Chapter 842B – God Rules

Shua –

In a dark room with a bright light beaming down from the center, a man opened his eyes and coughed. Hidden in the darkness, his face was slightly pale, but there was a smile on his lips.

He had finally determined that it was a true God projection, and the strength contained within this projection was far greater than he had imagined.

The contact just now had been crudely interrupted, but he had seen the beautiful Divine Dao rule fragments spinning inside that projection. It was ephemeral and beautiful beyond compare, like a nebula in the skies. One couldn’t help but be fascinated by it.

If he could obtain it…then that would bring him a new life!

It wasn’t known whether Senior Lin left after Dorelis destroyed the surrounding courtyard, but he knocked on Qin Yu’s door the following day, perfectly punctual. His expression was calm as he cupped his hands together and said, “Mister Ning Qin, the master is already waiting. Please follow me.”

As his voice fell there was the sound of footsteps behind him. Dorelis said, “I’ve long heard that the Sky Declaring Pavilion Master is a true top expert of this world. I wonder whether or not I may have the fortune of meeting him too?”

Senior Lin turned around. He furrowed his eyebrows briefly before composing himself. “Since you are Mister Ning Qin’s friend, I believe he will be happy to see you.”

Dorelis clapped her hands and smiled. “Then that’s wonderful. I just happened to want to personally apologize to the Pavilion Master about yesterday’s incident.”

Senior Lin: …

Feng Qing knew that she couldn’t avoid this meeting. If this was the case, then following by Qin Yu’s side was the best choice. She walked forward and said, “I will visit teacher today.”

Yun Die suddenly said, “Teacher, I may be slow and dull, but I would like to stay around you and gain some more experience. So, I also want to go with you.”

Qin Yu shook her head. “Your cultivation is still weak and you won’t be able to help me. It’s better if you stay here.”

Yun Die pleaded, “Teacher, please allow me to go with you. If you all leave, I’ll be afraid here all by myself.”

Qin Yu’s thoughts turned. While what was about to happen would be extremely dangerous, it wasn’t necessarily a good thing to leave Yun Die here by herself.

After hesitating for several moments he said, “Then remember that you have to listen. You cannot do things on your own!”

Yun Die quickly nodded.

Qin Yu looked up. “Senior Lin, what do you think?”

Senior Lin said, “Since she is mister’s disciple, it is natural for her to follow you. Alright, it isn’t good to keep master waiting. Let us go.”

The group quietly walked out from the courtyard. In the boundless thick fog, it was hard to distinguish their position. But by feeling, they should be making their way deeper into the First Moon Mountain Range.

The fog grew increasingly thick. Slowly, one couldn’t even see what was beneath their feet. Luckily the ground had been smoothed over so no one tripped.

Suddenly, the fog in front cleared away and a giant stone appeared in front of the group. It was large enough that several dozen people would need to hold arms to wrap themselves around it. It was blue in color and the surrounding fog was pushed a hundred feet away from it.

Qin Yu’s eyes fell on the large stone and his eyes flashed for a moment. Before he could say anything, Dorelis flippantly asked, “Senior Lin, I hope you’re not going to tell us that this is the Sky Declaring Pavilion Master, right?”

Without taking a breath, Senior Lin snorted and his face darkened, “Miss Dorelis, please be careful with what you say. Of course this stone isn’t my master!”

No longer paying attention to her, Senior Lin walked forward. His hands moved together, forming hand seals. Then, he thrust his hands at the giant stone and shouted, “Open!” The giant stone slowly moved to the side, revealing a black hole in the ground. It was pitch dark inside, and it was unknown where it led to.

“Mister Ning Qin, due to certain reasons, my master’s dwelling is a bit unusual. Please follow me.” After he finished speaking he was the first to step in. His figure was swallowed up by the darkness and one could clearly hear the sounds of footsteps echoing from within. It was like stone steps had been hewn out, leading all the way down.

Qin Yu paused for a moment. He walked in front of the black hole and then stepped inside. The moment he entered, there was nothing but darkness all around him. But in the next moment, his field of vision was restored.

It seemed that the darkness was only relative to the outside world. After entering it, one wasn’t affected at all. And, what he stepped on really were stone steps.

His eyes swept around. This passage was immaculately clean; one could even say it was spotless. But even so, one could sense the aura of the years emanating from all around. This underground passage had likely existed in this world for an incomparably long span of time.

The sound of footsteps rang out from behind. Dorelis, Yun Die, and Feng Qing all walked in. Their footsteps reverberated against each other in the quiet.

Senior Lin’s voice rose up from the front, “My master has imbued this passage with his supernatural arts. You may only go forward. Also, do not rashly use your cultivation here. Please bear my warnings in mind to prevent any misunderstandings.”

Qin Yu suddenly said, “If I could take the liberty to ask a question, why did the Pavilion Master choose to live here and handle his business here? Isn’t it troublesome for him?”

Senior Lin said, “Only master knows the exact reasons. Perhaps in a bit, mister can personally ask master for the reason.”

Qin Yu nodded, no longer saying anything.

At this time, the Ancient’s voice resounded in Qin Yu’s mind. “No wonder I haven’t been able to find it for all these years. It actually found such a place to hide.”

Qin Yu intentionally put on a relaxed appearance. He quickly responded, “My lord, so you’ve already arrived. I was worried that there was something strange occurring here.”

The Ancient said, “Don’t worry, everything is within my control. The Myriad Dragon Body will not be able to make the smallest splash.” At this time, the stone steps came to an end. The Ancient’s consciousness said, “Just do what he tells you to do. Leave everything else to me.”

Senior Lin turned around and said, “Mister Ning Qin, we have arrived. This is where my master lives.”

At the end of the stone steps they found themselves in a round, circular-shaped rotunda. It possessed the same aura of passing years that the passage did. No. To be more exact, the aura of passing years coming from the circular building was much richer. It was as if this had existed here for many, many years, and then later on someone carved the stone steps to arrive here.

Through the windows of the rotunda that spanned from the floor to the ceiling, there was a vast and empty space outside. It was bleak gray, and from within, one couldn’t even feel the passing of time.

It was in this emptiness that one could see a large and magnificent palace floating deep inside. It was majestic and opulent. Even from a far distance, one could feel the boundless aura it emitted, making one feel awe in their heart.

For a time, the rotunda fell silent. It seemed that everyone was shocked by what they saw. After all, if they didn’t see it themselves, who would have imagined that there was an independent space hidden deep beneath the earth, and that there was also a giant palace floating around in the middle of it?

The quiet was broken. A young man’s gentle voice spread into everyone’s ears. “I welcome everyone to the master’s dwelling. My name is Liu Yun and I am responsible for leading you into the main hall.”

Perhaps it was because the sight was too astonishing, no one noticed the young man before he spoke. Or, it could be that this person’s sense of existence was too low, so low to the point that he would be subconsciously forgotten if he didn’t speak.

Senior Lin said, “This is the master's close attendant. He will be leading you onward from here on out. This is as far as I can bring you.”

Liu Yun welcomed the eyes that gathered on him. He calmly and breezily said, “Then, let’s set off.”

With a flick of his sleeves there was a flash of light. Then, a floating wooden boat appeared outside the rotunda.

Liu Yun flickered and he landed on the boat. He gestured with his hand, “Everyone, please.”

Qin Yu looked at him. Although his expression didn’t change, his heart and mind were tense. As long as anything happened, he would erupt with his full strength.

Because he never imagined that the Myriad Dragon Body would unexpectedly and so easily appear in front of him.

Although the Ancient didn’t warn him of this young man’s identity, Qin Yu trusted his senses. Beneath this person’s ordinary appearance, he was hiding a terrifying strength that could shatter the heavens and earth. If someone said he wasn’t the Myriad Dragon Body, Qin Yu would rather die than believe them.

Suddenly and without warning, a big boss appeared out of nowhere!

He looked around and just happened to see Feng Qing’s puzzled expression. Qin Yu knew she was warning him that this person had never appeared around the Sky Declaring Pavilion Master before. If so, then this confirmed his suspicions.

He glanced at Dorelis. She had an ordinary expression and was looking around as if she was interested. But, with his keen senses, he noticed that she looked at the wooden boat several times more often.

It seemed that she had detected something too. But this was also good. It would save him a great deal of effort.

The wooden boat wasn’t large. When the five people stood on board, it felt a bit crowded. And with how narrow the boat was, it felt as if they would all tumble off with just a gust of wind.

They sailed away from the rotunda. The gloomy gray nothingness was clearly empty, but it made one feel incomparable dread.

It seemed that there was a great terror hidden in this nothingness. If one were to accidentally fall in, they would be swallowed up, never to escape.

Liu Yun suddenly spoke up. There was a smile on his face before he spoke, and his expression was calm. “Everyone, please be careful so that your body does not leave the range of the boat, otherwise there may be trouble. In particular the lady in the back with the most incredible figure. Even if you are curious, it’s best not to try.”

Dorelis beamed with joy. “This little brother is a real solid man.” She had an expression as if she had just picked up money from the ground.

Liu Yun didn’t feel ill at all. Instead, his smile brightened. “As the lady says, I am a solid man. I only tell the truth.”

Dorelis glanced at Qin Yu. Although she didn’t say anything, her meaning was clear – hey, do you see? This is how charming I am. With your blind eyes you can’t see anything at all. You simply have no idea how to appreciate art.

Where did Qin Yu have the thoughts to care about such things right now? He simply closed his eyes, pretending not to hear her. But even though his eyes were closed, he kept his senses heightened to their limits.


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