Chapter 841A – Deep Within the First Moon Mountain Range

Dorelis appeared from the side. Her hands were placed triumphantly on her waist as she said, “How about it? I was right, wasn’t I?”

Qin Yu nodded. “You were.”

“I helped you a great deal, didn’t I?”

Qin Yu glanced at her and fell into thought.

Dorelis anxiously said, “Yes is yes and no is no. Qin Yu, think with your conscience. Stop trying to play games with me!”

Qin Yu took a deep breath. “That’s right, you did help me…”

“Stop right there. That’s enough. I don’t want to hear anything after that.” Dorelis rubbed her hands together. “I helped you so much, so shouldn’t you be thanking me? I think that Sky Declaring Pavilion is ridiculously wealthy and they have plenty of energy. You can definitely bleed them out one more time!”

Qin Yu’s lips curved up in a smile. “Haven’t you seen Bian Changli’s complexion? I’m afraid that if I ask for anything more his head is going to blow up. Wanting wealth is one thing, but wanting to harm the lives of others?”

“Up until now, this old lady here hasn’t even gotten a single steel ingot. I’ve been watching someone get rich this entire time, and now is the moment you choose to cherish the lives of others? I just want my share. I don’t care if his brain bursts open!” Dorelis glared at him, “Or perhaps you want to give me your portion to make things up to me?”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He hesitated for a moment and said, “I believe Bian Changli can endure a little bit more.”

Dorelis coldly sneered. “Aren’t we both happy now? Since you’ve agreed, hurry up. The list is there.”

She tossed over a jade slip.

Qin Yu’s lips twitched as he searched it with his divine sense. This Dorelis, her appetite was actually this good.

“I can help you obtain these things, but I cannot give them to you now. You have to at least wait until this matter is finished and I obtain the Myriad Dragon Body.”

Dorelis screamed, “Qin Yu! Are you playing with me right now? Do you think that just because I value you, I won’t do anything to you? Where is the most basic trust between people!?”

She nearly flew into a rage. This fellow actually had so little trust in her. It was difficult for anyone to be so casual about it.

Qin Yu was expressionless. “You can choose to receive the goods later or you can consider it as me owing you another favor in the future instead…if I am thinking of my conscience, let me remind you of something. When it comes to things like favors, if you owe too much it will rapidly depreciate.”

Dorelis clenched her jaws. “Qin Yu, consider yourself ruthless enough! I’ll remember this!” She turned around and began walking out. But just as she was about to leave she turned and said, “I choose to receive the goods later on. But, you must give me interest. I want double of what is on the list!”

Qin Yu smiled. “A wise choice. You won’t regret it.” He watched her leave and then looked at the jade slip in his hands. He rubbed his chin. Bian Changli’s head wouldn’t really blow up, would it?

Two hours later, as Bian Changli was at his work desk, he slumped back in his chair. His body twitched as blood dripped from his head. As his teeth chattered, one could faintly hear his moaning roars.

“You have gone too far…surname Ning, you have gone too far…”

After managing the Internal Affairs Division for so many years, Bian Changili had saved up a considerable fortune for himself. But this time, Sky Declaring Pavilion had made a great move. They mobilized their resources to exchange for treasures from the outside, and he himself had to vomit out more than half of what he had saved.

Now, everything was happening again. All of the hard work he had put in for more than a hundred years had now become nothing more than a bubble. It would be strange if he didn’t burst a blood vessel and faint.

When Senior Lin arrived, Bian Changli was carried away for treatment. He grasped the jade slip from Bian Changli’s hands and slowly looked through it.

“Give it to him. Give it all to him!”

Every word he said was filled with a cold chill.

Surname Ning, even if your greed is enough to swallow the world, in the end it's nothing but trying to catch water in a bamboo basket!

My Sky Declaring Pavilion isn’t easy to take advantage of!

Ning Qing finally left. Bian Changli started to sob with joy on his treatment bed. Because of the fierce fluctuations that rattled his body, there was a sudden snap and he started to twitch again. His shocked wives and concubines wailed and rushed over. They pressed and kneaded his body for a long time before he finally managed to calm down.

“Dear, you must be alright. If something happens to you, what are we supposed to do!?” A woman wiped her tears away, her eyes red and swollen like peaches.

Bian Changli gasped for breath and laughed. “Don’t cry. As long as that surname Ning leaves then most of my sickness will go away. If we have another ten years, our Bian Family will recover most of our business.”

Even though he said that, Bian Changli’s cheeks still twitched with pain as he thought about how much his wealth had shrunk. He would never forget this great enmity!

Fortunately, once Ning Qin left, he likely wouldn’t return. Although he felt a bit regretful that he couldn’t take revenge with his own hands, when he thought about how strong his enemy was, this was probably for the best. Otherwise even if he was given the chance to do something, it was unknown who would live and who would die in the end.

As Bian Changli was excitedly celebrating, Qin Yu was riding Sky Declaring Pavilion’s airship, headed somewhere deep in the First Moon Mountain Range.

On the ship, there was Senior Lin, Feng Qing, Dorelis, and Yun Die. There were also a number of guards, all of them with sharp eyes and stern faces.

The airship was fast and there was no pause midway. It seemed that the true ruler of Sky Declaring Pavilion had become impatient.

He sat by the window, looking down at the vast sea of clouds. Thick fog gathered between the mountains below, rolling about like turbulent waves.

Qin Yu had a calm expression. There were no waves in his eyes. It was just that occasionally he took out one or two green pills and swallowed them with his tea.

These pills were smaller than the knuckle of his pinkie. They were clear green in color and gave off no smell. As Qin Yu’s lips rose and fell, one could faintly hear the sounds of chewing in the quiet atmosphere.

Dorelis turned to look at him. Then she glanced over again, again, and again.

Finally, she couldn’t hold herself back. She stood up and walked over, a curious look in her eyes. “Qin Yu, what are you eating? It looks delicious. Do you think I can…”

“No.” Qin Yu interrupted her.

Before Dorelis could finish taking a breath, her complexion changed. She plaintively stared at Qin Yu, “You’ve changed! When you needed me you were so nice and you even hugged me so tightly. But once you’ve finished using me you don’t even recognize me anymore. Don’t you have a conscience?”

Yun Die’s ears rose up as she listened attentively. Her eyes widened. She looked at Dorelis and then at Qin Yu. There was a shocked expression on her face, as if she were wondering how he could do this.

Qin Yu rubbed his forehead. “First of all, nothing happened between the two of us. You can’t be speaking so ambiguously. Secondly, these things are mine, and whether or not I give them to you is my decision.” He looked up at Dorelis. “So I am going to repeat myself one more time. No.”

“You…” Dorelis' nose almost twisted off. This damned Qin Yu, you bastard, scumbag, idiot loser! Just wait for me!

She wrote down another line in the record book in her mind. Moreover, this record book was already filled with thick and numerous lines, all of them depicting Qin Yu’s ‘crimes’.

If there was ever a day when Dorelis gained total power, his fate would truly end up being pitiful. There was nothing else to say about this.

Endure. She had to endure. She had already recorded so many bills. She couldn’t ruin things now, not before she had time to settle their accounts.

Dorelis’ sullen face was cold and without emotion. “Qin Yu, you still owe me a few favors plus a bunch of other things that I have recorded down in my mind. Now, I’ll give you a chance to erase all of this.”

She lifted a finger. “Give me 100 of those green pills and I’ll write off the accounts between us. Think carefully about this. I’m not taking advantage of you. Rather, it will save you a great deal of trouble.”

Qin Yu hesitated for two seconds.”Really?”

Dorelis nodded. “Of course. I am always true to my word.”

Qin Yu said, “Deal!” He stood up. “Wait here a moment. I will bring them to you. Remember your promise though. After this transaction, the two of us are in the clear.”

Dorelis was expressionless. She coldly sneered inside. Qin Yu, no matter how cunning you are, you still fall into my trap!

She didn’t know what these green pills were, but she knew that tempting scent wasn’t wrong. As long as she could obtain a hundred of these, the strength of her projection would greatly increase. Then it would be much easier for her to achieve what she set out to do.

First of all, she had to teach Qin Yu a lesson. She wanted to remind him why people commonly said that it wasn’t good to provoke women…because women held grudges!

A moment later, Qin Yu returned. He placed a jade bottle on the table. “There are 100 pills inside. Count them yourself.”

Dorelis actually started to count. One…two…three…in truth, she felt a bit suspicious that Qin Yu would agree to her demands so easily.

100 pills, they were all here.

Dorelis carefully put them away. Then, she took a pill and popped it between her lips. After chewing several times, her complexion darkened. “Qin Yu, you dare to play me? These pills aren’t right!”

The color was the same and the aura was similar. But after swallowing them, there wasn’t any use at all.

As if these were nothing but sugar!

Dorelis’ lungs nearly exploded with rage. She originally thought that even though this Qin Yu was a bit repugnant, he was at least sincere and honest.

But now, the only merit she believed he had was thoroughly broken.

To use this sort of thing to deceive her, this surname Qin was far too naïve. She really couldn’t endure it this time!

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “How is it not right?”

Dorelis clenched her jaws. “Stop playing stupid. These clearly aren’t the pills you were eating just now!”

Qin Yu lightly said, “I promise that the pills in your hands were refined in the same batch as the ones I just ate. If anything I said is a lie, I promise that my intestines will fall out and I’ll die miserably.”

Dorelis’ overwhelming rage stagnated. After reaching her level she knew that vows couldn’t be randomly uttered. Just speaking them would draw karma on a person, and there would be a day when this karma would entangle them.

If Qin Yu dared to make a vow, could he be speaking the truth? She looked at the jade bottle in her hand. To exchange all the favors and other things she did to help him for a mere 100 sugar pills, this left all of her thoughts in chaos.

Wait, hold on. If Qin Yu said these were refined together, then the information hidden within was considerably large!

Her eyes turned fierce and sharp. She glared at him, “Qin Yu, do you dare to vow that the materials you used to refine these pills are all the same? For instance, that the same were used for the ones you were just eating!”

Qin Yu looked at her, his expression seemingly asking her how she could doubt him. He slowly nodded and said, “Yes, I swear.”

“Then if there’s no problem, I am going back to rest…hah, in this world, where has the most basic trust between people gone?”

Dorelis almost fainted.

It was true, it was actually true! But things shouldn’t be like this. Where had things gone wrong?

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