his soul space, the Cosmic Seacross Bell shook with dissatisfaction. But when it felt the crisis Qin Yu was in, it fell silent.

“Mm?” The Great Dragon Overlord revealed a surprised expression. A dragon’s roar sounded out and Qin Yu’s heart tensed up again.

Because at this moment, the spatial fluctuations around them had started to slow down.

In the next moment the earth above them broke apart. Qin Yu looked up to see a giant hoof crashing down.

It was like a towering mountain, directly suppressing the two of them!

Because the yellow symbol paper had been half-burnt, its strength was incomplete. And because it was sending two people away, the speed was slower. If it was only one person then it would be able to immediately break free from its imprisonment.

Qin Yu revealed some hesitation. Then, in his arms, Silent Kite cried out in alarm. An accessory she wore shattered and all the spatial fluctuations instantly concentrated around her body.

Hum –

She vanished from sight.

Qin Yu was stunned. He had been struggling with himself about whether or not he should flee alone, but now he didn’t need to debate it anymore.

Silent Kite had made the choice for him…

Mm, it seemed as if she didn’t know…

It appeared that the uncaring Light Guard Commander still left behind some contingencies for his daughter.

Qin Yu forced a smile. He looked up and flew out of the ground. He knew that even if he were to utilize the Ancient race’s Undying Body, he would still be suppressed by an absolute difference in strength and be crushed to nothingness!

Fighting was impossible and he couldn’t escape. Qin Yu’s thoughts raced and countless ideas flew through his mind.

He wanted to survive! He had to survive!

“How hateful!” The Great Dragon Overlord realized that Silent Kite had escaped. With a roar, his giant hoof fell down faster.

Bang –

With an earth-shaking explosion, the entirety of Great King City could clearly hear the ground moaning and shaking.

Qin Yu spat out a mouthful of blood and his field of vision flashed black. He bit down on his tongue to maintain consciousness. He could not allow himself to fall unconscious here.

This was the final chance for him to preserve his life!


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