Chapter 850 - No More Giant Spirit Clan

The vast south sea was boundless. Hundreds of millions of islands dotted its surface. There were as many of them as there were stars in the skies, and even now they hadn’t all been fully discovered by humans.

The Giant Spirit Clan had been chased down and slaughtered all around the world by the Western Tomb and various other influences. In the end, they had come to hide in the south sea on an ordinary-looking island. The environment here was harsh, there was limited food and materials, and dangerous sea beasts often attacked. But living on this island, they at least didn’t have to worry about their identities being exposed.

When Xue Yueyue and Xue Qingqing first arrived here, they were unaccustomed to such a lifestyle. They had lived sumptuous lives from the moment they were born. Before their family accident, they simply had never experienced losses or setbacks. But they were well aware of their current situation. To have a calm and stable place to settle down in was already the best result for them. They didn’t dare to ask for anything more.

But slowly over time, they discovered that while life on the island was a little bitter, the people of the Giant Spirit Clan were simple and kind. They were good people. In particular, after Big Brother Qin Yu released them from their duties, the entire clan exuded joy and hope.

They believed that their clan’s fate of running and hiding for hundreds of thousands of years would soon come to an end, and a brand new future would open up for them.

They felt no pressure living here. Rather, they felt an unprecedented state of ease and relaxation. The women of the island tidied up the courtyards, dried the fishing nets, took care of the children, and all sorts of other tasks. At the start the sisters didn’t do anything, but they gradually integrated into the lifestyle. They would often help out, smiling and laughing with everyone.

Today was an ordinary day on the island. The Xue Sisters and a group of women were patching and cleaning fishing nets. On a small village road just outside, a group of cute and lively little children were playing around and laughing in joy.

Disaster arrived without warning. A giant spirit clan woman who stood across from Xue Yueyue was just smiling and talking a moment ago. In the next second her head exploded and blood gushed out like a fountain from the terrible wound on her neck.

And this wasn’t the end. It was only the beginning of terror. In a breath of time, all the women in the courtyard became headless corpses.

Bang –

Bang –

Bang –

Low and deep sounds constantly rang out amidst the village. The Xue Sisters were bathed in blood. They looked on with dazed eyes, their bodies shivering with fear.

Huuu –

Strong winds howled and the entire village fell into a deathly silence. There wasn’t a single other sound. The air was thick with the smell of blood and everything was covered with the color of it.

“Big sister…big sister…” Xue Qingqing whispered, her teeth shaking with fear.

Xue Yueyue covered her mouth, “Don’t speak!”

Then, the blood that stained their bodies seemed to be pulled on by an invisible force. It separated from their clothes and skin and flew into the air.

Next it was the corpses on the ground. All of the blood flew up like a reversed rainfall, gathering in the skies!

A massive face formed of blood gradually took shape. Its eyes were tightly shut. They shivered, as if they were about to open and the face would look upon the world.

Shua –

The blood face opened its eyes. At this moment, countless screams and wails filled the ears. There were men and women, the old and the young, all of these voices intertwined together, piercing into the depths of the soul and drilling into the bones!

The Xue Sisters felt their minds buzz and all the blood drained from their faces. They slumped to the ground. What left them even more horrified was that they recognized many of these voices; they came from the giant spirit clansmen that had been killed.

The bloody face swept over them. Its eyes were a sea of blood. It coldly looked over the island, as if trying to determine if there were any fish that had avoided the net.

After several breaths of time, the bloody face looked up. The skies above it shattered and collapsed, as if space itself couldn’t withstand a single look from its eyes.

Whoosh –

The bloody face submerged inside!

At this time, the Xue Sisters finally managed to compose themselves. The terrifying aura had vanished and the smell of blood in the air also disappeared.

But the withered corpses that had been plundered of all blood served as a cold reminder of what had just happened here.

Throughout the entire village, besides the two of them, there were only corpses left. They wondered about what happened to the giant spirit clansmen that had gone out to sea, but the two sisters had a thought…that after today, there was no more Giant Spirit Clan!

By burning his Great Dao in exchange for greater power, the Dao Monarch’s supernatural art ‘Great Dao Prospers Forever’ had truly touched upon the level that could destroy the heavens and earth. This was enough to completely erase everything.

He raised a hand and pressed forward. With his divine throne as the core, the entire burning holy mountain fiercely trembled as a boundless strength surged outwards.

Space trembled and massive cracks appeared. Like an extending spider’s web, the cracks rapidly launched outwards like a net, soaring towards the Ancient.

Facing the all-out strike of the Dao Monarch, the Ancient had a calm expression. He didn’t erupt with strength to resist this attack. Instead, he kept his hands behind his back and looked at the shaking skies.

Then the shaking skies were struck by something hard. There was a loud noise as the skies shattered and countless fragments were sent spinning away!

A massive bloody face crossed over. It faced the ‘net’ and opened its mouth to emit a loud roar. This roar was formed from countless voices combined together. There were men and women, the old and the young. Every voice was filled with pain and despair, as if all the negative emotions in the world had been mixed into them.

The Dao Monarch’s all-out strike of ‘Great Dao Prospers Forever’ which he had done in the state of having burned his Great Dao, unexpectedly collapsed and disintegrated. The holy mountain wrapped in flames fiercely shook and the holy spirits and gods cried out in pain as their body shattered and faded away.

Atop the divine throne, the Dao Monarch’s eyes turned gloomy. He looked at the blood face that had just arrived at the Ancient’s side and sighed with emotion. “Ancient, your methods are indeed fierce and incredible. You actually anticipated today’s events in the far off past and left behind this card.

“But the world’s Great Dao involves the yin and yang of samsara. All things in existence have their own path they must take. By using such a brutal and cruel method, do you not fear drawing the hate of the Heavenly Dao upon yourself and ending up with a terrible fate?”

The Ancient said, “I used my own bloodline to create them and granted their clan hundreds of thousands of years of inheritance. Today, I simply took it back. I made no mistake myself. If the Heavenly Dao must hate me because of this, then it can hate all it wants! What can it do to me!?”

The Ancient stood tall and disdainful towards the myriad heavens. At this time, his fierce and ambitious posture was fully displayed. Standing in the world, he seemed like a great pillar that supported the skies.

The world fell silent!

Whether it was the formidable Dao Monarch or hate-filled puppet, their minds seemed to be taken away at this moment.

In this silence, in a place far away, Qin Yu didn’t seem noticeable at all. He was like a small pebble lying at the end of a giant raging river.

But no one knew that this ‘pebble’ had countless emotions tumbling and falling in his chest right now. Once it exploded, it would be enough to reverse rivers and streams, to turn the sun and moon dark!

When he saw the skies shatter and the bloody face arrive, Qin Yu was able to sense its origin through their connection.

Giant Spirit Clan…

This clan that had shouldered a solemn mission and had been mercilessly pursued over hundreds of thousands of years, had ultimately been destroyed at the hands of their own creator.

Perhaps this could be regarded as samsara…but Qin Yu couldn’t do this because he had personally come into contact with them before. The Giant Spirit Clan weren’t emotionless puppets or teals. They were real living and breathing creatures that had wills and emotions of their own.

He had initially borrowed the name of the Ancient to release them because he hoped that they could free themselves from their pitiful destiny…but in the end, Qin Yu still hadn’t been able to save them.

Even if he didn’t personally witness the process of how the bloody face was condensed, Qin Yu was still sure that every giant spirit clansman in the world had already perished. The appearance of that girl called Hong Shao flashed in his mind. She had likely died now…

Although he had only come into contact with the Giant Spirit Clan several times and their relationship couldn’t be considered close, Qin Yu still felt extreme anger at this moment.

Slaughter itself wasn’t evil. After having stepped upon the path of cultivation for such a long time, his hands were already stained with blood. Although he couldn’t say that there were no innocent ghosts among those who died beneath his hands, he had reasons for killing those that he did.

In the eyes of the Ancient, his actions might seem a matter of fact. But, they had touched Qin Yu’s bottom line. It was just that no matter how brightly his anger burned or how his bottom line had been touched, Qin Yu still chose to suppress his feelings.

He sympathized with the Giant Spirit Clan but he wouldn’t ruin his plans because of them and plunge into the Ancient’s range of attack ahead of time.

After all, humans had their own considerations that they needed to account for.

Bang –

The puppet suddenly burst out with black clouds. It was like ink being poured into water, rapidly spreading outwards.

Everything in sight turned black as if an eternal darkness had arrived. In the darkness, the puppet’s aura vanished as if it was fusing inside.

The puppet had been clenching its jaws a moment ago, wishing that it could perish together with the Ancient. But after sizing up the current situation, it unexpectedly chose to flee.

That’s right, the puppet was running away.

Through the long span of years, the will of a God that had been trapped in the puppet’s body had felt regret more than once. It wasn’t that it didn’t desire destruction. Rather, it couldn’t accept the sad fate of being swallowed up and assimilated by someone else.

So it chose to flee.

As long as it could run away, there was sure to be a great battle between the Dao Monarch and the Ancient. And if it hid away in the darkness, it would have a chance.

If it could benefit as a third party fishing around, then perhaps not only would it not die, but it would have an unimaginably great harvest. For instance, the Myriad Dragon Body. For instance, the formidable Dragon Soul. Or even the Dao Monarch’s Great Dao, or the Ancient’s will…

As long as it lived then there was hope. There was no life that willingly embraced death. This was a truth that had never changed since the beginning of time.

But what a pity, the Ancient wouldn’t allow it to leave because a part of the Dragon Soul was locked inside the puppet.

And the integrity of the Dragon Soul was an important link in the Ancient’s plans. It wouldn’t allow any flaws, no matter how small.

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