Chapter 841B – Deep Within the First Moon Mountain Range

Yun Die watched from the side. Although she had no idea what sort of game her teacher was playing, it was clear that this big-chested woman Dorelis had suffered a great loss this time. As she thought, in the eyes of her teacher, having a tyrannical and overbearing body was completely useless!

As she was gloating, she turned and walked away. This woman was in a poor mood right now and she didn’t want to stay here and be a target for her to vent her anger on.

After Qin Yu closed his door, he couldn’t help but laugh. This Dorelis woman had been completely fooled by him.

She was indeed intelligent. But since Qin Yu had made a vow, he certainly wouldn’t violate it.

Those green pills were all indeed made in the same furnace, with the same materials, and with the same process. They could even be said to be from the same batch of pills!

But it was in this situation where everything was the same that two entirely different sets of pills were refined.

Their appearance, and a certain spell that ordinary people couldn’t sense, were completely the same. But the effects were utterly different.

What Qin Yu ate were the authentic complete products, and what Dorelis obtained were sugar pills.

Of course, to call them sugar pills was an injustice. After all, the materials used to refine them were incomparably precious. In order to make them, he almost used up all the things he obtained from Sky Declaring Pavilion.

As for the pill recipe, it had appeared in his mind after he fused with the jade pendant embryo egg. He just happened to find it useful now.

Dorelis’ nose? It was actually quite useful. Otherwise Qin Yu wouldn’t have eaten those pills right in front of her.

He lifted a hand and rubbed his nose. He seemed to have exposed himself. From the very beginning, he had impure motives…

Haha, whatever, he wouldn’t worry about it anymore. In any case, the trouble had been resolved. Otherwise if he still owed Dorelis a bunch of favors, who knew what sort of trouble that woman would stir up.

Whilst Dorelis’ thoughts were in chaos and Qin Yu was feeling refreshed, far to the east from the First Moon Mountain Range, in the center of the great plains, there was a troop from Dragon City that was headed straight towards the direction the airship was going in.

Zhou Li sat in an imperial carriage, a dragon rune flashing between her eyebrows. Her face possessed dignity and she was as beautiful as a goddess that had descended upon the mortal world. Just looking at her made one instinctually feel awe.

The imperial carriage was surrounded, with the Shadow Clan Patriarch at the head. All of the elites had been dispatched, forming a troop of over 300 people that moved forward silently. Each Shadow Clan cultivator had a solemn and respectful expression. But, they couldn’t contain the excitement hidden deep in their eyes.

After countless years, the day they waited for was finally arriving. As long as their dragon lord could come back to life, the Shadow Clan would soar into the skies once more.

Thinking of this, the Shadow Clan Patriarch’s eyes fell onto the magnificent imperial carriage. His eyes surged with light before slowly dimming down.

For the sake of the clan, there was a price that had to be paid. But as long as the dragon lord was revived, any consequence was worth it!

Zhou Li had no idea that someone as high and aloof as her, the most respected person in the Shadow Clan, had actually been included in the list of sacrifices…and this list had been personally conveyed to them by their revered dragon lord!

She had no idea that several days later, she would once again see that person she never wanted to speak of but had never managed to forget.

This was how things in the world were; the course of events would never proceed according to how one person wished they would. No matter how detailed or careful the arrangements one made were, there were bound to be accidents.

For instance, the Ancient wanted to retake the Myriad Dragon Body, but didn’t know that the other party was waiting for him.

For instance, the master of Sky Declaring Pavilion believed he was in control of Qin Yu, but didn’t know this was only a trap.

For instance, the Dark Parliament also wanted the Myriad Dragon Body, but had no idea this was a plot Qin Yu set up so he could take advantage of the chaos.

For instance, Dragon City’s Shadow Clan was chaotically entering the fray, and this would inevitably disrupt Qin Yu’s arrangements, making the situation even more chaotic and haphazard.

But this was how the real world was. One could never know what would happen next, and it was impossible to grasp every detail in one’s hand.

The only thing that could be foreseen was that this struggle for the Myriad Dragon Body would surely create great waves as factions from all over joined in.

As for who would become the final victor…one could only wait and see!

Three days later, Sky Declaring Pavilion’s airship descended somewhere in the First Moon Mountain Range that was thick with fog. Wherever one looked, they saw boundless fog, but their scope of vision was actually narrow and small.

Moreover, whether it was because this place was naturally like this or someone had altered it afterwards, this fog had a very potent isolating ability.

Qin Yu climbed down the airship’s ladder. He swept his eyes around and frowned a little.

With his current eyesight, he could only see through the surface layer of the fog. Everything beyond that was unclear.

This place was truly strange!

Senior Lin was the last to disembark. When he touched the ground, that was when he truly relaxed.

He was worried that Qin Yu would cause some accident for the entire voyage.

But fortunately everything went smoothly. After entering this fog, that was the same as arriving within his master’s domain. Everything was within his grasp.

However, he didn’t reveal any of this in his expression. He glanced at Feng Qing and smiled. He cupped his hands together and said, “Mister Ning Qin, this journey must have been hard on you. Please come with me and rest for a while. Once you have completely restored yourself, come and see the master with me.”

Qin Yu nodded. “Alright.”

Since he had come here, he would simply follow their arrangements. Until he saw the Myriad Dragon Body, he would maintain absolute silence.

He followed behind Senior Lin. Although the fog had a strong isolating ability against divine sense, he seemed familiar with the land. They soon arrived at a courtyard shrouded in the fog.

Senior Lin paused. He smiled and said, “Please rest here for the night. Tomorrow at this time I will return and ask Mister Ning Qin to follow me.”

He turned and bowed, “Miss, the master misses you very much. Please come with me and greet him first.”

Feng Qing stiffened. She subconsciously wanted to look at Qin Yu, but forced herself not to.

Her thoughts were incomparably flustered. She took a deep breath and said in a steady voice, “Very well.”

“Wait a moment!” Qin Yu suddenly said, “If Senior Lin leaves, there will only be the three of us here. If we need anything, I have no idea what we will do.”

He calmly said, “How about letting Miss Feng Qing stay behind? She can accompany us. What does Senior Lin think?”

Senior Lin furrowed his eyebrows. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly paused and looked deeply at Qin Yu. “Since Mister Ning Qin made the request, we shall do as you say. The miss can stay here and accompany Mister Ning Qin tomorrow.”

He cupped his hands together and left.

Feng Qing let out a long breath of relief. Her knees weakened and she nearly fell to the ground. She didn’t dare say anything and only looked at Qin Yu with gratitude.

Since Qin Yu had promised that he would guarantee Feng Qing’s safety as long as it was within his abilities, he would naturally do that. He wasn’t someone who violated their promises.

He nodded at her. Then he looked around and walked towards the courtyard. “Let’s go. We’ll settle down before we speak again.”

When they arrived at their destination, they were suddenly arranged to rest for a night. When this was contrasted to their non-stop pace racing over here, it seemed a bit strange.

It appeared that this courtyard wasn’t as simple as it seemed!

Senior Lin quietly walked through the fog. His manner was respectful and cautious and his face was full of awe. This was the domain of his master and everything here was perceived by him. Just by standing here, it was as if he were face-to-face with his master.

Moments later, Senior Lin came to a stop. There was a large rock in front of him. The strange thing was that an invisible power seemed to spread out ten feet from this rock, making it so that the fog couldn’t approach it.

Senior Lin bowed. “Master, this servant has come to make a report. The guests have arrived.”

A piece of fog suddenly tore away from the surroundings. It transformed into a line of text in front of him.

Senior Lin read it and respectfully replied, “Yes. Master, everything will be according to your instructions.”

The fog changed again, becoming new words.

Senior Lin read it and said, “I have already begun the awakening procedures. The death guards are waking up one after another.”

The fog changed.

Senior Lin’s expression turned dignified. This time he didn’t say anything at all, only nodding in return.

Following that, the fog transformed several more times. Senior Lin either nodded or shook his head, but he didn’t say a single word.

Finally, the fog dispersed, returning to the surroundings.

Senior Lin bowed. He drew several steps back before turning to leave. His figure was quickly hidden within the fog.

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